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Psychological Thriller Spotlight and Author Interview: On The Verge by Dan R. Fowler @DanRFowler2

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Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

on the verge

Release Date: July 10, 2017

Publisher: Light Switch Press

A life unhinged. Dreams shattered with no answers to how to fix them. Jackson is sitting in a hospital treatment room.

His life is hopeless memories and whispers full of shadows, until death comes to visit. This story is based on some truth about personality disorders, suicide and dysfunctional demons. Ben, Carl, Denny, Darrell, Johnny, and Randy, the “others,” share the same body, but each has a different life. Things are out of control. Dr. Alfred Fine “Jake” tries to help Jackson come to terms with his friends. A traumatic climax ensues with the introduction of Januari Winters. There seems to be nowhere to turn, but the answer comes very unexpectedly.

Available as both an e-book and paperback and free on Kindle Unlimited!

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Mary glanced down a pastel-colored corridor that now was mired with fingerprints from children wishing to find something to do or perhaps leaving an initial of a friend. She followed the lines on the wallpaper that led to the room and to Jackson. Anger and discuss swelled within her as she thought of the time and life she had given away to him. Recounting the memories, times together, she thought it had meant something to him. Wonderful things had been accomplished by both of them, or so she thought. Where had this stranger entered into their life?
Angry tears ripped at her eyes. She wondered how he could have done such a thing. There was no reason to change, no reason to become what he was now. She had raised their son; she thought she had done her best. Besides, he wanted this child, he begged for a son. She kept up the house, perhaps not a spotless one, but livable and comfortable. Life wasn’t that bad, really. What had gone wrong?

About the Author:

dan r fowler

Dan Fowler was born in West Virginia. He attended public schools graduating with Honors. He attended Bluefield State College, Bluefield, WV, earning an undergraduate management degree BA and attended Hawaii Pacific University, receiving his graduate degree in Management, MA/HRM. Dan worked with U.S. Steel Corporation 1975-1986, served in United States Navy 1986-1994, served as Assistant Director/Director: Project Development with HPI/Diagnostic, Inc., Pharmaceuticals, Trenton, NJ, (1994-1997) and Associate Director, Deborah Heart Foundation, New Jersey, 1997-1999. Dan taught at a two year Georgia Community College Brunswick, GA -Business & Industry Division. He serves as an Executive Director and Management Consultant for IMC. He lives in Georgia with his wife Mary and granddaughter.

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Author Interview:

How many books do you currently have published? 2 books are currently published

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why? On The Verge is my favor because it allowed me to expose myself to a variety of characters within the same main character, Jackson Stafford

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release? Yes, I’m currently working on a new Jackson Stafford thriller.

What do you enjoy most about writing? Writing allows me to become anyone I wish.

Do you ever get writer’s block? Yes but I step away from my work and take a different perspective of the character.

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why? In On The Verge, Jackson Stafford has multiple personalities, all unique. I must say Carl is the favorite probably because he knows now laws or standards.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers? Be patient, but be vigilant about your skill and talent. Never be afraid to launch out.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why? New readers should read On The Verge first. It’s the first in the series that sets the stage for the following novels

Do you have any extras you’d like to share, like a teaser about an upcoming new release,  a summary of a deleted scene, or a teaser about a surprising plot twist or character? The next in this series, The Deception of Jackson Stafford, will explore his seduction by one of the personalities he thought was controlled in On The Verge.  His travels under the city lights of Philadelphia, PA, Los Angeles, CA, Albuquerque, NM, Los Vegas, NV, and Jacksonville, FL
and the dark streets and back highways expose many unlikely experiences for Jackson Stafford.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read? I enjoy Dean Koontz novels.

What about television shows? Movies? Love SYFY

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say? I’ve never given up on my dreams.

Romantic Suspense Spotlight: The Body Next Door by Gay Yellen @GayYellen

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Romantic Suspense, Mystery

body next door 3

Samantha Newman Mystery Series Book 2

Samantha Newman desperately needs a new job, a place of her own, and a fix for her rocky romance with cyber-security expert Carter Chapman. But with a dead man next door and the missing wife hiding in Samantha’s temporary apartment, Sam gets dragged into the mess. To make matters worse, there’s a stalker haunting her balcony. When the investigation ruins her chance for a great career and a happy future with the man she loves, she risks everything to try to solve the mystery herself. A Chanticleer Mystery & Mayhem Award Winner!

Free on Kindle Unlimited

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I could barely hear Gertie’s voice above a piercing yowl that cut through the earpiece. “Gertie? What’s happening?”

“Sorry for the hour, dear, but I’m at my wit’s end. There’s a situation here with your neighbor and, well, I don’t want to have to call 9-1-1.”

“My neighbor? Which one?”

Another wail drowned Gertie’s answer. I took a guess. “Is she thirty-something, brunette and big-bosomed?”



“Last thing she needs is another drink.”

“It’s her name. Brandy.”

“Oh. Well, she’s a mess. I let her come in for a minute, and now she won’t go home.”

I should have warned Gertie about potential trouble down the hall. Brandy Bayne and her husband Irwin had marital issues, or alcohol issues, or both, as far as I could tell from their middle-of-the-night yelling. Sometimes she ended up on the wrong side of their front door, pounding and begging Irwin to let her in.

Whatever the problem was, quiet soon prevailed. I’d always stayed out of it, but tenderhearted Gertie had likely opened our door to offer help, only to be sucked into the drama.

“Make her drink lots of water.”

“I did. But I think—” The roar and hiss from a hauler speeding past me drowned the rest.

“Say again?”

Her words came in a whisper. “I think she has a bigger a problem. There’s blood.”

Blood? “Are you sure you shouldn’t call 9-1-1?”

“She begged me not to, and she doesn’t seem to be bleeding now. Besides, Mr. Chapman wouldn’t like the intrusion. You know how private he is.”

He was private all right, enough to run off without saying why, or where to, or when he’d return. Still, Gertie was his assistant. Surely she could get a message through. “Call him and explain. He’ll understand.”

“He’s not to be disturbed, unfortunately.”

I shut my eyes and shifted to Plan B for handling a drunken fool. “Can you get her clothes off and put her in the shower?”

“She was naked when I found her.”


“It was a shock, believe me. I cleaned her up the best I could. I know you can’t do much from there, but if you have any other ideas . . .”

“Actually, I’m on the road, about an hour away. Call 9-1-1. They’ll get there quickly. Carter will understand. Just keep her off the furniture, okay?”

I disconnected and banged my head on the steering wheel. I’d pushed myself to get home, and for what? Practically everyone important in my life was gone. The career I’d worked so hard to build, ruined. And the person I thought could be the man of my dreams, vanished. Yet here I was, bee-lining it back to the city where it all went down.

About the Author:

Gay Yellen

Gay Yellen has been sneezed on by an elephant, held at gunpoint and survived a killer California earthquake, which may explain her penchant for writing cliffhangers. After careers in acting and magazine editing, she now writes the Samantha Newman Series, mystery novels with a touch of romance and humor. The Body Next Door is a 2017 Chanticleer Mystery & Mayhem Award Winner.

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Mystery Spotlight: Barnabas Tew and The Case Of The Missing Scarab by Columbkill Noonan @ColumbkillNoon1

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Mystery, Historical, Detective

Barnabas Tew Book

Release Date: 7/26/17

Publisher: Crooked Cat Books

Barnabas Tew is a private detective struggling to survive in his trade in Victorian London. Fearing that he is not as clever as he had hoped to be, he is plagued by a lack of confidence brought on in no small part by his failure to prevent the untimely deaths of several of his clients.

Matters only get worse when Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, is referred to Barnabas by a former client (who perished in a terribly unfortunate incident which was almost certainly not Barnabas’ fault). Anubis sends for Barnabas (in a most uncivilized manner) and tells him that the scarab beetle in charge of rolling the sun across the sky every day has been kidnapped, and perhaps dismembered entirely.

The Land of the Dead is in chaos, which will soon spill over into the Land of the Living if Barnabas – together with his trusty assistant, Wilfred – cannot set matters to right. Pulled from his predictable (if unremarkable) life in Marylebone, Barnabas must match his wits against the capricious and dangerous Egyptian gods in order to unravel the mystery of the missing beetle and thereby save the world.

Free on Kindle Unlimited

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“There!” exclaimed Wilfred, pointing ahead for he thought that he had seen a shadow moving in the hallway. “Pardon? Excuse me? Sir?” he called to the imaginary shadow, thinking that it must have belonged to a person. He hurried after it.
Barnabas was about to follow (although, in truth, he was doubtful there was anyone there; still he had no wish to be left alone in this eerie place) when he heard a sound coming from behind him. He turned around and squinted into the shadows.
He heard the sound again, a bit closer this time, so that he was able to identify it as a voice. It wasn’t his imagination after all! But there was something strange about the voice, a rhythmic sound to it as though someone were chanting. And underneath of that was a more subtle sound that he struggled to interpret. It sounded like something was being dragged across the floor.
Someone chanting oddly whilst dragging things along the floor made no sense to Barnabas, and he scratched his head as he thought about it. Should he be frightened? Was it a ne’er-do-well up to some cryptic or occult shenanigans in the bowels of the museum? Ought he to run after Wilfred and seek out the authorities?
Then it came to him. It must be a cleaning man singing as he pushed his mop to and fro. That would account for the chanting as well as the dragging. He laughed a bit at his own excitability. Clearly the mummy had spooked him more than he had thought.
“Hello?” he said, thinking smugly that perhaps he had found their deliverer whilst Wilfred was off chasing shadows. “Is someone there? We seem to be quite lost. If you could just point us in the right direction…”
But he broke off mid-sentence. It seemed that his first assessment of the situation had, in fact, been the correct one. The figure he saw rounding the corner behind him was most certainly a ne’er-do-well of the utmost kind, and what it was doing was the very description of occult shenanigans.
Incredibly, the thing (for surely this could not be described as a man!) that followed Barnabas looked something like a person but with the head of a jackal. This beast looked much like the pictures of the gods of the dead that he and Wilfred had so marvelled over just minutes ago.
The creature was chanting in a deep, low voice and moving its hands strangely, almost like it was trying to emulate an orchestra conductor even though there was no orchestra present. And then Barnabas saw what the movements and chants of the jackal-man were actually directing, and his feet froze to the spot in terror.

About the Author:

Columbkill Noonan

Columbkill Noonan was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. She teaches Anatomy and Physiology at a university in Maryland. Her writing is mostly speculative fiction (especially stories that involve mythology, or the supernatural, or any combination thereof). Some of her work is a bit on the spooky side, but usually there is a touch of humor (who says the afterlife has to be serious?)

When she’s not teaching or writing, Columbkill can be found with her rescue horse (whose name is Mittens), hiking in the woods, or doing yoga of all kinds (aerial yoga and SUP yoga are particular favorites). She is an avid traveler, and most of her travels have resulted in a story (The Unexpected Travelers was written after a seriously oxygen-deprived trip to Machu Picchu). You can visit her on her website,, or on Twitter @ColumbkillNoon1, or on Facebook

Thriller Box Set Spotlight and Interview: Meredith & Hodge Series: Books 1 – 3 by Marcia Turner @MarciaKimTurner

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British Detective

MK Turner Boxset

John Meredith & Patsy Hodge are excellent detectives, but often secretive and conflicted in both their working and personal relationship. However, nothing gets in the way of them solving a case.
Discover them and their world in this three book box set, containing over 1300 pages of murder, mystery, blackmail & kidnap. Clever plots twist and turn to a satisfying conclusion. Find out why over 70,000 readers have downloaded M K Turner’s popular series.

Misplaced Loyalty – Assisted suicide or euthanasia? Meredith calls it murder!
Ill Conceived – Why is an apparently innocent young woman prime suspect in a motiveless, senseless murder?
The Wrong Shoes – Why did a pair of shoes set off a string of murders and a kidnapping?

Want the answers? Download the box set now! 39% discount and FREE on KU

Read this box set on Amazon Kindle

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Excerpt from Misplaced Loyalty:

Patsy followed as Meredith strode up the path, stepping to one side as a young man, dressed in a blue coverall suit, came out of the house. He paused to look at her.

“Hello, you’re new,” he observed, “nice to meet you. I’m Frankie, Frankie Callaghan.” He held out his hand. Shaking it, Patsy smiled warmly, but Meredith called her before she had time to respond.

“Come on Hodge, we haven’t got time for flirting.” Meredith turned to face Frankie. “And you probably have blood to process or something. Get on with it!” he snapped as he stepped over the threshold. Patsy gave Frankie an apologetic shrug.

As they walked into the hall, they became aware of sobbing coming from behind the door to their left. A head appeared over the banister above them and a deep well-spoken voice exclaimed, “At last, I thought you were never coming. We’ve just about finished here, but I wanted a word before we moved the body.” The man lowered his voice as he ended the sentence, and nodded towards the closed door. “The mother has the note; you’ll need to see her in a moment. Come on up.”

The face disappeared, and Meredith climbed the stairs two at a time, Patsy on his heels.

As they entered the bedroom, Professor Jasper James snapped his case shut, and stood to greet them. His wiry grey hair, together with the deep creases on his brow, gave away the fifty-five years that his athletic build belied. Despite his smile, Patsy thought his eyes were sad as he turned to her.

“Oh yes, you are new, and so young and so pretty.” He flashed a knowing look at Meredith. “I heard young Frankie greet you before this oaf rudely interrupted the introductions.” He stepped forward and took Patsy’s hand. “You may call me Jasper, and you are?”

“Patsy, Patsy Hodge.” Her smile was brief as she caught sight of the body of a young man on the bed behind him. He was probably aged no more than mid-twenties, and clad only in boxer shorts. Jasper James followed her gaze.

“Edward Browning. Twenty-six last week. His mother found him this morning when she returned from work. He has a brain tumour the size of an egg, and decided to end it all by taking an overdose of morphine.” He pointed to a syringe and some empty phials, arranged neatly on a tissue on the bedside cabinet. “As mentioned, the mother has the note. She wouldn’t let us take it.”

“A suicide then? So why call me out? You don’t need a DI for this.” Meredith making no attempt to hide his irritation as he looked around the neat and tidy bedroom.

“Ah yes, well, that’s where young Frankie comes in. Apparently we had another, two months ago he reckons. I was on holiday at the time but he is certain about it, and as I trust his judgement I thought you would want to be in on it at this stage.”

“Another what, suicide? Now why would your over-excitable colleague believe that I would be interested in a couple of suicides?” Meredith rubbed his hands wearily over his face, and then pinched the bridge of his nose before allowing his thumb and forefinger to travel up and down its length. “Bloody amateur, he should stick to what he knows. You can tell him that from me, I have better things to do with -”

Meredith was interrupted by Jasper James, who waved a finger at him and exclaimed, “Ha! Well, that’s it you see. Young Frankie was sticking to what he knows. He took the photographs on the last case, and apparently the apparatus,” he paused to jerk his head toward the bedside cabinet, “was laid out in an identical fashion. This indicated that this may be an assisted suicide at the very least. He’s gone to dig out the other photos for you.” James bent to pick up his bag. “That’s me done. I’ll send the boys up to get the body, and leave you to it.”

About the Author:

MK Turner

Marcia Turner

Having worked in the property industry for most of her adult life, latterly at a senior level for a corporate agency, Marcia finally escaped in 2010. Whilst she still works as a consultant for several independent agencies, she can now dedicate the bulk of her time to writing and of course reading.

Marcia has enjoyed writing for many years but only for pleasure and friends or family. Her first novel Murderous Mishaps is a farcical whodunit set in her favourite hotel in Cornwall, although she did of course change the name so as not to tarnish their reputation. Marcia wrote Murderous Mishaps for a friend, who after regaling her with all the latest gossip said ‘they wouldn’t believe you if you wrote it down.’ So she did. All based on true stories but totally exaggerated of course. Murderous Mishaps is available on Amazon.

Misplaced Loyalty was her debut novel in published format, and introduced the popular DCI John Meredith and Patsy Hodge, in the Meredith & Hodge crime series. There are now seven books in the series. Marcia has recently released the prequel to the Meredith & Hodge series, The Making of Meredith.

Marcia is married with two children, three dogs, and lives in Bristol UK.
Marcia can be contacted at
Twitter @MarciaKimTurner or on Facebook

Author Interview:

How many books do you currently have published? I currently have ten novels published, six in the Meredith & Hodge series, The Making of Meredith, which is the prequel to the series and three stand alone novels

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why? Misplaced Loyalty – because that’s where I met John Meredith, and found that the plotting and planning necessary for a full length novel was something I loved to do.

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release? I am currently working on a novel about a scriptwriter investigating the mysterious disappearance of an actress twenty years ago. The working title is Witness for Wendy

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it? I don’t get writers block as such, but I do get frustrated when something isn’t/hasn’t worked within the story. When that happens I go to my work in progress number two. I have so many idea’s buzzing around that there’s always something to work on. Then I go back to the main work with a fresh mind and get it sorted.

Have you ever had one of your characters to take a twist you weren’t expecting and surprise you? Most of them, I don’t make meticulous plans or notes for any novel, I take the nub of an idea, sketch out the main characters, and think I know what ending I’m aiming for. However, I rarely reach that ending, because the characters don’t do what I thought the might.

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why? Meredith will always be my absolute favourite, I would love to know him, particularly if I were a few years younger! But, Meredith aside, it would have to be Peggy Greene, a bag lady in Tin Soldiers.

So far, what has been your favorite scene to write? Meredith dealing with his ex sitting at his kitchen table with Peggy Greene, and the resultant conversation and fall out.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers? Do your homework on all things publishing, watch the podcasts, join the author groups and find out what happens once you’ve finished writing – I didn’t have a clue – it’s a time consuming minefield. The writing is the easy part!

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why? Misplaced Loyalty, the first in the Meredith & Hodge Series. Getting to know Meredith & Hodge is an exciting ride, just when you think you know what will happen next, WHAM – wrong again.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read? There are too many favourites, but books that make me cry always stick with me, so Grisham’s A Time To Kill, will always be near the top of the list, and Erich Segal’s Love Story, which I read as a fourteen year old always springs to mind.

What about television shows? Movies? Television shows are mainly Cop/Detective/Thriller series: Any based on Lynda La Plante’s work. Luther, Morse, Waking the Dead, Line of Duty the list is endless. I am also partial to a good costume drama – the BBC are particularly good at those.

Is there a book that you have read that you feel has made a big impact on your life? Why? A Kind of Loving by Stan Barstow. Set in the fifties in the north of the UK, it follows the growth and ultimately death of a relationship between a young couple. It was exciting, and depressing, and very sad. I was thirteen and still viewed love and romance through rose tinted glasses. It made me realise that not everything has a happy ending, and that it was okay to write sad stories.

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say? ” Give me five more minutes, he’s just found the body!”

Suspense Book: Empty Shell by Ashley Fontainne #RT @AshleyFontainne

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Genres: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery

Release Date: 9/29/14


A pair of pink, silk underwear…

The quiet world of Melody and Jack Dickinson is about to be turned upside down. Twenty years of marriage hangs in the balance when Melody finds out about Jack’s infidelity. The betrayal is made worse when Melody discovers his lover is Serena Rowland, a young woman who works at Melody’s law firm.

A receipt from an overpriced hotel…

Harsh words are exchanged before Melody storms off to work, determined to have Serena fired. But when Melody hears Serena was murdered over the weekend, everything changes. Serena’s body is found beaten and strangled with a pair of pink, silk panties, in the same hotel that Jack had admitted staying at over the weekend. Within seconds of hearing the news, Melody’s life spins out of control when Jack calls in a panic. The police are at their home to arrest him for Serena’s murder.

Pictures of a young woman’s scantily clad torso on a cell phone…

Was she married to a monster? One who beat and strangled the young woman to death, or was Jack set up? Did Melody’s own dark secret, hidden inside her heart for years, have something to do with the nightmare they suddenly find themselves in?

Melody and Jack are about to discover that one fateful mistake will destroy many.

See the book trailer on Youtube

Buy this book now at:



Chapter 1 – Saturday morning

The morning sun was bright and the humidity staggering. Both bore down on him, making the sweat run faster down his neck and back as he walked. His heart thundered in his chest, and he fought to keep his breathing normal and his gait natural. The rush of adrenaline made his hands shake as he adjusted his ball cap.
He forced his facial muscles to respond to his commands, determined to keep his expression neutral so he would blend in. His mind was racing, unaccustomed to the violent behavior it had just experienced upstairs. His shaky limbs wanted to run the remaining distance to the safety of his vehicle and away from the nightmare of what he’d just done.
A small sigh of relief left his lips when he made it to his vehicle and slid inside, removing his gloves and shoving them deep into his pants pocket. It took him three attempts to insert the key into the ignition. He took a deep breath, held it, and then released it in slow, controlled bursts. He had to get it together or he would have an accident on the way home. He gripped the key tighter in his sweaty fingers and tried again. To his relief, the engine turned over. Fighting the urge to look behind him to see if he was being followed, he eased out of the parking spot and merged into the mid-morning traffic, careful to keep his eyes on the road.
Anything to keep from looking at her sticky red blood on his clothes.
Oh God, what have I done?

About the Author:

Award-winning and International bestselling author Ashley Fontainne is an avid reader of mostly the classics. Ashley became a fan of the written word in her youth, starting with the Nancy Drew mystery series. Stories that immerse the reader deep into the human psyche and the monsters that lurk within us are her favorite reads.

Her muse for penning the Eviscerating the Snake series was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Ashley’s love for this book is what sparked her desire to write her debut novel, Accountable to None, the first book in the trilogy. With a modern setting to the tale, Ashley delves into just what lengths a person is willing to go when they seek personal justice for heinous acts perpetrated upon them. The second novel in the series, Zero Balance focuses on the cost and reciprocal cycle that obtaining revenge has on the seeker. For once the cycle starts, where does it end? How far will the tendrils of revenge expand? Adjusting Journal Entries answered that question: far and wide.

Her short thriller entitled Number Seventy-Five, touches upon the sometimes dangerous world of online dating. Number Seventy-Five took home the BRONZE medal in fiction/suspense at the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards contest and is currently in production for a feature film.

Her latest novel, a paranormal thriller entitled The Lie, won the GOLD medal in the 2013 Illumination Book Awards for fiction/suspense.

Look for the suspenseful mystery Empty Shell, in the Fall of 2014.

Ashley also hosts The WriteStuff, a popular BlogTalk Radio show, each Friday night at 10 p.m. CST.


Connect with the Author: