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Featured Suspense Book: The Disillusioned by D.J. Williams @djwilliams316

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The Disillusioned by DJ Williams

Mystery, Suspense, Action Adventure

Book Blurb/Synopsis:
A mother’s suicide threatens to destroy a family legacy. Her sons, Sam and Daniel, are forced to leave their comfortable worlds behind and search for a woman they believe can unlock the secrets that have remained hidden. They are propelled into separate journeys from Los Angeles to the heart of the Zambezi, where they are forced to confront a man known as Die Duiwel, the Devil. On their adventures they will find themselves in a place where death is one breath away, where thousands of children are disappearing into the darkness, and where the woman they are searching for is on the hunt for revenge. When they stand face-to-face with the forgotten slaves of Africa, they will fight to redeem what has been lost.

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About the Author:

For the past fifteen years Williams has worked in the non-profit and entertainment industry. He has produced media projects that have raised awareness to help those in need. With the DNA of a world traveler, Williams was born in Hong Kong, has ventured into the jungles of the Amazon, the bush of Africa, and the slums of the Far East, to share stories of those who are overcoming incredible odds. His novel, The Disillusioned, is the first in a series Williams is currently writing.

As an Executive Producer, Producer, and Director, Williams is part of a production team that have collectively produced and/or written over 400 episodes of broadcast television for SONY, The F/X Network, The Game Show Network, FOX Family, FOX Television Studios, Spike TV, NBC, ABC, and various cable networks worldwide.





Suspense Spotlight: Blade of Death by McKenna Grey @MKMcClintock

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Suspense and Thriller

blade of death

Kyndall Family Thrillers Book 0

Publisher: Trappers Peak Publishing
Publication Date: February 22, 2017

He’ll strike when she least expects it.

Alexa Kyndall, an FBI special agent, has seen too many vile and unrepentant people escape justice. After coming off a harrowing kidnapping case, she visits her hometown of Stewart’s Crossing while on a two-week vacation.

Set in the wilderness of Alaska, “Blade of Death” will leave readers on edge and grasping for clues in this short story prequel to the Kyndall Family Thrillers. Join Alexa and her brothers as they track down a killer before an old friend becomes his next victim.

Don’t miss book one in the Kyndall Family Thriller series: THE DRAGON’S STAIRCASE.

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December 4, 2015

The boat bobbed at the edge of the dock. Water, clear and deep, lapped against the pilings. In the early morning hours before the pale moon faded into the light and the day welcomed a burst of color, he walked along the bank of the mountain lake.
He was small and looked odd dragging the heavy tarp over the pebbles and twigs. When he lugged his burden to the end of the dock, sweat dripped down his brow, his chest, soaking his body through the layers of clothing he’d worn to keep away the cold.
With a great heave, he tugged until she rolled over the dock’s jagged edge and splashed into the water. He paid close attention to his surroundings for any sign of movement or sound. His lungs filled with the frigid air and his breath appeared like smoke as it drifted from his lips and upward.
He watched her sink and made sure no living thing—man or creature—would find her. When enough time had passed for her body to glide through the 120 feet of icy water and find a resting place at the bottom of the lake, he tilted his head back and gazed at the dimming stars before the crunch of earth beneath his boots followed him into the woods.

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About the Author:

McKenna Grey is the contemporary alter-ego of an award-winning historical romance and historical western author. Never one to limit her imagination or ignore possibilities, she decided to venture into the realm of contemporary romantic suspense, where she blends riveting romance with gripping adventure and mystery.

She also writes sweet contemporary short stories to break up the murder and mayhem of the romantic thrillers she so enjoys. McKenna lives a quiet life in the Rocky Mountains. Visit her at

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Romantic Suspense Feature and Interview: The Accidental Stranger by Cj Fosdick @Falorac13

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Mix of Contemporary/Historical, Romance/Suspense, & Time Slip Reverse

accidental-strangerThe Accidental Series

Release Date: 1/6/2017

Jessica Brewster is being watched…and things go missing from the remote Wyoming home she shares with her toddler. In a freak accident, she shoots the bearded thief stalking her before she recognizes the mesmerizing green eyes that belong to the only man she ever loved.

Has Mitch bridged time to find her? In a race to save his life and change hers forever, she takes him into her home and heart. But his memory loss and puzzling clues curry doubt and expose mystery and danger. Is he truly her son’s father or an irresistible stranger in her arms?

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 I screamed as the gun exploded in my hand and fell to the ground. The bear moving toward Scout dropped, and I raced to scoop up my son before he toppled into the cold stream. Cradling my whimpering child, I ventured closer and could see at once that it was no bear I shot. A man in a bearskin poncho lay on his side. A mass of dark matted hair covered the side of his face that wasn’t blooming with blood, running down his cheek, pooling in his ear and staining his thick beard.

“Is he, is he dead?” I whispered.

Chuck fumbled for a pulse and we all started when the man groaned and his eyes fluttered open.

Green! His eyes were green. The fear in them registered with me as he searched our faces. When his eyes met mine, his jaw twitched. A flash of memories washed over me and my heart began to thump wildly. I set Scout down when my knees began to buckle and I thought I was going to be sick. My legs crumpled beneath me as I sagged in the snow and my bare fingers reached out to staunch the warm dripping blood.

So red against the white snow. His eyes, so…green. Every shade in a spectrum of emotion raced through my memory; joy, frustration, anger…love. I knew only one man who owned those eyes. He had come back to me. I shot the only man I ever loved.

About the Author:



Cj was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wis. but has lived longer in Rochester, MN. where her writing career escalated from local and Nationally published award-winning stories, articles, and anthologies to her first novel–The Accidental Wife. Though she has lived on a woodsy 12-acre hilltop deer haven for decades, she has ventured down on rare occasions to climb a waterfall in Jamaica, float in the Dead Sea, kiss the Blarney Stone, and train wild mustangs, several dogs, cats, children and one patient husband.

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Writing Journey: My “genesis moment” began in 5th grade. I won a writing contest and was an instant celebrity in Show and Tell, especially after I shared the candy I bought with my $5 prize. Years later I was feature editor of my high school paper and also wrote a teen column for a community paper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Moving to Rochester, Minnesota as a young wife and new mother, I only had time to pursue writing freelance articles, short stories and the occasional newspaper feature for years. By the time our nest was empty, I was bursting with “novel” dreams.

Published Books: My new novel, The Accidental Stranger, will be released worldwide January 6, 2017. It is part of the Accidental Series that began with an award-winning debut, The Accidental Wife. With a grant, I did manage to edit, contribute to, and publish an anthology of Minnesota writers many years prior. Blossoms & Blizzards was a local success, still available on Amazon.

Favorite Book so far…might always be the last one I write. The Accidental Stranger was a particular challenge to meet with two POV’s, dual continent settings, two eras and a strong current of suspense. I’m loving the feedback on it so far. This novel is really about finding a place in life…and time, and how the transforming power of love is the greatest agent of all.

Currently working on… research for the next book in the series, The Accidental Heiress, which takes place in Ireland.

What you enjoy most about writing: Besides traveling to the sites I write about, I love the play and dialog between characters, and twisting the plot in unexpected knots. I also LOVE basking in the sunshine of great reviews and awards.

Ever get writer’s block? Not for long. This signals a needed break to read a favorite author for inspiration. Subconscious also works when I go to bed with a snag and usually wake up with the unraveled solution.

Ever had a character twist that surprises you? I often have open discussions with my characters. My hubby thinks I’m talking to myself. I love unique plotting, but great characters drive stories.

Do you have a personal favorite? I relate to my opinionated red-haired heroine and her green-eyed heroes. I am a redhead, my hubby has green eyes. Any novelist who denies projecting themselves in some of their work is not being honest. Attempting to steer clear of stereotypes, my least favorite characters are the hardest to write.

Favorite scenes to write so far? Most often I sweat over all the scenes with conflict and romance, hoping to maximize dialog, tone, setting. I’m the fly on the wall in these scenes, absorbing emotion that hopefully nips at my readers.

Recommendations to a stranger: Though each book in this series will stand alone, the lead characters will form a chain linking subsequent characters to subsequent stories. The Accidental Wife is the first link that starts the saga, but each novel will have scattered “refreshers” to clarify the genealogy. For instance, two of the characters in The Accidental Stranger will spin off as protagonists in book 3, The Accidental Heiress.

FREEBIES to Readers: My short bi-monthly newsletter contains giveaways, holiday news, excerpts, even the Jessica cookie recipes featured in the series from another era. (Alter-ego Jessica has a mischievous sweet tooth—e.g. Chocolate Kisses in The Accidental Stranger.) Subscribe at

Your favorite books to read? I was a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, even before I met her at two writer conferences in Florida and Colorado. I’ve always loved reading great historical romances and mysteries. Loved the late Kathleen Woodiwiss for romance, Michener and John Jakes for historical rides, Sue Grafton for mystery. When I’m not reading for research, I enjoy the late Winston Graham’s Poldark series which I started reading after viewing the beautiful Masterpiece series on TV. Graham combines it all with a special ear for character dialog and family twists.

TV shows & movies you enjoy? All my favorite movies are visually huge in scenery, scope of history, adventure, romance and characterization. Think Gone With the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Dances With Wolves. Current TV faves are Outlander, Poldark and The Vikings.

Lessons learned, Tips to offer other writers? I took a survey at the Denver Conference of the U.S. Historical Novel Society and agreed with a lot of sound advice I collected. Read what you want to write. Join critique groups, workshops, writing classes. Write because you must, not because you think you can earn a living at it. Polish your work. Edit and re-edit. Develop a thick skin. The only way to fail is to quit. I might add that success will depend heavily on marketing skills and networking. Navigating online opportunities can be challenging. Bestselling authors usually ratio their time to 50% writing, 50% marketing.

Sum up life as a writer in 10 words: Persistent tapping into novel dreams can spark high voltage success!

See the first book in this series:

the accidental wife

Self-determined Jessica Brewster is wary of any emotional relationship, after being betrayed in a bet. When the beloved grandmother who raised her dies, she inherits a mysterious teacup which when rubbed transports her back to 1886 in Old Fort Laramie, switching places with her look-alike great-great-grandmother—wife to her ancestor’s magnetic first husband and mother to his charming nine-year-old daughter.
Can she pull off the charade and find a way back, or will conscience and her twenty-first century “slips” expose her identity? As true love—and a gypsy—derail her plans, her ancestor’s brother shows up with his own dark secret. Is her future in the past? Her decision could save her life…and her legacy.


Mystery Feature: In the Graveyard Antemortem by Stephen Stromp @StephenStromp

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Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Young Adult


“An engaging, creepy mystery packed with emotion and heart. A fun novel with just the right amount of darkness.” - Scream Magazine

Winner of Amazon’s reader-powered Kindle Scout program. Seventeen-year-old Lisa Jacobs is determined to solve her father’s gruesome murder. But before she can investigate in her own small town, she is forced to spend the summer with her Uncle Clayton, the owner of Grand Hallow–a massive funeral and mortuary operation the size of a small city. Her move to Grand Hallow only deepens the mystery as she begins to suspect the strange and chilling occurrences there are linked to her father’s death. With the help of her acid-tongued best friend and deadbeat brother, Lisa must unravel the secrets of Grand Hallow–before it’s too late. In the Graveyard Antemortem is a mystery/suspense novel with a healthy dash of horror.

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Without warning, I felt a hand grasp my shoulder. “It’s the morgue,” said a deep voice directly behind me. Startled, I spun around to see a man who looked remarkably like my dad. The resemblance took my breath away. He smiled cautiously. It was my dad’s smile, the one that formed into a mischievous smirk no matter if any mischief was in fact intended. He had his same soft facial features, his salt-and-pepper hair, and his hazel eyes. It was uncanny. It was as if I were looking at my father all spruced up for a graduation or wedding, wearing a suit and clean-shaven. Only it wasn’t him. Just some pieces of his DNA. He held out his hand. And as I shook it, life came back to my stunned lungs. “Hello, Lisa. I’m Clayton.” He cleared his throat apprehensively. “Your Uncle Clayton.”
“Hello,” I replied meekly. “Thank you for all of this. I mean, taking care of my dad’s funeral.”
“It’s the least I could do,” he said while wringing his hands.
“You’re telling me,” snapped Tina. “A room next to the morgue?”
“I do apologize about that. If you and your friend would be more comfortable—”
“It’s fine,” I assured him. He adjusted his collar and looked down the hall behind him as if someone were watching from the shadows. He was pleasant, yet seemed preoccupied, his eyes shifting every which way. It could’ve just been his nerves. I imagined he was just as nervous meeting me as I was meeting him. Yet it also could’ve been because he was simply incredibly busy with the responsibilities that came with running such an enormous and complex place.
“So.” Tina couldn’t help herself. “Why did you want Lisa here so bad? She was just fine in Ruthsford, ya know.”
“Tina!” I protested, secretly wanting to hear his answer.

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About the Author:


My stories tend to have a dark twist. And I like to mix different genres depending on where the story takes me. I wrote a short novel titled ‘Cracking Grace,’ a dark fantasy that explores relationships, loss and spirituality. ‘In the Graveyard Antemortem’ is a mix of mystery, suspense and horror. Join my email list at to keep up-to-date on my new releases.


Young Adult Book Feature: FunGirl by Sheila Michelle

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Teen/Young Adult, Mystery, Mystery/Suspense


Felicity Gains lives up to her name. As a 17-year-old high school senior, she has the world at her feet, and to her this means that she has everything to gain in her own selfish, conceited world, and does whatever she has to do to keep having the two things that are the most important to her — fun and attention, as well as living in the moment now. But she likes to have fun at other people’s expense, and always strives to get the kind of attention she feels that she’s entitled to at whatever cost, and that includes not caring about who she hurts in the process because she accepts no responsibility for what she does, and doesn’t listen to her best friend Erin, who tries to talk to her about her illicit behavior and the consequences of it — but it’s useless.

Felicity is a self-proclaimed fun girl and is beautiful but not too intelligent, and definitely unapologetic about what her idea of fun really is. And even though she wants everyone to see her as this type of girl, everyone who knows her — and even those who don’t know her — will never see her this way, and because of this, she has the real reputation of being a type of girl that no girl would want to have her name associated with. But since she only cares about herself and not how she treats others, she gets herself into too many incidents to count, but there’s one incident that she may never get out of, and two restless cops are in a race against time to see who could be involved in this particular incident before it’s too late, and they have too many suspects that Felicity has caused nonsense to and too many motives to count. But most of their suspects are using two interesting words that describe Felicity’s character, and this really has them thinking about this whole investigation. But then the investigation takes a turn in a way that no one is expecting, and foreshadows an outcome that no one saw coming as some wonder what really happened.

FunGirl is the first book in the FunGirl series.

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Erin Tillman, Felicity’s best friend: “Why wouldn’t he be serious about things, Felicity? He knows that not everything is fun and games, and I think that’s a good thing. One day, we’re all gonna have to grow up and face the not-so-fun times way more than the fun times. We can’t live our lives just striving for fun and attention all of the time because that can only go so far.”

“It can go as far as someone would want it to go,” Felicity said. “I’m living in the moment now. I’m not even thinking about a year from now. This is the time to have fun. This is the time to want attention. Why the hell would I wait until I’m too old to have fun and get attention? Let’s face it, I’m not gonna look like this twenty, thirty years from now so I wanna take advantage of how it is for me right now.”

“I can understand that, Felicity, but it’s the way you go about it.”

“And what way is that?”

“Your need for attention and having fun is bringing more negativity to it than anything, you have to admit that.”

Felicity glared at her as she sipped her soda; she put it down. “And how is it negative, Erin?”

“It’s negative because you wanna have fun at other people’s expense. You like to flirt with guys who have girlfriends, and love it when these girls get mad. You want this attention from these guys and they think that you really like them and they wanna get to know you more, but then you tell them that you have a boyfriend so that’s not possible.”

About the Author:

Sheila Michelle is a full-time writer and writes both young adult and adult commercial fiction. She’s a Wisconsin native and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.