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Dark Supernatural Thriller Spotlight and Author Interview: Eternal Entity by Annalee Adams @AuthorAnnalee

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Dark Supernatural Thriller

eternal entity two

eternal entity three

The Celestial Rose Book 1

Release Date: 2/12/18

Dark, emotional, and riveting!

Eternal Entity is a supernatural thriller with a difference, it breaks the fourth wall

An innocent birthday cake, a simple wish, and everything changed. Bestowed with the magical ability to control light, and adorned with the sight of supernatural races, she’s a target, fighting for her own survival from the darkness that threatens it.

Falling in love isn’t always easy, especially when your lover is long dead. Taylor meets Lucian, her shadowy protector. But there’s something dark inside of him. He’s a vampire, a vampire with a difference, he’s the original Dark One.

With her mother murdered, and a hideous beast hunting her, Taylor realises she has stumbled into an invisible war between light and dark. Eve’s angels versus Lilith’s demons. A war in which she has the ultimate role to play.
But who or what is Taylor Lane?

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From Chapter Four:
“A meandering fog trickled through the windows above as the temperature dropped dramatically. At the end of the corridor the outer doors flung open. A gush of wind stormed through the building at such a speed, as if to escape the looming horror that lay in wait outside. I shivered, breathing heavy, my hair wavered, sheltering me from the severity of the typhoon of leaves before me. They mesmerised me as they danced. When they reached me, they created a symphony of colours swarming around my legs, up and over my body. Hypnotised by their colourful motion I smiled, drawn forward like a magnet towards its pole. It was beautiful, like rainbows of unicorns and candy floss. Feeling the warmth of love flow through my body, I stood captured by their dance.

Then it came, a shrilling scream unlike no other. My mind no longer lived in such a happy place. Instead, it froze as the drill of fear pulsated through my veins. Rushing for cover, struggling for breath, a lump formed in my throat. I gasped for air, shivering uncontrollably. Something was wrong, badly wrong. It was fight or flight all over again and all I could do was run and hide. Clutching my arms around my chest, burying my head, I whimpered like a child, waiting for the banshee’s wail to end.”

Lucians description on the shadelings, supernatural beings that were once Dark Ones (vampires):
“They had taken on the shape of a darker form of humanity, one that terrified children in their sleep. The monster under the bed, so to speak. They feared no one and nothing. They were hunters in the night, nocturnal creatures with no emotion. They ripped through humanity one by one and nothing could stop them but themselves. They were powerful, very powerful, and as a child of Lilith’s, they eventually embraced their true nature. Because of that, they lived with an abundance of riches, taking anything, they desired, including mortals as slaves and pets. They saw humans as below them, a toy to play with. But over the years they grew tired of humanity and took to killing their slaves, feasting on their dead corpses with a craving so deep it destroyed them.”

A paragraph from the York Femme Fatale chapter, with the violinist playing as she dances:
“Devoted to his cause, a tear glistened in the eye of every spectator, blissfully admiring the sudden softness of the music as a young lady swirled out from behind him. She danced alluringly, captivating the audience with her silk skirt circling her body as she submissively moved to every classical piece. Her golden top sparkled in the light, and her supple body flexed in desire of every note played. Her hair gleamed with trellises of blond and copper, bouncing as she sprang into step. Her delicate figure gave in gracefully to the music, with each note bellowing out through her skin. It was as though the song became her, reaching out, calling her name.”

A teaser from the ending. His name has been changed to X, to prevent any more spoilers!
“X screamed a death defying, blood curdling scream, one that will remain embedded into time itself, relived for an eternity through the memories of those close. He had grown claws out of his hands. Blood flowed freely from within him as his body arched and contorted. Fighting the Beast was no longer an option. I needed to give X my life force, quickly. It had to happen immediately, he didn’t have much time left.”

About the Author:

Annalee Adams was born in Ashby de la Zouch, England. She began The Celestial Rose series while at the University of Derby.  Annalee spent much of her childhood engrossed in fictional stories, living in an imaginary realm of beauty and trepidation.

Annalee wrote her first published piece, a poem, as a teenager in high school. After which her short story about a werewolf on the Yorkshire moors was published in the college newspaper. Since then she continued to write for her own pleasure until her first book ‘Eternal Entity’ was released.

Annalee Adams lives in the UK with her supportive husband, two fantastic children, little dog, and kitten. She’s a lover of long walks on the beach, strong cups of tea and reading a good book by candlelight.

Website l Twitter l Facebook

Author Interview:

Thanks for doing an interview! Could you tell our readers a little bit about your writing journey? My journey has only just started, it is one of intrigue, imagination and escapism, delving into a new world of chaotic reality. A world where I have created the back story of a character, the average girl next door that delves into the realm of the supernatural, finding out she isn’t who she thought she was and is something so much more.

How many books do you currently have published? One

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why? There are simply too many books, too little time and too small a space to write in!

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release? I am currently working on the next book in The Celestial Rose series, and have mapped out the following two books after that.

What do you enjoy most about writing? The Celestial Rose has been a part of my life for such a long time, I created Taylors reality within my own mind many moons ago. For me my most favourite part has to be when I give life to my creations, allowing them to wander off in all number of directions telling me their story as they go.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it? I go for a walk to clear my mind, talk to friends and work through the story with my Husband, he’s quite inspiring, always asking ‘what if’ and ‘why’, coming up with blue sky ideas and something unique and different.

Have you ever had one of your characters to take a twist you weren’t expecting and surprise you? Yes I had originally worked out a happy ever after ending for Eternal Entity, but as you may know, it’s quite the opposite. The start of book two is brilliant, if I do say so myself. It really brings out the characters dark humour, after all she hasn’t got much else left to live for has she?

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why? I’m not that keen on Chase, he seems to be a bit too obsessed with Jessie for my liking, I have a plan for that later though… if he allows me to write it that way. Besides Taylor and Lucian which are the obvious favourites. My next favourite has to be Nic, his humour cracks me up, especially his joke about the ice demons melting: “Demons are hot, yet he’s icy cold. He’s the only one of his kind left, too. They all melted.” He laughed hard at his own joke.” It’s the fact he finds himself so amusing that amuses me. Besides Nic, I quite like Harland, he’s the dark mysterious type after all, what’s not to like?

So far, what has been your favorite scene to write? When I’m asked about my favourite scenes I always think back to the scene I started with. The first scene I ever wrote was the York Pied Piper scene with the Femme Fatale and a stolen first kiss. That brings back fond memories of the start of a whole new idea.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers? Write lots! It sounds obvious, but the more you write, the better you become. I learnt a lot on groups and forums too, so I’d recommend researching. Also, remember to show not tell, it doesn’t have to be all the time, but the more you show, the more the reader is absorbed into the story, seeing as if they are within the body of the character before them. Also, don’t be afraid to be different. If you’ve read my book, you’ll know I’ve experimented with breaking the fourth wall and actually talking to the reader, I quite like it and I’ve had some great responses too. So be unique, love what you do and keep writing!

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why? Eternal Entity, just because it’s the first one that’s out there right now

Do you have any extras you’d like to share, like a teaser about an upcoming new release, a summary of a deleted scene, or a teaser about a surprising plot twist or character? I did delete a scene where Harland actually bit Taylor, thus she became half Lycan with the animalistic instincts and loyalty to her pack. However it took her too far from Lucian and the original path of the story, so it was deleted, laid to rest in the eternal wasteland of possibilities and dashed hopes.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read? As I child I always remember the Point Horror books, I grew up reading those, snuggled under my duvet by torch light. Then I began to read Stephen King and never looked back, he taught me it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to write about the darkness and disturb the reality around us. So, that’s exactly what I’ve done, created something different.

What about television shows? Movies? As with reading, I love watching television series and films. The old Alfred Hitchcock ones are some of my favourites. However I have to say that my two all-time favourite films are ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Beatlejuice’, which clearly explains my mindset

Is there a book that you have read that you feel has made a big impact on your life? Why? Kings book ‘On Writing’ helped quite a lot, its good to know that even the most famous of writers were once where I am today.

Can readers find you at any live events, such as book signings or conventions? My next plan is to have my book available through IngramSpark, so bookshops can find and purchase it. With all my fingers and toes crossed, once this happens I’ll happily attend signings and conventions.

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say? A blissful journey down the rabbit hole of darkened destruction.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with readers? Only to say that I am blessed to have such a wonderful family backing me. My Husband is the muse to my creations and my two little children amaze me with their new ideas and supportive cuddles. My eight year old has already started his own fantasy book, which is fantastic!

Thriller Book Spotlight: Trust by L. A. De Michiel

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trust l a de michiel

Olympic fencer Luke Montgomery returns home to find a stranger dying on his doorstep. The dying man begs him to “Warn her.” He grips Luke’s hand and reveals a card belonging to a Cassandra Linden pinned beneath the collar of his jacket. Scrawled on the back of the card is a short personal message: Carry my memory only in your heart. Seeing the anguish in the man’s eyes, Luke promises to call her.

Later that night, he receives a cryptic phone call that makes him realise he is being framed for the murder.

The slain man is noted History Professor Simon Blayne, and the weapon used was a broadsword presented to Luke by his grandfather.

When Cassie’s name is found scribbled on a business card in the wallet of another man, who is murdered with the same weapon whilst she is in Luke’s company, the police demand answers that neither Cassie nor Luke can supply.

Cassie, like Luke, would also like answers. Together they discover that Professor Blayne had uncovered an international cartel falsifying documents in order to legitimise stolen works of art and artefacts that have been packed away in museum basements for decades. Luke learns his father has involved the prestigious Montgomery Exports in the enterprise. His fight to clear the family name plunges them into a world dominated by thugs and directly into the path of Tolley, a ruthless killer.

Abducted by Tolley, Cassie reluctantly agrees to his extraordinary terms and a bizarre relationship evolves. During the long drive into the remote Australian outback to his private burial grounds, Tolley taunts Cassie with his macabre mind games and soon learns that she is a worthy adversary.

Furious and feeling guilty that he was unable to protect her, Luke is unrelenting in his race to get her back.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

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Driving slowly along the dimly lit, tree-lined street, Luke Montgomery felt relaxed in the leather seat of his BMW. The air around him was set at a constant twenty-two degrees Celsius while soothing classical music filled the elegant interior. If he thought about it, this pretty much summed up his life. Comfortable.

As he turned into his driveway, he reached for the remote and pressed the centre button. The sudden white flash across the steel gates jolted him. Stunned for a few seconds, he sat watching the dying shower of sparks and then, just as quickly, everything appeared to have returned to normal. Luke shut off the engine and stepped out of the car. Curious, he walked up to the gate and tentatively brushed the black steel bars with the back of his hand. Nothing. No electric current running through the gates. Not that there should be but then, after the fireworks, he didn’t know what to expect. Frowning, he shook his head. He had no idea how these things worked, though he suspected there must have been a short of some kind. He gripped the cold steel with his right hand and tried to rattle the gate. Solid and immovable, just as it should be. He glanced over at the front entrance gate. Pointless going there. That was operated by a security release inside his front door or by the key he never carried with him.

He glanced at his watch: ten minutes past eleven. Too late to do anything about it now. He would have to call someone in the morning. He returned to his car, started the engine and backed out onto the road. He drove a hundred metres along the quiet street and turned left. As he turned left again into the narrow lane behind his home, he glimpsed a set of red taillights disappearing at the other end of the lane.

He had travelled only a few metres along the lane when his headlights picked out something lying on the road. His heart began to pound when he realised that the object in front of him was a pair of trousered legs stretched out across the bitumen. He jammed his foot on the brake, pushed open the car door and ran towards the body, expecting to see the worst.

In the headlights, the front of the man’s shirt glistened with wet blood. Dark crimson blood seeped through the fingers that clutched his chest trying in vain to stem the flow. His suit jacket had been dragged off his right shoulder. His face was turned upwards. Luke bent down over the body and felt a flutter of hope when he saw the eyes start to open. Instinctively Luke said, ‘Hang on, I’ll call an ambulance.’

Luke was already reaching for his phone when the man’s eyes opened wider, as if in recognition, and he gasped, ‘Wait.’ His voice was soft and raspy. ‘Warn. Her. Please.’

Luke stared into the pleading brown eyes, confused. ‘What?’ Warn who?

Author Link:


Science Fiction Thriller Spotlight and Author Interview: Agents of the Third Party: The Beginning by Arthur David @rubix510

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Near Future Sci-FI/Spy Thriller

agents of the third party the beginning

BlackMail has spent her entire adult life dedicated to The Third Party. A secret organization dedicated to moving humanity towards a future where hunger, poverty, and war no longer exist. An organization so dedicated to its ideals that the ends justify the means, no matter how atrocious.
Her dedication has made her one of The Party’s top agents and they have tasked her with training a young woman, Jade, whom they believe has the potential to be just as good if not better than BlackMail. But when The Party sends them on a mission that goes horribly wrong it will forever change BlackMail, Jade, and The Third Party forever.

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A conversation between BlackMail and her apprentice Jade, on what The Third Party is.

“What if it’s nothing to do with The Party?” Jade asks.

“Doesn’t matter. As soon as they got their hands on Party info, they decided that they could try to blackmail us or threaten us with it. Anything they own is forfeit. Anything they have is forfeit. Anything they are is forfeit.”

“Why? Why is it so bad for someone to know about us? Is what we do so bad? Bringing peace? Ending hunger, disease, poverty, stability? That is what The Party stands for, isn’t it?”

I look at her. So innocent, so naive. It’s almost enough to make me feel bad about what is going to happen tonight. Almost.

“Because Jade, we are the thinkers, the planners, the idealists. Sometimes we’re the blackmailers and saboteurs. We are the proverbial man behind the curtain controlling everything. We are The Third Party. And sometimes, sometimes we are petty and we do not like when others try to step onto our turf and dictate terms to us.”

“But the Rand Corporation….”

“Is not what you think it is!” I cut her off sharply. “This isn’t a group of happy-go-lucky people out to save the world. That group does not exist anywhere. Their achievements come at the expense of others. The true innovators, the inventors, the ones who contribute to society? Not from Rand. No. They make it a point to find them, take their ideas, and use them as they see fit.”

“A group of people out to save the world…doesn’t exist anywhere? Isn’t that us? Isn’t that what The Third Party is?”

I look at her sitting across from me, eyes sullen and downcast. I take a breath and calm myself. It won’t do to get myself all worked up before I kill her tonight.

“I said there is no happy-go-lucky group of people, Jade. We are out to make the world a better place. But it cannot be done nicely. We don’t pretend like Rand. We aren’t going to hold the world’s hand and tell them it’ll be all candy and roses. Sacrifices have to be made, deals brokered, sometimes we blackmail, sometimes we assassinate. The world is harsh and cruel. It can be better, it is getting better. But it is a slow process, and not one we can waltz through. No, there is no such group. There is The Third Party, there is us, and that is all. Groups like Rand, Control, FBI, CIA, NSA, KGB, and others have all tried their hands, but we have outlived them all, and we continue our mission.”

“Well, aren’t the FBI, CIA and NSA still around?”

“There are government groups calling themselves that, sure. But ever since September Eleventh, they became something else. They are no longer trying to make things better, they’re just trying to make sure no one opposes or attacks the U.S., all in the name of ‘safety.’. No, Jade. There is only The Party.”

About the Author:

arthur david

Arthur David grew up in the ’80’s and ’90’s. He was instilled with a love for reading at an early age by his mom, as well as for Star Trek, Star Wars and Science Fiction in general. Later he would find comics, video games and movies. At 7 years old, Arthur wanted to be an Astronomer, and later a computer programmer.

Neither of those things happened.

Instead life happened he met his beautiful wife and had two wonderful children, and found a new love of writing.

But Arthur never lost his love for reading, science, or the stars. Now he tries to instill that same wonder and love with his family. Somehow they all put up with his shenanigans, none of them have any idea what he is talking about most of the time.

They love him anyways.

Facebook l Twitter l Instagram l Blog

See these interviews with Arthur David:

Character Interview l Author Interview

Author Q&A:

Thanks for doing an interview! Could you tell our readers a little bit about your writing journey?

I first started writing back around 2000 when a friend encouraged me to start writing. It was then that I first wrote about the Third Party, but that isn’t the book I published. Its still coming in the chronology. I realized after writing it that there was more to the story and decided to go back and flesh out more of it.

How many books do you currently have published?

At the moment I have 1 book published as well as a short story up over at wattpad.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why?

The Beginning has been so far. While it’s the second one I’ve written, but first in the chronology. its also had the most work and the most revisions including a complete POV change. But the reviews have made it all worth it, and I love being able to share it with everyone.

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release?

I am currently working on a short story that will be part of a planned anthology. It takes place shortly after The Beginning. I currently have two more books planned for this series which I’m looking forward to getting started on soon.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Mostly seeing where the story is going to go.  Even as the author I’m not always aware of how things will go or exactly what will happen. I just let the story flow and enjoy being along for the ride.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

I have gotten writer’s block a few times. Usually, I find it means it’s time to take a break and do something else. That can mean watching tv or movies, reading a book myself, or playing video games. If it’s a clear night and not too cold I may take out my telescope and see if I can find anything interesting. These are all best done with my family. Once I’ve taken a little time, maybe even get a good nights sleep the story starts to flow again.

Have you ever had one of your characters to take a twist you weren’t expecting and surprise you?

Yes, towards the end of Rooks Game, Rook makes an admission I would never have expected. Yet there it is.

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why?

So far BlackMail has been my favorite character. Shes a strong woman, unafraid to rush into danger and defend her friends and complete her missions. She believes in what shes doing and will go to any length to get what she wants. But shes not a superhero, she makes mistakes and has to deal with them. Despite being tough, she still has to deal with being human and living with the consequences of her actions. But more than that she still has a full range of emotions and doesn’t try to bury them.

So far, what has been your favorite scene to write?

Right at the start of Rooks Game BlackMail kills a senator right in front of the Governor of Utah. She then proceeds to explain that the Governor will appoint a replacement, and direct him to vote for a program The Third Party wants started. During her conversation, she continuously threatens the governor and his family all while dressed nicely and comparing herself to models in shampoo commercials.

I loved writing this scene, showing how ruthless she could be to get something done, only to walk out later like nothing happened and then get ready for a date.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers?

The biggest thing is to just write and not give up. It took me a long time to write The Beginning and the first time I released it did not go well. But going back, revamping it, changing the POV was all worth it. So don’t give up.

Also marketing. I’ve learned that marketing it has been a greater challenge than writing the book ever was.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why?

Well since its just The Beginning right now, you should start there. But check out Rooks Game on Wattpad, it’s a quick read and shows more of how The Party operates but it’s only marginally related the following books. And when the anthology comes out, check out my entry there.

Do you have any extras you’d like to share, like a teaser about an upcoming new release,  a summary of a deleted scene, or a teaser about a surprising plot twist or character?

I’ve mentioned working on a short story for an anthology. This will take place after The Beginning but before book 2, which I’m not ready to give details on yet. But this new short story will delve more into BlackMail’s past and we’ll learn more about her former partner Aurora. On top of that we get to see some of what The Party has planned for the future.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read?

Around 10 years or so ago I stumbled onto a series called “The Dresden Files” and fell in love with it. Since I’ve read pretty much everything Jim Butcher has put out, and I absolutely loved the “Codex Alera” series he did.

I”m also a huge fan of Kevin Hearne and his “Iron Druid Chronicles” and I’m currently reading his new epic “A Plague of Giants”.

And one of the other great authors I love is Peter David. I was first introduced to him via his Star Trek novels, and then moved on to his King Arthur “Knight Life” series, but my favorite Peter David novels are his “Sir Apropos of Nothing”

What about television shows? Movies?

Star Trek! Star Wars! I love them both. Star Trek Deep Space Nine has been my favorite of the Star Treks, but I’m really enjoying the new series Discovery.  And yes, there is The Orville, which I’m enjoying as well.

I was really enjoying Agents of SHIELD, and Gotham – which seems like such a strange premise, a Batman show without Batman but tuned out to be really good. I dropped off of both series and need to get back to those.

The GIfted has been really good and I’m looking forward to when that comes back on.

Is there a book that you have read that you feel has made a big impact on your life? Why?

I don’t think there’s really any one book that’s made a huge impact on me. Its been more of a cumulative thing. I suppose some of the Star Wars books, particularly the X-Wing series and I, Jedi (Best Star Wars book ever) were things my friends and I bonded over. But for me reading is something I do for fun, and I want to share that love of reading with others, my friends, family, and my children. So it’s not any one thing or book, but an overall enjoyment that I get from it.

Can readers find you at any live events, such as book signings or conventions?

At the moment, no. Well, I’ve made it to a couple of Comic-Cons but not presenting or anything there.  I’m certainly open to doing a signing or showing up to conventions if anyone is interested in having me there.

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say?

Sleep really isn’t that important. Food is though.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with readers?

I just hope everyone enjoys the story and getting to ride along with BlackMail. And I can’t wait to be able to bring out the next parts of the story.

Thriller Book Spotlight and Author Interview: Going Gone by Abraham Lopez @AbeLopezAuthor

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Anthology, Thriller, Alternate History

going gone

Release Date: 1/16/18

What is a single life worth? In our modern world, where wars are on the cusp of igniting at a moment’s notice, new diseases ravage entire populations, and hidden atrocities erase the lives of thousands, what can the death of a single person mean?

It can mean the tenuous line between peace and destruction.

Kurt Ramis knows this, as he watches the aftermath of an assassination on his television set. His years in the CIA have prepared him for such a dreadful day.

“Rasul” knows this, as he follows his young guide down the streets of New York City, with a gift for his adopted country.

The soldiers and sentries of Camelot’s Corridor, deep under the sands of Texas know this, as they prepare the secret bunker for the President’s arrival.

Mike Keogh knows this, as he remembers fallen friends, betrayals, and mention of a secretive monster named the Tangerine Demon.

Jessie Rosen will know it soon enough, as she descends the steps to Kubrá, to meet her deliverer. Her new family descends those steps as well, calling for their Lord to hear their prayers.

Phil Barr begrudgingly knows this, as he cowers in his palatial Hollywood Hills mansion, murderers and thugs auditioning on live TV, sirens ringing in his ears. This wasn’t how his charmed life was supposed to turn out.

And DaRWIn knows this best of all, as it predicted the assassination, and the calamitous after-effects some time ago.

On a certain day, on a certain street in the Middle East, the taking of a single life will mean everything, and it will shake the foundation of humanity. It will be the pulling of a loose strand in mankind’s tapestry, undoing the progress of a thousand years, ripping apart at the seams countless lives, countless societies.

Intertwining lives and stories, some saved and some ended, some Going, some Gone…

Buy this book now at:

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In order to allow for new growth, the old must often be felled, burned away to the ashes. This is as true of forests as it is the constructs of men.

And as a single thunderous current can engulf an ancient forest in flame, a solitary strike of violence can erase the oldest of men’s foundations.

On this day, such a strike of violence unfolded almost perfectly.


It began with a group of vehicles methodically making its way from the outskirts of the capital, through the dust-covered streets, and emerging into the open space of the ancient city square.  This motorcade moved in precise unison, seeming like a scarab beetle crossing a desert hardpan.

The lead pair of motorcycles, traveling side-by-side, came to a stop just past the main entrance to the embassy.  Following closely behind was an out-of-place black limousine, somewhat dusted over, yet shining brilliantly in the midday sun, which was itself followed by a pair of aging military transport trucks.  The head and abdomen of this insectile formation were bristling with weapons; the ‘cycles had RPGs mounted across the handlebars for easy access to the driver, and rear-facing second riders, conspicuously armed with AK-47s; the trucks, each carrying a dozen armed men in their canvas-covered beds.

After a moment’s pause, the doors to the elongated thorax opened almost simultaneously.  Several brutish men, whose demeanor and air could only be those of guardians, emerged into the hot Arabian day.  Seconds later a small man of indistinct features was helped out of the rear of the limousine.  He then began a slow but purposeful walk up the stairs toward the entrance.

The motorcade had already begun moving away, into the crowded street, when the first flashbang went off to the right of the embassy’s entrance.  This non-lethal grenade, usually used in close quarters to confuse an opponent and render them momentarily vulnerable, nonetheless produced the desired effect out in the open.  The trained guardians were instantly put on the defensive, and surrounded the Prime Minister.  They began moving him away from the embassy and toward street in an attempt to regroup with the motorcade.

The motorcade itself had already made its way halfway down the block when it too reacted to the explosion.  The driver of the Minister’s limousine stopped and attempted to reverse course, but the sudden onslaught of frightened citizens enveloped the vehicle, rendering it temporarily immobile.  The men and women attempting to flee the explosion likewise impeded the men in the back of the truck and the motorcycle drivers.

One of those fleeing men, dressed in a flowing but crudely made thawb, made his way behind an abandoned food cart, and calmly observed the security detail’s next move from this hidden vantage point.

About the Author:

abraham lopez

Abraham spent his formative years in rural Colorado, where he was born in 1979. He has also lived in Northern Nevada, Virginia, and Northwest Arkansas. These disparate environments and local cultures have had a great impact on Abraham’s view of America and his writing styles. Though educated as a computer programmer, Abraham hopes to be a full-time writer in the near future.

Facebook l Twitter

Author Interview:

Thanks for doing an interview! Could you tell our readers a little bit about your writing journey? I was a voracious reader as a kid, mostly because of my step-father’s influence, and I think that because English is my second language, reading helped me to learn structure and vocabulary early on.  That said, although I always dreamt of someday being a writer, I didn’t seriously consider publishing anything publicly until a few years ago.  I had a few ideas for some short stories, and after publishing a couple of them on their own, the bigger idea of publishing an anthology of short stories got me going on my present path.

How many books do you currently have published?  Aside from two short stories that I published in 2013, this upcoming anthology, “Going Gone”, is my first big work to be published.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why?  “Going Gone” is definitely my favorite because of the diversity of story-telling involved and the way the stories intertwine around a central theme.

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release?  I have two novels in mind as future projects, though the success of this anthology will determine how quickly they get written and published.  I’m currently working full-time as a computer programmer, and the anthology I wrote on my spare time, on and off, for about three years.  If I can manage to write full-time I should be able to knock at least one of the novels out in about a year’s time.

What do you enjoy most about writing? The creative process.  Specifically inventing a character or situation that didn’t previously exist, and then finding a way for your characters to progress beyond that situation.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?  I don’t think I’ve written for a substantial enough time to get writer’s block.  I only say that because the ideas for everything I’ve written so far have come to me fairly easily, it’s just the actual writing (and the time to do it) that have been the most difficult part.

Have you ever had one of your characters to take a twist you weren’t expecting and surprise you? Yes, probably every significant character in my anthology have turned out different than I originally intended them to.  There is one protagonist that I began writing as a man, then realized that that was wrong, and that she needed to be a woman.  Coincidently, hers is one of my favorite stories in the anthology.

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why?  I’d have to say my favorite is Jessie Rosen (alluded to above), the investigative journalist in my short story “Jessie and the LARGOnauts” because she finds herself in a dangerous situation and her strength and inner resolve really shows throughout the narrative.  My least favorite, but funnest to write, is Symon Stephenson.  He’s a rock star, and a walking ego, and doesn’t really care about anyone but himself, and it was fun to have him interact with people who couldn’t stand him but needed to work with him.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers? I’ve learned to not give up, to keep writing even when you don’t feel like it.  Some days you’re tired and your brain is fried, but it’s a privilege to be able to write your thoughts down so that you can go back and mold them into something better later.  You can’t take that for granted, and I learned that I love the editing process because it allows me the freedom to overwrite ideas that I thought were done and (hopefully) make them more complete through the edit.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why?  “The Man” which is a short story I wrote a few years ago.  It’s free, for one, and it encapsulates, I think, my writing style and technique.  If it intrigues you, buy my anthology, why not?  If not, at least it didn’t cost you anything!

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read?  “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “The Road”, “No Country for Old Men”, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.”  These are the books that impacted me most, and made me want to become a writer.

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say? It’s still a work in progress!

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with readers? Yes, I hope you enjoy my work and don’t be afraid to leave me a review or recommend my book to friend!  Thanks a million!

Psychological Thriller Spotlight: Portrait of Death by Greg Ryan @GregRyan24

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portrait of death jpg

Nathan Pearson defines emotional scars – a former Chicago detective who is against becoming an FBI agent and used to date a psychotic serial killer, an art teacher fixated on painting portraits of her victims. But when new murders make a connection between him and Mona, he will be forced to go visit her at the mental hospital for information.

With Mona committed to a mental hospital, a mysterious group are striking back at her and Nathan. Though Mona claims she knows nothing about it, the murders are committed in a similar fashion as hers.

But every time there is another murder, a threatening note is left specifically for Mona—and Nathan begins to wonder why he has been named in all of this. Nathan will do whatever is necessary to get the information he needs from Mona—or wait until the mysterious group catches up to him and Mona. One thing is clear: Mona’s obsession with art goes far deeper than anyone knows. This all leads to a twisted and shocking turn of events that will make Mona Pruitt the next deadly famous artist.

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Linda gave in and turned the portrait around to show Mona. Mona took it in her hands to get a real look at it. It was a portrait of a young guy at a library, standing near a bookshelf, picking out a book to read.

“I followed him to the campus library,” Linda said. “I knew there was something about him that had a story to tell. His eyes had so much promise of a wise man. I couldn’t let him go.”

“How did you kill him?”

“Stabbed a pencil in the back of his head. Then I used some string to make him stay standing, appearing to be looking for a book to read. What do you think?”

“I think this is wonderful, Linda. It shows you have a true understanding of art and where it comes from. I like the color you used for his face.”

“Thank you so much, Mona!” All of Linda’s dreams just came true. She was waiting with so much anticipation to find out what Mona Pruitt would think of her portraits. Her face filled with the acceptance that she may never have gotten before, and Mona handed the portrait back to her.

About the Author:

greg ryan

I have been fascinated with stories ever since I was a kid and my passion for it grew as I got older. Focusing on TV shows and movies has really helped shaped the kind of vision I need to be a good writer. Stories are told differently between shows, movies, and books and by getting very familiar with all three it has only enhanced my skill as a writer. Watching stories unfold one episode at a time has a very specific structure that has to be followed and that has allowed me to write better stories. Learning different structures for movies or shows has been a great combination to allow me to tell the best and most exciting story. I promise you won’t be bored.

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Thriller Book Spotlight and Interview: Shadow of the Drill: Born of Circumstance, Bred for Revenge by Rhani D’Chae @rhanidchae

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shadow of the drill

A Gritty and Violent Thriller.

A brutal experience transforms an unproven young tough into a ruthless killing machine.
For fifteen years he waited, building his body into an unstoppable weapon so that vengeance would be had through the strength of his will and the power of his hands.

On the bloodstained streets of a northwestern city, the enforcer known as the Drill stalks his prey. Judge, Jury, and Executioner; he seeks out those who target the weak, condemning them to the kind of justice that has made him a legend.

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The fire was gaining ground, and he knew that time was very short. He tried to stay calm, to ignore both the heat and the ache of his burned wrists, but the horror of his predicament momentarily overwhelmed him. Panic raged and he thrashed against the ropes, losing his balance and falling face first to the ground.
And still the ropes held.
The fire was close enough for Decker to feel the heat on his face no matter which way he tilted his head. His struggle had winded him, and he panted cautiously, each ragged breath searing his lungs regardless of how cautiously he inhaled. He could sense death hovering, just out of sight, but he was not done yet.
He inched his way across the floor, coughing and choking from the smoke that billowed around him in suffocating clouds. Breathing was torture, but he managed to keep going, his watery eye fixed on the dirty pane of glass. I can do this. I can make it!
However, it soon became apparent that he could not. He did not have enough freedom of movement to propel himself along the floor with the necessary speed. He was going to die, alone and most likely screaming, but even though he acknowledged that fact, he continued to fight for his life.
His fingers dug into the floor as he tried to scoot along on his back. When that failed to accomplish much, he rolled onto his side, still trying to crawl. The window was barely visible, but he was not sure if it was the smoke or his own failing eyesight that obscured it.
His pants began to smolder, and he felt panic rise again. He was not sure how easily the denim would ignite, but if it did, he would be unable to put out the flames.

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About the Author:

rhani dchae

Rhani D’Chae is a visually disabled writer who was born and raised in Tacoma, WA. Because of her failing eyesight, she no longer reads as much as she used to, but she does enjoy falling into the worlds created by other Indie authors as often as hre vision will allow. Shadow of the Drill is her first published novel, and is the first in a series that revolves around an unrepentant enforcer and the violent life that he leads.

She enjoys chatting with readers and fellow writers via Social Media sites, and loves getting comments and other input from those who have read her work. She is on Facebook, and also on Twitter, @rhanidchae. Also, if you have the time, please stop by her blog:

Ms D’Chae is currently working on Winter of the Drill and hopes to have it completed by late January of 2016.


Author Interview:

How many books do you currently have published? I currently have 3 available on Amazon, and I’m in the process of completing the fourth, which is the sequel to shadow of the Drill.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why? I think my favorite is Shadow, because so much of it was drawn for my own life. Also, because it’s the first in a series, I’ve been able to get to know the characters so much better then if it had been a stand-alone book.

Are you currently working on a book? Will it be your next release? I’m in the process of finishing up Wnter of the Drill, which will be my next release.

Have you ever had one of your characters take a twist and surprise you? Yes, I have. My characters all have their own ideas of where their path leads, and often disagree with where I see them going. I’ve learned to listen to them with an open mind, because they are often right.

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why? My favorite character in the Drill series is Rudy Valdez. He’s more relaxed and easy going than Decker is, and he has a great sense of humor. If he was my best friend, I would consider myself very lucky. My least favorite character is probably Tawny. But I can’t really blame her for that, because she was written to be disliked. She’s self-centered, and very mercenary. She’ll do anything that will benefit her, regardless of how underhanded or backstabbing it is.

So far, what has been your favorite scene to write? My favorite scene in Shadow is probably the kitchen table surgery scene. It brings a definite feeling of intensity, and I think it shows readers that Decker is very human, very emotional, and very afraid of failing the people that he loves.