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Paranormal Romance: Fallen Redemption (The Trihune Series) by RB Austin @authorrbaustin

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fallen redemption

Fallen Redemption by RB Austin

The Trihune Series

Soul Mate Publishing

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cade committed himself to saving lives before he learned the full consequences of his life-altering decision. It wasn’t until he was tending his sick wife that he learned the enormity of what he’d done and he was unable to save her from the monster he had become. Consumed with guilt and praying for absolution, he threw himself into killing every Fallen he could find to save the humans he’d sworn to protect. But then Emma, deliciously mortal and completely forbidden, swept into his world, stirring an overpowering desire. Now he’s not only fighting soulless creatures, but also his inner cravings, trying to maintain his distance and continue on his path to forgiveness. He won’t lose control again and lose another love.





Llangwyllog, Anglesey

Caderyn yanked on the reins. His fevered mind barely registered the horse’s protested whinny. He threw his legs over the side and slid down. Wiping the sweat from his face with his coat sleeve, he staggered to the small wooden house.

I need the doctor.” His hoarse cry bellowed through the night. He pounded on the door. “Doctor!”

Fist raised and ready to knock again, the door opened two inches. “Are you the doctor?” A wave of dizziness swept through him. Clutching the doorframe, splinters dug into his fingertips. He. Would. Not. Faint.

Are you the doctor?” Caderyn peered through the opening and spied the shape of a portly, short man.

Yes.” A thin, high voice replied.

I need you to come with me. My wife. She’s sick. Smallpox.”

The doctor’s thoughts slammed into his head. Hurry . . . Quick . . . Shut door . . . breathe on you . . . touch you. “I can’t help you. The whole town is infected.”

Please. She’s with child.”

The doctor hesitated . . . unborn . . . saved . . . taken from the womb . . . No . . . risky . . . blood . . . contamination . . . Not worth my life . . .

Caderyn placed his hands against the door and pushed. Sarah needed help. His unborn babe needed help. The door swung free.

The doctor stumbled back, eyes wide. His expression changed to horror the moment he saw the red spots gracing Caderyn’s left cheekbone.

Ah . . . infected . . . Get the . . . The barrel of a rifle poked into Caderyn’s chest.

Leave. My. House.” The doctor enunciated each word with a jab of the gun.

Please,” Caderyn begged, stumbling out the door. “There’s no one else. My wife—”

I can’t help you.” The doctor jammed the gun into Caderyn’s chest one last time, forcing him further away, then slammed the door.

Caderyn lurched forward and pounded on the door. No. No. No. “You must help me. She’s with child.” A bout of coughing racked his body. He slapped his palm against the door. “I need help!”

Caderyn pushed from the door. His chest burned with every breath. It took three tries to get in the saddle. The doctor had said the whole town was infected. Where else could he go?

Wrapping his coat around his large frame, he hunched his shoulders. The chills were back. Spinning the horse, he kicked him into a gallop. He would care for Sarah himself.

Caderyn struggled to keep his eyes open against the rushing wind. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d slept. Between burying his daughters and taking care of Sarah, he hadn’t been able to rest when the sickness began to mark him. No matter, though. He was thirty-four and lived a long enough life. His unborn babe deserved a chance at living and he’d do everything possible to make sure it happened.

The wind whipped at his eyes making them tear. Raising the collar of his jacket, his fingers brushed over the marks on his face that rose that morning. Sally Mae had bumps all over her face and body before she died. Little Laura died two days after her fever begun. Sarah was just beginning to show the red spots.

Shivering violently, sweat beaded on his forehead. Burning up but unable to get warm. He had no energy to steer. It was too dark to see a horse’s length in front of him anyways. Laying his head down on the mane, he closed his eyes. This would offer a reprieve from the wind until his eyes adjusted. He’d lie here but for a moment.

Caderyn woke to the sensation of falling then the jolt of the hard, cold ground as he slammed into it, bounced once, then lay still. Breath sawed in and out of his lungs. His body and head ached. Rolling over, a groan pushed from his lips. Sitting or standing seemed an impossible task at the moment. Sarah. He gritted his teeth. Get up. Get up, damn, you. Bright light shone in his face and he covered his eyes with his hands. Did the moon break free of the clouds? Had it even been out? He stilled. Slowly dropped his hands, squinting at the sky. The light was so blinding he couldn’t see past it. Was this the sun?

Fear sliced through him. How long had he slept? The horse should have made it to the house by dawn. Had they turned somewhere? He tried to roll back over. Urgent, sloppy attempts to get onto all fours. Where was he? Sarah could be dying as he lay here. She could be—no—he had faith. The Creator would save her life. She carried one of His precious children.

Suddenly the bright light dimmed. Twisting his head to the sky, he searched for the proof it was still night. Please let it still be night.

He froze. Clouds didn’t cover the moon.

There was no moon. No sun.

It was a ghost. A glowing male body with long white hair stood next to him. Its face was indiscernible in the light.

Caderyn trembled with fear. His boot heels dug into the ground, forming grooves in the dirt as he tried to move and went nowhere. The ghost laid his hand upon Caderyn’s upper arm. Mouth open, Caderyn inhaled to scream. Before he could utter a sound, a wave of peace swept through him. Strong and fierce.

There was no fear. No aches. No worries. Just quiet nothingness. He stiffened. Things were never quiet for him. Not with his curse. But he heard none of the ghost’s internal thoughts. Was he cured by its touch?

You’ve not been cured of what you call your curse, son.” The ghost’s voice was deep, methodic. A warm blanket on a cold, winter night.

You can hear me?


Caderyn’s heart skipped a beat. “Why can’t I hear you?” His voice cracked. Licking his lips he wished—his canteen appeared a hand’s length away. He startled.

Don’t be afraid. I mean you no harm, Caderyn O’Cearnaigh of Llangwyllog.”

Who are you?”

The ghost held out his hand. It no longer appeared ghost-like or glowing. The hand was attached to a solid arm and a solid body. Maybe the thing next to him wasn’t a ghost.

Caderyn glanced at the offering then into the man’s piercing blue eyes. He laid his hand into the outstretched palm. Their skin connected. The glow returned. Panic rose. Frantic now, Caderyn tried to pull free. The man tightened his hold.

He braced himself for fiery heat, but the glow only warmed. When it encased his body completely, he began to hear. And see. Not only thoughts and images of the present but ones from the past and in the future. His mind raced to understand what he saw. Beings. Not of this world. Glowing. Like the man next to him. Holy. His breath caught. It was the Creator. Three beings stood next to Him. No, not next. In front. Protecting Him. From Apollyon. The betrayer. These three were the Fathyr, Sonh, and Holyspiryt. Then came war. Banishment. Uprising. Creation. On both sides. The Trihune were born. More protectors. Like the man next to him. Elias. One of seven Sonhs. A Behnshma, one of three species of the Trihune.

Elias stood, and the glow faded from Caderyn’s body.

Will you, Caderyn O’Cearnaigh of Llangwyllog, lead my kindred against the fight with Apollyon and lend protection to the Creator’s Followers?”

Followers. He meant humans. Like . . . What of my Sarah and unborn child?

They are beyond my help.”

On some level, he’d known his wife wouldn’t make it, but he believed, hoped. Pain consumed him. He squeezed his eyes shut. His anguished cry pierced through the night. Memories of the last weeks, months, swept through him.

The horrible wretchedness at having to bury Sally Mae and Laura. The guilt for allowing that stranger into their home. The worry over his wife and unborn child. The pain and ache in his own body. The tautness of his upper cheek where the sickness begun its destruction.

He opened his eyes. Could this man fix it? Elias could turn him into a Behnshma. Perhaps he could bring Sally Mae and Laura back. Caderyn’s eyes widened at the possibility. Elias could cure Sarah and the unborn babe. Caderyn would exchange his life for theirs. Gladly, he’d suffer in their place.

And that is why I chose you, son. But I’m terribly sorry. I cannot revive the dead.”

My Sarah, then?”

She’s on her path. I can only change what could be, not what’s already occurred.”

What would be the point of following this man, then? A hurricane of anger ripped through his body. It stirred his blood, giving him strength. Ignoring Elias’s outstretched hand, he rose into a sitting position. Enough of this. He needed to be with Sarah for however long she had left. To feel his child move in her womb one more time.

I’m sorry I can’t save them.” Elias moved too fast for Caderyn to block. “But you, you can save many.” He grasped Caderyn’s palm, trapping it in between his hands.

Again, image after image flashed through Caderyn’s mind. This time quick, but vivid. Each burned into his brain.

Horrible. Bloody. Body after body. Nothing mattered to these beasts.

A man. His throat ripped into pieces. Eyes open and staring unseeing. Horror captured forever in his expression.

A woman. Dead. Unclothed. Bruised neck. Legs spread wide. Blood dried on her inner thighs. Long deep cuts on her neck, wrists, and belly.

A child. Thrown to the ground like an abandoned toy. Limbs twisted out of place. Blood pooled underneath its tiny body.

Every emotion the victims possessed before death was Caderyn’s. Pain. Terror. Hopelessness. He was the one being pursued, tortured, beaten, violated. Falling to the ground on all fours, he panted for air. Elias was no longer touching him but the images didn’t stop. These people had not been saved. Apollyon and his creation, the Fallen, had slaughtered these victims. Their demise had been drawn-out. So much violence. They were monsters. Murderers.

The pictures changed. Caderyn saw himself. Different, yet the same. Stronger. He knew how to kill. Protect. Fighting the Fallen he wielded a large curved sword as if it was an extension of his arm. Moving with grace and speed he didn’t now possess, he saved an old man. A young boy. A family. A couple.

Five against one. Kill after kill. Fallen after Fallen. He rescued. Defended. Guarded.

A woman with child. He swung his sword high and in one swoop cut off a Fallen’s head. It disappeared in a gray cloud. The woman gazed at him. Tears ran down her face. Her hand curved protectively over her extended belly. Fear faded, replaced by relief, thankfulness, and gratitude.

The last emotion hit Caderyn deep in his stomach. The woman was grateful he’d been there. She was alive because he’d been there.

The image flickered out and the mind storm stopped. Caderyn’s head hung low in between his arms. His chest ached from panting. He wanted to weep.

How could he choose any other path? How could he let that woman and all the others down? He wanted to go back and save those who were already lost.

What emerged what a whisper, but he knew Elias would hear him even if he chose not to speak. “Yes.”

Caderyn was whirled onto his back in the dirt. He watched two of Elias’s teeth grow in size, sharpening at the ends. Terror stuttered his heart. Striking fast, Elias’s teeth punched through the skin at his neck.

About the Author:

RB Austin is a writer of paranormal romances and YA novels. She puts her slightly neurotic organizational skills to good use managing her time as a wife, mother, full time worker, author, and blogger. Her dream is to become a full time writer and move down south where she can sit on the sunniest beach with her laptop and a bag of chocolates, writing what the voices in her head tell her to. In her spare time she enjoys knitting. Her current project is a dog sweater because even if it turns out ugly and full of holes her cairn terrier can’t complain. RB is a member of Romance Writers of America and is currently working on the second novel in her Trihune series and a YA supernatural novel. Fallen Redemption is her debut novel.

Connect with RB Austin:






Paranormal Romance Feature: My Wolf Fighter by Rose Wynters @author_rose

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Paranormal Romance, Werewolf Romance

my wolf fighter

Series: Wolf Town Guardians #4

Amanda Wyatt is having a bad month. Her job as a bartender at the Red Ruby is on the line, her cheating boyfriend has thrown her out, and she’s dying. Now homeless and without any hope, she’s resigned to living in her car in the woods… until a naked man walks out of the darkness to change her mind.

Ryker is a werewolf with a major chip on his shoulder. He’s pissed at the world. But one look at Amanda’s curvy body is enough to make his mouth run dry. Ryker knows exactly what she needs… and he’s just the werewolf to give it to her.

Buy this book now at:

Amazon l Amazon UK l Barnes and Noble


“I’m sorry, but our tests are clear. You have pancreatic cancer.”
Tears streamed down Amanda’s face as she sat in her car, replaying the doctor’s words over and over again. He’d said quite a bit in that brief time, but her mind wasn’t capable of moving past the diagnosis. She blinked hard, her throat and nose clogged with tears. She was only twenty-nine, but she had cancer. A very deadly form of cancer, if the doctor’s tests could be believed.

About the Author:

I have a huge fascination with the paranormal and the unexplained, and this isn’t just limited to vampires and werewolves. I think there are so many things in this world that are just simply mysterious, and I’m intrigued by this. I’m secretly relieved that science can’t explain all… the romantic in me believes that the world needs a few things that simply defy explanation.


Dystopian Romance: Curvaceous Condemnation by Rose Wynters

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curvaceous condemnation

Evil is eternal…

When Scarlett Hamilton purchases the historical home in the Garden District of New Orleans, she believes she has finally found the peace she’s been searching for. But there’s something much darker lurking behind the beautiful gardens and elegant home. An ancient evil has its sights set on her… and there’s only one man who can save her.

Vincent Chavalerio is an immortal Endurer with a dark past and a lecherous demon who refuses to let him go. After being put to sleep for nearly two hundred years, he’s awakened and ordered to protect the blonde beauty now living in his home. But keeping her alive isn’t going to be as easy as he thought it would be. Scarlett is cursed, and Vincent will have to face his own dark past if he has any hopes of saving her…

The Endurers:
Book One: Rubenesque Rapture – Shayne’s story
Book Two: Curvaceous Condemnation – Vincent’s story
Book Three: Delicate Devastation – Peter’s story
Book Four: Voluptuous Vindication – Ian’s story

The books in this series can be read in any order, although it’s recommended to start with book one! Each book is a complete novel.

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The night was inky black as she opened the back door and stepped out into the darkness. A thick fog surrounded her as she walked down the wooden steps and into the grass. The wet dew was cold against the bottom of her feet. Even in sleep, she felt the chill.

 It was unnaturally silent as she made her way to the garden pond. The white linen nightgown stuck to her body, wet from humidity and sweat, although the night was cool. She trembled, but it didn’t deter her. She had to get to that pond.

 Her unease increased with each step, but she wouldn’t allow anything to stop her. Her past, present, and future were to be found within its depths. Surefootedly she made her way closer, hearing her name on the wind as she neared.

 “Come, Scarlett,” the woman said, enticingly. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

 Her vocal cords felt frozen, but a response wasn’t needed. The woman understood her in a way nobody else could.

 The fog parted to allow her through, and then closed around them as she neared the pool. It was alive and lit up from within, the milky depths swirling. The statue stood in the middle of it, her eyes aware and glowing red.

 A voice deep within her told her to stop and run, but she was incapable of obeying. Why would she run when the sum of her life amounted to this very moment? Walking to the edge, she placed her hands on the marbled tiles that framed the swirling depths. The tile felt impossibly hot, but the pain was unrecognizable to her entranced mind.

 “Poor, sweet, beautiful Scarlett, all alone in the world. What would you say if I told you I have it within my power to reunite you with your beloved Niles? All it takes is a yes.” Her voice was an enticing whisper that made Scarlett want to do her bidding.

 The grief and pain of Niles loss nearly overwhelmed her. Would she take the chance to be reunited with him? She stood mutely, her mind moving sluggishly.


About Rose Wynters:

Bestselling author of My Wolf King. Hopeless romantic that enjoys excitement, fun, and gorgeous men. I have a great love of romance and the supernatural, and I have fun combining them into romance books that push every boundary in the literary world. After all, shouldn’t romance be hot? Read my books if you enjoy alpha, immortal men.

When not writing I enjoy getting out in the world by traveling, meeting new people, or camping! Visit my website at

Science Fiction Romance: Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine Part One by Desiree Broussard

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Vampire Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Futuristic Romance

taken vampire concubine 1 cover new

Keely was used to fighting to survive. It was the only way to live in the ruined and ravaged remains of humanity. Never in her wildest dreams did she really believe that vampires were real. At least she didn’t until the night she was abducted.

Taken and held captive with four other women, they quickly learn the reason for their abduction. Due to a genetic fluke, their blood contains the v factor… and the vampires want them to repopulate their world.

Expected to participate in a market and pick a mate, Keely is floored by her attraction to the sexy vampire that guards her. But he’s not the only one that wants her. How can any female choose?

$.99 on Amazon Kindle

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About the Author:

I’ve always had a fascination with vampires. My ideal man evolved from tall, dark, and sexy to tall, dark, and sexy with fangs. And so my fantasy was born.

My first release is Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine (Part One). If you like a safe and neat series, this is not for you. Taken is very dark in nature, with strong sexual themes, dangerous situations, and Gothic undertones throughout it. When you open the pages to my series, you’re stepping into a world ruled by beings that survive on blood. There’s nothing safe about that.

The year is 2050, and Keely has just been abducted from her home in small-town USA. Blindfolded and bound, she is taken into outer space and delivered into a world with three moons and no sun. Almost immediately, she discovers her fate. Due to a rare blood factor she’s been taken and now she’s expected to select a male vampire mate and breed.

The attraction between her and her guard is instantaneous, but where can it lead? Now a concubine, Keely is taken for her grooming. The market is quickly approaching, her future dark and uncertain. She’s destined to be a vampire’s concubine, but which one will she pick?

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Paranormal Romance: The Bloodline War by Tracy Tappan

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the bloodline war

Genres: Paranormal Romance



2014 BRONZE MEDAL AWARD WINNER for ROMANCE—Independent Publisher’s Book Awards (IPPY)

“If you like Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione & J.R. Ward, you have to read this new series by Tracy Tappan!”
~ Fan review

Desperate to save their dying people, a brotherhood of Vârcolac warriors steal genetically superior women for a repopulation program…until the beautiful doctor they kidnap this time stirs up a mutiny…

A computer hacked hospital blood test confirms that Dr. Toni Parthen carries a gene that’s the key to salvation for a unique race of human beings. Abducted to a secret, underground community, Toni is asked to do the unthinkable: procreate with a man from a race called Vârcolac—a species that must consume the blood of other humans to survive. Then bizarre turns dangerous, because a new, mysterious enemy also wants her special DNA, and Toni finds herself in the middle of an all-out war to possess her.

It’s the job of Jacken Brun, leader of the Warrior Class, to keep the captured women safe from a demonic race of humans who rule a neighboring part of their underground world. His challenges multiply when Toni inflames the women into mutiny, and then there’s his biggest problem…his growing desire for the infuriating woman herself. Afflicted with a dark genetic makeup, Jacken can never be with a woman. But that doesn’t stop him from chasing after her when the new enemy faction unearths Toni and drags her to their hidden lair, where they’ll inflict an unspeakable cruelty on her to gain access to her valuable genes.

It will take every warrior skill Jacken owns to save the woman he loves, but only if he can find her in time….

Content guidelines: contains profanity, violence, and adult situations.



Big, Dark and Murderous was standing over by a black entertainment center, his hands planted on his hips and a scowl knitting his eyebrows into a fierce vee. The proverbial tower of manhood and menace. He was dressed in that super sexy all-black workout gear the warriors wore for training, and although he was still his usual scary self, he also looked surprisingly…well…super sexy.

Toni’s stomach gave a start and then a funny flutter at the sight of him. Powerful muscles stood out in rigid relief against the tight fabric of his gear, his body so clearly articulated with grooves and crevices he could’ve been held up in anatomy class as an example of the perfect male specimen. These are the quadriceps, class, this, the tibialis anterior, and this part right here between his legs is theoh, my. Let’s just all make a ‘yum’ noise, shall we.

Toni briefly closed her eyes. She really needed to get some help.

Well?” he pressed in a peeved tone. “I asked you a question.”

Yes, I’m…uh…” I’m here to steal a key card so that I can instigate an escape plan. She covertly scanned the room for inspiration on another excuse, figuring the truth wouldn’t go over well with a man of Jaċken’s temperament. It was then she noticed just how black his bedroom was: black wooden dresser and entertainment center, sleek black lacquered wet bar, black bedspread with a dark gray geometric design on it. Sheesh. If her bedroom was Louis XVI, Dev’s like a cozy room out of a château, then this bedroom—in keeping with the whole French theme—was Marquis de Sade all the way. Well, at least the bedroom fit the man this time.

I just came to see if, um…” Her gaze zeroed in on a stack of DVD’s in his entertainment center. “If you wouldn’t mind if I borrowed a movie.”

You ever hear of knocking first? I was about to get into the shower. I could’ve been standing here naked, lady.”

That gave her pause. Despite all logic, the thought of Jaċken naked wasn’t a wholly unpleasant prospect. Not at all, in fact. Clearing her throat, she started forward. “I’m a doctor, Mr. Brun,” she said in the kind of overly patient tone she knew would annoy him. “You surely don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.” Mmm, that was about as big a joke as it had been with Dev.

She drew up right in front of him, and startled as a tingle of sensual awareness lit off a short burst of heat in her belly. She was close enough to smell him now, clean male sweat and a hint of Old Spice deodorant and Irish Springs soap; everything that was completely masculine and just about curled all the fine hairs on her body. An immense power radiated off of him, like the force of a tornado barely held in check, along with determination and confidence and ruthless intelligence, and something…strangely raw.

Her lips parted on a small breath, all that was feminine in her helplessly reacting to him. What was it about this man? How was it that she was even more aware of all the glorious differences between men and women while standing here with Jaċken than she had been with Dev, when he’d been naked as a jaybird?

Would you mind backing the fuck up?” Jaċken ground out, his nostrils flaring white at the rims. “Being this close to your smell is about as much fun as a fork in the eye.”

Cured, instantly, of all wayward thoughts. Bristling, she plunked her hands on her hips. “Up yours, Jaċken. You’re such a misogynist, I swear to God.”

About the Author:

tracy tappan

After earning a master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, Tracy Tappan enjoyed several years of doing clinical work before devoting herself full time to writing. She was born with a fertile imagination that has compelled her to write gritty romance novels, spanning paranormal, historical, and military suspense genres. During nearly a quarter of a century spent as a military wife, she lived all over the United States and in Europe, enjoying seven years overseas in the diplomatic community, first in Rome then in Madrid. She is also the founder and creator of a fan-based website called The Character Couch, where romance’s favorite couples are brought into a session with therapist, Regan Malloy.

She’s now settled back in sunny San Diego with her husband, a menagerie of pets, and two children who seem to think they can come and go as they please.





The Character Couch