Erotica Spotlight: Roadside Assistance: An Erotic Novelette by Lucy O’Dell @LucyOnThePage

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Erotica / Contemporary / Romantic Comedy

roadside assistance

Quick and Dirty Book 3

Skipping a PTA meeting to buy a vibrator instead? Well, sure, who hasn’t done that at least once? When Ginny’s van won’t start in parking lot of the sex toy shop, she doesn’t panic. She has a roadside assistance plan. But Chad, the mobile mechanic, isn’t what she expects, or wants. Until he shows up again, biceps flexing, grin enticing, and bulge throbbing. Before Ginny can say tailpipe, Chad becomes the casual encounter that keeps her engine purring like a kitten.

This arousing erotic tale of lust, risk, and satisfaction brings to life the insurancy policy perk every woman would like to have. When a woman is stranded, she could always use a little assistance.

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Ginny didn’t panic when her minivan wouldn’t start in the parking lot of her favorite adult novelty store. The kids were safe at home with the babysitter, who thought Ginny was at a PTA meeting, and Ginny had remembered the stranded motorist service offered by her auto insurance. But only because she’d met with her agent that afternoon to go over all her coverages: life, home, health, and auto. Fire the confetti cannon!
It was exciting afternoons like that one that led Ginny to do things like buy a new sex toy on a Tuesday night in the first place. Silicone-induced thrills were better than none at all.
The neon C in Cupid’s Toy Chest lit up her windshield like a red sun, just before it went dark, altering the sign to say: upid’s Toy Chest. Ginny couldn’t help but read it in her mind as “Stupid’s Toy Chest” now. It was stupid of her to have come here when she should’ve been sweating in the elementary school gym with all the responsible parents. But Bendy had died and even with a nightstand drawer full of other options, she had to replace him. None of the others bent at just the right angle, or had the perfect circumference with dual speed options and perfectly spaced ribbing . . .
God, couldn’t that mobile mechanic hurry up already? What if he didn’t show at all?
Ginny definitely couldn’t call her ex to rescue her. He would be furious if he knew the kids were home with a sitter while she bought a new dildo. To be fair, she’d originally skipped the PTA meeting to have dinner with her friend, Lily. It wasn’t until dessert that she decided to hit up Cupid’s on the way home. Her ex always hated when she made spontaneous decisions of any sort, let alone with regard to anything sexual. Hence, the divorce.
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About the Author:

Lucy O’Dell grew up in Texas where she still lives. Her books include high heat and sexy banter between very compatible characters–some Mr. Rights and some Mr. Right Nows.


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