Living In a Van or RV: Resources, Jobs, Guides and Videos On How To Live a Nomadic Life

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living in a van or rv

Does living a nomadic life sound like a dream to you?

Tons of people are giving up the daily grind to live, work, and play by their own rules. With technology, people aren’t limited in their income choices either. There are numerous startups online today, with CEOs and founders who life the nomadic ( or digital nomadic) lifestyles themselves. Remote jobs are becoming a lot more common, and this opens up unlimited opportunities for people who want to be free to roam the country or the world.

Remote jobs (jobs worked from another city, state, or even country) can often be worked from anywhere that has Internet. A few years ago, this would have been a coffee shop. Now, with wifi and hotspots, people could even work these from an RV or even a van. Yes, a van.

If you look at Youtube, you’ll see a lot of single people are turning to van dwelling. They are basically taking vans and making all kinds of adjustments to them to make them habitable. They are a lot cheaper and easier to attain than a camper or RV, and it makes sense if you’re single…. especially if you’re considering what you’ll save on gas and the ease of moving from place to place.

If van dwelling or living in your camper sounds good to you, make sure to check out the resources below!


Although there are a lot of jobs that are perfect for remote workers, some aren’t. Make sure to read the requirements. If you must have a landline phone, then that particular job will not work for you if you plan on living from your van or RV.

Make sure to see our folder here, with several work at home or remote jobs that could be worked from your van or RV. In the resources below, you’ll also find that van dwellers often share their own leads or ways they make money.

If you’re searching for a job, check out Indeed and set up a free alert to get emails when new jobs are posted. You can search by whatever terms you want. It’s free to set up these alerts.

digital nomad jobs

A lot of van dwellers earn ad revenue from creating their own Youtube videos of their adventures. From all accounts, this is more of an added income rather than the total income. In other words, you’d want to do this in addition to other employment.

If you’re a digital nomad or remote worker and have some leads to share, please do in the comments below!


Below are the links to several van dwellers with tons of Youtube how-to videos on how to live a nomadic lifestyle. Most of these channels update often, and you will likely spend hours watching these. There are even some resources on get-togethers, where van dwellers will meet up. These guys (and gals) are already living the dream, so taking the time to watch their videos will answer a lot of questions you might have.

*Warning: Watching these videos will make you want to hit the road!*

Youtube Channel List:


Wizard Dream

One Awesome Inch

Into the Mystery

Living Free

Caravan Carolyn


Office Camper

Keep Your Daydream

Road Warrior

Carolyn’s RV Life

Less Junk, More Money

Drivin’ and Vibin’

If you have a Youtube channel in regards to living as a full time van dweller, digital nomad, or in a camper, leave a comment with your channel link, and we will get it added on.

Where To Stay and Camping Membership Programs:

Boondockers Welcome – This is a website you can use to find safe and legal places to spend the night at in your van or recreational vehicle.  There are places not only in the United States and Canada, but in other countries as well.

Harvest Hosts – Here you will find another website where you can make arrangements to stay at a winery or farm during your travels.

Passport America – At the time of this posting, membership is less than $50 a year. With this program, they are affiliated with thousands of campgrounds, and you will get 50% off your stay. Make sure to read the details though. Many places have restrictions.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Good Sam Club – This membership program offers all types of services and benefits to members, including roadside assistance. You’ll save 10% at 2,100+ campgrounds.

AAA – Members of AAA often get 10% off their stays at campgrounds.

The Happy Camper Club – Another membership program that offers up to 50% off campsites by joining.


A lot of these books are available on Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is a monthly Amazon membership that you can get, and you can read as many books as you want for no extra charge (as long as they are a Kindle Unlimited book). There are no long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime, and if you haven’t tried this before, you get your first month for free. If you decide to remain a member after that, it’s $9.99 a month.



How and why to live in a car, van or RV, and learn to love it! There are two main reasons you might buy a book on living in a vehicle: 1) You’re being forced into it by a bad economy, divorce, or unemployment, or 2) The “American Dream” has become a nightmare for you and you are dropping out of the rat race. Whatever your reason, this book will tell you everything you need to make it the best possible experience it can be. We’ll cover details like: which vehicle to live in and how to find it, where to park, staying clean, going to the bathroom, how to cook in a van, get out of debt, survive any bad economy, travel on a budget, how to get your mail, how to stay comfortable in the heat and cold, how to get electrical power, and so much more I can’t list it all here.

You may be asking yourself, does this guy know what he is talking about or is he just out to make quick buck with another crummy book? That fact that I’ve been living in a vehicle for over 10 years should ease your mind. But you can find out for yourself by going to my websites to see if I have information you may want:,, and my blog at

I love my Kindle, but I have to admit that I’ve bought some books that I read in a short afternoon and thought “Where’s the beef?” There just wasn’t much too them. This isn’t one of those books. My concern isn’t that I’ve given you too little information, but too MUCH! I hope I don’t overwhelm you with it all. When I typed the book in MS Word, it was 69 pages long and has 37,000 words. I tried to remember back to my first few months living in van, and answer every question you may have. I think I have, but let me assure you that if anything isn’t clear I want you to write me through the websites, the forum, and my blog listed above, and I will do everything in my power to make it clear to you.

Let me apologize for the inevitable writing and formatting errors in the book. I am not a professional writer, and I know next to nothing about html. What I am is a guy with a huge passion for vandwelling and a strong sense of empathy for anyone trapped in our society who wants to break out. I’m also a guy who, in the last 10 years, has made just about every possible mistake pertaining to living in a vehicle and would like to help you avoid them. By dogged persistence, and lots of study on the Internet, I have learned how to make my life as a vandweller into a wonderful life I want to share that with you.



Calling all adventurous wonder women! Van dwelling is the ultimate ticket to limitless freedom and lifestyle flexibility. Are you gutsy enough to try it?

Rouse your inner gypsy/rebel with this intimate introduction to van dwelling. It’s stocked with DIY tips and tricks for turning a vehicle into a home (on any budget) and emotional resources to gracefully sidestep the psychological pitfalls of such an unconventional lifestyle. With concrete advice and personal reflection from an experienced solo van dweller, this guide thoroughly covers the basics of everyday life in a van with a refreshing twist of self-empowerment and a whole lotta sass.

Topics covered inside:
— vehicle selection
— DIY ideas for customizing your mobile abode
— ventilation
— parking tips
— showering and toilet needs
— safety for solos
— earning an income
— mental health as a van dweller
…and much more!


Want to convert your minivan into a miniRV? This book shows you how to do it.
Filled with photos, you’ll see how to convert almost any minivan into a comfortable mini RV camper, perfect for short or long term trips.
You’ll learn that even on a limited budget, you can quickly put together a minivan camper that’ll have a comfortable bed, toilet, small kitchen, fridge, TV, fan, plenty of storage, a portable power supply and more.
This book shows all the steps and includes photos and a source list of the gear you’ve been looking for. If you have a minivan or are thinking about getting one and converting it to a camper, you’ll want this book!


Do You Dream Of Traveling and Adventure?

Feeling Trapped At Work and Home?

Learn Amazing Tips, Secrets, and Resources To Start RV Living Full Time.

Is the daily grind becoming a grind? Do you feel like a zombie stuck in the same boring routine day in and out? If lucky, most people have the opportunity to travel once or twice a year. If you’re like me, then you know that’s no way to truly live.

RV Living Full Time will help you transition smoothly from a boring life at home, to the adventure of a lifetime, on the open road. At first, it may all feel overwhelming, but this book will help to get you properly prepared for the next big chapter in your life.

Inside This Book You’ll Learn:

The Initial Phase – Finding an RV That’s Right For You
The First Timer’s Checklist
A Brief Guide To RV Legal Considerations & RV Safety
A Guide To RV Expenses – Budgeting & Planning!
A Guide To RV Food Prep & Storage
Top 100+ Tips To Make Life On The Road Easier
My Favorite Spots Travel Guide
A Guide To Earning Money From The Road
The Ultimate RV Resource Guide

Be Sure To Grab Your Copy Today!



Here’s Your Guide to Camping Off the Beaten Path

Ever feel frustrated by crowded RV parks? Yearn to camp out in the wild beside a babbling mountain brook or before a remote panoramic vista? Bill and Jan Moeller have been doing just that for more than thirty years, and The Complete Book of Boondock RVing is their complete guide to camping without hookups (aka “dry camping”). Whether you’re planning to spend an occasional overnight in a parking lot or an extended stay in the wilderness, you’ll learn how to equip your rig for boondocking, find great campsites, manage and conserve electricity and water, and camp in complete RV comfort and convenience.

Increase your independence by learning how to camp “off the grid”
Save money by finding cheap or free campsites anywhere–even in large cities
Ensure your comfort, convenience, and safety when camping in the boonies
Learn how to conserve and manage electricity, water, and waste, and to establish reliable communications
Enjoy the quiet, solitude, and beauty of nature by getting away from crowded RV campgrounds


The comprehensive guide to mobile internet options for US based RVers by full time RVing ‘technomads’ Chris and Cherie of Technomadia, with guest author & mobile internet guru Jack Mayer.


Living in an RV is not everyone’s dream …but everyone has a dream.
This is not an RV living for beginners “how-to” guide…it is written as a motivational “why to” live YOUR dreams NOW, no matter what your dream is.
Whether you dream of full time RV living or your dream is far removed from the RV living lifestyle, the story of how we began living the RV dream will be one that will give you hope, encouragement and belief that anything is possible and your dream can come true, just as it did for us.
RV Living: The Naked Hippies Way will show you that:
No dream is too big or off limits.
The stories shared about our how our dream of RV living full time came true are meant to inspire and motivate you to live your dreams, all of them, no matter what your dreams are. There is no dream that is deemed off limits. The life you want also wants you.

Waiting for “someday” is betting against time.

Far too many people put off living their dreams thinking there’s still time, later on, to do what they love … that someday they will do what their heart continually tugs at them to be and do in life. We learned from personal experience that waiting for “someday” is not an option. The only time is NOW to begin to live your dreams.

Miracles happen when your desire to live your dream is unshakable.
Whatever is holding you back from living your dreams now, our experiences shared in this book will help you begin to put into motion the creation and manifestation of your dream right now. You’ll begin to see that anything is possible, that unexpected miracles and synchronicities will come your way … and that whatever you think right now is your reason to wait … that will change and dissolve as you move in the direction of your dream.

You can start from where you are, with what you have.
The starting point for living your dreams is first the desire, then the decision, which is exactly how our dream became real. We didn’t know how or when it would happen; we didn’t even have the means to purchase an RV. We just never gave up on the dream and continually believed in it happening … and it did.

And for the RVers and RV Dreamers:
Because we do live, travel and work full time in our RV on the never-ending road trip, included in the chapters are some of our RV living secrets that have helped us live and travel simply, cheaply and safely which will definitely help anyone who is thinking about or already living the RV dream. You’ll discover there are always solutions and opportunities to live your dream now instead of waiting for “someday.”

Read the book and find out:
•How we came to be called the Naked Hippies!
•How we save on RV living costs
•How we prepared and survived RV living in winter in Missouri
•How we easily downsized to live in our Big Foot pickup camper
•What RV living books and blogs have been immensely helpful to us
•Some of our favorite places we’ve been … so far
•Why and how I quit my 8-5 job to build the momentum for living the RV dream

Here’s to YOUR dream! Enjoy the book!


RVers Best Public Campgrounds, 2nd Edition, is about RV camping in public campgrounds across the U.S. These campgrounds are managed by state, city, county or federal agencies. They are among woods, spread out, and non-commercial. Camping fees are often less than $23 a night. Also noted are discounts to campers who are disabled, military, or seniors.
Notable changes and additions in the Second Edition for Kindle include:
•35% more content with 200 more campground locations than the first edition and greater park detail;
•All the information from the print book, and more,
•2,000 hyperlinks,
•Every campground hyperlinked with its website,
•Every campground hyperlinked to its Google Map & Google earth location,
•Table of Contents linked to state chapters,
•Up-to-date website, phone and price information;
•Added campgrounds are non-Interstate and along coastal and/or scenic routes;
•Enhanced campground information using tables with close to 40 camp specific details;
The individual campgrounds selected for this book will accommodate most RVs of all classes and sizes. Many are reasonably convenient to an Interstate highway; some are along coastal and/or scenic roads. Turn-by-turn directions are included. Most have electric/water or full hook-up with showers and dump stations or sewers. Almost all campgrounds have a source of potable water and restrooms. With very few exceptions, all are pet friendly. The mix of amenities, modest fees, and beautiful location make for a wonderful RVing experience.
A novel feature of the book is the inclusion of local ‘Points of Interest.’ If you’re traveling in an area of the country new to you, a few suggestions of things to do or see, once your rig is setup, will definitely add to your camping enjoyment.


RVers can save hundreds of dollars every month by taking advantage of the many free camping opportunities to be found in small towns and big cities across the country. Learn the secret places experienced RVers use to camp in comfort and safety everywhere they travel, all for free! They’re all here, including length limits, directions, and facilities available. Also listed are several very low cost campgrounds that will stretch your RVing budget. Happy traveling!


The complete guide to campgrounds built and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. All campsites are located on or near lakes or streams managed or impounded by the Corps of Engineers.Individual listings contain complete descriptions of facilities, icons for amenities and directions to each campground. Updated edition now includes GPS coordinates. Seniors camp at half price with America the Beautiful Pass.


The National Park Service Camping Guide is a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys camping in a National Park. The book describes nearly 450 campgrounds in more than 120 national parks, recreation areas, monuments, and other areas managed by the National Park Service.



If you have good access to Internet and a device to watch on, Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial on Amazon Prime (to people that haven’t subscribed before). Amazon Prime is kind of like Netflix. You can watch thousands of movies and shows instantly. After the free trial, the plan runs $10.99 a month. You can cancel anytime.

If you don’t have a device, seriously consider getting Roku. It’s simple and easy to hook up to the television, and the choices are amazing. You can get HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, and so much for, and all you need is the television and (a good) Internet service. There are Roku systems for the old box televisions as well as flat screens.

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