How To Be a Good Author on a Virtual Book Tour

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How To Be a Good Author on a Virtual Book Tour

Going on a virtual book tour can be a whole lot of fun for the author. I’ve seen some authors really get some great sales from these! On a virtual book tour, your interaction matters. A LOT. We can’t expect readers to get excited if the author isn’t!

I’ve put together some tips below to consider when you go on tour with us here at Fire and Ice Book Tours. These will help your book tour to go smoothly, increase your visibility, and give you the best possible experience!

  • Be ready to send your book info… Quickly!:-) Our goal here is to really be helpful to authors. We want you to have the best tour experience possible! We don’t want you to have to wait months to get busy promoting your book. We try to get these scheduled as soon as possible, often within a few weeks. After you contact us to set up a tour, you will get an invoice through your email. Please pay these as soon as possible and send your information in so we can create your media kit and get you scheduled!
  • Please check your email often!
  • Please share your tour banner on your website. You never know what visitors are checking out your book. Seeing the book tour could possibly be the catalyst they need to get really intrigued with getting a copy of it!
  • Consider having a giveaway! Giveaways with gift cards seem to generate the most excitement… and word of mouth. You can make it a package, with a copy of your book, a gift card, and even a gift itself! It depends on you, and what you’d like to offer. Many virtual book touring companies are making this a requirement.
  • Consider offering a promotion during your tour. We don’t recommend going free. A lot of authors will drop the price of their books down to $.99. Even if you don’t do this the entire tour, the first day of the tour is a great time! It takes Amazon awhile to drop the price. Make sure to do this the day before the tour starts.
  • During the tour, share the tweets, Facebook posts, etc on your personal social media outlets! Ask your friends and family to share or retweet. This really makes a big difference.
  • Make sure to stop by the feature and thank the blogger! It’s just good manners:-)
  • Check your tour post on our site fairly often. If a reader posts a comment, you want to make sure to acknowledge them and respond. If time allows, check daily.
  • Make sure to send in your Twitter Links, Goodreads, Facebook, etc so it can all be added to your media kit!
  • Please understand that we start tours fast.  Tours stops are often added, even if the tour has already started. We will continue to add stops all the way through, should a blogger express interest in participating and if there is space. Make sure to see the minimum stops listed under each tour package on the book tour package page.
  • Tours are scheduled off of USA times and dates. Please keep that in mind:-)
  • Per our book tour page, reviews ARE NOT guaranteed with our book tours. This is based off of blogger participation only.
  • After the tour is done, we appreciate your word of mouth referral!

We hope you find these tips helpful when it comes to your book tour. Feel free to share your comments below.

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Bloggers: How To Be a Good Virtual Book Tour Stop Host

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How To Be a Good Virtual Book Tour Stop Host

how to be a good tour host

Update 1/3/16

Being a tour stop host for a virtual book company is a lot of fun! Over the years, I’ve been one for many, many authors to help them promote their novels. The following are some “Best Practices” to put into effect to make it the best possible experience for the author and your blog!

  • Get the post up early. Personally, I’ve always scheduled my posts to go live at Midnight the day of the tour stop. Most blogs allow you to schedule your posts in advance. It’s better to not wait till the moment. Life happens, and you never know what might crop up! You want to make sure you’re reliable:-)
  • Link any links. Most readers will not copy and paste links, so it’s not very effective for book promotion. Creating links are very easy in blog posts. Most programs allow you to simply copy it and click on “link”. It looks much more professional that way, and it’s easy for a reader to click on to go to the book page on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.
  • Make sure to put everything in the media kit on your page! Covers, blurbs, links, book trailer, etc.
  • Promote it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc, at least once. There are a lot of places you can use to automatically schedule your posts in advance if you work and won’t be able to share it during the day.
  • If at all possible make this post the first post on your blog for the day. If you can’t, make sure it’s one of the top three.
  • If reviewing, try to get this done as soon as possible. Make sure to post to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads, if not more places the book might be listed on. If you received an advanced reader copy, don’t forget to add the disclaimer, letting others know you received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Share the review on your blog post for the tour stop, too.
  • Thank the author! It’s just good manners:-)
  • Respond to any comments left on your post. Readers like to interact with the owner of the blog.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for making the best out of being a tour stop host! Feel free to leave any additional ideas, comments, or tips in the comments section below. Whether you are an author or book blogger, our goals are all the same. To give the visitors to your site a pleasant post that will make them want to come back again!

And if you haven’t already, please make sure to sign up to be a tour host for us by clicking here!


Selling Your Book With Virtual Book Tours

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selling your book article

A virtual book tour is taking your book to a variety of websites, yet it’s so much more! Instead of having a book tour in person, you are doing it online. This will benefit you not only in the short-term but long-term as well.


Short-Term Benefits of a Virtual Book Tour:

Instant exposure – You will get seen by new readers and promoted to countless people through social media

Long-Term Benefits:

Better ranking in the search engines – Make sure to include your website as part of your promotional feature. The search engines will pick up the features and see the link to your site. On the next update, this will increase your rankings.

Readers will find your book through various search engines.

Visitors to the blogs will see your feature and book.


The great thing about virtual book tour features is that they never expire. Your post will remain up for the life of the blog. It takes awhile for the search engines to pick up new pages, but eventually the search engines will discover these additional links. By getting your feature blasted, this will give you immediate exposure.

We will work hard to get your book out there! We have a variety of promotions that we automatically do for each author that goes on tour with us. Some of these are visible, such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter promotions. Some of these are more behind the scene promotions to get your book in the search engines as quickly as possible!

It is very likely that you will see increased book sales while you are on tour. However, nobody can guarantee that your book will sale or how many copies it might sell.  You want to make sure to use a virtual book touring company that personally and actively promotes your book throughout the social media outlets daily, with creative forms of marketing. Some book touring companies rely on the blog owners (tour hosts) alone to do this, and it’s not very effective! It’s important that the touring company itself takes care of this, and it’s something we take very seriously!

Here at Fire and Ice Book Tours, we take book marketing very seriously! We work hard to get authors as much exposure as possible. You will find that we offer several different types of advertising for authors, and all of our advertising options are very affordable. Indie and self-published authors are welcomed here. We’ve promoted hundreds of books, and we’d love to promote yours. We look forward to working with you.

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Judy The Big Hearted Heroine by Gwyn Charlett – Book Blast #Nonfiction #Mustread

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Genre: Non-fiction


In this incredible true story ‘Judy’ the heroine of the book narrates her own version of her life.

Her amazing life started precariously as a young pup living rough on the streets of Shanghai where any food and comfort was in short supply. She had the great good fortune to be rescued from the streets by a young Chinese girl called Lee Ming and a few days later a chance meeting with some British sailors visiting her dog pound changed her life for ever.

Judy tells us of her early idyllic, carefree years as a dog mascot aboard the British Gun Boat HMS Gnat through to the harrowing and dangerous days after the fall of Singapore. What followed was a 200 mile march through jungle to Padang where she and many sailor and civilian friends where eventual captured by the Japanese.

Imprisonment for Judy became a daily fight for her life not only was she a continuous pest to the Japanese guards who hated her she was also a sought after source of food! It was only a clever deal to get her recognised as an official prisoner of war that saved her life. Judy was the only fully recognised canine POW, her official name / number was ‘Prisoner 81A Medan.

During the many years as a prisoner Judy’s heroic devotion to her fellow prisoners and her courage and endurance helped many men maintain their moral and will to survive when so many others perished on a daily basis, Judy continued to be an inspiration to the men in her ability to carry on. An unknown prisoner wrote:
“They stagger to their work place, although they really ought to die, and would mutter in their beards ‘if that bitch can, so can I”

At the end of the war Judy was allowed to travel to Britain and it was there that she was awarded the ‘Dicken Medal’ the highest award for animal bravery. Judy went on to live a ‘real’ life of freedom with ‘Frank’ who was her favourite guardian during their days of imprisonment, they went on to enjoyed more adventures together in Britain and Africa.

I found this story so inspirational when I first found it, I hope you like my version of it.


 Buy Link:


About the Author:
Gwyn Charlett, first time author who saw this story a few years ago and fell in love with it, it is a truly inspiring story that I thought would be more interesting if told from the main character’s (Judy) point of view. Judy was a brown and white English Pointer dog who lived a amazing, adventure filled life.


When A Negative Book Review Goes Too Far

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Book reviews are an important part of an author’s career, especially when they are a newbie. The major online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc, all allow customers to post reviews. Many authors are beginning to wonder if the system has become flawed, though.

Recently I become aware of a petition that was created asking Goodreads to not allow authors to be abused by comments on their website. You can see or sign the petition by clicking here. Apparently at least one undisclosed author has experienced a physical threat made by a reader in regards to a book. Sadly this is not the first time I have heard of this.

Author Charlaine Harris has been very vocal about the threats and attacks she’s received over how she ended her Southern Vampires series. Even if she weren’t, the news is widespread throughout the literary world. Unhappy readers of her book, Dead Ever After, blasted the series on every available avenue, even going so far as to insult her on her Facebook page for how she chose to end it.

A book review should be an honest evaluation of a novel. The reviewer should realize that just because their taste doesn’t extend favorably in that particular direction doesn’t mean that someone else will feel the same way. A review should be written objectively and focused on the book itself. A review should not be written by someone who proclaims they have not bought or read the book and never will. In fact, reviews such as these should be moderated and removed. It’s impossible to write an accurate book review of a book when you’ve never even read it.

Novels and series are the products of the imaginations of the authors that write them. Authors should not write what they think the readers want. An author should write the novel the way they feel it should be. Anything else is not being true to the book…. Or the vision you have for it.

Book Reviews Go To Far When:

1. They contain inaccurate information, such as saying that the book has bad grammar, spelling, etc, when they don’t. I’ve seen reviews left on various books making these claims. When I purchased and read it for myself, lo and behold, there was nothing wrong with it. Reviews like these should be removed, immediately.

2. They attack the author as a person. I don’t think we have to expand on this one. Personal attacks against a writer have no place on a book review.

3. When they threaten to not purchase from the author again, simply because the author didn’t write the ending or plot as the reader would have wanted it. I always disregard reviews like these. They have no business even being up.

4. When the reader tries to tell the author how they should have written their book. This is similar to the above. I’ve seen reviews consisting of nothing more than the reader telling the author how their book should have been written. This is not a review.

5. When the reviewer states they haven’t read the book, won’t be buying it ever, etc. This is obviously a personal attack against the author. A review like this needs to go…

6. When a review says that the book is garbage, not worth paying for, etc. This is obviously personal opinion, and not a very good one. For every book out there, someone took the time out of their lives to write it. Calling their thoughts garbage is completely inappropriate. Behind every book is a human being. They deserve common courtesy, whether the book suited your personal likes or not.

I’m sure there are many more reasons why a review should be removed. It’s unfortunate that it should have to come to that, though.

Many authors wonder if book reviews really have a place anymore. After all, personal like is so varied. Does the opinion of one really make such an impact on another, when their interests could be completely opposite of one another?

Each bookstore website has rules about what’s considered unacceptable in book reviews. As an author, make sure to check into this…. Or not. Many authors never bother checking their book reviews…. and for good reason. Regardless of what reviews are left, you want to remain true to yourself….. And your books.

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