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Six Memoirs That Will Make You Think: True Stories of Survival

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six memoirs that will make you think

Not all memoirs are the same. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you cry. However, only a select few will truly chill you to the bone. These memoirs deal with tough subject matters, and they are not for the faint of heart.  The books below recount nightmarish experiences, made even more heartbreaking because they are based in fact, so be warned.  These memoirs won’t just make you cry. They will make you question the very world we live in.

Read the firsthand accounts from these brave women as they share their tragedies… and eventual triumphs.

hopeTwo women kidnapped by infamous Cleveland school-bus driver Ariel Castro share the stories of their abductions, captivity, and dramatic escape

On May 6, 2013, Amanda Berry made headlines around the world when she fled a Cleveland home and called 911, saying: “Help me, I’m Amanda Berry. . . . I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for ten years.”

A horrifying story rapidly unfolded. Ariel Castro, a local school bus driver, had separately lured Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight to his home, where he kept them chained. In the decade that followed, the three were raped, psychologically abused, and threatened with death. Berry had a daughter—Jocelyn—by their captor.

Drawing upon their recollections and the diary kept by Amanda Berry, Berry and Gina DeJesus describe a tale of unimaginable torment, and Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post reporters Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan interweave the events within Castro’s house with original reporting on efforts to find the missing girls. The full story behind the headlines—including details never previously released on Castro’s life and motivations—Hope is a harrowing yet inspiring chronicle of two women whose courage, ingenuity, and resourcefulness ultimately delivered them back to their lives and families.

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20257122Michelle was a young single mother when she was kidnapped by a local school bus driver named Ariel Castro. For more than a decade afterward, she endured unimaginable torture at the hand of her abductor. In 2003 Amanda Berry joined her in captivity, followed by Gina DeJesus in 2004. Their escape on May 6, 2013, made headlines around the world.

Barely out of her own tumultuous childhood, Michelle was estranged from her family and fighting for custody of her young son when she disappeared. Local police believed she had run away, so they removed her from the missing persons lists fifteen months after she vanished. Castro tormented her with these facts, reminding her that no one was looking for her, that the outside world had forgotten her. But Michelle would not be broken.

In Finding Me, Michelle will reveal the heartbreaking details of her story, including the thoughts and prayers that helped her find courage to endure her unimaginable circumstances and now build a life worth living. By sharing both her past and her efforts to create a future, Michelle becomes a voice for the voiceless and a powerful symbol of hope for the thousands of children and young adults who go missing every year.

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15833693In the fall of 2007, twenty-year old college coed Amanda Knox left Seattle to study abroad in Perugia, Italy for one year. But that November 1, her life was shattered when her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher, was murdered in their apartment. Five days later, Amanda was taken into custody and charged by the Italian police; her arrest and the subsequent investigation ignited an international media firestorm. Overnight, this ordinary young American student became the subject of intense scrutiny, forced to endure a barrage of innuendo and speculation. Two years later, after an extremely controversial trial, Amanda was convicted and imprisoned. But in 2011 an appeals court overturned her conviction and vacated the charges. Free at last, she immediately returned home to the U.S., where she has remained silent, until now.

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13545414In the summer of 1991 I was a normal kid. I did normal things. I had friends and a mother who loved me. I was just like you. Until the day my life was stolen.
For eighteen years I was a prisoner. I was an object for someone to use and abuse.

For eighteen years I was not allowed to speak my own name. I became a mother and was forced to be a sister. For eighteen years I survived an impossible situation.

On August 26, 2009, I took my name back. My name is Jaycee Lee Dugard. I don’t think of myself as a victim. I survived.

A Stolen Life is my story—in my own words, in my own way, exactly as I remember it.

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17287028For the first time, ten years after her abduction from her Salt Lake City bedroom, Elizabeth Smart reveals how she survived and the secret to forging a new life in the wake of a brutal crime.

On June 5, 2002,  fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Smart, the daughter of a close-knit Mormon family, was taken from her home in the middle of the night by religious fanatic, Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee. She was kept chained, dressed in disguise, repeatedly raped, and told she and her family would be killed if she tried to escape. After her rescue on March 12, 2003, she rejoined her family and worked to pick up the pieces of her life.

Now for the first time, in her memoir, MY STORY, she tells of the constant fear she endured every hour, her courageous determination to maintain hope, and how she devised a plan to manipulate her captors and convinced them to return to Utah, where she was rescued minutes after arriving.  Smart explains how her faith helped her stay sane in the midst of a nightmare and how she found the strength to confront her captors at their trial and see that justice was served.

In the nine years after her rescue, Smart transformed from victim to advocate, traveling the country and working to educate, inspire and foster change. She has created a foundation to help prevent crimes against children and is a frequent public speaker. In  2012, she married Matthew Gilmour, whom she met doing mission work in Paris for her church, in a fairy tale wedding that made the cover of People magazine.

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12670096‘Tom,’ I said, bracing myself for the threat that was sure to follow. ‘I need to talk to you about something. About leaving here, I mean.’ He didn’t hit me. Didn’t threaten. Instead, he looked at me with great sadness. ‘Who saved your life?’ ‘You,’ I replied, ‘but…’ ‘Who takes care of you?’ ‘I know that,’ I told him. ‘I just can’t live like this.’ ‘You can’t live? What about me? You would destroy my life if you left. I am the only person to ever show you love, and you would leave me? Don’t be stupid.’ Told from the perspective of Tanya Nicole Kach, Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid is the haunting story of a girl, lost in the cracks of the system, forced to spend more than ten years as the prisoner of her school’s security guard. From her troubled childhood, through her captivity at the hands of a manipulative captor, and ultimately on her road to recovery, Tanya’s story is one of pain but ultimately triumph. Her story is told by her advocate and confidant, Lawrence Fisher. For more than five years his impassioned advocacy has helped Tanya as she has reintegrated into society. He successfully blends Tanya’s story with his own insight into the legal issues surrounding the controversial case that followed Tanya’s release. This multipronged approach gives the reader insight into Tanya’s emotional state and the state of a criminal justice system that allowed her ordeal to happen.

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Paranormal Memoir Spotlight: Keep Smiling, Your Teacup is Levitating: Ghosts, Premonitions and Other True Stories Boyfriends Couldn’t Tolerate by Vivi Stutz

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Paranormal Memoir, True Paranormal Stories, Nonfiction

keep smiling your teacup is levitating

A paranormal memoir, and useful strategies for intuitive living. Includes a free audiobook with an authentic voice recording of a disembodied spirit.
Imagine sitting across from your life insurance broker, and when queried about your mental health, you want to blurt out: “I see dead people, but there’s nothing wrong with me.”

More than one boyfriend ran for the hills because I “saw” future events, such as a fire that endangered the lives of two children. Then again, I once passed on an acting audition because the producer had a creepy vibe. He was later convicted of murdering his lead actress.

I “heard” my boyfriend’s name before we exchanged the first words. My dead cat visited and scared a friend away.
I scheduled a psychiatric evaluation when I “saw” the events of September 11th on a beach in August of 2001; I thought I had to be insane.
A decade after his death, our late landlord demanded we foster rescue dogs even though I prefer cats. Holding someone’s briefcase revealed a future drug overdose; “reading” keys announced an unlikely pregnancy. Viewing a rental property comes with a detailed report of the previous tenant’s history; divorce, disease, and depression linger in a space like muck.
Telepathy has proven more efficient than text messages or shopping lists. And yes, a teacup levitated across a table and was set on the floor without spilling the tea.

The paranormal is my normal. It wasn’t easy to accept because “seeing things” is only popular in the plotline of a Haloween movie; rarely in real life. These are true stories, and sound advice how to navigate the paranormal without questioning your sanity.

Let me take you for a ride.

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 Imagine sitting across from your life insurance broker, and when asked about your mental health, you want to blurt out: “I see dead people, but there is nothing wrong with me.”
I didn’t say that. I do have common sense.
I also didn’t say, “You seriously dislike your husband, and you stay with him only because you bought real estate together. You stay because you think it’s the smart thing to do. But the energy field around your physical body brims with resentment. It’s making the atmosphere in your office stuffy. I wonder how this affects your sales record?”

A conversation with a stranger can reveal their personal information as if their minds had downloaded into mine. Walking our dogs past a house in my neighborhood can turn into a mind’s eye documentary of what happened there – a son died, and the parents’ grief turned them to alcohol, which they haven’t recovered from in decades. Viewing a new rental property comes with a detailed report of the previous tenant’s history; divorce, disease, and depression linger in a space like muck that resists the most potent cleaning agents. Holding someone’s car keys or wallet can show future events such as a friend’s unexpected pregnancy or someone’s drug overdose of a controlled substance mixed with hard liquor.

Shopping in a crowded mall is off-limits for me due to the overkill of information. After a Black Friday trip to buy a Macy’s cashmere sweater for my mother, I went to bed at seven p.m. with earplugs and a pillow over my head. The emotions emanating from people’s bodies were overwhelming, and I was exhausted.
Then again, perceiving the unspoken communication coming off a person’s energetic field has its perks. I once passed on a call-back for an acting audition because the producer had a predatory vibe that gave me a chill. He was later convicted of killing his lead actress and dumping her mangled body in the Santa Monica mountains.
If I were still dating, I would ask to hold my date’s car keys before boarding his vehicle and his life. Keys will tell secrets the candidate is withholding. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the confidence to do so when I was dating, but it would have saved me a heck of a lot of trouble.

Sharing these stories feels like stepping onto a stage in front of a large auditorium while utterly naked. They are recollections of real events and told according to my best ability to remember.
“Seeing things” is only popular in the plotline of a Halloween movie, but rarely in real life. The mind doesn’t go to, “No problem, it’s a psychic.” The mind goes to, “Weird!”
If you admit to “seeing things”, you might embarrass your family as if you had publicly announced your boyfriend/girlfriend was a sheep. You might receive more business cards of caring psychiatrists than traffic tickets for parking violations.
More than one boyfriend ran for the hills, the desert, or into the safe arms of another woman. When the events I “saw” and told of came true, such as a fire that endangered the lives of two children, one boyfriend granted me a certain amount of notoriety as “the witch” with a large number of women that came after me.
I’m not a witch. I’m a personal fitness trainer. I write, but it doesn’t get much worse than that.

The paranormal is my normal. Why it happens, I’m not sure. I’ll tell you how I came to accept that it happens. It wasn’t easy to admit to because there is a fine line between intuitive knowing and deliberate self-delusion.


About the Author:

vivi stutz

Vivi Stutz is a fiction and non-fiction writer.

In fiction, she writes paranormal romance and magical realism; romance, and romantic comedy. Her non-fiction spans from spiritual psychology, paranormal memoir, and self-help to fitness and mental/emotional wellness.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist by the American Council on Exercise, and a Certified Personal Trainer and Advanced Personal Trainer by the International Fitness Professionals Association. She is a pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s of Arts in Psychology and a Master’s of Arts in Spiritual Psychology.

Originally from Germany and now a dual citizen, she attempts to have one foot on each continent while maintaining a home with her husband and various rescue animals in Southern California.

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Memoir Book Spotlight: I Found My Tomorrow in Paris by Marilyn Pearsol Giorgetti

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I found my tomorrow in Paris

Her life in chaos after the termination of a 30 year marriage, this adventurous woman escapes to France to find some meaning to the second stage of her life.  What she encounters in Paris, after a serendipitous phone call and a chance encounter with an American businessman, is far more than her wildest imaginings.  A story of friendship, betrayal and the discovery of self.

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“While October brought the beginning of school, it also heralded a change in the weather. The sun softens earlier. Sometimes it completely disappears under low-hanging overcast skies that grow more and more somber, until darkness envelops the city. An eerie mist slithers up then, from the river to the streetlamps, and casts reddish haloes over the boulevards. It’s another world after dark…. Weekly mornings, on the other hand, run on the predictable rhythm of ritual.

Each near-dawn the alarm clock gets me up and about my morning ministrations: a thank-you meditation, a shower, maybe some yogurt and a banana, then off into the pre-dawn darkness for a short walk along the Champs Élysées. After two blocks, I venture down into the truly dark bowels of Paris for the metro, in which several passengers and I sit trance-like until our underground destination. From there we disembark and scurry through dimly lit tunnels past vendors hawking their wares and, eventually, resurface into the still-dark Parisian mist—like rodents venturing out from our holes. My destination? Boulevard St. Michel.

I follow along the bank of the Seine.

The Seine… It reeks of centuries of use, lost lives, and eons of waste. The muddy, unforgiving flow advances along its course, an innocent receptor of untold atrocities. What forbidden secrets it must hold. The river begs forgiveness for its part in receiving spoils of hundreds of decades of abuse. Yet its mindless, soothing surge forgives all and accepts its destiny—a landmark of truth.

From across this flowing dark mass the bells of Notre Dame toll out the hour. One… Two… Three… Eight reverberating bongs. I stop to gaze at its illuminated Gothic towers and listen. I feel heaven’s angels all around me in what feels like timeless, unnatural peace. This spiritual something stays with me for two blocks more. It lingers as I step inside the building of education and clump three flights to my classroom. It lingers, until I fix the ear-phones to my head and hear the first drone of “Maintenant étudients. Répétez.” The exchange of realities is instant, and repetition is my world for the next several hours…”

About the Author:

marilyn p

“Born in a Nebraska Farmhouse I was a member of the greatest generation living the American dream. At midlife it all evaporated. I was left with decisions to be made that seemed unsurmountable. While my escape to France does not define my life it had a profound effect on me. All my thoughts—in fact my life— was laid bare to be painfully examined and redefined. With perseverance and faith I came to understand and accept what I had become and discover a new me with its incumbent peace. Upon my arrival home, to San Francisco, I felt like a flower which has opened up to absorb all that life has to offer.

Beyond the shores of my reality, where for three decades I faithfully performed my role as wife and mother, another realm awaited me. A realm of ancient history and personal discovery, of architectural grandeur and intellectual broadening. In the 1950s, my life was simple and grew only to a shelved status culturally determined for girls who married right out of high school. This cup consigned to me kept filled without much ado really; never overflowing, it merely teased at the lip. But life that centered round home and hearth contented me, satisfied as I was deemed to be with what I’d now describe as a homogenized expectation for women in that period of American life. It wasn’t until my divorce and a trip to South America that I was awakened to the possibilities of more. South America had captivated me with its beauty, its exotic bouquets of people and sounds, colors and scents. Returning home then, the grass felt more alive between my bare toes, just as it had in the days of my youth. For several years more I clung to ‘safe’ and ‘dependable,’ until it all evaporated like a dream at first light. Yet my overturned world did not leave me without options; oddly, it presented me with a persuasive opportunity. A journey, as it would turn out, that would be my true coming of age, my second flowering.”

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Memoir Feature and Author Interview: Goodbye, Mr. President by Laura McClure @love3083

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History, Biographical

goodbye mr president

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Read how a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother says goodbye to the POTUS, President Barack Obama. Best Selling Author, Laura McClure, shares her memoirs of growing up with the prejudices of the south, yet having faith in the highest office in the United States of America.

Laura tells President Obama goodbye with respect and honor, all while traveling down memory lane.

Free on Kindle Unlimited:

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I want you to understand why this man. Barack Obama, and his presidency is so very important to me and millions of other African Americans.  For those of us that lived through the sixties, his campaign brought back the excitement of the Kennedy years;  it motivated us to get involved and feel like we had a part in history. He was not just a Black man, he is black and white, educated and had worked in the communities, so he knew how to reach out and bring people together. I felt like he could move with the powerful yet hold a conversation with the everyday person. I believe that he had the heart of the people and he was willing to work for all Americans.

To the young people of today, he was someone who they could relate to. Someone who was speaking to them and cared about what they had to say and wanted for this country.

About the Author:

laura mcclure

Laura McClure, Author, Motivational Speaker
My name is Laurelia Mcclure ( Laura McClure) I am married to Robert McClure, and we have been together for fifty-five years. I am the proud mother of six children, sixteen grandchildren, and soon to be the great-grandmother of thirteen great-grandchildren. I knew that I had to work and help my husband support our family. So I decided to find a job that I could advance in and make a decent living. I chose Hotel work. I made friends with some very good people in the industry that helped me get the training and knowledge that I would need to advance. I soon became a manager trainee. Soon I would become a manager and executive in five star/ five diamond hotels.
I worked for the very best hotels in my state and later moved on tho become Director of Environmental services for Lake Shore Hospital in Birmingham, Al.
In 2009, I lost my daughter to HIV/AIDS. She was thirty –nine years old. A single parent with one child. My family and I started the Dotes Foundation. Our goal was to educate and inform concerning HIV/AIDS. Also to help destroy many of the myths that are associated with Aids. We also raised funds and helped build a clinic for children and Aids patients in Swaziland Africa. A country that had been hard hit by HIV/AIDS.

I always wanted to be a writer and have my work published. I was afraid of stepping out and pursuing my dream. At the age of seventy, I finally got the courage after listening to many sermons by my pastor on being all that you can be in life. Also, I have a large support team in my family. On October 8, 2014, my first book “Angel in the Midst” was released. Four months later my second book “It Ain’t Over Yet! It’s Just Beginning was published and on September 28, 2015, my third book “Unvarnished Truths, Coming Clean was published,
In One year, I had PUBLISHED THREE BOOKS, and there is more to come.
I will tell anyone that if God has given you a dream, then you need to make that move. He will not give you a dream what he won’t supply the means for you to accomplish it. Just remember that you can do all things through Jesus Christ.
I am just like Nike, and you can also be. “Just Do It.”

Website l Facebook l Twitter l Amazon Author Page l Instagram

Author Interview:

What is your favorite book to read?

Father To The Fartherless by Paul H, Boge. This book has touched me so much and it has made me even more willing to give and help others that are in dire need of help here and abroad.

How many books do you have published?

I currently have five books published. I did not start my journey of writing until I was seventy years old. My first book was titled “Angel in the Midst”. I later changed the name to Unvarnished Truths Beyond the Pole.  Then I went on to write two more books in the Unvarnished series. I lost my daughter and I went through quite a few emotional changes and I wrote about them in my book “It Ain’t Over Yet! It’s Just Beginning.

Are you currently working on a book?

I am working on a book now that is all about young love and it’s traps.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why?

If I had to recommend one of my books to a reader, I would tell them to read It Ain’t Over Yet! It’s Just Beginning.

Who is your favorite character?

My favorite character to write about is Brandi, the central character in the Unvarnished Series.
Brandy started off on a road that was leading her nowhere and she found the courage to make a change and then influence others to follow their dreams. I was amazed at her strength and growth.
I truly enjoyed writing this book about the President and my growing up on the south. I did not realize how far I had evolved in my thinking until O wrote this book.

Do you ever get writer’s block? How do you cope with it?

When I get writers block, I go away from the project. I meditate and meditation always revive my creative juices. Going for long walks helps me to restore my passion for my life and work. Sometime just quietly thinking about all the goodness that is mine to share.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

My advice to newcomers id to learn all you can from others who have accomplished the things that you want to accomplish in your career of writing and then do you. Never give up, stay focus and keep pushing. Also be a goal setter and never be afraid to change.

When The Devil Attacks Your Dreams: How To Fight Back With Spiritual Warfare And The Written Word

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when the devil attacks your dreams

Television is full of shows dealing with the paranormal and supernatural world. A lot of these shows deals with ghosts and hauntings, but there are some shows that are starting to deal with demonic attacks and entities.

Demonic possession and attacks are nothing new. They go way back to Biblical times. Many people believe that some reported hauntings are something much more sinister than ghosts, and many times it takes powerful religious leaders or priests to exorcise these demons from the person’s life.

These television shows seem to focus more on the things that can be seen, but what about the things that can’t? A lot of times people are attacked when they are at their most vulnerable, which is in their dreams.

Common signs of nighttime spiritual attack often include:

  • Nightmares with themes of good versus evil or nightmares of being attacked by evil or demonic forces.
  • Waking up to the feeling of evil or feeling as is something evil or malevolent is watching you/close by.
  • Hearing strange and unexplainable sounds in the night, such as tapping or scratching. This is especially true if this happens night after night.
  • Feeling truly terrified during the midnight hours, without any rational explanation other than the dreams you’re experiencing.
  • Seeing dark shadows and flashes out of the corner of your eye or unexplainable sights or visions that simply don’t seem to make sense in the rational world.
  • Losing sleep because of all or any of these things.

If you feel you’re under some type of spiritual attack, the worst thing you can do is to NOT take action. These things progress, which is why so may television shows are popping up. People under attack are looking for solutions and fixes to their problems, and they feel as if it’s a battle that they can’t win without some type of interference. Sometimes prayer, fasting, making true spiritual changes, reading the Bible and applying it to your life, as well as closing any ungodly doorways are enough, but sometimes it takes a special form of spiritual warfare to overcome the problem. Don’t let yourself get immobilized by fear and don’t give up just because prayer doesn’t work the first time you pray. Persevere.

The following books are written by experts in the field of spiritual warfare and fighting demonic attacks. These books stand on Biblical principal to guide and direct you on how to take back your life. All of these are available on Amazon. If you feel you are under spiritual attack, these are must reads. You will also find books written by others who have experienced these types of attacks and overcome them by using spiritual warfare and the written word.


The Bible is explicit: We live in a world of distinct opponents; our very lives are a battle. Yet too many Christians lose more battles than they win and endure their walk with God rather than enjoy it because they don’t recognize the enemy when they see it. More importantly, they have no idea how to respond. While society tells us we can react simply, the truth is that a wish, a hope, and a prayer are not the best responses to attacks from those who stand between us and the Father. Christians must be strategic in their reactions to these clearly defined enemies, learning how to fight biblically and effectively rather than just sincerely. In Spiritual Warfare, Dr. Karl Payne – pastor of Leadership Development and Discipleship at Antioch Bible Church and Chaplain for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks – has written a guidebook for defense that is simple, biblical, and transferable. Through his teaching on how to recognize and resolve attacks from the world, we learn that we are more than conquerors in Christ.


Some Christians believe strongly in the existence of demons and spiritual warfare. Others downplay or even ignore the idea. With such divergent views, how are Christians supposed to know the truth about demonic forces at work in this world? The Invisible War examines what every believer needs to know about Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare, offering a balanced look at this controversial subject. This provocative book will help Christians understand what the Bible says about these threats and will show them how they can safeguard themselves and their families through prayer. Now repackaged for a new generation, The Invisible War offers a balanced look at what is going on in the spiritual realm and what believers can do to defend themselves.


Everyone’s Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare is a basic training manual for anyone who wants to understand spiritual warfare principles and know how to stand against satanic attacks. By incorporating demon-defying principles in our daily spiritual lives, we can learn to put the enemy to flight and move from bondage into freedom. The author also identifies several specific demonic spirits that attack God’s people, and provides strategies for overcoming evil in our lives.


The Spiritual Warfare Bible is designed to help you use the Bible to access the power of the Holy Spirit against demonic strongholds and activity. With engaging study materials from Christian leaders and best-selling authors, this Spiritual Warfare Bible is perfect for both individual study and small groups. Features include:

Spiritual Warfare Declarations–More than 250 one-sentence declarations and prayers that affirm your determination to confront Satan with the Holy Spirit’s help Spiritual Warfare Basics–216 tips for effective spiritual warfare
Lessons From God’s Warriors–Character profiles of Old and New Testament people who were equipped and anointed by the Holy Spirit for engaging the enemy in spiritual warfare
Spiritual Warfare Prayers–Scripture-based prayers on topics you can use when facing your spiritual battles
Sharpening Your Sword Interactive Study Elements–Interactive studies for deeper reflection on what the Word of God says about spiritual warfare

Preparing for Spiritual Warfare Articles–Deeper teaching on spiritual warfare and an article for each book of the Bible that covers a specific element of spiritual warfare in that book



3 Bestselling Spiritual Warfare Books in 1 Powerful Volume

This spiritual warfare battle plan from international prophetic leader Chuck Pierce presents three bestselling books all in one volume. When God Speaks reveals our first line of defense: learning to discern God’s voice and receive his guidance for the spiritual battles we face. Next, Prayers That Outwit the Enemy exposes Satan’s strategies against us. And finally, Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness gives ten easy steps for praying for your home, your family, and your property in order to lock out evil and maintain your victory.

This step-by-step, in-depth handbook will help you know God’s heart, pray more effectively, and overcome the negative influences of darkness for effective spiritual warfare.


This book contains powerful warfare prayers and decrees taken from Scripture that will break the powers of darkness and release the blessings and favor of God. This prayer tool includes an introduction to spiritual warfare and biblical principles for praying to overcome demonic influence and oppression.


THE DAY SATAN CALLED is Bill Scott’s account of an excruciating 18-month period in his life. Out of Christian love he and his wife invited a young lady who was demon possessed and the member of an active satanic network into their home. They prayed the sinner’s prayer with her and believed that they could help redeem someone who had witnessed and experienced unimaginable rituals and abuses.

What happened instead were death threats and the loss of their home as a sanctuary. Voices. Threats. Objects falling and moving. Strange visitors and callers. A loving church falling into turmoil. And yes the voice of Satan. Every day was filled with the dread of nightfall. Once you’ve invited someone filled with demons that aren’t leaving her into your home what do you next? Where do you send her? How do you protect yourself and your family? What do you do after she’s finally gone but the demons haven’t left?

This is the account of a terrifying and incredible phenomenon. But ultimately, it is a testament to the power of God’s love, even over evil spirits.


An unforgettable journey into the spirit world of good and evil.

In this fact-filled book, you will come face to face with the two most opposing forces operating in our world: Angels and Demons. These are not figments of our imagination, but are alive and real at this very moment.

You will discover:

• Seven specific facts you need to know about angelic beings.
• The form and function of seraphim and cherubim.
• The work of zoa—“living creatures.”
• The mission of angels today.
• Biblical evidence that angels fathered the giants of the Old Testament.
• The seven devious methods used by demons to gain entrance into the life
of a person.
• Twelve demonic “strong man” spoken of in the Bible—and how to
overcome them!
• The role of angels and demons in God’s end time agenda.

The battle between right and wrong, moral and immoral, virtuous and vile is as old as recorded history. God placed the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden—and directed man not to eat of it, adding that death would occur if man ate of that tree. Today, the conflict still rages.

In this book, the author describes his personal encounters with demons. He says, “As a minister of the Gospel, I have to battle the forces of Satan continually. They rear their ugly heads in our crusades and attempt to destroy what God is doing in hearts and lives around the world. Yet, I can tell you from first-hand experience that the Almighty has sent His angels to protect and minister to me—more times than I can count.”

God will send His special angels to you!

Says Benny Hinn, “I am excited that you have chosen to read this book. It is the result of more than thirty years of study on this topic and has been life-changing for me. I believe you will be transformed too. The Holy Bible is the only book ever written that gives us an insight into the heavenlies and allows us to peek into what lies beyond. There are literally hundreds of scriptures revealing all we need to know about this unseen world. We often miss the truth because we become bogged down in so many details, yet what is spoken of is tangible and real. I pray that as we delve into the amazing revelations concerning both angels and demons, your heart, soul, and mind will hear from heaven. God is waiting to unlock His treasure-trove of knowledge just for you.”

ANGELS AND DEMONS will give you an understanding of what is taking place in the spirit world and help you discover who you are in Christ and the authority you have.


The book, ‘How To Break The Yoke Of Life: Finding Your Way To Freedom, Wealth and Fulfillments’ helps you to disconnect yourself from evil covenants, curses, witchcraft, spells and witch spells. It enables you to break curses and come out of destructive habits, evil associations you’ve entered into knowingly and unknowingly in the past, deliver you from oppressions, problems and burdens that have destructively crept into your life from time immemorial ‘satanically’ put in place to keep you in bondage, and deny you of God’s blessings, fulfilment and untimely truncate your destiny.

Its revelation cut across your foundational beliefs, values, religion and more, leading to your freedom, wealth and total wellness, and offer of great assist to warfare prayers.



December, 2002. Unhappy with life and driven by the search for lasting peace and contentment, a young man walks through the religion section of a local bookstore, looking for answers. One book stands out among all others: an author who claims his written messages to the spirit world are answered by an invisible entity that takes control of his mind and body; an entity that calls itself “God”.

Reading the entire book in one night, the young man is captivated by every word. Only one question remains: How can he know the truth? Taking a pen and paper the man writes his own letter and is amazed when “God” responds. For the next three nights the man encounters the supernatural, with vivid trance-like experiences and intense spiritual manifestations that tear the veil between this world and the next.

When he confides in the only person he trusts with the story, the friend challenges the young man about “God’s” real identity and declares that the visitor is not the benevolent companion he thinks. That night, the man confronts the spirit and becomes the victim of a terrifying waking-nightmare, where his life is endangered and he comes face to face with the violent personification of darkness and evil.

Four Nights with the Devil isn’t fiction. Peter Hockley’s dramatic story really happened. This is his gripping account of demon possession and the powerful deliverance that followed. An ordinary, non-religious man who found himself between God and the Devil and his incredible journey from darkness to light.


Readers, have you experienced a demonic attack or have a story to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Non-Fiction Memoir Feature & Interview: I Will Never Forget: A Daughter’s Story of Her Mother’s Arduous and Humorous Journey through Dementia by Elaine Pereira @ElaineColette

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Non-Fiction Memoir


It is painfully difficult to watch loved ones decline as dementia ravages their mind, destroying memories, rational thinking, and judgment. In her touching memoir, I Will Never Forget, Elaine Pereira shares the heartbreaking and humorous story of her mother’s incredible journey through dementia.

Pereira begins with entertaining glimpses into her own childhood and feisty teenage years, demonstrating her mother’s strength of character. Years later, as Betty Ward started to exhibit bizarre behaviors and paranoia, Pereira was mystified by her mom’s amazing ability to mask the truth. Not until a revealing incident over an innocuous drapery rod did Pereira recognize the extent of her mother’s Alzheimer’s. As their roles shifted and a new paradigm emerged, Pereira transformed into a caregiver, blindly navigating dementia’s unpredictable haze. But before Betty’s passing, she orchestrated a stunning rally to control her own destiny via a masterful, Houdini-like escape.

I Will Never Forget is a powerful heartwarming story that helps others know that they are not alone in their journey.

“Poignant, shocking, and honest … far more than just words on paper. If you or someone you know is living through the hell of dementia, you need this book!”
–Ionia Martin, developer of Readful Things Reviews and Alzheimer’s caregiver

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Mom got lost in the halls she had walked repeatedly for over ten years. And these were the stories I knew about. I literally could not fathom the numerous other parallel situations reflective of her decline.

I envisioned the early stages of Mom’s dementia as a cunning, smoldering fire, its smoke whirling up and down, in and out, around and through her brain. Occasionally it would choke her orientation to time, sometimes cloud her vision or pretzel-twist her gray matter. It always lay in wait, concealed in the crevices of her short-term memory centers, fogging judgment, reasoning, and logic.

For a while, it would remain dormant, having already ravaged parts of her mind permanently until, like wildfires, something sparked it to flare up, engulfing and consuming its insatiable appetite for brain cells. Mom would never get better. All I could do was be there for every step of her journey through hell and pray that was enough. She deserved better; everyone did. She deserved to go out with her boots on, not have her mind chipped and chiseled away piece by piece!

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About the Author:


A native of Kalamazoo, Elaine Pereira and her husband Joseph live in South Eastern MI with their four furkids.  Together they have five adult children and five young grandchildren.

Pereira earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and Masters from Wayne State University.  Most of her professional career as an OT was servicing special needs children in the schools.  In addition to actually living the incredible journey with her mother through Alzheimer’s, Pereira holds certificates as a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Caregiver.

Today Pereira works extensively to advance Alzheimer’s awareness through her Award Winning/Best Selling memoir I Will Never Forget, professional and community presentations.  She is a frequent contributor to the Alzheimer’s Reading Room, Family Affairs and many other sites on request.

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Thanks for doing an interview! Could you tell our readers a little bit about your writing journey?

I’ve heard from other authors that memoirs practically write themselves and I agree. They are often very cathartic works, embodying intense emotions and raw experiences.  My mother’s was a story that needed to be told!  She was a vibrant, articulate accomplished lady until dementia took hold leaving a compromised, confused and agitated woman in its wake.  In tribute to her and others with Alzheimer’s, I chose to put in black and white the colorful stories of her life.

How many books do you currently have published?   One

Are you currently working on a book? No

Will this be your next release?

I Will Never Forget was my debut memoir.  This was the book that needed to be written and currently there are no plans for another.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

In this case, highlighting my mother’s amazing life.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers?

Write a quality product!  Grammar and punctuation matter!  Have it proof read a few times for errors.  Attention to detail matters.  Don’t publish a piece of junk just because it’s easy.

Actually writing the book wasn’t nearly the challenge that marketing was and continues to be.  My advise to writers is to think through what your short and long term goals are for your book.

Are you looking to make a profit or just get a story out?  It’s not a judgment call but it makes a difference as you proceed.

What are some of your favorite books to read?

I like to read, more like escape, into mysteries with complicated plot twists.

What about television shows? Movies?

The Shawshank Redemption was my favorite movie for years.  Since then, other greats are the newest Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Finest Hours.  In general I gravitate to based-on-real-life stories although I realize my list doesn’t reflect that.

I am a tv junkie:  NCIS, The Good Wife, Madam Secretary, Blindspot.

Is there a book that you have read that you feel has made a big impact on your life? Why?

Actually Still Alice, not because of the story itself, although it’s great, but because it’s fiction.  As I lived my mother’s bizarre journey through dementia including her Houdini-esque escape, I realized “fact is stranger than fiction.”  Her story was so incredible it could NEVER be a work of fiction.  Thus I was inspired to write I Will Never Forget.

Can readers find you at any live events, such as book signings or conventions?

Primarily I am live at FREE presentations across the country on Alzheimer’s/dementia and highlights from my mother’s story I Will Never Forget.  My web site is updated as to the details of locations, times etc.

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say?

Dedicated.  Passionate.  Transparent.  Articulate and a little sarcastic.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with readers?

Tragically Alzheimer’s affects all of us.  As I donate from each book sold to help support Alzheimer’s research, I appreciate every purchase.  “Help Me Help Others. Buy a Book!”