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Young Adult Romance: The Seer: Deadly Fairy Tales, Book 1 by Elizabeth Marx @emarxbooks

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If you’re a fan of young adult literature, especially romances, see the following book to read this fall!

Young Adult Romance


Fairy tales aren’t supposed to be deadly, but anything can happen on Halloween night in Salem … even a human sacrifice.

When a supernatural beast murders a sixteen-year-old girl, her soul is reawakened as an OtherWorldly being. Now, as the Seer, she is destined to serve the Order, even as she craves retribution. Invisible, isolated, and confused, she rejects her calling and seeks solace in the one thing she believes is real: her connection to Locke … only he can’t see her, or feel her presence.

Determined to find some way to warn Locke of the danger he’s in the Seer sets out to discover the truth behind the clandestine Order. Unfortunately, those who are like her fear her, and only one acknowledges her existence—Tristan, a Guardian sentenced to defend the Order at all costs.

Soon Tristan discovers something sinister, something that cannot only destroy the Seer, but every witch in the Order.

To protect the one she loves and regain the life she lost, the Seer must join forces with Tristan and save the thing responsible for taking her away from the world to which she desperately wants to return.

Deadly Fairy Tales is a paranormal young adult urban fantasy romance series set in Salem. Books in the series are as follows.
The Seer Book 1
All’s Fair in Vanity’s War Book 2
Something Greedy This Way Comes Book 3

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About the Author:

Elizabeth Marx writes deeply emotional romances that take her readers on a roller coaster ride between desire and despair. Often described as hilarious, heartbreaking, and heartwarming, she’s not afraid to tear you apart just when you think you know what’s going to happen. Because let’s face it, a happily ever after has to be earned.

Elizabeth resides in Chicago with her husband, girls, and two cats who’ve spelled everyone into believing they’re really dogs.

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Demons and Druids Fantasy Romance Feature: The Sacrifice by Shirley Martin @mshirley1496

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Fantasy Romance


She must die! No, Briana couldn’t bear it. The holy day of Samhain approached, when the veil between the real world and the Otherworld disappears, and demons stalk the land. To placate the gods and protect the people on the eve of Samhain, the druids choose the most beautiful woman in the land to sacrifice–to knife to death!

A seer with special powers, Briana’s adoptive mother knows it is Briana the druids have chosen to sacrifice. You must run, she tells Briana, escape! Reluctant to leave all she holds dear, Briana knows she must escape and flees in the dead of night.

The druids order their most trusted enforcer to capture Briana and bring her back. Why have they chosen him? Weylyn agonizes. He has loved Briana for years. Which choice will Weylyn make–love or duty?

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This is the night of Samhain, when the veil between the real world and the Otherworld disappears, and demons stalk the land.

Screams and howls rent the air, screeches and the heavy thud of feet. The earth shook, the screams getting closer.
“Weylyn!” Forgetting everything but her horror, Briana clung to him.
The horse bolted, rushing off into the night.
Weylyn shook his head. “No time to lose!” He picked her up and set her across the sacred pile of stones, then stepped over them.
Strange creatures moved among the trees, bright eyes shining in the dark. A monster approached them, closer, closer. No! Gods, no! Briana screamed.
“Weylyn, please, what are we going to do!” She held Weylyn fast, her heart pounding with fear, with horror, with a terror greater than any she’d known. His heart thudded next to hers as he pressed her body to his.
No, no, no!
The demon neared them, its eyes gleaming with intensity. The stench of rotten meat fouled the air, and it grunted as it moved with slow, plodding steps. Shorter than they, it had a solid build,
its squat body covered with fur. Saliva dripped from its mouth. Razor-sharp teeth glittered as it opened and closed its thick lips.
“Stay behind me, Briana!” Weylyn threw off his cloak and drew his sword from the scabbard. The demon breached the space between them, only feet away. It grunted as it moved, swaying with each step.
Faint with fright, Briana threw off her cloak and tugged at one of the stones to hurl it at the demon, but they were too big for her to dislodge. She glanced up. “Weylyn, look!” Another brute menaced them, then another and another.
Weylyn’s head turned from left to right, his body flexed to fight. How could he defeat them? The demons would get them, devour them. Gods, save us!
The earth shifted beneath them. Briana pressed her hand to her mouth, stifling a scream.
“Briana, hold onto me!” They moved back together, the monster still advancing. No matter how they moved, the ground shifted, then gave way.
“What? What?” Briana screamed again. She clung to him as they plunged down, down, down, until she thought they would fall forever. They finally stopped, and in spite of her sore ankle, she felt as if she’d landed on feathers.

About the Author:

shirley martin

Born in western Pennsylvania, Shirley Martin graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. She taught school for one year, then obtained a position as flight attendant with Eastern Air Lines. Based in Miami, she met her future husband there. After raising three sons, she devoted her time to writing, something she’d always wanted to do.

With a vivid imagination and a love of storytelling, Shirley has always enjoyed writing. Her first published novel, “Destined to Love” reflects her familiarity with western Pennsylvania and her love of romance writing. From this historical romance, she blossomed out to other romance genres. “One More Tomorrow” is a vampire romance, one her publisher dubbed “a sizzling seller.” With several fantasy novels and novellas, her writing should appeal to just about every lover of romance. Her books have been sold at Amazon and most major bookstores and have garnered great reviews.

A widow, Shirley lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her two cats.

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Halloween Books For Adults: Sweet and Spicy Romance Novels

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Who says Halloween isn’t a great time to fall in love? It doesn’t matter if there’s ghosts, skeletons, or even something much more sinister, these men are determined to fall into lust–and maybe love, too! Bring a little sexy (and a little scary, too) to your Halloween with these romance novel suggestions! Some of these are sweet romances but some of them are not. Make sure to read the blurbs!

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Dressed up and anonymous, Sadie Liberato feels powerful, sexy and free. Where better to lose herself than a masked party?

Gear Blackstone’s cheating ex and scheming best friend have managed to spin his life into a serious downward spiral. At least with a mask on he can cut loose for one night. And cut loose he does—with the sexiest, snarkiest chick he’s ever met.

After a scorching-hot encounter, Sadie and Gear are desperate to find each other in real life. But can the heat last when the masks come off?

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Maeve McMahan, a criminal defense attorney, has just blown the case of her career. When she returns home to the mountains of North Carolina to clear her head, she moves back in with her grandmother. On an easy hike, she meets the one woman she never expected to see: Delphine, The Witch of Roan Mountain.
Accused of a terrible crime she didn’t commit, Delphine has been haunting the county since just after the Civil War and she can’t rest until her name is cleared. She’s counting on Maeve’s help to get to the bottom of the century-old mystery.

Campbell Hyatt, a sheriff’s deputy, has never gotten over his first love, Maeve. When her grandmother breaks her leg, Campbell’s on duty and he finds Maeve at the top of Roan Mountain, convinced she’s seen a ghost. A cop who doesn’t believe in ghosts, he thinks Maeve needs to be focused on her grandmother not an old legend that hits a little too close to home for his liking.

With Maeve’s car out of commission and Granny stuck in the hospital, Campbell and Maeve are thrown together in a quest to find out why Delphine was branded a witch. It will take both of them to get to the bottom of a nineteenth century story love story that may impact them more than they realize. Can they banish a ghost without rekindling an old flame of their own?

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26798754New Release!

Carman has worn out more towns and last names than impractical shoes protecting the secret of her magic blood. But when a friend goes missing, and another is infected with a deadly spell, Carman must choose. Expose her magic blood by curing the spell—or stop the infection from spreading by killing the source…the grandmother.

Magic bounty hunter Dylan has scoured libraries of banned magic paraphernalia seeking a method to distinguish genuine witches from impersonators. He suspects unorthodox librarian Carman might hold this information tighter than the hair he’s dying to unleash from her bun. With a past as hidden as his sleeve of tattoos, Dylan discovers he’s been used to gain Carman’s trust and their passion risks more than mixing mortals and magic.

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26797241New Release!

One kiss can change everything. Dulcie has had a secret crush on her co-worker Rowan for ages, but she’s too shy to let him know, and preoccupied with raising her rebellious teenage sister. When she bumps into him in the darkness of a haunted barn, she can’t resist stealing just one kiss.

That kiss enchants Rowan. If only he could figure out the identity of the woman whose kiss haunts him. While running from a troubled past, he may find that the woman he least suspects could lead him out of the dark forever.

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26163421New Release!

Alabama, 1889. An arranged marriage, a dilapidated mansion, and a ghost determined to keep the new husband and wife apart…

Newlywed Tessa Travis approaches her new home — and her new husband — with more than a little trepidation. The once-fine home is in disrepair, and her husband, John, seems no more thrilled with their arranged marriage than she is.

To make matters even worse, her new home is haunted. And the ghost seems determined to keep Tessa and John from consummating their marriage.

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26854484It’s Halloween and Eve is stuck babysitting a group of fourteen year old girls. When she tries to prevent them from performing some magical ceremony, the last thing she expects is to find herself trapped in the Underworld. Not only that, but she is apparently there as a date for The Lord of the Dead. The fact that he’s hotter than Hades makes no difference to Eve – she knows she must resist his dark charm or she’ll never make it back to school on Monday morning.

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17312465Rena Mills plans to turn an abandoned abbey into a haunted bed-and-breakfast to prove she can be successful without her ex-fiancé. What she finds inside is Synn MacAllistair, the distinguished, self-proclaimed Ghost Keeper. Her dreams soon fill with sexual cravings for him. But are they dreams?

Synn, born in 1828, is determined to free the souls of the resident spirits, blaming himself for bringing the Red Death that killed them. When Rena steps into the old Pleasure Palace, he’s sure he can take her through the after-midnight Pleasure Rooms and stoke her passion to complete the Masque so the souls can cross over. Her innocent fire makes him crave more, but it’s far too late for him.

As Rena begins her erotic journey, her heart becomes more involved with every sensual caress until she discovers by completing the Masque she would lose her ghosts. Synn’s betrayal wars with her compassion for her ghostly friends. Torn, she must make a choice between her financial security and freeing seventy-three trapped souls. Either way, she could lose her Synn.

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26850235There’s something in the woods of Point Pleasant, West Virginia…

Ben Wisehart grew up in the idyllic town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. An early encounter with the supernatural shaped his worldview and served as the catalyst for his career as a bestselling horror writer.

Ben left Point Pleasant at the age of twenty. Thirteen years after abandoning his home, he returns to the town to investigate the apparent reemergence of the terrifying creature responsible for his childhood nightmares.

In Point Pleasant, Ben is confronted not only by the town’s resident monster, the Mothman, but also by his former best friend, Sheriff Nicholas Nolan.

Together, Ben and Nicholas uncover the mystery of the monster in the woods and discover that the ghosts that haunt us are sometimes made of flesh and blood.

And sometimes, they lead us home.

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26189863When Libbie McMaster gets guilted into going out on Halloween night, the last thing on her mind is finding her mate. Her self-imposed seclusion has served her well over the past nine months, keeping the ghosts, goblins, and bad memories at bay. But when she meets Jay, her whole world is turned upside down.

From the moment Libbie walked into the bar, Jay can’t keep his eyes off her. Everything about her screams one thing—his. He’s willing to give her the time she needs to get used to the idea of being mated to a werewolf, but when the creatures that lurk in the shadows threaten her, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means fighting her demons.

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26814794Eternal love or the final nail in the coffin…

Drew Carlton is a 25 year old athletic hunk who doesn’t know how good-looking he really is. He’s waited a long time for the special night when he enters Club Fangtasy, nervous about his first time with a man. Especially a man who also happens to be a vampire.

Ben Wilhelm won’t reveal his age. (Isn’t it rude to ask a vampire how old he is?) Ben’s not looking for love; he’s just looking for a warm place to sink his fangs for the night. When he sees the young stud across the dance floor, feelings are awakened deep within him that he hasn’t experienced in over a century.

When the revelation of a shocking secret raises the stakes, will the dark desires and forbidden attraction between a vampire and a human lead to eternal love or the final nail in the coffin?

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26801602New Orleans. Halloween. A séance. What could possibly go wrong? Toss in a questionable psychic that dabbles in voodoo, and Kate Rigaux is soon questioning her decision to summon a deceased 50s’ movie star at the All Hallows’ Eve bash.

James Wilde had lived hard and fast in Hollywood, but unfortunately he’d died the same when a wreck claimed his life way too soon. When he is summoned to Kate’s apartment, he couldn’t be happier. Afterall, what man doesn’t want a good-looking dame calling his name? His joy however, is diminished when he realizes she isn’t impressed with his hijinks, and is trying to send him on a one-way trip back to GhostVille.

Kate has worshipped James Wilde since seeing one of his films on a classic movie channel when she’d been in college. The worship quickly stops when he becomes her phanatastic roommate. His stunts have her friends, and even herself, questioning her mental stability. But against her will, she starts to care for the handsome haint, and she knows she has to find a way to make him leave before his non-beating heart breaks hers.

James realizes for the first time in his (after)life that he’s finally met someone that he can care about. But can he find a way to be with her before Kate finds a way to banish the banshee from her life?

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When Cassie’s ex-boyfriend and best friend dare her to spend a steamy Halloween night in a haunted asylum with them, old feelings aren’t the only thing she has to fear. Unbeknownst to Cassie, the last college students who spent the night in the old sanitarium were found brutally murdered. Now, she must survive the night as an evil spirit possesses her friends. Can the seductive ghost of a kind doctor save her from the madness threatening to destroy them all?
Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

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26202409Presented together for the first time, New York Times Bestselling Author, Heather Graham brings back three tales of paranormal love and adventure.

Lovers and Demons

Fleeing the unholy attentions of a creature of the night, Lenore Tyler, a ravishing Confederate smuggler, joins forces with a brave Yankee officer–and discovers ecstasy in the arms of her handsome, virile enemy.

And I Will Love You Forever

A beauty, overcome by war, triumphs in love when her strange dreams of a virile and ghostly Viking protector come true.

Vanquish The Night

Anne Pemberton, a beautiful Texas innocent falls under the haunting spell of a dashing exotic immortal, and is rescued from eternal damnation by the rapturous power of love.

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25859978Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town where Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year. The tourists think it’s all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs and all.

Willa Iscove, fae jeweler, has her first stalker. Really, he’s just one of her lovesick customers. The ring she crafted to help him find new love has backfired, making Willa the object of his affections. In a bid to rid herself of her amorous client, Willa makes a wish in the Nocturne Falls fountain using the piece of opal in her pocket and in doing so, unknowingly conscripts as her guardian the sexy gargoyle on duty.

Former Army Ranger and gargoyle Nick Hardwin has some serious suspicions about the pretty fae who just invoked the ancient pact for protection. Her kind have been at odds with his kind for ages. Now she wants his help? He’s determined to figure out what she’s up to. Which won’t be a hardship considering how much fun she is to be around. And kiss.

But then her stalker turns out to be the tip of the iceberg and things go really wrong, really fast. When Nick and Willa are both kidnapped, Willa is forced to make a hard decision. The life of her family or the freedom of the man she’s fallen for?

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~Risque Reads Brings You~

26 Tales of Sexy Shenanigans on All Hallow’s Eve!

These are all Fantasy First Times – how we all wish it had been! A little sweaty, a little scary, and a lot HOT! So snuggle up with a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy these stories from some of your favorite authors…

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What do you do when the lumberjack next door knocks on your door?

You let him the hell in!

There he stood in only jeans and work gloves–all bulging arms and chiseled abs.
I couldn’t help but look, stare even. How could I not? He looked like he knew his way around the female body and I was aching to find out exactly how much he knew.

If she keeps looking at me like that I’ll have her in every room, every way, all night AND all day. I’ll show her my world of pleasure and dominance. I’ll make her feel things she never thought possible. I’ll make her scream so loud the neighbors will know my name.

Well, they already do. I was the former town playboy after all.

As always, HEA, with no cheating and all the steamy, juicy details you love.

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It’s 1792 and Hope is on the run. She finds shelter in a glen called Sleepy Hollow. Luck is with her as the town is unexpectedly looking for a new teacher and Hope is hired for the job. Unfortunately, not everything is looking up for her. Not only is the mayor out to get her fired and the local witch determined to slice her up and brew her organs into potions, but hidden under the floorboards of her quaint little cabin, she finds a man. His name is Conall.

Conall is demanding, he’s ornery, and though he has undeniably handsome features, he is missing something of vital importance…

His body.

Beauty and the Horseman’s Head is a spooky, somewhat dark, twisted paranormal romance that combines the stories of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Beauty and the Beast in a way that will have you falling in love and gasping in fright.

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$.99 Mafia Romance Spotlight: Russian Pride by Holly Bargo

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Romance: New Adult, Mafia, and Contemporary

russian pride

Russian Love Book 4

Release Date: 9/30/17

Rescued from domestic abuse, Bratva princess Inessa recuperates from the latest beating in the home of Giovanni Maglione, the mafia captain of Cleveland. Learning that her husband double-crossed the Chinese triad, and they want their pound of flesh–and they’re happy to take it out of Inessa–her parents ask Giovanni to marry their newly widowed daughter. The Chinese triad will be looking for a Russian mobster’s wife, not the wife of an Italian mobster. Inessa agrees to this marriage of convenience which, of course, isn’t so convenient. The ruse fails, which forces Giovanni into a violent and bloody mob war, because he protects what’s his… and Inessa is most definitely his.

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They walked in thoughtful silence for a little while longer until Inessa mentioned this issue that had been weighing upon her conscience: “I really am grateful for your letting me impose upon your hospitality for so long, but I really am doing well enough to go back home.”
“You can’t,” Giovanni said, his voice stern and cool.
“What do you mean I can’t?”
“Your husband was involved in things he should not have been,” Giovanni hedged.
“The Chinese Triad.”
Giovanni gave her part of the story: “He was not particularly successful in his dealings with them and they seek recompense.”
“What does that have to do with me? I wasn’t involved in his business. Ruslan forbade me anything like that.” Ruslan had forbidden her almost everything.
“The Triad doesn’t care. They see you as collateral.”
“O, Bozhe,” Inessa murmured with renewed horror, which made her babble. “I’ll sell the house, all my jewelry to pay them back. I’ll get a job and send them payments, everything I earn.”
Giovanni took her gloved hand in his and gave it a little squeeze. “It’s about more than money, Inessa. Ruslan double-crossed them and more. They lost face. Now they’re determined to restore their honor and get revenge.”
“They’ve launched a vendetta.”
“Sì, and it will not be complete until they’ve annihilated you, Ruslan’s family, your family, and recovered their funds.”
“And that’s why Mama and Papa won’t discuss my moving back home. They hope the Triad won’t think to look for me here.”
He nodded, though he suspected the Triad would not be so easily fooled. “And that’s why they have also asked me to marry you. The Triad won’t be seeking a Mrs. Maglione.”
Inessa gaped in horrified surprise. “They can’t expect you to do that!”
“Maksim and Olivia do not expect any such thing, but they did ask… and I find I am not entirely averse to the idea.”

About the Author:

holly bargo newest

Holly Bargo is a pseudonym, but really did exist as a temperamental appaloosa mare whose memory still elicits smiles and entertaining anecdotes. The author has been writing improbable stories for over 40 years and only recently dove headfirst into publishing. She currently works as a freelance writer and editor, serves as the fantasy editor for Red Sun Magazine, and lives on a hobby farm in southwest Ohio with her husband, two sons, and a menagerie of four-legged critters.

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Romance Spotlight: The Surrender: Naughty by Nature Novel by Mel Bourne

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She was nothing like the women Foxe used to date but if she wasn’t his type why did he want her so badly?
Kayte never thought a man such as he would pay her attention. He was worldly and experienced, and her instincts told her to resist him.
Her constant rejection only deepened his need for her surrender. Will the danger she’s facing bring them together or prove to her that surrendering to a man like Foxe was even more dangerous?

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He gripped her chin between his thumb and forefinger and leaned in as if to kiss her. He stopped a breath away from her lips.
“Please,” she breathed.
Foxe laughed and kissed her on the lips.
“Such a tease,” he said rising to his feet. He pulled her up with him and Kayte tried to stand on unsteady legs. She couldn’t quite think straight.
“I want this.” She squeezed him. She would take the memory with her. It would warm her at night. “Right now,” she whispered. He shuddered beneath her and she knew he wanted her just as badly.