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Thriller Book Feature and Interview: Missing Girls by Larry Crane @mainelarrycrane

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Thriller, Psychological Thriller

MissingGirlsCoverIn this compelling thriller, Larry Crane takes readers back in history, weaving together the stories of two abducted girls—one factual, one fictional—as a framework to explore questions of truth, justice, character flaws, and marriage.

After a stranger abducts Marcella and Gavin’s young daughter, Hannah, on her way to school, the couple struggles not only with the horror of her loss, but also with their utter helplessness. They hire a private detective and try to get on with their lives—moving halfway across the country to New Jersey in search of a new start.

Once in New Jersey, however, Marcella becomes obsessed with the infamous Edgar Smith, accused of murdering a young girl—and with finding out the truth about his involvement in the crime.

As Marcella’s investigation takes her deeper into the heart of the mystery, new information about Hannah’s disappearance comes to light and calls into question Marcella and Gavin’s ability to face the truth about themselves, their marriage, and their daughter’s disappearance.

Missing Girls is a blisteringly smart novel that weaves together mystery, thriller, true crime, and alternate history into a fast-paced psychological drama.

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“Come over here and sit by me and talk,” Gavin said. “Do I have this right? You’re going to walk out of here, get a room, and in essence, start throwing spitballs at this guy from fifty miles away?”

“Shut up!” Marcella stood in front of him and glared into his eyes.

“Okay okay. I’m sorry. Forget that. Listen. Listen to me. You don’t know what you’re going to do? Well, let’s think it through. We put our minds to something and we can come up with—I don’t know what. I mean, you could go to him. Go to the cocksucker right there in his cell. Confront him, eyeball-to-eyeball. And then come home and tell me about it.”

Marcella turned her back on him and walked away. “Go to him?”

“Go to him.”

“To his jail cell?”


“Confront him?” She turned to look at him again, hands on her hips.

“Eyeball-to-eyeball. This is good. We’re talking it out. We’re considering all the possibilities, no matter how crazy they seem. It’s good. I like it.” Gavin patted the bed beside him, beckoning.

She kept her distance. “And he will see me because—?”

“You’re not exactly interrupting his busy day, Marce.”

“Then what?”

Gavin puffed his cheeks and exhaled loudly. “Well—I don’t know— but the beauty of it is that you’ve got the crazy bastard behind bars where he can’t wring your …”

“He’s smart. He’s quick. He’s written his own appeals. He has a novel out. He’d make mincemeat of me.” Marcella turned again and went to her dresser and fussed with her hair as if she were heading out somewhere.

“Smart? He’s been in the slammer for ten years.”


“Mincemeat? Look, you’re just going to spit in his eye so to speak, that’s what I’m saying. I mean, on behalf of Victoria, right?


“Oh God. I don’t like the way you said that.”

“As usual, you’re an immense help to me.”

“Shit, what does that mean?”

Marcella turned back to him and approached slowly. “You know, I guess I could try to trick him. To get him to …”

“Get him to what?” Gavin asked, grinning nervously again. “Look, forget trickery. Stick with the—I mean, go for the balls. The man’s in irons. Get what you want, by any means. What do you want from him? Revenge? Shouldn’t someone else be getting revenge? Never mind that. Get in his face. Call him a pussy. Spit on him. Come home happy. I mean, happiness is revenge, Marce. The best there is.”

“Stop helping.”

“Just don’t go.”

“You just said go to him, now you’re saying don’t go.”

Gavin closed his eyes and collapsed backward onto the bed. “Listen! I don’t want you leaving. Leaving is too—irreversible.”

“I’m in motion, and it feels good.”

“The man’s a murderer, for Chrissakes!”

“Revenge. You’ve hit the nail absolutely right on the head. I couldn’t articulate it. But you could. It’s what I want. It’s what I need.”


About the Author:

larry crane

Larry Crane graduated from West Point. He then commuted to Wall Street in New York City for nearly twenty years. The author of the thriller, A Bridge to Treachery and Baghdad on the Wabash and Other Plays and Stories, he lives on the coast of Maine with his wife Jan.

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Interview with Author Larry Crane:

What was your favorite book as a child? As a teenager?
As a child I read all the sports related books in the school library.
Can’t remember titles but I remember a lanky basketball player named Slats Packard. As a high school sophomore I particularly enjoyed the dog eared copy of Battle Cry that made the rounds of my horny teen friends.

Inspiration can often be found in the oddest people, places, and even situations. In the past, what has inspired you?
While serving in the Army in Vietnam, I was taking a correspondence
course in writing from the University of Iowa Writers Program. The
instructor was very supportive. He was the originator of my notion that I could write half-way decent stories. I didn’t follow up with his
suggestion that I apply at Iowa when I got out of the Army. I had a
family and didn’t see how I could afford that. But, the inspiration
stuck nonetheless.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why?
Missing Girls is my favorite. I think I built on the experience of my
first book: A Bridge to Treachery, and took the psychological dimension of the characters much further.

What about your favorite character or characters? Which characters from your books do you think readers will really feel a connection to?
I think readers of A Bridge to Treachery will get a real boot out of the
sassy young woman Sydney Winkler.  In Missing Girls, I expect readers to connect with Marcella. She’s brave, smart and determined to uncover truth. She goes right into the lion’s den.

What can readers expect from you next?
Missing Girls started out as a full length stage play. I built on what I
thought was a compelling story: a woman daring to enter the world of dangerous men, specifically a prisoner on death row. I have other plays in the drawer that I’ve thought of adapting to the novel form, one a comedy about people working in a bank that is located just below a leaky ice skating rink on the top floor of their building. Another is a play about a family gathering at the homestead on the banks of the Wabash River for a reunion of sorts upon the recovery of a son who went missing in Vietnam. Name of the play: Baghdad on the Wabash.

Nobody knows your books better than you! In your opinion, readers of what genres will enjoy your books the most?
People liking suspense and thrillers, and wanting to feel emotions.

Now that we’ve talked about the books, let’s get to know you as the author! What are your favorite books now as an adult? Television shows? Movies?
As for books, my favorites include Preservation Hall by Scott Spencer,
Deliverance by James Dickey, all of Hemingway, LeCarre. I watch a lot of TV and have pigged out on several series: Big Love, Six Feet Under,
Breaking Bad, Homeland, Masters of Sex, and Last Tango in Halifax to
name a few. I love movies. One Eyed Jacks ( an old Marlon Brando),
Bridget Jones Diary, My Brilliant Career, Tootsie, An Education, Silver
Linings Playbook to name a few (who said I like strong women? Most of Woody Allen’s movies, particularly the ones that he does not act in.)

If you could meet one author–from any time era–who would it be and what would you talk about?
I’d like to talk to Hemingway if I could get him to come down to my
level, but I’d probably be slobbering all over the place about why he’s
so taken with bull fighting, and he’d walk out of the room.

How would you describe your life in ten words or under?
A smorgasbord of obsessions, sports, military service, orienteering,
writing, and family.

What is your favorite place to visit?
I like to visit my daughter Debbie and her husband Tom at their mountain house in North Carolina.

Urban Fantasy Feature and Interview: Mage Catalyst by Christopher George @CGNovels

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Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal

mage catalyst

Devon had always just assumed that he was normal, just like everyone else. It wasn’t until he met Renee that he realized that he was something different – something dangerous. He is a Mage.

Led into a world of corruption and temptation Devon soon learns that there is always a price for power.

Available free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!



I’m not sure when I became the villain of my story. But I’m now quite certain that this is exactly what I’ve become. It is no more clear to me as I stand atop a destroyed car park looking over my home. The smoke from still smouldering buildings billow off into the distance, almost writing my name into the skyline, but I do not care. It is no more than a grim signature of the suffering that I’ve caused to those around me. My name is Devon Wills and I am a mage.

About the Author:

christopher george

As an avid science fiction and fantasy reader Christopher George has been immersing himself in books from a young age. In 2004 Christopher completed his Bachelor of Multimedia at Monash University and has been working as an IT professional ever since. He currently lives in Melbourne with his partner, her daughter and three cats.
Mage Catalyst is his first completed novel and was written in a variety of hotel rooms and airports across Australia. Catalyst is his first non-technical piece and he finds it much easier to write fiction than software documentation.
It’s also very recently come to light that he is simply awful at talking about himself in the third person.

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Interview with Christopher George:

When did you start to have a love for books?
That’s hard to say, I’ve always had a love for stories more so than books. Movies, Graphic Novels, Computer games anything where the story is king. I love dissecting the story, seeing how it works, guessing what comes next, and analyzing the characters and plot. There’s nothing better than a well-told story.

What was your favorite book as a child? As a teenager?
I went through a massive Doctor Who phase as a young child, collecting everything I could get my hands on. In my early high school years I discovered Dragon Lance and it opened a whole new world for me. Here was world that I could escape to. From there I progressed into more serious Fantasy and delved into Tolkien, Feist, Eddings, Brooks and discovered a whole new world of stories. In my mid high school years I discovered the epic that is Dune and developed a serious case of fanboy crush. It was only when I found the works of Terry Pratchett and Gaiman that I learned not to take my fantasy so seriously.

What was that turning point that changed you from a reader to a writer?
As odd as it sounds the turning point for my first novel was a five hour delay at an airport. I was travelling a lot for work at the time and had just been told that I would have to wait five hours before my next flight. I’d always been planning on writing a book, but never had found the right moment to start. It’s amazing what people will do to keep themselves entertained in an airport.

Inspiration can often be found in the oddest people, places, and even situations. In the past, what has inspired you?
My inspiration for Mage Catalyst is rather geeky. I’ve always wanted to explore a system of magic that has rules and limitations. I didn’t like the traditional wizards who simply wave their hands and their enemies disappear in sheets of flame. I wanted to know details. How does the magic work? Why does it work? What is the logical consequence of having such power? If Wizards are so powerful why aren’t they ruling the world? Originally my first novel was going to be set in a High fantasy world, but I quickly realized that I didn’t have the necessary skills to write such a novel. It wasn’t until I decided to set my novel in the modern world that it began to click. I could draw upon my experiences as a high school student to bring extra realism to my fantasy world. They often say hide a little bit of truth in your lies – I find that the same holds true in my writing.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why?
I’ve written four books in the series so far and by far the second book in series was the most fun to write. The second book, Mage Accession is going to be due for release late April 2016. I can’t quite explain why I found that the most enjoyable. The first book I had no idea if I could even finish a novel when I finished it. I remembered a sense of amazement when I penned those two little words at the end of the last chapter.  The third novel was by far the most difficult to write largely because in my infinite genius I had decided that I didn’t want to write a trilogy, No, this idiot was going to write a quartet. Four books – that’s original right? The third and fourth books were the most difficult to write by far.

What about your favorite character or characters? Which characters from your books do you think readers will really feel a connection to?
I’ve always got a soft spot for Devon, he’s generally trying to do the right thing, but seems to get himself in more trouble than not. It’s not that he’s selfish or callous, but a lot of what he tries to do just doesn’t work out the way it should have in his head. I can really sympathize with that. I think the opening line of the novel words it best. “I’m not sure when I became the villain of my story, but I’m now quite certain that this is exactly what I’ve become.”  He knows he’s gone wrong somehow but for the life of him he can’t figure out where or how.

So far, what has been your greatest moment in your writing career?
Sitting in a hotel room in Brisbane, Australia and writing ‘The End’ on my first finished manuscript. I can still remember every detail about the room, the time, how the drink I went down to the bar and had after I finished tasted. I remember thinking “holy cow, how did this happen? This is awesome!” to Total sense of amazement and accomplishment was something I’ll never forget.

What can readers expect from you next?
The next year is going to be spent in production for the next three novels. I’m hoping to have a four to five month delay between each release to give me enough time to polish them properly before I release them. It was only after I finished my first novel that I realized just how much work goes into producing your own books. Self-publishing is an amazing experience, but you really do need to go in with your eyes open.

Nobody knows your books better than you! In your opinion, readers of what genres will enjoy your books the most?
Anyone that likes Modern or Urban Fantasy, but I’ve tried to keep the novel light. There’s plenty of heavy themes in there, but often with an irreverent tone. If you like discussions on magic and would like to explore a system or magic than is more than simply just waving  your hand and yelling out ‘abracedabra!’ then this series is for you.

Now that we’ve talked about the books, let’s get to know you as the author! What are your favorite books now as an adult? Television shows? Movies?
I’m a big fan of Ben Elton, Neil Gaiman and of course the immortal Terry Pratchett. TV wise, I’m pretty die hard into Game of Thrones, Walking Dead anything that’s plot/character driven. But I also like the lighter sitcom’s, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Parks & Rec. If I had to choose one though, I’d have to admit that I’ve got a special place in my heart for Community. We’ve got our six seasons! Where’s the movie?

If you could meet one author–from any time era–who would it be and what would you talk about?
There are few authors that I’d love to meet, Neil Gaiman, Ben Elton or Terry Pratchett – though I feel I’d be far too star struck to make much conversation. If I had to choose one though, I’d like to meet Margaret Weis. Her (And Tracey Hickman’s) novels were so instrumental to my childhood I’d love to sit down and thank her for her work and let her know just how instrumental it was to me. Without them I doubt I’d have ever thought to put pen to page, (Well finger to keyboard, but that’s not as good a phrase.)

How would you describe your life in ten words or under?
To twist the immortal words of Frank Herbert, “The Book must flow.” At the moment everything is about Mage Catalyst. I’m sure at some point I’ll get my life back, but for now I’m loving every second of it!

What is your favorite place to visit?
Ooh, good question – I’ve traveled so much for work that I’ve seen much of Australia. I’d like to visit the States and England, but I just haven’t had the chance yet. I’m not sure I’ve got a favorite place to visit yet but I hope to acquire one!

What words do you live by?
‘It could be worse’ call me the eternal optimist.

Anything else you’d like to share with readers?
I guess I’d like to thank them and hope they enjoy the book. Stay tuned! Big things are coming in the sequels! I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Romantic Suspense Feature: Brooklyn’s Song by Sydney Arrison @sydneyarrison

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Romantic Suspense

brooklyns song

Brooklyn Pierce has just witnessed an attempted assassination, and Detective Song Kai and his partner, Detective Mattice Blake, are on the case.

But as the story progresses, sparks begin to develop between Brooklyn and Song, providing the reader with a storyline overflowing with sensuality, compassion and romance amidst the onset of drama, tension, suspicion, deception and murder and an explosive ending, which you will never see coming.”

Five Star Review from Kindle Customer! Everything you want in a good mystery romance story.This was such a good story to sink your teeth into and just simply enjoy.The well fleshed characters were people you could actually know and like.There are some moments when you are just laughing out loud and there are moments when you are just sighing because you imagine it happening. This a well written thought out story with a little something for everyone.I look forward to reading more from this writer.

Buy this book now on Amazon – Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Also Available On:

Amazon UK l Amazon CA

Featured Romance: A Collateral Attraction by Liz Madrid @lizmadridauthor

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a collateral attraction

Some days, it can be tough being an identical twin — especially when your other half is in deep trouble.

Billie Delphine has always been content standing in the sidelines while her identical twin sister, Blythe, gets all the attention, including a glamorous lifestyle with billionaire, Ethan Kheiron, who will do anything to wrestle back control of the family fortune from his younger brother, Heath.

But when Blythe disappears with Ethan while Billie is visiting her in New York, the last thing Billie wants is to be mistaken for her sister — or be falsely accused of a crime that Billie knows Blythe did not commit. So when Heath suggests they work together to find them, Billie agrees.

But a life of luxury, personal shopping sprees and private jets cannot hide the years of unresolved differences between sisters, nor the decades of lies that have left the Kheiron family divided. And even as Billie slowly falls for Heath, she knows that until they all settle their differences, they’re just pawns on someone else’s game of power — where some of them are more expendable than others.

Free with Kindle Unlimited!

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As he stops in front of me, I smell his cologne and my nostrils flare, the hairs at the back of my arms standing on end. Even my belly tightens.  Citrusy with a hint of spice.

“Where is he?” he asks, his voice cold and deep.

I glance around, as if confirming that he is talking to me. “Who?”

“Don’t ‘who’ me,” he says through gritted teeth as he draws closer. “Where is Ethan?”

“I don’t know,” I stammer, confused and not understanding his anger.  “We’re meeting him for dinner-“

“When you see him, tell him to call me,” he says just as the realization hits me. He thinks I’m Blythe!

“No, wait! You’re wrong! I’m not Blythe! I’m-“

“Yeah, right,” he scoffs, grabbing my wrist, and this time his voice lowers as he addresses me. “Tell Ethan to give back what he stole, or I’m making sure that everything will be taken away from him — his spending accounts, his access to company properties,” he pauses, lifting an eyebrow as he looks at me. “Even you, Blythe.”

The way he looks at me makes me wither inside. It’s cold and demoralizing, like he’s appraised me from behind his blue-gray eyes and I came up short.

“For your information, mister,” I say as I yank my wrist away from him, “I am not a thing.”

Heath eyes me, as if surprised that I actually can speak, and then he chuckles, as if I just said something funny. “You’re not a thing, is that it? You’re not this thing for my brother to dress up and primp like some doll on display — like he’s doing now?”

He bites his lower lip, and shakes his head, as if he’s the one who’s perplexed. But clearly, by the words that follow, he’s not. “It’s time to wake up and smell the roses, dear Blythe, because as far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what you are to me — a thing.  Now where is Ethan?”

This time, I’m too shocked to say anything back, but Alicia comes to my rescue.

“I need you to leave, Mister Kheiron. This behavior is inexcusable.”

“Don’t worry.  I’m done here, Alicia,” Heath says before turning his attention back to me. “Tell Ethan he’s got till tomorrow to explain himself, or he’s going to end up with a bigger problem in his hands — and I believe you know what I’m talking about, Blythe.  And tell him that once I notify the board of what’s been happening, he’ll have nothing to his name — nothing.  Neither will you.”

“Mister Kheiron!” Alicia’s voice is shrill now and two men in dark suits seem to magically appear next to her.

“Good day, Alicia,” Heath says, nodding his head curtly, before turning to address me, the bow of his head mocking me.  “And you, too, Blythe.  Enjoy your shopping spree.”

I can’t even say anything back at him, not when the way he looks at me decimates me into someone who clearly is not worth anything in his eyes.  I feel Alicia’s hand rest on my arm as Heath turns away and walks out of the store.

“I’m so sorry, dear,” Alicia says. “Are you alright?”

I nod.  “I guess when tycoons have a bad day, they really do have a bad day, don’t they?”

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Featured Sci-fi Romance: Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine: Part Six by Desiree Broussard

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Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance

taken viking 6Part six in the bestselling paranormal romance series Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine

When another concubine dies at the hands of her mate, Briony wonders if she will even survive the harsh, unrelenting werewolves of Scorched long enough to see the next full moon. Her mate is withdrawn, and any future with Rolf seems impossible. She wants to give up–she needs to give up–but the heat won’t let her, and in the scattered aftermath of her passion, Briony will have to make a choice about her future… even when the choices are abysmal at best.

This book is part of an ongoing series. It is not a standalone. Each release in this smokin’ hot series is 17,000 to 19,000 words in length. Enjoy!

$.99 on Amazon or Free With Kindle Unlimited!

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About the Author:

I’ve always had a fascination with vampires. My ideal man evolved from tall, dark, and sexy to tall, dark, and sexy with fangs. And so my fantasy was born.

My first release is Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine (Part One). If you like a safe and neat series, this is not for you. Taken is very dark in nature, with strong sexual themes, dangerous situations, and Gothic undertones throughout it. When you open the pages to my series, you’re stepping into a world ruled by beings that survive on blood. There’s nothing safe about that.

The year is 2050, and Keely has just been abducted from her home in small-town USA. Blindfolded and bound, she is taken into outer space and delivered into a world with three moons and no sun. Almost immediately, she discovers her fate. Due to a rare blood factor she’s been taken and now she’s expected to select a male vampire mate and breed.

The attraction between her and her guard is instantaneous, but where can it lead? Now a concubine, Keely is taken for her grooming. The market is quickly approaching, her future dark and uncertain. She’s destined to be a vampire’s concubine, but which one will she pick?

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My newest series – Taken: The Werewolf’s Concubine – releases 1/19/15. Buy it on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited.