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Contemporary Western Romance Feature and Interview: Betting on Kincade by Devon McKay @devonmckay2014

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Contemporary Romance/Western

Betting on Kincade _w10191_750

From The Wild Rose Press

Release Date: 2/15/17

Everyone Cassie Wilcox loved is gone. And now, thanks to her drunken stepfather, her house and family business will be taken from her, too, unless she can find a way to buy back the ranch from the new owner. With less than two months to come up with money she doesn’t have, her options are running out, and apparently, her common sense as she rents out rooms to an eclectic group of strangers.

Returning home for Dalton Kincade is bittersweet. Not a damn thing has changed. Two years on the rodeo circuit weren’t able to shake free the memory of the feisty redhead who’d broken his heart into a thousand pieces. Nor the sting of her parting words…Never trust a Kincade.

Winning her beloved ranch in a drunken bet is the last thing he expected to happen, but at least he saved it for her. Now, he has to figure out how to break that news to a woman who never wants to see him again. Renting a room in the house he now owns might be a risk, but it’s nothing compared to betting his heart on winning back the love of his life.

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“Are you going to play or just sit there?” Gary Evans slurred in drunken angst as he kicked back his chair and leaned over the table. Not waiting for a reply, he picked up the crisp piece of paper lodged between them, waved it in the air, and then, slammed the deed to the Wilcox land back down on the hard pressed wood.
Cautiously, Dalton stationed a deadly stare on the intoxicated fool and noted the shimmering of glee highlighting the steel gray of the man’s eyes. Tapping the top card, he slowly trailed his finger along the swirled red print.
He was a loser no matter the outcome. Should’ve just walked away. Ignored Gary’s foolish bet and the taunts that followed once the hook had been set. It wasn’t as if Cassie would appreciate his effort anyway. Regardless, he couldn’t walk away and let her lose it all.
Clenching his jaw, he folded his fingers around the squared edges and paused before picking up the pile.
“Read ‘em and weep,” Gary squealed gleefully as he tossed his cards next to the deed. “Four deuces.” He stumbled from the end of the table, closing the gap between them in one stride, before managing to shove a quadruple of stubby digits in front of Dalton’s face. “Four.”
Dalton studied his hand with guarded fury, then stifled the drunkard’s premature victory with a flick of his wrist.

About the Author:

devon mckay

Devon McKay writes contemporary romance with a western flair. If she’s not writing, she’s busy with chores on her small ranch, working on a stained glass project or walking one of her three dogs through the woods. Her greatest joy is putting a smile on a readers face and hearing from fans.

Please check out Devon’s website at: or contact her by email at: You can also follow her on face book at:
and on twitter at:

Author Interview:

Could you tell our readers a little bit about your writing journey?
I fell in love with reading and the art of telling stories early on. I knew writing was what I wanted to do, even as a young child.

How many books do you currently have published?
Betting On Kincade is my third published book.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why?
My favorite would have to be my first book, Cowboy On The Run.

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release?
I’m currently writing a story for an anthology with a very talented group of authors called A Cowboy To Keep. It will be coming out June 1st.

What do you enjoy most about writing?
Losing myself in a good story.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?
Oh yeah. All the time. Fortunately it doesn’t last long. Sometimes I’ll read a book or watch a movie until I get the urge to write again.

Have you ever had one of your characters to take a twist you weren’t expecting and surprise you?
Yep. That’s happened in every one of my books.

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why?
I like Blake Langford from Staking A Claim. He’s fiercely protective of Alaska. After living in the state myself, I can relate to him. I don’t think there’s anywhere else like Alaska. It’s feral, wild and beautiful.

So far, what has been your favorite scene to write?
I like the first meetings.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers?
Stay off the internet and focus on writing. It’s easy to get sidetracked with Facebook and everything else the great big web has to offer.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why?
Cowboy On The Run. There’s just something about Nate Walker that draws you in and keeps you wanting more.

Do you have any extras you’d like to share, like a teaser about an
upcoming new release,  a summary of a deleted scene, or a teaser about a surprising plot twist or character?
I’d like to share the blurb from Cowboy On The Run.

Running from a torrential past, Nate Walker had never planned on returning to a town where the only good thing had been a brunette-haired beauty with more compassion than he deserved. Finding himself on a ranch for boys facing the same issues not only taught him how to be a man, it taught him that there was more to life than running away. However, coming back for what he left behind was going to be anything other than easy.
Nate always did know how to make an entrance once again turning Jessie Calhoun’s routine life upside down. Unfortunately, he’d also had the same impact when he left her mending a broken heart in a cloud of dust and taillights. But this time would be different. No longer a gullible, naïve girl, she’d be a fool to fall under his spell again. Especially now that she had more at stake –two very important reasons.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read?
My books. Sounds silly I know, but I enjoy reading them.

What about television shows? Movies?
I’m in love with This Is Us. It’s such a great show.

Is there a book that you have read that you feel has made a big impact on your life?
Any Nora Roberts book.

Can readers find you at any live events, such as book signings or
Absolutely. I enjoy signings. Meeting anyone who shares my love of reading is exciting.

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say?
I can do it in one – Exhilarating. Writing is a roller coaster of emotions. It’s exciting, demanding, and consuming, but I love it!

Western: Red Dust by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell @TheLostParty

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Red Dust by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell

red dust

Genres: Horror, Short Stories, Westerns, Thriller, Zombies

Red Dust is a series of zombie western short stories.

Red Dust: The Fall is the first trilogy of short stories in the Red Dust series. These stories are The Lost Party, Feud and The Last Rider.

The Lost Party

When a party of settlers go missing on the Wasatch Mountains of 1846 America, a lone mountain man tasks himself with finding the lost pioneers. Upon the discovery of the remnants of a diary, George Masterson finds himself pulled into the dark story that befell the ill-fated travellers.


America 1853, seven years since the disappearance of the lost party, the undead have emerged from the wilderness crossing the Great Plains to assault the civilised world. Communication has broken down and settlements now stand alone as the Rising Plague spreads across the eastern border.

In the town of Little Rock inhabitants of the New World thrive to create normality in the midst of chaos. With the arrival of a mysterious rider named Griffin, the true dangers of the town become clear. The illusion of civilisation quickly dissolves as Griffin’s appearance sparks the violent conclusion of a deep-rooted vendetta.

The Last Rider

The Rising Plague continues to spread mercilessly across America, leaving the remnants of the US government to lead a desperate defence in defiance of the undead. Yet in the face of their doom, the beginnings of a civil tension arises, as the Southern State’s succeed, leaving a dire split across the US and its people hopelessly divided.

Isaac, a young courier, volunteers himself to deliver a mysterious package for the Union military. His task will lead him deep into the heart of the unknown, through the decaying civilisation of a country that he can no longer call his home, as his eyes are opened to the horrors of the New World.



They would say that he came from across the sea.

The lone figure astride a horse emerged from the emptiness of the hot, dusty plains that expanded like a sea encompassing the solitary town of Little Rock. In the dying light of the evening sun, it was those who survived on the border of the settlement who witnessed the rider first. The poor and the sick, all victims of the time in which they lived, now stood transfixed, mouths agape and eyes wide as the stranger cantered through the slum like area of ragged tents and rotten cabins, oblivious to the absurdity of his arrival.  Even as he trotted right pass them, the borderland residents still believed he could have been a mirage, that their minds had finally betrayed their rationality in the madness of this new world. No one had come from the plains in months, and never before alone, it did not belong to the living anymore.

Upon passing through the fringe of the shanty town, the Stranger made his way down the central road, riding into the heart of Little Rock, passing the traffic of people as they closed shops and businesses before escaping to the false refuge of homes or the ignorant bliss of drinking holes.

Silently and furtively, he studied the canvas that opened up around him, mapping everything to detail in his head. The stranger knew what types of side arms the people carried. He could see from a man’s eyes who would fight, who would run, and who he would have to kill. He did not want to have these thoughts, not anymore, but they were innate, created by a nightmare of past experiences, fighting down in the mud and hell below.

Author Bio:

Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell are friends who met during University studying History. We have had a few different ideas including graphic novels and fantasy novels but the work we started with was Red Dust, a story of the Wild West plagued by zombies. In between working our regular jobs we try our best to write and publish.

Ben Dixon’s Goodreads

Sam Campbell’s Goodreads


Featured Western Historical Romance: Seize the Flame by Lynda J. Cox @lyndacox

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Western Historical Romance

SeizetheFlame_w9687_medJessica Depre’s life is in tatters. She’s on the run, thanks to her abusive husband Robert, who needs to silence her about his criminal escapades and the part he forced her to play in them. When bounty hunter Drake Adams walks into the boarding house where she works, Jessica slips away into the night. Her only hope of surviving and protecting those she loves from her husband’s rage is to vanish forever.

Unable to accept that the only woman he ever loved left him standing at the altar and married another, Drake Adams has given up a good law practice in the Wyoming Territory. If he’s not hunting down bounties, he’s pursuing the bottom of a bottle of bourbon. When Drake learns his former fiancée, Jessica Majors-Depre, has a price on her head, he decides he will collect the reward.

Can the bounty hunter and the bank robber ignite a future from the ashes of their past when they are trapped by a blizzard in a mountain shack or will playing with fire burn them both?

AmazonThe Wild Rose Press


“Drake, please, let me go.” She wasn’t sure if she was asking him to actually release her or to stop emotionally holding onto her.

“I wish to hell I could.” He let go of her arms only to catch her face between his hands and she forced herself to look at him. The taut control over his expression and tone was gone. In its stead was a burning that ignited in the depths of his eyes. A desperate hunger etched the lines of his face. His voice rasped with that burning hunger. “I wish to hell I could convince myself to let you go.”

Her arms remained trapped between them. Almost of their own accord, her hands unclenched. The stubble darkening his jaw rasped against her fingertips as she traced the line of his jaw. She felt his chest hitch with his quick intake of breath. His response lent her enough bravado to search his features. The laugh lines at the corners of his eyes were deeper, and there were a few silver hairs at his temples, now, giving him a distinguished, polished air. His brows still arched and slanted upwards, as if he saw everything with a curious amusement.

His intense gaze raked over her face, lingering on her lips.

The kiss that hung between them, unfulfilled, was there if she just leaned into him. Heedless of the consequences, she licked her dry lips.

The heat in his eyes grew, and his breath hitched again as she worked her arms loose enough to encircle his neck, plying her fingers through the waving curls of his black hair.

“You’re playing with fire, Jessie.”

About the Author:

Certain she was born about 150 years too late and in the wrong part of the country, Lynda J. Cox can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to live in the Old West. Short of inventing a time machine, she’s settled for writing romances set in the wide open spaces of what was then the Wyoming Territory. With a love of writing and history, she combined both into a double major in English and history and continued on to a master’s degree in English.
When she isn’t writing, she can often be found on the road, traveling to the next dog show. Those long road trips allow her to plot out her novels.
You can contact Lynda on Facebook by searching for Lynda J. Cox. She loves to talk about writing, books, dogs, and horses.

Romance Featured Book: Midnight Cowboy by Blaze Steel

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Romance, Erotica, Western Romance

midnight cowboy

Series: Southern Charm Book 1

Is it possible to fall in love with two men at the same time? This is the question that Danielle Sleigh will have to figure out, when she moves back to her home state of Texas after graduating college. Blake, an oil tycoon, sweeps her off of her feet with lavish gifts, private parties, and all the riches money can buy. Blake is smart, sexy, and confident, a true businessmen who knows what he wants. Rick, a southern cowboy, redefines the true definition of a real man – someone who takes his time getting to know her and treats her like a lady. He is sexy, strong, and hands on, and can melt any girls heart. Although both men offer her romance, recent developments will force her to choose between the two. How does a girl choose when her heart yearns for both?

What better way to celebrate this 4th of July than with this all american work of romance fiction.  From the mind of Blaze Steel, the king of red hot romance and erotic fiction.

Buy this book now at:


About the Author:

blaze steel author pic

Blaze Steel is the king of red hot romance & erotic fiction, and is the bestselling author of the popular Passions, Southern Charm, Burning Desires, and Jock Files series. The master of best selling short story erotic fiction delivers, and readers everywhere agree if you’re looking for intense, passion filled stories, than turn to Blaze Steel!

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Western Featured Book: Alta Vista: Sage Country Book Two by Dan Arnold @danphredd

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Western/Christian/Historical Fiction

 alta vista

New Release!

ALTA VISTA Sage Country, Book Two. The sequel to Bear Creek

When Sheriff John Everett Sage returns from California to the town of Bear Creek, Colorado, he’s prepared to get married. He’s not prepared to confront a bunch of killers in the company of both a bounty hunter and a preacher.
A daring daylight bank robbery puts him on the trail of murderous outlaws. When he and the posse return, John soon finds himself a married man with two children. How will he balance the responsibilities of his life with the politics and perils of a job that ultimately plunges his little family into mortal danger?
As the 19th Century draws to a close, life is hard on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.
For John Everett Sage, it’s hard to stay alive. He’s a husband, a father, and a celebrated lawman, committed to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with his God.
Even though the newspapers will probably get it wrong, as Colorado prepares to enter the twentieth century, John Everett Sage will become part of the legend of the west.

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The pounding on the door woke us up at about eleven thirty—on our wedding night.

I jerked awake, not sure where I was for a moment. Lora and I lay wrapped up in each other’s arms, both naked. I leapt to my feet, unsure what to do. Lora looked over at me standing there in the moonlight and she started laughing! I guess I must have looked kind of ridiculous.

I lit a lamp, grabbed my pants, and pulled them on quick, wishing I’d brought my guns. The pounding on the door didn’t stop till I was going down the stairs carrying the lamp.

When I opened the door, there stood Buckskin Charlie. He was still dressed in his Sunday finest, but with his hat in his hands and a mortified look on his face.

“Evening, Charlie, what’s the emergency?”

“Ahhhh, John, I’m so sorry to bother you like this, but . . . well, we discussed it and figured we just had to tell you tonight.”

“Tell me what? Get to the point.”

“They’re gone, John, been gone for hours.”

“Who’s gone?”

“Those Thorndyke boys; somebody broke them out of jail while we were all at the party.”

My head was spinning. It’d been a pretty eventful day.

“How in the hell did that happen?” I roared.

“I know, John, I’m sorry. Ed and Felix were at the jail. Felix was guarding the prisoners, and Ed had gone to get some sleep. Apparently they forgot to bar the door and somebody—Ed thinks it was the youngest Thorndyke boy—anyway, he walked right in and got the drop on Felix.”

“Is he okay?”

“Felix? He’s got a bad knot on his head, but I think he’ll be okay.”

Lora came down the stairs wearing a heavy robe and holding another lamp.

“Good evening, Charlie. I was about to make a pot of coffee. Won’t you come in?”

“Oh . . . uh . . . no, thank you, Miss Lora, I’m sure sorry to bother you like this.”

“Nonsense, Charlie, please come in. John, don’t make Charlie stand out there on the porch. You might want to finish getting dressed, before you take a chill.”

Stepping aside I motioned for Charlie to come in. Lora was right, being as I was both barefoot and bare chested, I did feel the night air.

I closed the door.

“Ed, we’ll need to get on their trail . . .”

He shook his head.

“I don’t think so, John. They’ve been gone for hours, and we don’t have a clue where they went. There are no tracks on the brick streets, so we don’t even know what direction they took when they left the courthouse. It’s Saturday night, so the saloons were doing pretty good business, and there were people out on the streets. We talked to a number of people, and nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary. I think they left on foot, one or two at a time, maybe headed in different directions. They took that Russel feller with them.”

“Alright, give me a few minutes to get dressed.”

As I got dressed, I thought about what Charlie had said.

He was right. There was no way we could pick up their trail in the middle of the night. Still, there were things I needed to know. I walked down to the kitchen and found Charlie eating a piece of Lora’s peach pie.

”The coffee is almost ready, John,” Lora said.

“Thanks, baby.”

“John, I don’t think there’s much point in you coming out tonight. We’ve pretty much done as much as we can do,” Charlie pointed out.

“I expect you’re right, Charlie, but I need to talk to Felix and Ed. Why didn’t Ed hear what was going on?”

“Ed was asleep in the dormitory down at the other end of the basement. His shift wasn’t really supposed to start till midnight. Felix was knocked out cold and then bound and gagged. He woke up lying on one of the beds in a locked cell. That’s where I found him. You can go over all this with those fellers tomorrow. We just figured you needed to know what happened, so’s you wouldn’t be ignorant if somebody asked you about it first thing in the morning.”

“You got that right. Good thing you went into the jail to check on things, when the party was over.”

“Well, that’s my job, and that particular party ain’t over yet.”

Lora poured us both a cup of coffee.

“Really, you mean folks are still dancing and what not?” She asked.

“I expect so. When I got to the jail and realized what happened, I sent Ed back there to gather up some of the other deputies and tell Tom about it.”

“The news will be all over town by now.”

Charlie shook his head.

“I reckon not. Ed said the party was rip-roaring when he got there. He took Tom aside and told him, private like. Then he told one of the other deputies to quietly spread the word to meet back at the jail. That’s what they done. I doubt there was much of a stir.”

“How long ago did this happen?” I asked.

“I got back to the jail at about ten o’clock. They’d been gone for more than an hour by that time.”

“How did you get here, Charlie?”

“I walked. It only takes about fifteen minutes to walk down here from the courthouse. On the way down, I could still hear the music playing over at the party.”

“Charlie, I need you to stay here with Lora, while I go up to the courthouse.”

“Sure boss, but why do you need to go to the courthouse?”

“Walk outside with me for a minute, will you?”

I glanced over toward Lora, who had her back to us, as she added wood to the cook fire in the stove.

Charlie met my eye, and nodded his understanding.

“I just need to talk to Felix and Ed. I don’t want them worrying and waiting till tomorrow.”

Out on the porch, I told him why the Thorndykes had come to Bear Creek. They’d come to kill me.

“I don’t have my guns with me tonight, Charlie; I left them at the courthouse when I got dressed for the wedding. Lora has a shotgun in the wardrobe in our bedroom, but I don’t know if it’s loaded or if she could use it in a pinch. I need you to stay here and keep your eyes open, while I go get heeled.”

“Damn boss, I sure hate for you to be walking back into town without a gun.”

“Yeah, me too, but I should’ve planned better. Keep your eyes open, and take care of Lora.”


I’d just reached the corner of the first block of houses when I sensed someone was near.

“Easy, John, it’s just me,” Bob said. “I’ve been watching the house and the street.”

He stepped out of the shadows under the trees, into the moonlight where I could see him.

“I came straight over here when I heard what happened. I’ve been here nearly an hour, but other than our friend, Buckskin Charlie, the only traffic I’ve seen has been that which one would expect to see on a Saturday night.

“Thanks, Bob. I guess you figured they might try to get me at the house.”

“The possibility crossed my mind.”

“They would’ve caught me flat footed. My guns are at the courthouse; that’s where I’m headed. Charlie is staying at the house with Lora.”

Bob drew his gun and handed it to me, butt first. I took it and tucked it into my waistband.

“Thanks, I don’t guess this will leave you unarmed. I expect you have another gun.”

He nodded. “I have more than one, actually.”

It dawned on me the place Bob had been standing in the shadows was the exact spot where I’d seen the cigarette smoker several days earlier.

“Bob, have you been watching the house on other nights?”

“Heavens no, old man! Why on earth would I do such a thing? As much as I enjoy seeing Lora, that sort of behavior would have to be considered most unchivalrous.”

I stepped into the shadows and struck a match. There were several cigarette butts on the ground. Clearly someone had been standing here smoking, on more than one occasion. The weeds and grass were pretty well trampled down. It didn’t prove anything but it made me uncomfortable.

“How long have you been in town, Bob?”

“I’ve been enjoying the lesser aspects of the city for nearly a week. Why do you ask?”

“What brought you to town? You didn’t check in with me. I’m guessing there’s a pretty good reason.”

“Indeed. It seems you know me better than most people do.”

“I expect there was a profit motive; you were staying undercover. Who were you tracking?”

He chuckled.

“I came back to Bear Creek hot on the trail of young Homer Thorndyke.”

About the Author:

Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold has led a colorful life, fueling his imagination for telling stories set in the American West. As a horse trainer and clinician (He trained performance horses for 25 years), he’s traveled and worked extensively with a variety of horses and people in amazing circumstances and locations. He’s herded cattle in Texas, chased kangaroos on horseback in the Australian Outback, guided pack-trips into the Colorado Rockies, and spent uncounted delightful hours breaking bread with unique characters in diverse parts of the world.
Mr. Arnold has written several books of historical fiction, contemporary detective thrillers, and an illustrated book on the training of horses, in addition to authoring and/or contributing to numerous technical manuals and articles in a variety of periodicals and publications.

Website l Facebook l Twitter