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For Men Only: Learn How To Get Your EX Girlfriend or EX Wife Back With This List Of Books

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For Men Only

Guys, have you recently had a break up or separation and you want to fix it?

Have you been trying to get your ex girlfriend or ex wife back and nothing seems to be working?

See the reading list below!

These books have been written specifically for men only to help them win back an ex. No women allowed! By reading these books, you will see tips, hints, and guides on how to reconcile with the one you love, starting with what to do immediately after the break up happens. All of these are available on Amazon and Amazon UK!

About Kindle Unlimited

You’ll see that several of these books are available to Kindle Unlimited members (on the Amazon product page). If you haven’t tried Kindle Unlimited, you can get a free 30 day trial to this subscription service. If you decide to continue beyond the 30 days, it’s less than $10 a month. Otherwise, you can cancel anytime. As a KU member, you can read as many KU books as you want in that 30 day period at no extra charge. Not all books are enrolled in this but thousands (if not millions) are. If you’d like to check it out, you can sign up here if you’re in the USA or here if you’re in the United Kingdom. Then come back and select the books you want to read from the reading list below.

Part II is a straight to the point self help book on Dating, Relationships, and How to Get her Back. This book is full of useful and practical knowledge that is guaranteed to help you with women. Women often say they wish all men possessed this knowledge. Make the decision now to take control of your life and live the life you desire. This is the key to unlock your full potential.

My primary goal in creating this training manual was to shed light on exactly what it is that attracts a woman’s mind, body, and soul. Throughout the following pages you’ll learn incredibly valuable insights that let you tap into the female psyche. From detailed lists on how to dramatically increase your worth in her eyes to proven strategies on how to transition from the dating phase to a relationship and how to create a happy fulfilling relationship.
As you read through my teachings you’ll learn how to become a successful man, naturally attract and keep beautiful women, and if you so desire, get your ex back into your life.

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Do you feel miserable and like your situation is helpless?
Do you feel like your ex girlfriend has moved on and wants nothing to do with you?

Now imagine what it would be like to get your ex girlfriend back in your life.

If you’re looking to get your ex girlfriend back, my first question for you is this:

Does any of the following sound familiar?

– “I’ve tried calling her dozens of times, but she won’t pick up”
– “I called her friends so that they can intervene on my behalf”
– “I sent her texts and messages on Facebook telling her I love her and miss her”

Let Me Ask You This:

– Don’t you want to get your ex girlfriend back as fast as possible without having to spend another sleepless night?
– Don’t you want to get her back now before she meets someone else and it’s too late?

I’ve got great news. The only guide you’ll ever need is right here, and I promise it will help you understand everything you need to know to get your ex girlfriend back.

You see, calling your ex girlfriend back many times a day or sending her emails telling her you love her is the EXACT opposite of what you should be doing. The key to getting your ex girlfriend back is to back off, I repeat, the key is to BACK OFF.

This complete step by step, easy-to-read guide will outline every step you need take to get your ex girlfriend back. It will also show you all the things you might be doing that could hurt your chances of getting her back in the long run.

I should warn you though, do not buy this eBook if you’re looking for a quick fix without having to do any work. The strategies in this book require a time investment on your part, but I can guarantee you one thing, they work.

DISCLAIMER: This eBook is not for women trying to get their ex boyfriends back. This eBook is strictly for men.

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Win Her Back in 30 Days or Less: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Do You want Your Girlfriend back?

This book is written for men trying to win back the affections of their ex-girlfriend. Seeking to make easy what others make complicated, this book breaks down relationship maintenance and recovery in just a few easily manageable steps! So never mind all those self-help gimmicks and late night hotlines, we have a proven methodology and formula delivered right here in the pages of this book. Giving you the most important advice you could ever hear when it comes to dating, marriage and beyond.

In just a few chapters we cover some of the most intricate aspects of relationships, from finding the right person to keeping the right person, find all that you need right here within the pages of this book!

You’ll Learn

How to get your Ex back
Emotional Intelligence
How to gain confidence
Dating Tips and Tricks
Simple steps to get her back
Steps to keep your girlfriend for good
Before you start on this journey, here are three critical questions that you must ask yourself.

Do you still love your ex?

Are you willing to keep an open mind about what you must and must not do or say to get your ex back?

Do you believe in yourself –and in your ability to get your ex back?

If you answer yes to all of the questions above then you’re in the best position to get your ex back

>> Download This Book Today <<

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Why Buy This Set
Because you are at your wit’s end trying to get your girlfriend back from The Land of the Lost and you are desperate for practical, easy-to-follow advice from relationships to getting an amazing body to help you get your girl back. This set is the ultimate in getting your groove back!

What’s Inside?

Book 1: How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back in A Week
Day 1 – A Moment of Reflection
Day 2 – The Meltdown
Day 3 – Self-Love and Self-Praise
Day 4 – Testing the Waters
Day 5 – The Post Break Up Meet Up
Day 6 – The Reunion Date
Day 7 – Rekindling the Spark

Book 2: Amazing Abs Diet Cookbook
Chapter 1 – Kick-Starting Your Amazing Abs Lifestyle
Chapter 2 – Stop (Fat Gain), Drop (the Pounds), Roll (withAmazing Abs)
Chapter 3 – Nix the Fat
Chapter 4 – Breakfasts: Great Ways to Start Your Mornings
Chapter 5 – Amazing Abs Lunches
Chapter 6 – The Perfect Dinner to Top Your Day
Chapter 7 – Healthy Bites Here and There
Chapter 8 – Feel-Good Healthy Smoothies
Chapter 9 – Burning Fat Finishers

Book 3: Amazing Abs Workout Plan
Chapter 1 – First Things First
Chapter 2 – Eat Your Fat Away
Chapter 3 – Getting Off On the Right Foot
Chapter 4 – Paving Your Way to A Six-Pack
Chapter 5 – Cheating Your Fat Pie
Chapter 6 – No Pain, No Gain
Chapter 7 – Melting Your Middle
Chapter 8 – Get That Abdominal V
Chapter 9 – Breaking the Fat Barrier

Book 4: Amazing Abs Diet Plan
Chapter 1 – Doing Your Best with What You’ve Got
Chapter 2 – Getting Real ABS and Not A Big Stomach
Chapter 3 – Going Beyond Borders
Chapter 4 – You Are What You Eat, Literally!
Chapter 5 – Burning Fat Day In and Day Out
Chapter 6 – Getting Fired Up
Chapter 7 – The Dream Killers
Chapter 8 – Diet Solutions
Chapter 9 – Turbo-charging Your Abs Formation
Chapter 10 – From Flabs to Abs

Why Buy Now?
Face it; your girl will not wait around for you to get your act together. Unless you’re fine with parting ways forever, you’d better get crackin’ and get this set to steer your girlfriend back to you!

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Has your relationship gone sour? Or do you have an irreconcilable difference with your partner, you have been trying so hard to get that special woman in your life back but you still can’t figure out the right way to go about it. You have been dying in silence because the love of your life is sleeping away from you, with each passing moment you regret your past actions. You are now asking yourself why in this world did you let her go, why did? Don’t worry too much because the solution is here, get your ex back with the following key points listed bellow
•You will find practical keys to win her back.
•These keys have worked for so many couple
• There have been so many testimonies by couples who have read this book.
•Bring back your relationship to life, get back the Love of your life with this book
• Learn to be a better man and lover.
They say “life is a pursuit of happiness” don’t allow your happiness sleep away because of resolvable differences you had with your partner, ignite back the love you have for your lady and make her love you even more back again. Get a copy now so you can get your ex back

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Dear Friend:

This book teaches you the hidden secrets to completely understand women. How you can meet and date the type of women you’ve always wanted and have effortless relationships! How to get a girlfriend. How to date multiple women. How to get your wife or girlfriend back. Turn your girl “friend” into your girlfriend. Live the life of your dreams & accomplish your goals. How to get women to pursue you and approach you first, etc.

My book covers both the dating world and long term relationships. You will learn how to meet and date the type of women you’ve always dreamed of. The best part is you can do this while remaining who you truly are inside. The book teaches you how to create sexual attraction in women & get women to chase & pursue you! It takes you step by step with easy to follow instructions. You will be able to meet women anytime, anyplace, & anywhere… this will give you choice with women. Whether you are single & searching, or already with your dream lady, my book has the secrets most men will never know about women… and… that women don’t know about themselves.

Why should you buy my book? Because it is the lowest cost and highest perceived value of any other eBook on the subject of pickup skills, dating and relationships. It offers more tips, strategies and techniques than any other book you will find. Unlike most other eBooks that only give you attraction and pick up techniques, my book will teach you how to successfully pickup up women anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Then it will teach you how to transition into dating, getting her to ask YOU to be HER boyfriend, and how to maintain a long term healthy and drama-free relationship free from nagging and arguments. I guarantee it will teach you more than any other book on the subject. PERIOD!

What makes me qualified to help you? When I was younger and unsuccessful with women, I had a lot of life success (great career, very successful business, cars, toys, etc.), but when I went out on dates with women I really liked, I would get 2-3 dates max and then the women would never want to see me again, or they wanted to “just be friends.” I was a total loser with women. I hated how that made me feel! Everyday I saw guys who were total losers and who had these hot women all over them. I thought… “These guys are no better than me.”

So I got serious about figuring this stuff out once and for all. I spent five years relentlessly learning, reading, researching, practicing, interviewing and hanging out with men who were really successful with women. Men who were naturally successful with women. The crazy thing was that many of these “naturals” with women were totally broke as a joke, and yet their women totally adored and worshiped them! As the light bulbs went off and I became better not only at modeling their success, but understanding the psychology of why they were successful, my own success really skyrocketed!

I got good enough to meet and date a playboy model, a Miss Florida, a Miss America contestant and many other very high quality, gorgeous and successful women. Women who were previously “out of my league.” If a regular guy like myself can do it, so can you! The good news is, once you understand the psychology of how a woman thinks, what she emotionally responds to, and what women really want in a man… any guy can duplicate my success. Even if you are not tall, rich or handsome! The “naturals” proved that to me over and over. After you finish reading my eBook, please go to my website and email me with your questions or sign up for my FREE newsletter :) Apply what I teach. It will work for you.

From my heart to yours,

Corey Wayne

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This book is a collection of the most impactful articles written by relationship coach Steve Horsmon. They have been divided into specific themes where Steve shares powerful stories and concepts with readers about love, life, being a good guy, and getting rid of misconceptions about marriage.

Some of these may challenge your current thinking. At times, you may feel both scared and inspired. Eventually, a surge of self-confidence and self-respect will emerge. From there you may feel the rush of overwhelming opportunity with a twinge of anxiety about how to take your next steps. You will wonder why nobody told you these things when you were 18 years old. And you may have a few epiphanies that make you shake your head just like Steve did when he began this work.

In this book you will learn how to:
*Boldly declare your masculine values and boundaries for your life and relationship
*Confidently stand up for what you want without looking like a big, fat jerk
*Understand the deeper meaning behind your woman’s coldness, disrespect, and rejection
*Handle conflict and tension without getting rattled and increasing her attraction and desire at the same time
*Decide whether or not your relationship is salvageable or even worth saving
*Flip the switch from seeking validation from women to standing strong in a new, self-reliant, masculine frame

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Blogger Note: If you’re using the law of attraction to help restore your broken relationship, you already know that self love is key! This book is an excellent resource for men for self love, encouragement, and affirmations!

Three Great Books in One Volume!

Loose That Man and Let Him Go!
Get ready to ignite your fire of manhood. T.D. Jakes provides a powerful work of healing and restoration of your God-given masculinity, and with the turn of every page, you’ll feel freedom from your prison of unfulfilled desires and frustrated dreams.

So You Call Yourself a Man?
We have all doubted God–and we have doubted our worth in His eyes. Here, Jakes depicts the inspirational stories of five men from the Bible and provides proof that God created you to be free, powerful, and filled with purpose. This is a devotional reading for ordinary men–with extraordinary potential.

T.D. Jakes Speaks to Men
More than 150 powerful, motivating messages challenge you to rely on God’s strength to achieve your highest goals.

A dynamic speaker and highly respected pastor, T.D. Jakes delivers powerful messages of hope and healing to men. Learn how to strengthen your faith in God’s love and rediscover yourself as He sees you–filled with His never-ending wisdom and compassion.

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Self-help and success literature junkie James Weaver puts the law of attraction to the test in a 30 day law of attraction experiment. The author discusses why he chose this experiment, what the experiment entailed, what he attracted, and what he learned during these 30 days. The results are honest and inspiring. This work will be appreciated by those with little to no knowledge of the law of attraction and those well acquainted with this universal law.

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Hi, I’m multi-time #1 Amazon best-selling author and relationship coach Jordan Gray…

And in this book I want to help you discover…

* how to be the most attractive man possible for your partner (from an internal standpoint)
* the four crucial keys to long term passion in your intimate relationship
* how to turn your woman on with your words
* what your woman NEEDS from you in order to open up sexually
* how to get your partner to love you like when she first started dating you
* how to navigate arguments with your partner like a man (and stop arguments from even coming up)
* the 5 things she says when she really means something completely different (and how to handle it effortlessly)
* the three types of vaginal orgasms (at least one of which she probably doesn’t even know about)
* how to create deep trust in your relationship
* the three things you can start doing today that will have her initiating sex more often

And much more.

In this densely packed book you will learn how to become the kind of man that creates a truly thriving relationship.

You have several other areas of your life handled… so isn’t it about time you put some effort into making your romantic relationship amazing?

Let today be the day that you create the kind of enviable relationship that you and your partner truly deserve.

Pick up your copy of “Keep Her Captivated” today!

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Winning your wife back from emotional or physical separation is more than doing the same things with more intensity. It involves developing a whole new strategy to overcome what seem to be overwhelming odds to attain a come-from-behind victory. In Winning Your Wife Back Before It’s Too late, Gary Smalley utilizes the following game plan to significantly increase your chances for a “miracle comeback”:

Understand “penalty flags”
Open a closed spirit
Honor your wife and children
Develop sacrificial love
Initiate change in yourself
Be accountable by joining a support group
Through true stories of previously separated couples, you’ll see how the principles illustrated in this plan have been fleshed out in the lives of real people and can lead to a successful reconciliation. Although there is no guarantee that you will win your wife back, you can still experience personal triumph and gain significant yardage in becoming the godly man you were intended to be.

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Having a pulse is all it really takes to fall in love. Staying in love is another matter; staying in love requires a plan and some learned skills.

“My primary audience for this book is guys (sorry, sneaky ladies),” says author Doug Fields. “I am writing in a way that most men seem to talk and learn.”

In 7 Ways to Be Her Hero Fields gives, quite candidly, seven very doable actions to transform any marital relationship, guaranteed. It also includes a bonus chapter for guys to read with their wives. So if you want to understand some simple ways to invest in your marriage and be your wife’s hero (again), this is the plan!

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You Can Win Her Back

Few challenges in life are as difficult as regaining a wife’s trust—and few are as ultimately worthwhile. Trust can be rebuilt in your marriage! With patient, loving, self-sacrificing effort, it’s possible that one day your wife will risk her heart with you again. And she may even have more respect and love for you than before.

In Worthy of Her Trust, Jason Martinkus relates how he repaired his own marriage after revelations of sexual addiction. Along with Stephen Arterburn, Jason offers exercises and tools rooted in counseling principles to help your marriage begin again. This comprehensive guide discusses:

· How to be truly and effectively transparent
· Combating the “he must not love me” myth and other untruths
· What to do about the Internet, office temptations, and travel
· Encouragement for wives who wonder if trust can ever be restored
· The “five-minute phone call” and other daily trust-building strategies
· What meaningful forgiveness and restitution look like
· The Amends Matrix—a concrete exercise to admit past wrongs and cast a vision for a faithful future

Including insights from Jason’s wife, Shelley, Worthy of Her Trust guides you through the process of rebuilding your relationship so it is stronger than ever.

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Marriage and relationships are in crisis. The breakup and divorce rate remain incredibly high, despite all the couples therapy, afternoon talk shows, and other books in the marketplace, many of which describe men as abusive commitment phobic creeps who’d better change fast or else. But this new book is totally different, a whole different way of looking at how to build a successful long-lasting relationship from a man’s point of view, men who are happy in their partnerships, who have figured out what works for them in accomplishing the goal of a loving, intimate, lifetime commitment. Dr. Scott Haltzman, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University, and founder of, has devised a proven method for improving relationships, based on a man’s special and unique skills, strengths, powers—as a responsible and motivated worker, manager, leader, problem-solver, partner, husband, and father. Men are different, Dr. Haltzman says. They don’t approach relationships with the same skills and techniques that women do—and viva la difference. Dr.Haltzman therefore lays out eight ways, tasks, proven techniques which men have revealed in confidential correspondence to his highly successful website, including The First Way: Make Your Marriage Your Job, The Second Way: Know Your Wife, The Third Way: Be Home Now, The Fourth Way: Expect Conflict and Deal With It, The Fifth Way: Learn to Listen, The Sixth Way: Aim to Please, The Seventh Way: Understand the Truth About Sex, The Eighth Way: Introduce Yourself, and finally, Celebrate Your Love. Within each of these steps, he provides both specific analysis, guidelines and techniques based on male biology, neuro-science, brain differences, unique developmental stages from youth to seniority. To illustrate these ideas in action, he’s included wonderful true stories, anecdotes, and confessions from the website. The result is a practical, very entertaining, totally original way to build successful relationships for men and their partners, girlfriends, and wives. For a lasting commitment, a continuing guide to solving inevitable problems and bumps in the road, for more fun, better sex, genuine intimacy, and a life-long partnership—this dynamic new author shows…

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Nonfiction Book Spotlight: A-C-T Like A Kid And T-H-I-N-K Like A Parent: What All Good Parents Need For Their Kids To Know, Learn And Understand by Katherine Shears and‎ C. S. Whitehurst

Disclosure: This post contains compensated affiliate links and/or sponsored content. Click here to read more.

Self-Help, Family

act like a kid think like a parent

Just for kicks, have you ever wondered what your parents really want from you in life? Is it you, or do your parents want you to have no real fun? On any given day, do you want to make your parents proud of you and still do what makes you feel really happy within yourself? Of course you do! But the real question has always been, and still is…how? How can we actually get this done?

Well, with A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, a.k.a “the child-part consoler”, you will get past common misunderstandings by learning how to truly talk, hear, and listen to your parents, guardians or caregivers instead of feeling like you have to run to friends to find some sense of acceptance, understanding, and real connection.

In this book, chock-full of questions and answers gotten directly from the source, you’ll learn what your parents, guardians or caregivers really expect of you—and maybe you’ll even find out how to explain to them what you really expect from them! Not that this book could ever replace a parent, because it can not. But when it comes to openly communicating certain key ideas, this book comes really close.

This tell-all guide contains lots of enlightening explanations and helpful answers to many common kid questions like:

What do my parents really want from me?
Why do my parents do what they do and say what they say?
What do I really need to know about my parents’ parenting skills?
How can I keep my parents happy with me?
How can I help my parents to help me?
How can I get what I want from my parents every time?

A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is an intro to the secret knowledge of adults which is a set of informations that is mainly covered in the book entitled Surrogate Re-Parenting: A.K.A. Get Your Mind Right, and even more thoroughly covered in the book The Secret Knowledge Of Adults. While this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is intended for kids 10 and up, the info in this book is beneficial and useful to the intelligent kid parts in all of us. Yes, this means you too.
The information in this book will help you and yours to start to see your parents, not as the enemy, but as the caring human beings they really are, and take the first step toward family unity, understanding, growth, success, and happiness! Both you and your parents really deserve this, and with this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, you and your parents can actually achieve this.

Buy this book now at:

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Barnes and Noble


9) Firstly, Can Your Parents Trust Their Own Kid?

When it comes to parenting a child, being able to trust you, as a kid, is a very important thing. This is an area where you as a kid can cause life for you, with regards to being parented, to be more successful and efficient. This is an area that definitely relates to your overall happiness, success, progress and growth.

By being honest and trustworthy, your parents can be more effective in what they give you, as parents, to assist you in life. A process that is almost impossible without you, as a kid, being honest and truthful. For example, parents are known for trying to supply their kids with something that they think will directly assist their kids or at least make them feel happy. This works only if the kid is honest and open about where they actually are mentally, emotionally and socially. What they are thinking, doing and also what they are generally up to is truly important at this point.

The parent with this info can find things to help and assist them as kids to be more successful and even be better able to excel in whatever area of interest that the kid is involved in. But when a kid is dishonest and lies about what level they are at mentally and socially, their parents get and gives them things to help them out and each time it just doesn’t work out right for them as a kid.

This is simply because you can’t effectively give a person something to help them with what they are doing unless you actually know what they are up to and doing. Which, unless your parents are mind-readers, is nearly impossible to figure out. This kind of gift-giving screw-up happens mostly because the kid has chosen to be dishonest, deceitful and basically untrustworthy by them lying to their parents. This makes the parents look stupid and unthoughtful for giving them something that they don’t actually need anymore, that they have actually already outgrown. Some kids put on an act and actually walk around acting like silly, happy lighthearted kids with a big smile on their faces. They do this when they have already secretly moved on to more mature social behavior and are privately already dealing with deeper, more mature issues. But of course, while being fooled, the parent goes out and buys a big stuffed animal for them and the kid screams “Why are you treating me like I am a little kid?”. Of course then, the parents are thoroughly confused and wonders what they have done wrong and the answer is nothing. At this point it is the kids’ dishonesty that is to blame.

Youtube Book Trailer:


About the Authors:

Katherine Shears is a mom, graduate of Strayer University, and an executive consultant, who is dedicated to bettering the social function and overall visibility of all she encounters. She is a deep thinker with an open mind who stays on the cutting edge of learning, having read over one hundred self-help titles and counting.

C. S. Whitehurst is a psychology-based UX/UI designer/tester, computer programmer, IT Project Manager, and self-help enthusiast, who is a student of science, philosophy, life, and NYU. As a native of New York, having been exposed to social diversity, he has been coached by life to respond to the issues plaguing inner-city youth.

Interview with the Authors:

How many books do you currently have published?

Katherine Shears and C.S. Whitehurst: Two. Surrogate Re-Parenting Aka Get Your Mind Right, and Act-Like-A-Kid and Think-Like-A-Parent.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why?

Katherine Shears: I would recommend “Surrogate Re-parenting Aka Get Your Mind Right”. That book in particular uses knowledge and logic to help address a bunch of issues while fortifying your intellectual foundation, which helps to bring many things from the back of a person’s mind, to the front of their mind, which then allows the nurturing consoling effect of A-C-T Like A Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like A Parent to become really useful.

C.S. Whitehurst: Both books were fun to write, but A-C-T Like A Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like A Parent was definitely my favorite. The research really forced me to deal with some of the issues I didn’t realize that I had, that I had pushed aside since my own childhood, but were still affecting me even though I am now a grown-up. I hope this book helps others to work through their own childhood issues, the way doing the research for the book helped me work through my own issues.

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release?

Katherine Shears: I do, I invite everyone to continue on the empowering quest to elevate their logic with Surrogate Re-parenting 2 Aka Get Your Mind Right 2. The information is designed to take you a bit higher and deeper in your logical development. You can even benefit from it even if you haven’t already.

C.S. Whitehurst: Yes, I am doing another collaboration with Katherine Shears on Surrogate Re-parenting 2 : AKA Get Your Mind Right 2, which will be coming soon, and goes much higher and deeper than Part 1 did.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Katherine Shears: I most enjoy the freedom of expression without an immediate response that comes with writing. This places the thought outside of your mind where you can correct and/or build on to it without any input. You can also collaborate and expand. I love expressing myself in writing.

C.S. Whitehurst: I enjoy what I learn from the research, surveys, interviews, and reading that is necessary to bring the many ideas and concepts that it takes to bring a book together.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

Katherine Shears: Yes, anyone can get writer’s bock depending on their knowledge and comprehension of the topic. I first try to familiarize myself with the topic. Once I am comfortable with the information I can follow any outline I’ve prepared. If I get stuck my outline, helps bring back the information and points intended to be expressed.

C.S. Whitehurst: Yes, I have at times. And the way I deal with it is by creating an outline to whatever I’m writing. And then I switch off for a little while, and play video games, to clear the mental air for a little while, and then I come back refreshed.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers?

Katherine Shears: When you have an idea, question, or thought, write it down! Get it out of your head onto something that will allow you to go back and work on it at will. The brain deals with a multitude of information, and when busy it will keep you from remembering important things when you need to the most.

C.S. Whitehurst: I learned that although I may have written a book for one person or one group of people, the information in the book has a way of impacting and helping many more people than I might have first expected. As a tip to new writers, I would say for them to try to visualize who they are trying to reach, and imagine having a conversation with them where you share what you know, and have a voice recorder, to record what you want to say, and then type it up later.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why?

Katherine Shears: I would recommend A-C-T Like A Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like A Parent. I would recommend this one first because we all have been children who were confused by things our parents said or did. The information in this book corrects any lingering issues from childhood. For the younger person still being groomed by their parents, the information serves as a translator so to speak. Helping children better understand their parent’s nurturing love and rules.

C.S. Whitehurst: I would recommend “Surrogate Re-parenting Aka Get Your Mind Right”. That book in particular uses knowledge and logic to help address a bunch of issues while fortifying your intellectual foundation, which helps to bring many things from the back of a person’s mind, to the front of their mind, which then allows the nurturing consoling effect of A-C-T Like A Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like A Parent to become really useful.

Do you have any extras you’d like to share, like a teaser about an upcoming new release?

C.S. Whitehurst: Yes! Here’s the synopsis to an upcoming book:

As food for thought and entertainment, how would your life had been different if you had grown up, learned and gained the knowledge, logic and intellect of Doctors, Lawyers and Ph. D’s. while you were growing up? What different life choices and decisions would you have pursued and made that would have delivered you from a life of average poverty, unfulfillment, and social rejection to greater prosperity, success and social acceptance?

I ask this because essentially, our society functions at a certain high-leveled knowledge and logic, and when someone hasn’t fortified or developed that intellectual foundation at that level of function and ability, what’s missing causes a measurable gap of ignorance, dysfunction and disposition between them and those that have been developed to that level of function and ability. If you aren’t fortified at that level, those who are well-developed at that high level of function in society are basically able to hear the ignorance in your speech when you talk, write, or outwardly use your reasoning skills to make choices from moment-to-moment daily.

So stop standing by and watching those who know that knowledge and logic better than you do outdo you on life’s stage.Know that you can do better. Realistically, it’s never too late to take the necessary steps to give yourself a leg up, a boost and a brand new start in life. We all experience countless waves of new opportunities, and with those  new opportunities come waves of new choices, chances, and options.

Surrogate Re-Parenting I, helped to fortify your basic foundation on a fundamental level and now Surrogate Re-Parenting II A.K.A. Get Your Mind Right II will take you much higher and much deeper on your empowering journey toward greater intellectual growth, development and success.

Katherine Shears: I do. I invite everyone to continue on the empowering quest to elevate their logic with Surrogate Re-parenting 2 Aka Get Your Mind Right 2. The information is designed to take you a bit higher and deeper in your logical development than Surrogate Re-parenting 1 did.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read?

Katherine Shears: I honestly have too many favorites. The most favorite would have to be A Course in Miracles. This is the most enlightening and conscious awakening work I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

C.S. Whitehurst: Some of my favorite books are the books of the Harry Potter series, So You Want To Be A Wizard, Animorphs books, etc. I definitely science fiction stories.

What about television shows? Movies?

Katherine Shears: I don’t watch much television besides current events. I love funny movies, bio-pic films, and good action movies.

C.S. Whitehurst: Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who. I really enjoy that TV show.

Is there a book that you have read that you feel has made a big impact on your life? Why?

Katherine Shears: Yes, a series by John Bradshaw on concepts like healing the shame that binds you, reclaiming your inner child, and other great topics. These books gently show you a mirror of yourself, and hug you, while passing you the Windex and newspaper, then support you as you clean the windshield of your life, so that you can responsibly move forward from then on. Great set of books!

C.S. Whitehurst: I really liked Doctor Paul Hauk’s books, because as part of my research, they indirectly taught me a lot about the way I thought about things.

Can readers find you at any live events, such as book signings or conventions?

Katherine Shears: Whenever I am scheduled for any upcoming events, they will be posted on my author site .

C.S. Whitehurst: Whenever I’m scheduled for any upcoming events, they will be posted on my author site, .

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say?

Katherine Shears: Get ready to get past yourself and fulfill your destiny!

C.S. Whitehurst: Open yourself to the new, the next, and the other.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with readers?

Katherine Shears: I welcome you to empower yourself with the enlightening information shared in my work. You are your most prized possession! You are worth the work! Thank you for your support.

C.S. Whitehurst: We are all connected, and each of us is part of the others’ true value. We may be able to do better, or do worse than one another, but we are unable to be better or be worse than one another. We are all, through each and of ourselves, beautiful. Please remember that.

Literary Fiction Spotlight: Tyson & Joey: Two Worlds Collide by Tom Watts

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Self-Help / Literary Fiction

tyson and joey 1

This is the story of two very different young men, from two very different worlds. Tyson is from the rough streets of Trentan, Joey from the affluent northern suburbs. The worlds of these two young men collide through a chance encounter, and as a result, they begin to question their life situations. This connection sparks a shared journey of self-development; one which brings about necessary changes for both men.

The story has a self-help thread throughout, which is inspired by the author’s personal experience of living with anxiety and depression. The text conveys the truths that enabled him to rise out of suffering, and to live a life of peace and fulfilment. The teachings are centred on the concept of “present moment awareness”, and how this can be applied to everyday life.

Free with Kindle Unlimited!

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Clearing his throat, the man began to read.

“I wake to the sound of a screaming baby and kids running up and down the hallway. I live on the ninth floor of a social housing building, sharing the space with my mother and younger sister. My father left when I was twelve, so I’m the man of the house. It’s a role I take seriously. Certainly more than he ever did.

I rise out of bed and stare out of the window at the streets below. They’re beginning to show life. Rubbish trucks pass, people begin the commute to work, and shopkeepers lift the cages on their stores. The homeless who have found a night’s rest in the shop front are moved on without a second thought, or any risk of compassion.

Another day in paradise.

I’m born and raised in Trentan, an inner-city district known for its high crime rate and not much else. The community has been neglected. Everything here, from the roads to the services, is in a state of disrepair. Life is hard.

After working all night, I’ve only managed a few hours of sleep. I make my money selling drugs. It’s dangerous work, but I’m good at it. In Trentan, that’s reason enough to carry on.

I’m a product of my environment. Not by choice, but as a result of been raised in a broken home in a low-income area. My life of crime was set in motion long before I could make a conscious decision.

From a young age, I was exposed to things that no kid should see. There were good times for sure, but things could turn violent at any point. One minute you’re playing with your friends on the street. The next you’re witnessing a murder over drugs. And sometimes, what went on in the house was even worse.

These memories stick with you, and in many ways they harden you. Constantly seeing people die or taken away by the police makes you see life as temporary and unforgiving. Subconsciously, this makes you live for the moment. You never know when your time might be up.

With that mentality, you don’t think long term. You look for quick success. You can’t afford to take your time and establish a career; money is needed now. Selling drugs is the natural progression. Drugs are everywhere in Trentan, and there’s always a market for them.

I’m stuck in a cycle perpetuated by poverty and fear. I know if I stop selling, my family will end up homeless. I can’t let that happen. If I don’t support them, nobody will. Not my Dad. Not the government. Nobody. This keeps me doing what I’m doing. I don’t see any other option.

About the Author:

tom watts

Tom Watts was born and raised in New Zealand and has spent some time living in Australia. After growing restless down under, he moved to London, where he currently resides and works as an urban designer, a career that he has been pursuing since graduating university. Tyson & Joey has been a background project for Tom, developing organically over several years as a response to his mental health challenges. For more information on the author and his works, visit

Self-Help Feature and Interview: Navigating Indieworld: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book by Julie A. Gerber and Carole P. Roman @Awaywegomedia_ @caroleproman

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I have not seen a more thorough, specific, actionable guide for self-published authors than Navigating Indieworld. I have been recommending it to my indie clients. — Margaret Brown, publisher, Shelf Unbound, National Book Critics Circle Lifetime Member

Social media guru, Julie A. Gerber and award-winning author of forty-three best-selling books, Carole P. Roman, team up to travel the winding road of self-publishing, promoting, and marketing a book. Join these two experts as they share their vast store of experience in an easy to read book.
Learn why you need a beta reader and the importance of a good editor. Make a list of what you need to do when choosing an illustrator. Compare the many ways to promote your book.
Navigating Indieworld will end up being your travel guide as you journey from writer to published author.
FIVE stars from ForeWord Reviews.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon l Amazon UK l Barnes and Noble


Navigating Indieworld: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book


A funny thing happened on the way to my retirement. I found myself entering a whole new career in my late fifties, joining a community of people in which there was no return. I entered Indieworld.
A different breed of people live there, yet we all have the same agenda. It’s an amazing place – we don’t see our differences. We are color, age, and gender blind. We only want to tell our story and have it be appreciated. Oh yes, and make a small fortune in the process.
Indieworld is a vast entity filled with a universe of people driven to do the same thing. They are seeking what I refer to as the three “Fs”: fame, fortune, and fulfillment without getting screwed. I bet you thought I was going to use another word.
It’s been four years since I fell through the rabbit hole of independent publishing, and I feel the motivation to give back to my people. This is for the endless population of folks who are loitering on social media, crammed on Goodreads, and filling up blogs, who are lost and don’t know how to get on the track to succeed.
If any chapter of this book makes it easier for one of our brethren and they make it to Fifty Shades of Gray status, then we feel we have done our job. A best-seller for one of us is a victory for all of Indiekind.
This is making me feel like an independent author superhero, and every one of those has a valiant sidekick. A brave individual ready to take on the dark forces of bad reviews, expensive publicity, and the black hole of a four-digit high-rating number on Amazon.
The partner in my quest for the three “Fs” is Julie Gerber, the head guru at Away We Go Media. She is the wonder woman of social media, the empress of Twitter, the princess of Pinterest, and a maverick riding the ups and downs of Facebook. She has become a vital part of our process and a member of our family. I could not have done it without her.
We will approach the subject to educate, prepare, and enable any person to write, publish, and ultimately sell their books to the general public. This is our story.

Carole P. Roman
Long Island, New York

About Julie A. Gerber:


Julie A. Gerber is the founder of Away We Go Media, a social media management and consulting firm for authors. She is the Executive Vice President, Business Manager, and Director of Social Media at TopShelf Indie Authors & Books, Director of TopShelf Magazine, and co-author of Tortured Souls: The House On Wellfleet Bluffs. She can usually be found at home refereeing her sons or glued to her desktop as she works from home. She lives in Georgia with her husband, two kids, and her little sidekick, a doting Pekingese rescue named Abby. Visit her at

Book Facebook l Away We Go Media Facebook l Website l Twitter

About Carole P. Roman:


Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012 for her first book, award winning author Carole P. Roman started writing as a dare from one of her sons. Using an imaginary game she played with her grandson as a base, Captain No Beard was born.”Captain No Beard- An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life” has not only been named to Kirkus Best of 2012, it received the Star of Exceptional Merit, and won the Pinnacle Award for 2012. “Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience” Book 2 in the series, received 5 Stars from The ForeWord Review The Clarion Review. Strangers on the High Seas has won second place in the Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards 2013. It has followed with six more books to the series. This year, Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis was named to Kirkus Best 2015. The entire cultural non-fiction series If You Were Me and Lived in… was named Best Series by Shelf Unbound. She has begun work on two new series that will be released in early 2016.
Motivated by her love of yoga, Roman has written a book that not only teaches four poses, but shows how easy and accessible yoga can be.
Her new non fiction series, “If You Were Me and Lived in…” combines her teaching past with her love of exploration and interest in the world around us. The debut book in the series, “If You Were Me and Lived in…Mexico” has won the Pinnacle Award for Best in Children’s Non Fiction 2012. France, South Korea, and Norway. Rebecca’s Reads has given If You Were Me and Lived in…Norway an honorable mention in the 2013 Choice Awards. If You Were Me and lived in …France won second place. ForeWord Review has nominated If You Were Me and Lived in…France for best in children’s non fiction literature 2013. They will be followed with Kenya, Turkey, India, and Australia. She plans to do Portugal, Greece, and Argentina next year.
Writing for children has opened up a whole second act for her. While she is still working in her family business, this has enabled her to share her sense of humor as well as love for history and culture with the audience she adores. Roman lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children.

Book Facebook l Author Facebook l Blog l Website l Twitter

Author Interviews:


Could you tell our readers a little bit about your writing journey? Thank you for such interesting questions. I have had many careers in my life, being an author was always a dream. I had written two books when I was younger and was rejected everywhere. I put any ambitions of writing on a back burner and concentrated on careers within my grasp. Self-publishing made the idea of writing a book become a reality.

How many books do you currently have published? I have self-published over forty books, all in four and a half years. They are all best-sellers on Amazon and I am proud to say have won numerous awards.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why? That would be like choosing children. I love them all!

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release? Navigating Indieworld A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing a Book has just been published with Julie Gerber. I am very proud of it. I just released If You Were Me and Lived in…Israel, which is part of my non-fiction cultural series. Kelsea Wierenga is illustrating Germany right now. Cuba will be her next country. I also published One to Ten for my nursery series with Mateya Arakova. She is putting the finishing touches on If You Were Me and Lived in…the Ancient Mali Empire for the historical series. Paula Tabor is illustrating the Ancient Mayan culture. I am just finishing If You WereMe and Lived….on Mars. It will go for illustrations next month. So, yes, I ‘ve got a few things going on.

What do you enjoy most about writing? I love the research. I love the collaboration of putting the work together. I love seeing the illustrators vision.  I love the excitement of hitting “publish my book.”  I am thrilled to see the reviews coming in. I enjoy the whole process.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it? Never have writer’s block. Sometimes I wish it would slow down a little bit for me.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers? If you have an idea- write it down. Don’t wait. Once it is on the computer, you can go back and shape it the way you need. Don’t procrastinate. Get a good beta reader, who will be honest with you.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why? If you are planning to write a book, then Navigating Indieworld is a gateway source for new writers. I think Julie and I did a terrific little guide that demystifies the whole process. It does exactly what it promises. The books cut through all the information and steers an author through the steps they have to follow.

Anyone of my other books make great additions to kid’s libraries from 3-15. They each stand alone and I like to think are enjoyable ways to open conduits for discussions on anything from bullying, to culture to history, to imagination

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say? I am having the best time, come join me., please!



How many books do you currently have published? I have coauthored two books. The first was Tortured Souls: The House On Wellfleet Bluffs. The second is Navigating Indieworld: A Beginner’s Guide To Self-Publishing And Marketing Your Book.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why? Navigating Indieworld was so much fun to write. Carole has become one of my closest friends over the years and every night we would meet and work for hours together. I learned a lot from her and we shared a lot of laughs!

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release? I am working on a book and unless Carole wants to do a sequel to Indieworld, my current project will be the next book I publish. It is my first solo book and I am both excited and nervous about publishing on my own. I do not have a release date but I am pushing for a release sometime next year.

What do you enjoy most about writing? I think writing gives us the unique opportunity to create little worlds where readers can get lost. I remember reading The Chronicles Of Narnia as a child and wanting to live within those pages. It is exciting to think that maybe one day, someone will want to get lost in the pages that I wrote. That hope and dream is what I enjoy the most. I think about the possibilities.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers? Working as a beta reader and a social media manager, I already knew how hard marketing your book could be. I am learning to get more creative and make my books stand out. My advice for new writers is to invest your time in marketing and social media. Connect with your fans. Help other authors along the way by offering reviews and telling others what has worked for you. Pay it forward.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorites to read? Affliction Z series by L.T. Ryan. Serious author crush there. Another great series? Slow Burn by Bobby Adair. You can tell that I like zombies. My favorite books to read are zombie books, EMP books, and anything that threatens the world as we know it. Those are the books that scare me!

What about television shows? Movies? I don’t watch a lot of television, but I do love The Curse Of Oak Island series. I love history and the search for buried treasure. Favorite movie? It’s A Wonderful Life and Gone With The Wind. I watch them both a few times every year.

Self-Help Book Feature and Interview: Master the Mystery of Human Nature: Resolving the Conflict of Opposing Values by D. Scott Trettenero @ScottTrettenero

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Self-Help, Non-Fiction


Life is a mystery, on planet Earth, where the billions of people live their lives day to day, most not knowing what their purpose is. We can’t figure out life’s answers because some of us don’t even know the questions to ask. It can be so confusing—sometimes even a bit maddening. In Master the Mystery of Human Nature, author D. Scott Trettenero tackles the vast and mysterious subject of human nature and unravels its secrets to give you clarity and a depth of understanding to some of the previously unanswered questions of life.

He has translated the important, yet complex work of philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and other pioneers in this field into an easy-to-understand format with ideas that can be applied to everyday life. Trettenero has taken the essential aspects of their work, simplified it, and has created a new matrix that connects the dots to better explain how and why people do what they do.

Master the Mystery of Human Nature helps you learn about yourself, others, and how the world works because of our differences. Conflicts will take on an entirely new meaning; things that used to be a mystery, will make sense. It will help you experience a sense of calm and freedom once you see the beauty and wonder of how our human nature reflects the balance of power in Nature and the ways that duality shapes our every experience on this earth.

This is a deeply thoughtful and carefully written book. It provides an unusually practical set of tools for understanding self and evaluating others. Thank you Scott Trettenero for writing a book everyone needs to read.

– Robert E Quinn, PhD

Margaret Elliot Tracy Collegiate Professor in Business,

Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Author of Deep Change

Buy this book now at:

Amazon l Amazon UK l Barnes and Noble l iUniverse l Books-A-Million

Youtube Book Trailer:


About the Author:


D Scott Trettenero is a practicing solo dentist in SW Florida since 1981. Born and raised in small town central Missouri, he did his undergrad work at the University of Missouri and received his dental degree from UMKC. Upon his graduation he moved to Florida to practice.

His participation in a university research project in the field of service quality and his interest in human temperaments formed the basis for his first book, Unlocking the T-Code. He has written and published articles in major dental journals and received a patent for an invention in 2002.

He is married and has two children.

Website l Twitter l Facebook


The title of your book is intriguing to say the least.  What is the book all about and how does it differ from other books on human nature?
The book has two sections to it.  The first half explores how people are different and the conflicting values that shape our temperaments.  I have used the work of Dr Robert Quinn from the University of Michigan School of Business, the temperament models of the Social Styles and the Myers-Briggs. Using these models I have created a unique template that better describes and defines how the different types are perfectly distributed, aligned and positioned for the big picture of humanity. Once you see it you will be amazed by how beautifully crafted our earthly experience truly is. By seeing where you fit in the overall scheme can help to understand yourself and others as never before. This will help to develop an appreciation, tolerance and compassion for those who are different from you; especially those who are in conflict with you. The second half is exploring the final frontier of mastering oneself and that is recognising how our ego controls our actions.  By uncovering the nature of the ego, one can begin to intentionally rise above its control and create a more harmonious and productive life.  A real bonus is that the book is easy to read and is in layman’s terms.

What made you decide to write this book?
I was part of a research project concerning quality service in dentistry and was exposed to a model of business by Dr Quinn called the Competing Values Framework which stated that in order for a business to be successful, it must juggle opposite and competing values simultaneously. At the time I was very interested in temperament studies because of self-discovery and a need to understand my wife, who was my total opposite in every way. I saw that the Competing Values Framework was very similar in nature to the four quadrants of the Social Styles model of temperaments. I then saw a lack of continuity between the Social Styles and the Myers-Briggs models.  It took off from there as I was rather consumed with trying to figure it all out.

What are the benefits that the book can provide to the reader?
You will get a precise understanding of the root causes of human conflict that is universal to us all. This is huge in how we perceive the world and how it works (or doesn’t work).  You will get an accurate understanding of self which is the launching point for higher levels of awareness. Understanding others with be greatly enhanced. This will allow for deeper and more harmonious relationships in all aspects of your life. You will understand what some refer to enlightenment with a new appreciation of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific breakthroughs.

What are your goals for this book?
As any author would like, I would love to have commercial success for a number of reasons.  First of all, it would help so many people in so many ways.  There are some unique tools discussed that will help people to understand self, others and life as never before. It would be a wonderful validation of the processes that went into writing it.  I believe that my life has been set up for me to write this book.  Of course, it could just be my ego talking.  I am excited to hear what others have to say about my book and ultimately I would love to hear people tell me that it helped them personally.

Final thoughts…
Marketing a book of any kind is an enormous undertaking. I appreciate your help and allowing me to have a platform to help spread my word.  I hope Psychreg readers like my book. Also, you can engage with me on Twitter @ScottTrettenero. Thank you so much!

Nonfiction Feature: The Aha! Moment: The Guide to Creating a Game Changer by Cory The Author @Corypitts9

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Nonfiction, Self Help

the aha moment

Ask yourself one question.
Why aren’t people more successful?
If you’ve ever suddenly had that idea that made you sit up and say ‘Aha!’ or made that proverbial light bulb go off in your head, you’ve probably had an idea that could well be a game-changer.
We all have, at some stage of our lives, what we would describe as a great idea. These are ideas which make life better, easier or more enjoyable for all who use it, and it may make you rich and successful by implementing it.
But the sad fact is that very few of us have confidence and know-how to follow through with great ideas and see them successfully applied. This is the fundamental reason why some people aren’t as successful as they could be.
In this ground-breaking book I will change all that for you. In each chapter, I lay out the process of preparing yourself to be a game-changer and show you how to take an idea from a budding concept to its complete form.
Build confidence, become a game changer, exploit those fantastic ideas and become successful and financially secure. All you need is this book and those all-important ideas to get started.

Free with Kindle Unlimited!

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Imagine a world with zero ideas. No one ever came up with the idea of soap, computers, planes to travel. Better yet imagine a world where people had an ideas, but refuse to share them with the world. When you think about it ideas have made life easier. Everything begins as an idea. Ideas are very important to the shaping of society. They can transform the world. Most people have had at least one in their lifetime. What did you do about it?  Probably nothing.

We have been transformed into robots, or the perfect employee. In society,our basic way of thinking has been taken from us. Society is forcing us into a box so that we are satisfied by our lack of purpose. The world is looking for Game Changers, innovators and people who plan on turning it on its axis. They are looking for people who can think outside of the box because that’s where true game changers are born. People who have a lasting legacy in our world are the ones who are not afraid to think outside the box. If it weren’t for people thinking outside of the box: we wouldn’t have cars, we wouldn’t have computers and we wouldn’t have smart phones. These very ideas you thought were crazy can change the world. It starts with your mind, and your ideas. Thinking outside of the box will set you apart from the rest of the world, it is what allows you to bring value to this world. “You can trade hours for dollars or ideas for millions.”

About the Author:

corey the author

Cory The Author was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. As a kid he had always dreamed of being a writer. At the tender age of 14 he read the 48 Laws of Power and The Art of War. Fascinated by strategy he wanted to write his very own book. After years of working in corporations he quit his job to become a full time author. Also Inspired by The Four Hour Work Week, and 33 Strategies of War he wrote the The Aha Moment: The Guide to Creating A Game Changer.

Website l Twitter l Facebook