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Maybe you just need to supplement your income from your e-book sales or maybe you’re simply looking to write full-time from home, but did you know there are a lot of companies out there that hire freelance writers?

A popular writing job for homeworkers is writing content for a content mill. Basically, these are websites that offer article writing services for websites and blogs. Writers freelance for these companies. Usually the available jobs are posted in their member’s sections, and writers select the jobs they want to do. You then write the article (must be an original) and submit it. More often than not, the person purchasing the article will have the option of approving it or not. Usually they do. You’re then paid according to the website’s payment periods. Most places pay through Paypal.

When working for a content mill, there is always the chance that someone will not approve the article and send it back for corrections. This is a risk that every freelance writer takes when freelancing. If this happens often, though, through a particular company, you might want to reconsider doing any more work for that company, as a writer’s time is valuable, and the pay offered through a content mill is often not that much. Time is valuable. You can’t spend hours working on a $4 article and expect to come out ahead, right?

Years ago, the pay was a lot better for jobs like these. However, times have changed, and there are a lot of people out there willing to do more work for less, especially when a job like this is opened to all locations. But all hope is not lost. If you find the right content mill with jobs that you don’t have to spend a long time researching, you can make a pretty steady income from it, especially if you are a fast writer.

The subject matter needed at content mills vary. You can expect businesses to be searching from articles from gutters to carpet cleaning services to pets. If you’re serious about earning an income from this, you will want to check the member’s section daily, if not more often.

Content mills aren’t the only places offering work at home writing jobs, though. There are many, many websites out there searching for quality writers. Some of them are seeking specific types of writers, such as travel writers, business writers, etc. I’m also including the ones I am aware of below. If you know of a website hiring work at home writers, please share in the comments section.

Please note, the websites below might not be hiring at this time, but most of them are always hiring. Different sites will have different requirements. Many of them will require a short writing sample, which is pretty easy to do. Some of them–especially if they are better paying–might want more than one writing sample to evaluate before approving you to do writing for their company. The higher paying jobs are in high demand, so if you decide to apply for one of these companies, take the time to do a REALLY good job on your writing sample.

Article Writing Companies and Websites That Hire Freelances/Work at Home Writers:

Some of these are content mils, while others are just websites seeking writers.

Article Marketing Co. - Pays up to $8.50 per article.

The Dollar Stretcher – This site is looking for unique articles to help readers stretch their dollars. Payment is $.10 per word, which could equal really good pay if your article is accepted.

Autoshopper – Seeking car related articles. $10 to $20 per article.

Reverb Press - They are searching for ongoing writers.

Writer Access

Listverse – Do you enjoy making lists? If so, Listverse might be perfect for you. The list must be at least 1,500 words, and if they accept it they pay $100.

Viator – If you’re well-traveled and enjoy writing about travel, this site might be perfect for you. The pay looks good. On their website, it says the standard payment is $100 to $150. If writing articles like these comes easily to you, there is the potential to make really good money here for a very well-known company.

Textbroker - One of the better know sites. Often has work but the pay per article can be low.

The Expeditioner – Looking for travel articles.

How Stuff Works – This site is very specific on the types of writers they are looking for, but it has been said they also pay VERY well. Make sure to read all the requirements before applying.

The Textmaster – This company hires proofreaders and writers.

StudentExperts – Looking for writers to create content for small/mid-sized businesses.

EDUWriters – Requires a college degree.


Search Influence – Pays every other week.  Seems to be searching for a fast turnaround on their articles.

iWriter – This is another well-known article company. Pays weekly. Their site says you can earn up to $15 per article. I believe writers earn levels at this one, which means as you advance you’re offered better paying jobs.

Demand Media

IndieMade – This website is looking for writers to write about content relating to creative businesses, which might just be perfect for an Indie/self published writer, considering you have tons of experience, right? I think this would also be a good match if you design book covers, too, as this is considered a creative business.

Kirkus – If you’re an author, you’ve almost certainly heard of Kirkus. But did you know they are hiring for freelance reviewers, editors, and copywriters? These are freelance/work at home positions.

London Brokers –  I’m mentioning London Brokers as they are one of the easiest companies to get hired on at. However, some might find the pay rate low.  It wouldn’t hurt to sign up and take a peek at their available jobs and see if this might be an option for you. They are known for always paying on time.  There might be a certain dollar amount you need to reach before they issue payment (a lot of content mills do), so make sure to check on this if you decide to apply.

How to find more freelance writing jobs:

Companies in search of writers often turn to the Internet to staff their positions, especially when it comes to freelance or work at home jobs.

Indeed is a great place to find current freelance writing jobs. You can also set up alerts, so they will email you when a certain type of job becomes available. If you see a job you feel you’d enjoy, send in your resume asap, as well as any other requirements they might ask for, such as a writing sample, etc. Competition can be fierce for the best paying freelance writing jobs, so make sure you shine!

Applying through Indeed is free for job seekers.

Do you know of any companies currently hiring freelance writers, or have you worked for one of these companies and you’d like to share your experience? Please share your comments below, as others will likely find this information very helpful!

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