Inexpensive Pre-Made Book Covers: A List for Self-Published Authors

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inexpensive premade book covers

Finding the right face (book cover) for your book is essential! Your cover is generally one of the first things readers see, and you want to make an impact.

Premade book covers offer an easy and affordable way to get a professional “face” for your book.  These are book covers already designed by the designer, so you know what the finished product looks like as soon as you see it. With a premade, you can have a cover pretty quickly, and you will know the price up front.

The price of a premade cover generally doesn’t include any changes, except for changing the title and author name (and sometimes a tagline). Sometimes, a credit in your book might be required, so double check on this before purchasing.  The most common covers offered are the front covers that work for e-books. If you need the back cover too, or a print cover, be prepared to spend more. The beauty of premades, though, is the simplicity in getting a cover that works for your book without a lot of hassle.

Before you buy a premade cover, always do your research.  There was an excellent discussion started on Goodreads about this a few years ago. You can see it here.

Rocking Book Covers

E-book covers are $50. There are a lot of dark, edgy covers here that would work for fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, etc.

Mallory Rock Professional Design Services

There are all kinds of premade covers available here for all kinds of genres, from science fiction to romance. The prices start at $50 and go up from there. Most of the premades seem to fall in the $50 to $120 range.

SwoonWorthy Book Covers

This site has a lot of premade covers in all genres. E-book covers are $59.99, while Createspace covers are $24.99. SwoonWorthy also offers a discount if you order three or more covers. While you’re there, make sure to check out their discounted covers, too.

*Update on 4/7/17* They also offer over 200 covers for only $14.99!

Designs by Rachelle

This site not only offers covers for romance, erotic, and mystery genres, but they also have covers for science fiction and religion, too. Browsing through the premades, they look to start out at $29 and go up.

Ebook Indie Covers

The premade covers here range from $40 to $80. Some of the categories include LGBT, chick lit, romance, new adult, children’s books, and more.

Romance Novel Covers

Jimmy Thomas is a very well-known cover model, and if you read romance you’ve likely seen him on at least a few covers. Romance Novel Covers is his website. He sells a huge variety of photos that could be used for book covers (if you know how to make your own), but he also has a premade section filled to the brim with all kinds of gorgeous covers for $45.  You will need to register to view the inventory.

Desiree DeOrto Designs

Has a small selection of premade covers, but also does affordable custom  work. The cost of premades starts at $50 and goes up.

No Sweat Graphics

Offers premade covers in several genres from romance to dystopian. The prices start at $50.

Pretty AF Designs

This site posts three new premade covers a month. The cost of $75 includes the full print cover and e-book cover.


This site offers a small amount of premade covers in different genres, including children’s books. The price of these covers at the time of posting is $50.

Design by Definition

This site offers premade covers that would work for romance, fantasy, science fiction, or even a horror book. The prices start at $50.

Hot Covers

This site offers both custom covers and premades in all genres. The cost of the premade book covers is $59.

Ammonia Book Covers

You can find a lot of book covers here for genres from nonfiction to steampunk to erotica. The prices vary as well, starting at $50.

If you are a cover designer or you’d like to share your favorite websites for premade covers, please leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Pre-Made Book Covers: A List for Self-Published Authors”

  1. Thank you for the “shout out” of my site, SwoonWorthy Book Covers.

    We also have over 200 premades for only $14.99 to help self-published writers just starting out. :-)

    I started doing my own book covers to save money, which is the main reason that I decided to design premade covers, so that I could help out other self-published writers and indie authors that didn’t have much money to spend on marketing. (And yes, the cover is a big part of marketing your product aka the book you’ve written.)

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