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13 thoughts on “Giveaway Linky”


    Whiskey Cotillion. The Great Gatsby Meets Moulin Rouge.

    Buy a copy for only 2.99 by 9/16–and a chance for a free paperback of my first paranormal romance, The Shadows Whisper!

    I’m giving away 5 copies for any e-books sold by 9/16. Don’t miss out on this double feature!

    Join the scores of other romance readers who have already bought the novel:

    Stephen M. Outten

  2. Enter to win copies of ‘Motel Room Dreams,’ a scintillating new series with romance and fun, flirty hot sex and extra scorching alpha men! ;) Open to all through 3/15/17

  3. Are you or a loved one experiencing a psychic awakening? That can sometime cause strife in a relationship, if people start to grow apart.

    “How to Live with a Psychic” (the only book on Amazon on this increasingly common topic) teaches you how to thrive and strengthen your relationship when your life has detoured down this unfamiliar path.

    Based on my personal experience with my husband, combined with my therapy background.


    Thanks, and enjoy!

  4. Different This Time, Book #1 in the Molly Downs Outback Romance series is now available for free from Instafreebies. Just click on the link to download your copy. Available to all in mobi, epub or pdf formats.

    Different This Time follows the story of Scott Armstrong and Jenny Hynes as they strive to overcome a rocky past and find their way to true love. If a vibrant outback setting with strong, sweet and sexy characters appeals, settle in and enjoy Scott and Jenny’s story. Happy reading!

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