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Featured Fantasy Book: Sevara: Dawn of Hope by Damian Wampler @sevarawillrise

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YA, Fantasy, Adventure, Dystopian, Coming of Age


In a future so distant it looks like our past, all girls are raised in state-run orphanages to be sold off as servant wives. When fifteen year old Sevara refuses to marry, she’s kicked out and left on the streets of Plexus with nothing. Desperate to save her fellow orphans, she starts a revolution and is marked for death. Luckily, someone has been watching her.

A shapeshifting immortal gives Sevara a second chance at life, and a powerful set of gifts. But when Sevara begins a doomed love affair with the man she almost married, she must choose between protecting the city and saving the only man she’s ever loved.

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Sevara had just changed out of her bathing suit into her house clothes, but hadn’t yet put on her steel-toed boots or slid her retractable bolo sticks into her shirt sleeves. She tossed her swimming suit into her locker and crossed passed the row of empty shower stalls. It was the perfect time for Minubar to attack. Sevara felt a rib crack against Minubar’s bolo stick, and just avoided the second attack to the base of the skull, a fatal blow. Sevara lunged towards Minubar’s massive frame, instead of away, as the big girl would have expected, causing the next swing to greatly overshoot. But Minubar put her knee into Sevara’s chest, knocking the wind out of her as she felt herself fly up towards the ceiling, then go crashing into the lockers on the far side of the room.

Sevara stood and shook her head to brush the stars out of her eyes. She was cornered, barefoot and weaponless, at the far end of the locker room. Minubar advanced, both bolo sticks out. Sevara desperately looked left and right for a weapon or escape, but saw none. Minubar swung with both sticks, but Tanner shouted from behind them and Minubar paused.

“I’m right behind you, Sevara,” cried Tanner.

“This is between us! Stay out of it unless you want some,” said Minubar.

Tanner had been in the orphanage long enough to know what that meant, and immediately jerked both arms forward, flicking her bolo sticks from their bamboo sheathes hidden in her sleeves. Tanner charged, attacking as if pain didn’t matter to her, as if she wanted to die there today. Minubar swing powerfully but clumsily, and Tanner got in a few solid strikes on her legs and shoulders before getting hit on the arm. Sevara heard her bone fracture. Tanner crumpled over in pain, but then leapt up when Minubar was on top of her, jabbing her elbow into Minubar’s jaw. Minubar staggered back and fell, and Tanner jumped on top of her, putting both knees into her throat and raising her good arm to finish her off.

“No!” yelled Sevara.

“She’ll just be back for you later,” said Tanner, and swung her club, but Sevara’s hand caught her wrist.

“I’ll be ready next time,” said Sevara, and Tanner jumped off. Orly appeared in the doorway to the locker room, bolo sticks out. Minubar started to hack and cough.

“You’d better be,” Minubar said, rolling onto her side and trying to prop herself up. Orly and Sevara pulled Tanner away from the locker room, and they went back to their dormitory.

“Tanner’s right,” said Orly, “we should have finished her.”

“I can’t do that,” said Sevara. Orly grabbed her by both shoulders and stared at her intently, her striking jaw line hardened and blazing eyes suddenly alive.

“We’ve missed our chance to marry,” she said earnestly. “We’re warriors now; we’ve got to start acting like it.”

About the Author:


Damian is a lifelong documentary photographer who originally hails from Newark, Delaware. Damian earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Anthropology from Boston University, and boarded a place bound for Kyrgyzstan shortly after to teach English as a Peace Corps volunteer. He returned to New York City where he studies digital photography and wrote and produced a play, TWIN TOWERS. Damian is the writer and creator of the Sevara novel and graphic novel. He is currently a Foreign Service Officer in the U.S. State Department, and lives most of his days overseas with his wife, son, and toy poodle.


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Young Adult Fiction Feature: To Be Honest by T.C. Booth @BoothTammi

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A freak accident left Starla Emerson with a deformed hand, low self-esteem, and a need to fade into the background. However, she finds it impossible to be invisible at her new high school where she is pushed front and center by a behind the scenes internet bully.

She joins forces with newfound friends to launch a counter attack in order to expose the cyber bully, aka grizzlygirl2015. Part of the plan involves a boy named Chase McFall. Star feels more for this golden eyed boy than she should as the plan progresses. The plan backfires and lands Star in a mountain of trouble.

Will she have the courage to be honest about her part in the plan and her true feelings for Chase? Or will she be left heartbroken? Once the truth is out…there’s no turning back.


Still fueled from the anger coursing in my veins, I marched up to Maggie. “May I borrow your blue lipstick?”

Maggie creased her eyebrows. “Okay.” She reached in her purse and handed me a black tube. I twisted it until a blue waxy tip appeared. I smeared a thick coat of blue over my lips and puckered. I looked at Rayne. “You challenged me to do this, okay?”

Rayne glanced at Maggie. She shrugged. Jake arched an eyebrow.

Ooo-kay,” Rayne said.

I spun on my heel. My heart thudded loud in my ears as I marched toward the group of skateboarders and BMX guys that stood in a circle. I scanned over the faces of the circle until I found my target. After I sucked in a breath, I pushed my way past the curious faces of the boys, until I was face to face with Chase. The group fell silent. Chase tilted his head and quirked his eyebrow. I took another deep breath then placed my hands on Chase’s broad shoulders, rose on my tiptoes, and placed a blue kiss on his cheek. The boys erupted with laughter and whistles.

Tell your girlfriend where that came from.” I tapped the blue mark left on his cheek. The shock on his face left, replaced with a half-twisted smile. That infuriating grin of his was back. I shouldered my way through the boys. Heads turned, tracking my movements. My friends gawked at me like I’d grown three heads. I slipped onto the seat at the table so my back was to Chase.

Whoa, Emerson. You just rocked the challenge above all challenges, even though you didn’t really get challenged,” Rayne said. “That didn’t make any sense, did it?” He lifted one dark eyebrow.

Jake shook his head, still wide-eyed. “Not at all.”

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Author Bio: TC Booth was born and raised in a small town in Northeast Ohio where she currently teaches. She lives with her husband and four children ranging in ages from 13-23. Her pets include one dog named Sammy, and two cats- Sheldon and Sasha.

TC Booth views books as the best form of entertainment and her escape for life’s stresses. She prefers reading a book over watching a movie, and writing over almost any other way to spend her time.

When not attending her children’s sporting events and running them around, you’ll see her writing on her laptop, iPad, and even jotting ideas down on her phone apps.

She enjoys the escape from the adult universe into the adolescent world. The passion in which young people experience life is contagious and the driving force of her writing.

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Witch in the Woods (Witch in the Woods #1) by T. A. Bunker

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19464292When twenty year old, professional witch hunter, Victor Steep is summoned to handle a case; he travels to the town of Beth’s Hollow to find residing in the vast woods surrounding the town, a witch with a deadly obsession.

In the woods, Victor meets a mysterious and beautiful young lady named Clearly, and her kind, but cursed brother Fabian. Promising Clearly that he will look for a cure for her brother, Victor soon questions if he can keep that promise, for killing the malicious witch he was hired to hunt, became more complicated than expected. In Order to defeat the witch, Victor now must find a book that has been missing for nearly twenty years, or risk the fate of Clearly, Fabian, and the entire town of Beth’s Hollow. Not to mention, if he should fail, losing the possession of his very own skull to the witch’s disturbing collection.

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Young Adult: Hollow’s End (The Legend Series, Book One) by Marianne Morea

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18478892The dark water of the Hudson River isn’t the only blackness looming in the distance of the quaint river town of Sleepy Hollow. Two hundred years of secrets and lies are bleeding into the present, and high school seniors, Hunter Morrissey and Rowen Corbett, find themselves linked with unseen forces shrouded in mystery and violence.

Truths, buried and long forgotten, have risen at a time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Only Hunter and Rowen hold the key to locking the past in the past, and setting old wrongs to right. Can justice be served? Can the two find a way to straddle both worlds and solve the mystery when they don’t understand the clues? Inspired by true historical events that surround the village of Sleepy Hollow and the famous legend that shares its name, this Young Adult Horror takes you on a journey full of history and suspense with a splash of romance and the paranormal.

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Young Adult: Wide Awake – Academy of the Fallen Series

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9704083Kayla is a 16-year-old girl who was adopted when she was little. She lives a normal life, with great friends, loving adoptive parents, and well… a not-so-great boyfriend. But the reason why she was given up for adoption was far from any usual reason. She was meant to be kept away from the Academy and anything else related to the supernatural beings that could hurt her.

Unfortunately for Kayla, it was only a matter of time before she encountered the creatures from the Otherworld, and there is just no running away from the beings that she can now see.

In trying to protect Kayla by keeping her away from the Academy, she may have just been put in even more danger.

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