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Western Romance Featured Book: Claim Me, Cowboy by Joann Baker & Patricia Mason @bbwromance

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Western Romance, BBW Romance, Women’s Romance

Claim_Me__CowboyAfter almost losing his left arm in Afghanistan, taciturn rancher, Boone Leland worked hard to make a name for himself and a success of Leland Farms. Sometimes he wondered why since there would be legacy, no children to carry on his name, for who would want to marry a crippled cowboy?

Plus-size model Rebecca Morgan took one look at hard-as-stone rancher, Boone Leland, and knew she’d found her purpose. On his farm to do a photo shoot introducing his new organic vegetable business, the sparks start flying. When Becky realizes the rough-around-the-edges Boone isn’t going to make a move, she sets out to seduce him.

Will the heat be too hot to handle or will it mold their love into something lasting?

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Becky snapped her teeth together so tightly her jaws ached. How could this one man make her want to slug him for what was actually a chivalrous act on his part? His big body gave off more heat than the sun, yet she found herself wanting to press back into the massive chest that teased her shoulders with each bumpy step forward. Her mouth went dry as her eyes fastened on the tanned forearms holding the reins of the frighteningly huge animal beneath them. The play of muscle fascinated her as did the knowledge that he controlled the big animal so easily.
Would he be as controlling in bed?
She closed her eyes and let out a soft whimper. Where had that thought even come from? For heaven’s sake she’d only met the man and while he may be sex on legs, he was about as approachable as a grizzly. Besides, he’d probably find it vastly amusing to know that she was a virgin.
“Are you alright?”
Opening her eyes, Becky looked straight ahead, glad to see the barn and the familiar sights and sounds of a set being put together.
“I’m fine.”
Unconvinced, Boone pulled back on the reins, stopping Diablo. “Do you need something to drink or…”
“No, no. Really, I’m…”
“Becky, honey, I was beginning to think you’d deserted me.”
Boone stiffened as a slender blond man with pale skin and blue eyes came toward them. Was this the kind of man the woman in his arms wanted? Shit, he could snap the dandy in two with one hand tied behind his back.
His left hand fisted as Boone bit back a curse. That’s how it would have to be considering he didn’t have much use of that appendage.
“Taylor, hi. I just…Mr. Leland was just…” She shifted in the saddle to stare at Boone, a perplexed expression in her cool green eyes.
“Call me Boone.”
Every cell in Boone’s body came to instant attention as her small pink tongue darted out to lick her bow-shaped lips.
“Giving you a ride?”
Color stained her cheeks and she looked anywhere but at him, letting Boone know that she wasn’t immune to him either. Maybe the dandy wasn’t keeping her warm at night. For some reason, the thought pleased Boone immensely.
“I meant on his horse, honey. Geez, don’t go all virginal on me, girlie.”
“Hi, I’m Taylor, this bubbling beauty’s assistant.” The younger man waved a pale hand, his smile wide and white.
“Boone, will you let me down now, please?”
Reluctantly, Boone helped her from the saddle. His body missed hers immediately. He told himself he’d been too long without female companionship as he stared at the top of her reddish curls.

About the Authors:

Joann Baker and Patricia Mason love romance – sweet, sassy, with a little heat and always with a happily-ever-after. Their stories always include that sweet and sassy heroine who can bring that alpha male to his knees, whether he’s a cowboy, lawman, or billionaire rancher. Working together isn’t as difficult as one would imagine In fact, they are often accused of sharing the same brain. They love to hear from their readers and nothing thrills them more than a five star review (hint, hint!) Email them at

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Featured Humor Book: Pro-Tip: Humorous nightlife observations on Miami, America’s closest neighbor. by Shaun Gold @ShaunGoldLIV

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Humor and Parody

26132771“Pro-Tip: Buy this book…Because.”-Shaun Gold, author of Amazon best seller Promoter Mind, Hustler Heart.

Are you tired of the same old and boring humor? Do you wish you could read something and actually laugh (not LMFO or LIMBO or whatever the must use net-lingo is). Is your cerebellum craving highbrow amusement? Then congratulations, you qualify for Pro-Tip!

Pro-Tip is a perfect piñata of humor and fine fun for both fans of Miami, America’s closest foreign neighbor, and the hit Game of Thrones series. One has zombies, intricate plots, social climbers, exotic creatures from far off lands, betrayal, schemes, foreign languages and the other is Game of Thrones.

Within its pages you will experience a decade’s true tales of insanity, humor, douchbaggery, and laugh out loud moments that resulted from living and working in the menagerie of Miami nightlife.

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Science Fiction Dystopian Featured Book: The Midnight Stand (The Elysia Saga Book 1) by Louis A. Affortunato

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Science Fiction Dystopian

26631571They were able to transform the world in a matter of years. They molded it to their will and created a new world order. It happened so fast no one had a chance to stop it. The ones who cared could only stand by and watch as all traces of the old world began to disappear piece by piece.

They are the Council and they will stop at nothing to fulfill their plan, even if that means murder.

Now the only man left of that previous world is Harley Jacobs and when he receives a letter from the Council telling him to vacate his home he must make a decision that will change his life forever. Does he protect his family and leave or does he stay and make one last stand against the people that took everything away from him?

The first part in a multi-book series, The Midnight Stand introduces us to a harrowing view of a not too distant future that raises the question of what it truly means to be an individual.

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About the Author:B1s+o3faqHS._UX250_Louis A. Affortunato is an author of fiction books and short stories. The Midnight Stand is his debut novel.

He is also an avid reader and cinephile, often watching several films a week. He enjoys many types of books but his favorite stories to read are sci-fi, suspense and dystopian fiction.

When he isn’t writing or working Louis enjoys playing around with cameras and taking shots of nature.

Erotica Featured Book: The Club, Volume 1 of Welcome to the Club Series by Elle Woods

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TheClub book coverFollow a couple’s adventures as they visit a swinger’s club for the first time. This series will revolve around not only their sexual experiences, but will focus on their relationship as well. From their first visit, they experience and learn about the lifestyle together. This series will be a collection of short stories, each of which will focus on a different visit or experience. Learn firsthand what you can expect to find and see and participate in if you have ever fantasized about visiting a swingers club, all from their experiences as told by the female.

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There were guided tours scheduled for all first time visitors. We signed up for one, and had a drink while we sat down and took it all in. All that I could think about while sipping my wine was that I am in a swingers club. Everyone in this club right now is here because they are interested in having sex in public, with other people, maybe multiple people…tonight.

When they called out our group number, I looked over at my husband. He asked me if I was really ready, we could just leave right now if I wanted to. I will admit, I had been very nervous and had many reservations about how this would all play out. However, with my first glass of wine in me, I knew that I didn’t want to leave. I hadn’t even seen anything more risque than a few couples making out. A man had his hand on his wife’s ass and was squeezing it, right out in front of everyone. Well, I think it was his wife? That thought alone made me feel extremely hot.

About the Author:

Welcome to the world of Elle Woods, an aspiring author. Elle has been writing ever since she could hold a pencil, but has just recently published her work for the first time.
2015 marks the launch of her first series, “Welcome to the Club”. This isn’t just any club, though…it’s a swingers club. Join a couple as they begin their adventures in swinging and living out their sexual fantasies.
As of October 2015, volumes 1 and 2 are available, and there are many more to come! Stay tuned for more sexy fun as this couple dives into this lifestyle, headfirst!