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publishers seeking submissions

Do you have a book sitting on your hard drive, but you’re not sure where to submit it for possible publication?

Check out the following publishers! These publishers are currently seeking submissions, but of course this can change as time goes by. Always make sure to read all the details on a publisher’s submission page before submitting. Not only do you want to make sure they are accepting submissions, but you will want to make sure you adhere to their process correctly, as not doing so could result in your book being skipped… or even worse, routed to the trash bin.

Once you’ve submitted your book, it can take a while to hear back. It’s not uncommon to wait for months before getting a response. Some publishers won’t respond at all, unless they are interested in publishing. Details like these should be listed on the submission page.

It’s also helpful to keep track of which places you submit to, which book you submitted (if you have more than one), and the date you submitted. You will also want to note whether or not they give a response for rejections, and if so, how long it took for them to get back to you. It might not seem like it now, but as time goes by it’s easy to forget these details. If you keep track of it, though, this will keep you from submitting the same book twice. Also, you will likely find the information helpful in the future, when you’re considering sending out a second manuscript.

Please note: We are not affiliated with any of the following, nor do we have any personal experience publishing with them.  We are simply sharing leads for you to make it easier to find places to submit to. Always make sure to do your own research about a company before sending in your manuscript!

Now, here are the publishers!


HarperCollins has been around for a long time, and they publish a great line of books. For the most part, they do not accept unsolicited submissions. However, they are taking submissions for Avon Impulse (Romance), Witness Impulse (Mysteries & Thrillers), and HarperLegend (Visionary), so make sure to check out the details on their website by clicking here.

Desert Breeze Publishing

Desert Breeze Publishing specializes in romantic fiction books that are non-erotic. They publish a wide range of fiction, ranging from Christian to Science Fiction to Superhero! According to their website, they publish six to twelve books a month, and they are looking for books to release in 2016. Click here to see all the details.

Supposed Crimes, LLC

This publisher specializes in lesbian and gay  fiction. They accept books in all types of genres, from paranormal to science fiction. However, they do not accept young adult fiction, but they do accept some new adult. According to their website, they publish books within a year and retain the rights for three years, which is great for those seeking shorter contracted time periods. See the details by clicking here.

Reagent Press

Reagent Press accepts children’s fiction, teen fiction, adult fiction, and non-fiction submissions! There is quite a bit of information on their submission page, so make sure to read through everything before submitting. According to their website, they want authors to send a letter first, and they have outlined exactly what they want the email to contain. You can see all the details by clicking here!

Carina Press

Carina Press is a Harlequin imprint. With this imprint, they’ve really opened their doors to accepting a wide range of genres, including books with a science fiction theme, fantasy books, etc. According to their website (as of October 2015) they are now looking for books like these with a strong romantic theme. Read all the details about submitting your book to Carina Press here.

Kensington Publishing Corp.

Kensington is a romance publisher, and they have been around for a long time. Almost every true fan of romance that is over the age of thirty has read at least a few books by them. You can often find their books on any store shelf, even places like Walmart, Kmart, etc.

They are seeking submission for their Kensington and Lyrical Press lines. They accept a lot of genres for their submissions, and you don’t need an agent to query them. You will need to read through their instructions and select the proper editor for your genre. See all the details here.

Penner Publishing

Penner Publishing is a full-service publishing company. They are currently seeking romantic fiction, as well as women’s fiction. While some publishers only want one submission at a time, this publisher allows you to submit more than one book. Sound good? See their submission information on their website here.

Cactus Rain Publishing

Cactus Rain Publishing is a boutique publisher seeking unique fiction.  For authors interested in publishing with them, you will need to submit a query letter, a synopsis, and the first three chapters of your book. There are some types of books they don’t accept, such as children’s books, non-fiction, and memoirs. See the details by clicking here.

Crimson Romance

Crimson Romance is currently seeking previously unpublished books and novellas for possible publication. They publish several subgenres of romance, including historical, suspense, paranormal, etc. They have some specific submissions they are looking for as well, so make sure to look these over, too, on their submission page. is everything science fiction and fantasy. They’ve been online since 2008, and they have a lot of fans. They are currently seeking short story and novella submissions, as well as pitches for a variety of things such as essays, reviews, etc. So if you’re a science fiction or fantasy writer, definitely make sure to check out their submission information page by clicking here.

The Little French eBooks:

The Little French eBooks is a publisher seeking romance and erotica. On their website, they state that authors receive 50% of their e-book sales. The guidelines for submitting a query is listed on their website. It can take one to three months to hear back from them. See all the details and submission information by clicking here.

Big Sky Press:

Big Sky Press is searching for compelling stories for possible publication. Books must be at least 30,000 words. They accept most genres, however they don’t accept poetry or non-fiction. To see their guidelines and how to submit, please click here.

Laurel Highlands Publishing

Laurel Highlands Publishing is a small press that accepts both fiction and non-fiction submissions. On their submission page, you can find their guidelines and the way your manuscript will need to be formatted. They ask for two to three months to review your work and respond. To submit your manuscript and see the details click here.

Crystal Lake Publishing

Crystal Lake Publishing is a publisher of dark fiction. I don’t know about you, but when I hear this name I immediately think of Friday the 13th, so this is the perfect name for a publisher of this genre!

They are currently seeking submissions for inclusion into their book Tales from the Lake Volume 3. Submissions need to be 2,000 to 4, 000 words in length, and they need to be urban legends. This publisher is not seeking known urban legends or retellings, rather they are seeking unique stories. The pay is $20 and a copy of the book. Submissions end February 29, 2016.

See all the details by clicking here.

Limitless Publishing

Limitless Publishing is a family-owned company that publishes over 200 titles a year, according to their website.  They are currently seeking submissions in many genres, including romance, mysteries, thrillers, new adult, young adult, dystopian, and more! On their site, they list that they are looking for rights for a minimum of five years, and they ask that authors be willing to actively promote their books.

See their full submission requirements here.

The Wild Rose Press

The Wild Rose Press has been publishing books for over nine years, and they are very well-known for their romance lines.  They accept queries for several romance sub-genres, including erotic romance, fantasy romance, sweet romance, historical romance, etc. To see what they are currently looking for and how to submit, please visit their website by clicking here.

Loose ID

Loose ID has been publishing books for over ten years, and they specialize in erotic romance. They are seeking submissions for their hot romance, taboo romance, new adult romance, and republished romance lines, as well as special submission calls. You can see their main submission page here, and their page for open submission calls here.

There is a lot of information on each line as well as the details on what they are searching for, how to submit, etc. Make sure to click on the links to open up these pages and read the details completely before submitting.

Hot Tree Publishing

Hot Tree Publishing is accepting submissions for books in the romance genre (M/M, paranormal, western, contemporary, etc). Submissions must be 50,000 to 125,000 words in length, unless submitting a serial. Serials must be completed before submission. Before submitting, make sure to read the formatting requirements. Hot Tree Publishing has specific requirements for the spacing, margin, and font.

Click here to visit the submission page.

Deep Desires Press

Deep Desires Press will be launching soon, and they are searching for erotica and hot erotic romance submissions. Contracts are for three years from the date of publication, and authors will earn 50% royalties after the vendors take their fees. See the details and submit your book by clicking here.

HellBound Books:

HellBound Books is taking submissions for books, novellas, and short stories/poetry. They publish in the following genres: Horror, Bizarro, Erotic Horror or Dark Erotica.  To see their guidelines for submitting your novella or book, click here.  To submit your short story or poetry for an anthology, click here.

TCK Publishing

TCK Publishing accepts both nonfiction and fiction submissions, except for poetry and children’s picture books. For fiction submissions, your book must be at least 40,000+ words. Make sure to read their guidelines and see the genres they accept here.


Know of a publisher seeking submissions or just want to share your experiences? Leave us a comment below!

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