Paranormal Romance: Delicate Devastation by Rose Wynters

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Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

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Book Three, The Endurers

Who knew the priest could be such a bad boy?

Peter Rynalt is every woman’s sinful dream. The other Endurers might call him a priest, but there’s nothing saintly about his seductive desires. He gets what he wants, but he sticks to one cardinal rule… he never goes back.

Kim Jones hasn’t forgotten Peter since the night she made a play for him. He’s the one man in New Orleans that she can’t have. She doesn’t think she’ll see him again, but one night he rescues her from a demonic attack, and the heat between them can no longer be denied.

Demons are roaming the streets of New Orleans. To survive, Kim will have to remain with Peter, but it comes at a price. She’ll have to pay for her protection with her heart…


About the Series:

Once upon a time, the world was just a black void. Then one day man came, but he wasn’t alone. He was followed by an ancient evil, a scourge determined to steal his soul. Centuries passed. Humanity did all it could to protect itself against the evil ones, but they weren’t equipped to fight this battle. Instead, all they could do was pray that Hell didn’t set its eyes upon them.

It got to be too much. Something had to be done.

Born out of desperate need, warriors were chosen. Immortality was granted to those strong enough to fight the battle that would never end. No longer mortal, these men have stood in the path of dark and horrifying evil, bearing the load when there was nobody else that could.

It’s all coming to an end. Time has ran out for humanity…



Why in the hell are you so damn thin? Are you sick, or have you been dieting?” He spat the last word out at her, as she pulled the towel free from her hair to comb through the silky strands.

He suspected it was the latter, and he couldn’t understand why women were so obsessed with it. She was so damned beautiful, exuding a raw sexuality that was making the caveman in him roar to life. Desperately he fought the sensual weave she was unconsciously weaving, but it was a battle he was losing fast.

You look like death, and you’re way too slender. You’re lucky to still be alive.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, as a look of irritation and something unidentifiable flickered across her face. Her arms crossed across her chest before she briefly looked away, her cheeks pink. When she turned back to him, she was completely in control.

Get laid much, Peter? If that’s your approach, I’m surprised you aren’t a virgin. My weight isn’t any of your business, so butt out. Besides, men love my body.”


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About the Author:

I’ve often been asked how I’m inspired to write about werewolves, immortals, and zombies. The answer is easy. I adore them.

Be it the Wolf Town Guardians or the Endurers, these characters have been a joy to write about. And why not? What woman wouldn’t love a sexy immortal male or a long-lived werewolf that is destined to have them?

Not all of my books contain plus-sized heroines, but many of them do. I believe in true love and true love isn’t based on a size tag. If you agree with this, I think you will enjoy my books.


Connect With The Author:


Author Rose Wynters – Uncensored






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41 thoughts on “Paranormal Romance: Delicate Devastation by Rose Wynters”

  1. I really want to read this series. The background given really interested me and the excerpt was great! I love alpha males and the feisty women that tame them.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      I know what you mean, I adore guys like this. Peter is definitely feisty… and 100 percent alpha male. Just for you, I’m going to share a little teaser….

      *Warning! Don’t the following if VERY hot and spicy!*

      From Delicate Devastation, Book Three The Endurers by Rose Wynters:

      She watched him silently for a moment, her heart-shaped mouth parting slightly in reaction. Her nipples pebbled in reaction to his words, her heart rate speeding up. He was pleased to see she liked the hard, forceful side of him, because she was going to get a lot of it. Peter wouldn’t stop until he’d had his fill, and he was known for his sexually voracious appetite.

      “Good,” she replied throatily, her small, pink tongue darting out to gently wet her lips. “Now that we have that out of the way, make love to me, Peter.”

    1. Hi Nikki,

      I’m such a sucker for foreign men! It doesn’t matter if they are sexy blond vikings or distinguished British men, I just adore them. I also love them on film, too. It wasn’t too long ago that I realized that the majority of my favorite actors are all from other countries. Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, Gerard Butler, these guys just rock.

      In Peter’s case, he’s from Wales.

      Thanks for entering.

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      It’s definitely an addictive genre, be it from reading or writing. And Peter is just wild.

      If you’re into werewolves, make sure to check out my Wolf Town Guardians series. There are four full-length novels available, and they are also enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. I’m going to include the series blurb, but you can also see all the books at:

      About the Series:
      Born to walk this world as both wolf and human, these men take their role as protectors very seriously. Enjoying sensual pleasures as they please, this group of alpha werewolves are the finest when it comes to protecting their hidden settlement.

      Guardians are the masters of self-control, taking pride in their authority and hard, muscled bodies. That all changes at the first scent of their mates. Their control snaps. The mating heat begins.

      This is their stories.

      Genres: Werewolf Romance, Erotic Romance, BBW Romance, Shifter Romance

    1. Hi Lisa,

      There is definitely a lot happening in this book. It’s very dramatic. There are funny moments, but there are some really sad ones, too. In this book, the series takes a really dark turn. I think of this book as the tragedy and the next book is the triumph.

      After you guys finish Delicate Devastation, the next book is available, too. It’s called Voluptuous Vindication, and it’s in the Kindle Unlimited program.

      Book Four, The Endurers

      No good deed goes unpunished…

      Reeling from a tragic event, Endurer Ian Bauer is forced back into the fight when demons set their sights on an mortal angel. He has to keep her alive for four weeks, something easier said than done, especially since it’s easy to see that the plus-sized female is attracted to him. The last thing on his mind is sex, especially when it comes to a BBW.

      Ian never counted on the wicked attraction that flares up between them…

      “It’s not that,” she replied, sighing. Her emotions were conflicted when it came to Ian. It was obvious he wished he were anywhere but here. She had only made it worse by throwing herself at him, although she hadn’t done it consciously. Her eyes closed in weariness. It was exhausting, knowing the person in charge of protecting you hated every second of it. “Thank you for taking time out of your life to do this.”

      He scoffed, the sound harsh and bitter in the interior of the vehicle. “I suppose I didn’t have anything better to do. Life was getting pretty mundane. At least this adds a little spice to it.”

      Ian gave her a quick look before turning back to the road. “I’ve been an Endurer for hundreds of years. How come I haven’t heard of you?”

      Sara shrugged tiredly. “It’s not so uncommon, considering there are millions of angels. Besides, I’m one of the minor ones, sent in to assist a human that Heaven has a special eye on. I don’t do work on a grand scale like Arch does.”

      Ian nodded, navigating the icy roads easily. “It doesn’t make your work any less important,” he replied in a gruff tone. The tiny hairs on her arms stood up. His voice was so masculine, so sexy. Even so, her physical reaction to him didn’t make sense.

      “I know,” she said in agreement. Sara had never resented her position. In fact, it suited her perfectly. She was more of a behind-the-scenes type of angel, and her positions were well-suited for her personality. “I’m not complaining.”

      “Do you ever?” He asked harshly. “You don’t strike me as the type of woman that would ever complain, even if the situation called for it. I hope you’re not one of those long-suffering types. If you are, this trip is going to get very old, very fast.”

      “What’s your story, Ian,” Sara shot back, struggling to hide her irritation. “With your attitude, it must be a big one.”

      Instead of retorting, he grinned grimly. It wasn’t a pleasant expression. Instead, it was simply scary. Sara had seen that look before. Somewhere in the past, something, or someone, had hurt this Endurer badly.

      Her first instinct was compassion, but Ian was too hardened to take kindly to it. So she remained silent, waiting to see if he would continue. When he did, it wasn’t what she was expecting.

      “Consider my story a diary, with a giant padlock on it. It’s not open to you, or anyone else, and it never will be. Let’s just make this clear now. I’ve bedded hundreds of women in my lifetime, and I’m no novice when it comes to recognizing feminine sexual interest.”

      He stopped, casting a firm look in her mortified direction before adding, “I’m not interested, so don’t bother. I’m not in the market to get laid, and even if I were, you wouldn’t be my type.”

      His words hurt as he made it painfully clear how he felt about her. “Why not?” Sara asked quietly. Sex, for her at least, was impossible. She didn’t ask because she had the intentions of seducing him. She asked because she wondered what was so wrong with her that she wasn’t even in the running.

      Ian shot her an incredulous look, filled with equal amounts of dismay and disbelief. “Which part don’t you understand?” He retorted, slowly shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe her gall. “Who would have thought that an angel couldn’t take no for an answer?”

      Feeling lower than she’d ever felt in her entire long life, Sara opened her mouth to tell him to forget it. She didn’t get the chance, though. A truck shot out of an alleyway, its lights off as it nearly collided with them. Without Ian’s quick maneuvering of the vehicle, they would have hit it, effectively ending their exit out of Las Vegas.

      The pick up slid on the thick ice, nearly taking out an empty casino before righting itself. Flipping their headlights on, they jerked in front of them. Ian’s headlights lit up the back glass… And a huge sticker that read, No Fat Chicks Allowed.

      “Imbecile,” Ian ground out, continuing down the road. The truck sped off into the darkness, with no thoughts to the well-being of the people in the vehicle behind him. “I hope he enjoys his joyride. Something tells me he won’t be getting too many more of them.”

  2. Congrats for your book tour ! I do love werewolves and immortals stories too =D The only stories with zombie I know are the ones in video games ahah

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