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Young Adult Romance Spotlight: Phase One: Identify by Rose Wynters

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Young Adult Romance, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal


The world as I know it is over…

When I went to work that afternoon I never imagined that everyone around me would die. But that’s exactly what happened. My small town of Pleasant, LA is now a dead zone, and I’m only one of a few survivors.

The streets are littered with the dead, but they don’t remain down for long. We managed to find a few more survivors, including my sexy next door neighbor. It’s not enough. But out of the darkness, Kellan comes. And in the glare of his headlights I realize we might just have a chance.

A chance to make it out of the zombie horde.

A chance to live some semblance of a normal life.

A chance to love…

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About the Author:

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I’m the author of several paranormal romance series including:
The Endurers (Dystopian Paranormal Romances)
Wolf Town Guardians (Werewolf Romances)
The Vampire’s House of Pleasure (Time Travel/Historical Romances)
Territory of the Dead (Young Adult Zombie/Science Fiction Romances)
Invitation From a Fairy (Paranormal Romances Varying from Sweet to Spicy)

When not writing, I like to travel and meet new people. I adore anything romance, be it movies, books, or places.

The Vampire’s House of Pleasure 3 is now live on Amazon!
When a new vampire arrives, Violet soon finds herself desired by two powerful immortals. Both are rich, titled, and preternaturally beautiful, and each one is hellbent on seduction. But little do the vampires know, Violet has an agenda of her own. She’s desperate to return to her own time, and she will do whatever it takes to make it happen–even if it means allowing herself to be seduced.

Left with little choice, Violet agrees to a temporary arrangement with Gabriel. She hopes to be gone before it’s time to fulfill her end of the deal. But when a dead body turns up in the courtyard, Violet wonders if an escape from 1797 is even possible. Even worse, in the torrid heat of Gabriel’s black eyes and the seductive fantasies stemming from Rylan’s dark gifts, she starts to question if she really wants to…

Western: Red Dust by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell @TheLostParty

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Red Dust by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell

red dust

Genres: Horror, Short Stories, Westerns, Thriller, Zombies

Red Dust is a series of zombie western short stories.

Red Dust: The Fall is the first trilogy of short stories in the Red Dust series. These stories are The Lost Party, Feud and The Last Rider.

The Lost Party

When a party of settlers go missing on the Wasatch Mountains of 1846 America, a lone mountain man tasks himself with finding the lost pioneers. Upon the discovery of the remnants of a diary, George Masterson finds himself pulled into the dark story that befell the ill-fated travellers.


America 1853, seven years since the disappearance of the lost party, the undead have emerged from the wilderness crossing the Great Plains to assault the civilised world. Communication has broken down and settlements now stand alone as the Rising Plague spreads across the eastern border.

In the town of Little Rock inhabitants of the New World thrive to create normality in the midst of chaos. With the arrival of a mysterious rider named Griffin, the true dangers of the town become clear. The illusion of civilisation quickly dissolves as Griffin’s appearance sparks the violent conclusion of a deep-rooted vendetta.

The Last Rider

The Rising Plague continues to spread mercilessly across America, leaving the remnants of the US government to lead a desperate defence in defiance of the undead. Yet in the face of their doom, the beginnings of a civil tension arises, as the Southern State’s succeed, leaving a dire split across the US and its people hopelessly divided.

Isaac, a young courier, volunteers himself to deliver a mysterious package for the Union military. His task will lead him deep into the heart of the unknown, through the decaying civilisation of a country that he can no longer call his home, as his eyes are opened to the horrors of the New World.



They would say that he came from across the sea.

The lone figure astride a horse emerged from the emptiness of the hot, dusty plains that expanded like a sea encompassing the solitary town of Little Rock. In the dying light of the evening sun, it was those who survived on the border of the settlement who witnessed the rider first. The poor and the sick, all victims of the time in which they lived, now stood transfixed, mouths agape and eyes wide as the stranger cantered through the slum like area of ragged tents and rotten cabins, oblivious to the absurdity of his arrival.  Even as he trotted right pass them, the borderland residents still believed he could have been a mirage, that their minds had finally betrayed their rationality in the madness of this new world. No one had come from the plains in months, and never before alone, it did not belong to the living anymore.

Upon passing through the fringe of the shanty town, the Stranger made his way down the central road, riding into the heart of Little Rock, passing the traffic of people as they closed shops and businesses before escaping to the false refuge of homes or the ignorant bliss of drinking holes.

Silently and furtively, he studied the canvas that opened up around him, mapping everything to detail in his head. The stranger knew what types of side arms the people carried. He could see from a man’s eyes who would fight, who would run, and who he would have to kill. He did not want to have these thoughts, not anymore, but they were innate, created by a nightmare of past experiences, fighting down in the mud and hell below.

Author Bio:

Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell are friends who met during University studying History. We have had a few different ideas including graphic novels and fantasy novels but the work we started with was Red Dust, a story of the Wild West plagued by zombies. In between working our regular jobs we try our best to write and publish.

Ben Dixon’s Goodreads

Sam Campbell’s Goodreads


Zombie Novella Feature: Giovanni Goes To Med School by Kathy Bryson @kathybryson2

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Fantasy, Paranormal, Zombies


Everyone knows zombies aren’t real, no matter how fun. You don’t have to be a med student to know the dead do not get up and walk around in real life. Anyone who’s buried a pet in the backyard knows the dead don’t walk. They don’t even lurch.

So Giovanni is stunned when his patient sits up in the morgue and starts scolding. The night-shift was supposed be a relief, a chance to study in quiet and off-set ridiculous student loans. Babysitting a huge dog and a dead voodoo mambo were not part of the plan. Now he’s got to convince an unbelieving medical community to take action, so he can get back to learning about the dead – not the undead!

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Giovanni sighed and put down the paperwork. He didn’t see where he could do anything more for Mrs. Harris and the hope that maybe he’d done enough started to creep up on him. After all, the other, fully qualified doctors had administered the actual anesthetic. He was probably just feeling indoctrinated guilt from being raised in a large Catholic, Italian family.

Dimly in the background, he heard a mournful howl. Rufus, he thought with an inward eye roll and it didn’t even occur to him how eerily appropriate it was for the dog to howl just then. Instead, he reached for a pen and the toe tag on the bundle in front of him, determined to ensure that Mrs. Harris reached her final rest without mistake.

The toe tag pulled away. Frowning, Giovanni reached again. The toe tag slid away from him and he watched horrified as the swathed figure writhed, then sat up. From somewhere behind him, he could hear frantic barking and a high-pitched wail. When he gasped for breath, he realized the wail came from him even as the cocooned corpse bent forward and mumbled, “Sonny, you scream like a girl.”

About the Author:


Kathy Bryson knew she wanted to be a writer when she finished reading through her school and local children’s libraries. She honed her writing skills on marketing brochures, websites, and several unfinished manuscripts before going into teaching. Now she happily skews convention while finishing award-winning books and catering to the whims of spoiled cats.

Those awards?
Feeling Lucky
– 2014 First Coast Romance Writers National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award
– Finalist for the EPIC 2015 eBook Awards
– Finalist Chanticleer Chatelaine 2014.

Restless Spirits
– Finalist in Colorado Romance Writer’s 2015 Award of Excellence Contest.

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Halloween Must Read: The Bride Wore Brains: A Horror/Comedy Zombie Apocalypse Story by Emily Wesley Stringer @EmilyWStringer

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Claire’s perfect wedding takes a horrific turn when her guests start turning into zombies. It’s up to her best friend, Kat and a motley crew of wisecracking misfits to save the day.

Praise for “TBWB”:
“This book really did it for me. I have finally found a situation in which I love wedding details – the author has planned a wedding right down to the bouquet and pink satin bridesmaid shoes, then trashed it all with zombies and a chainsaw. Exquisite! It was a beautiful combination of hum our and zombie horror/action – I would recommend it to anyone looking for a refreshing read with a bit of gratuitous gore!”-Nia Wright

“This is most definitely a book I’d come back to. I recommend zombie lovers to read this, I think many of us especially The Walking Dead fans would enjoy reading about a zombie outbreak at a wedding!”-The Sweet Little

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

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“Got some fresh ones for you,” the EMT said to the morgue attendants as he brought the sealed black bags into the room. “Wedding guests. This one should be interesting.”

Brody and Cody were the quintessential nightshift science dweebs. They looked like brothers in their matching, black-rimmed glasses and white labcoats. Their rhyming names also didn’t help to quell confusion.

“A wedding? No shit, man. That’s awful,” Cody said.

Brody rose from his computer, where he was watching Return of the Living Dead. “Til death do them part.”

“Christ, man. That was a bad one. Don’t give up on your day job,” Cody replied. “How many of those you got? Please tell me it’s not the whole wedding party,” he said to the EMT.

“About ten right now. There’s more coming, though.”

“Damn. You have any idea what happened to them?” Brody asked, crossing his arms and furrowing his brow in concern.

The EMT shook his head. “Nah, not yet. The cops and coroner are still out there trying to piece it all together. The call came in from the event management at Ridgewood Farms a few hours ago. The wedding was Saturday. To me, it looks like some kind of mass food poisoning, then Jason Voorhees showing up and hacking everyone to bits. There were just bodies everywhere, dude.  Never seen anything like it. Just a warning, they’re pretty bad.”

Cody nodded. “Thanks for the word of caution. We’ll get right on it.”

Brody chugged down the rest of his Mountain Dew. “Alright then, let’s get to work.”

They lifted the first body onto the table and unzipped the bag.

“Holy shit! What the hell happened to these people?” Cody asked as he eyed their grayish/green flesh and bloodied clothing.

Brody scrunched up his nose and recoiled. “They smell like week-old, microwaved ass, too. How long have they been out there?”

“He said the wedding was Saturday, so two days. They look worse though, like they’ve been dead for weeks. Smell like it too,” Cody replied, scrunching his nose up.

“What if they have been dead for longer than just two days? Ooohh,” Brody said, moving his fingers ghost style.

Cody gave him skeptic glance. “You’ve been watching too many monster movies, man.”

“Hey, at least I haven’t watched season 5 of Game of Thrones four times in a row,” Brody said and grabbed a scalpel. “Dude, Halloween is next week. Have a little fun.”

“I make my own fun, thank you very much. Let’s bust this lady open. You think she was the mother of the bride or groom?”

Their customer’s decaying corpse was dressed in a gaudy pale pink sequin suit covered in blood.

“Either that, or a recently divorced aunt hoping to score from the free booze and get laid for the first time in ten years,” Brody said in a scientific manner as he cut the clothes and started making the y-incision, only to jump back as he cut into the cadaver’s chest.

“What’s the matter?” Cody asked, looking at him as if he was crazy.

Brody pointed at her with the scalpel. “I think she just moved, man.”

“That’s not possible. You’re probably just tired and seeing things. We’re on hour ten of a twelve-hour shift. It happens. Get back over here.”

Brody stepped back to the table just as the woman rose from the slab, making horrific growling and hissing noises. She lunged towards Cody, who screamed and reached out for help. Brody repeatedly stabbed her in the arms and chest with his scalpel, to no avail. She pulled Cody in closer and took a massive bite out of his shoulder. His flesh and muscle dangled from the bone and he screamed.

“Call the police! What the fuck is happening?”

Brody tossed his co-worker a clean gauze pad for his fresh wound and ran over to the landline to call the police. The reanimated woman continued to gnaw on Cody, rendering the gauze useless. His screams echoed as the woman made him her meal.

“No freakin’ way, dude. That can’t be,” Brody said as he watched in shock and awe as this corpse devoured his colleague.

He dialed 9-1-1 only to be disconnected. He tried again and got through to the operator.

“I’m in the city morgue! You’ve got to send an officer down here now! There’s been an attack!”

“What kind of attack?”

“It’s kind of hard to explain. Just bring in the guys with the guns! NOW!”

Brody slammed down the phone. The woman sauntered over to him, but he managed to escape from her fast enough to grab a brain from an autopsy they had performed earlier, and threw it at her. The organ slapped onto the floor and sounded like a raw hot dog hitting linoleum. The woman picked the brain up — the second course of her impromptu meal — and ripped right through the frontal lobe.

She gobbled up the brain in less than a minute, and turned her attention back to Brody before starting to shamble towards him. He tossed a few chairs over another slab to try and trip her up, but it did little to stop the flesh-hungry monster of a woman. He grabbed a skull saw and cranked it on — the small, sharp blade a last-ditch effort for his own survival. The woman caught up with him and reached out to take a bite, only to have Brody jab the skull saw into her head. She made a shrieking noise as blood, pieces of gray,rotten flesh and chunks of brain cascaded into the air, until she fell back and hit her head on the slab. What was left of her skull exploded like an overly ripe Gallagher watermelon.

Brody pulled the saw away. “Take that, bitch!”  He leaned against the counter and caught his breath.

What the hell is going on? Where are the cops?

He heard a noise across the room and clutched the saw tighter.


He turned around just in time to see Cody lunge towards him. His eyes were bloodshot, his skin was gray, and he was chomping his teeth trying to take a bite out of him.

“Holy freaking hell! He’s a damn zombie!”

Brody ran towards the door. He was the type of person who theoretically “lived for this shit,” the type of person who never missed a zombie movie or video game. Even his Kia Soul told the world he “Will break for zombies.”

As his former friend and co-worker bit into his neck, Brody realized he was going to die because of this shit.

About the Author:


Emily Wesley Stringer lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband and dog, Bloo.
She enjoys writing humor, horror, and mystery.
Her first eBook, “The Bride Wore Brains”, was published in October 2015.
Check out her website

Four Zombie Series That Women Will Love

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four zombie series

There’s just something about fall that makes me want to devour horror. Maybe it’s because I know Halloween is well on its way, and it’s the spookiest time of the year. Regardless, this month I’m all about the horror, but I enjoy a little bit of romance with my scary reads. So here are my recommendations for those of you that like zombies served with a big helping of love.

Want more books to read this Halloween? See our 31 Nights of Haunted Reads post!


1. The Grace Series

About the Series:

After a night spent at a run-down cabin in the woods, estranged friends Zoe and Boggs wake to find that the dead have risen. They flee, hoping to find safety, but instead find themselves surrounded by their worst nightmares. Joined by two other survivors, they will face unimaginable horrors and suffer unthinkable losses as the rules of nature are rewritten. They will soon realize that the living dead aren’t just the shambling, mindless creatures that legends portray.

Why Women Will Love It:

M. Lauryl Lewis has created a really captivating heroine. Zoe reminds you of the girl you might know next door, and the zombie apocalypse is really believable.

Click here now to see this series on Amazon!

2. The Territory of the Dead Series

About the Series:

The world as I know it is over…

When I went to work that afternoon I never imagined that everyone around me would die. But that’s exactly what happened. My small town of Pleasant, LA is now a dead zone, and I’m only one of a few survivors.

The streets are littered with the dead, but they don’t remain down for long. We managed to find a few more survivors, including my sexy next door neighbor. It’s not enough. But out of the darkness, Kellan comes. And in the glare of his headlights I realize we might just have a chance.

A chance to make it out of the zombie horde.

A chance to live some semblance of a normal life.

A chance to love…

Why Women Will Love It:

Horror and romances go hand in hand in this series, as 18 year old Tabitha struggles to survive the zombie apocalypse. Zombies aren’t the only paranormal creatures in this series, so be warned. You’ll find it hard to decide just who Tabitha should be with.

Click here now to see this series on Amazon!

3. White Trash Zombie Series

About the Series:

Teenage delinquent Angel Crawford lives with her redneck father in the swamps of southern Louisiana. She’s a high school dropout, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and has a police record a mile long. But when she’s made into a zombie after a car crash, her addictions disappear, except for her all-consuming need to stay “alive”…

Why Women Will Love It:

There’s just something really cool about reading about a bad-girl heroine, and the book covers are just awesome!

Click here now to see this series on Amazon!

4. The Hollows Series

About the Series:

“This is the way the world ends – not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door.”

Nineteen-year-old Remy King is on a mission to get across the wasteland left of America, and nothing will stand in her way – not violent marauders, a spoiled rock star, or an army of flesh-eating zombies.

This is a young adult title with some language, violence, and mild sexual situations recommended for ages sixteen and up.

Why Women Will Love It:

Remy has quite a few entertaining adventures through the course of the two books, but don’t expect a happy ever after. Maybe a happy for now.

Click here now to see this series on Amazon!

 Readers, what is your favorite zombie reads? Leave us a comment and let us know!