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M/M Contemporary Romance Spotlight and Author Interview: Jesse’s Smile by Angelique Jurd @AngeliqueJurd

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M/M Contemporary Romance

jesses smile

Jesse Peterson is 26 and loves his job at a pet store. He loves the cats, the dogs and Sniffles the rabbit. What he doesn’t love is the way people assume that he can’t look after himself, that he’s isn’t a man. So, when the store’s newest customer, buying supplies for his kitten, asks him out, Jesse has trouble understanding why. Jesse knows he’s not stupid, but nobody else seems to know that. They just see a good-looking young man whose smile seems to be the brightest thing about him.

Drew Oliver isn’t other people. A high school teacher with a history of bad relationship choices, Drew is patient, loving, and doesn’t care that Jesse is different. He just cares about being able to make him smile as often as he can.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the differences between Drew and Jesse, few notice the things they share. Can their relationship survive the scrutiny and judgement passed by everyone around them? And when one of Drew’s bad choices shows up, will love be enough to help them survive the aftermath?

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“It’s more than a bit OCD,” Jesse starts to protest but stops when Drew snorts. His glasses are back in place. Jesse thinks he’s the handsomest man he’s ever seen and that’s strange because his Dad wears glasses for reading and he’s not handsome. Maybe his mom thinks he is.

“Dude, you have never seen my mother with housework, trust me you have a long way to go.” Drew crunches on a cracker he’s smeared with blue cheese. “Jesse, you know, you’re not broken, you’re just different. And I’d still like to take you out tomorrow night.”

Sighing, Jesse sits back in his chair for a moment, unsure of what to do. Part of him wants to run home, lock the door behind him, grab Wicket, and rub his hand over him until his heart stops pounding. Part of him wants to go out tomorrow night and see what happens. And an entirely different part of him wants to climb in Drew’s lap and kiss him again. He decides he should probably ignore that part. For now.

“Okay, what are we going to see?”

Jesse’s Smile, Angelique Jurd ©2017-2018

About the Author:

angelique jurd

A former print journalist and editor, with experience in newspaper, magazine and digital formats, Angelique Jurd writes M/M contemporary romance Based in New Zealand, she is owenved by four cats, three adult children, and a boyfriend. Her love of pop culture has led her to preparing herMaster of Arts thesis on the ways in which fan-produced media disrupts, informs, and influences the original text and creators of the television show Supernatural. Jesse’s Smile is her first novel.

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Author Interview:

Thanks for doing an interview! Could you tell our readers a little bit about your writing journey?

When I was 12 I read my first Stephen King novel (yeah I was precocious) and heard Bruce Springsteen on the radio and I was just enchanted by the way they painted pictures with their words. It was magic and I knew I wanted to do that. I started out as a journalist and worked my way up to editor. I then spent some time doing corporate writing (something I was very bad at) before deciding to return to university. I graduated in 2017 with a BA in Media Studies and English and am currently preparing my Masters thesis in Media Studies. My ‘day job’ (my thesis) involves analysing and writing about M/M fan fiction and my ‘other’ job is writing M/M romance – it’s a win all the way around.

How many books do you currently have published?

I have just published my first novel, but I do have a collection of columns I wrote for a newspaper and a collection of four short stories. I put them on Amazon a few years ago – before all the amazing tools we have today were so easy to access – so the formatting on them isn’t … wonderful. One day soon I’ll take them down and fix them.

I have some more novels due out over the coming months.

What has been your favorite book to write so far? Why?

I’ve written four novels over the past twelve months and Jesse’s Smile has been my favorite. I just liked Jesse’s character from the moment I heard him in my head so it made it very easy to sit down and work each day. When I was finished I went into mourning for a week, I missed him so much.

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release?

I am currently working on two books. One is the third in a trilogy – The Capistrano Series – the first of which will be released in May. The other – Guard You With My Heart is the first in a paranormal m/m romance series – Guardian Angel series – will be my next release.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Painting pictures with words. Meeting characters in my head (it’s noisy in there), discovering their world, and telling their story.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

I do. It used to bother me a lot but now I deal with it by putting on some music, opening a document about something entirely different, and ignoring the characters and plot that are blocked. Usually within 24 hours they start opening up again. I don’t know if that would work for everyone, but it works for me.

Have you ever had one of your characters to take a twist you weren’t expecting and surprise you?

Yes. In The Capistrano Series, one of the characters has just thrown a massive temper tantrum. He’s normally really placid and easy going and it blindsided me – so it certainly blind sided the other characters.

Which of your characters is your personal favorite? Least favorite? Why?

I have favorites and villians in each book. In Jesse’s Smile, Jesse was my favorite by far because I liked his transparency and his lack of pretense. I really hated David – hated writing him, hated everything about him. Happily so do readers. He’s the villain of the story and he was just so awful to have in my head.

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read?

I’m a huge fan of Stephen King, JK Rowling, Melissa Foster, oh look the list is huge and very ecclectic. I read a lot of fan fiction too.

What about television shows? Movies?

Supernatural. BBC Sherlock. Arrow. The Black List. NCIS.

Movies – pretty much any movie available. I’m going to see The Shape of Water today.

Can readers find you at any live events, such as book signings or conventions?

I’m hoping to have some of those lined up very soon so stay tuned.

Romantic Fantasy Book: Snow Wars by N.S. Grimm

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Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Gay and Lesbian Fantasy, Young Adult (18 + over)

snow wars

General Note: there are graphic battle scenes, soft sexual content, drinking, and some gay and lesbian characters (in books 2&3) in this series.

~~In a world covered by snow, where deadly predators are everywhere, resources scarce, and love even more elusive, two young women hold the key to the mysterious death and destruction surrounding their cave dwelling people. One side wants to keep these women alive and the other side wants to see them dead, but how can these young women tell the difference between the two sides? And what is the dark secret in their past that holds the key to the threats of today?

The sole survivor of a bloody genocide attempt, Iana runs for her life, but is there anywhere safe to run? Daniel swore to his dying brother that he would protect the small woman and her sister, but how can he help a girl who continually puts her life in danger? As Daniel binds Iana closer to himself, and his own dark secret life, Iana finds herself drawn to him in more than one way.

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“Hang on, Nathanial. I’m coming to get you,” Iana said.

The Raven Dog above her seemed reinvigorated at this new movement from its trapped prey. The mad dog danced on the edge above her with snapping jaws and bloody teeth. Every move the creature made sent rock and dirt cascading over Iana’s head. Her grip was already precarious and weak on the rocky cliff she was scaling. Any amount of falling debris was dangerous and could dislodge her handholds, causing her to fall.

“Iana, what are you doing? Don’t do it; stay where you are.”

“Still trying to tell me what to do Nathanial?” Iana tossed back to him, trying to keep both their spirits up. “Haven’t you learned yet?”

“Don’t risk this, Iana. I’m not worth it.”

“Yes you are!” she countered and continued to creep slowly over toward him. Her hands were shaking so hard she was scared they would shake off the rocky ledge. Maybe she should have taken off her gloves, but then she would just have the cold to deal with.

“Iana, go back. It’s too dangerous. There is snow all over that cliff; you will slip and fall.”

Iana looked over to the bush where the wind was blowing against him. He was very pale in the dusty pink light of the setting sun. He was too white Iana thought.

“Keep talking to me, Nathanial, okay?” she yelled at him.

A frigid gust of wind blew up, tossing Iana’s hair wildly. The snow swirled about, blinding her temporarily. Iana clung closer to the rough cliff wall with her eyes squeezed tight, waiting till it died down. Her lips were quivering now, but she didn’t know if it was from the cold or fear. What had made her think she could climb across to him like this?

“Hey, Easterner,” Nathanial called to her, “never seen a mouse so bad at climbing before; maybe you should have stayed behind?” he teased.

Iana opened her eyes and shot him a look that could kill. Rising to the challenge, she said, “Don’t worry, mice are very good at improvising when it comes to survival.”

Iana was frozen with fear. She could feel the tears of anger and despair start to well up in her eyes and she fought hard to push them away. She hadn’t been climbing long when Nathanial decided to continue his harassment.

“You really aren’t very good at that you know,” he said.

Iana screamed back in mock frustration, “Training for rock climbing isn’t till the next lunar!”

Nathanial kept the banter up in a lighthearted voice, but when Iana looked his way she could see his eyes were closed against the cold and he was shaking as he tried to hang on.

“I’m just saying…that you might want to work on that when we get back if you want to be a Rambler,” he continued teasing her in a trembling voice.

“I’m beginning to rethink that occupational choice at the moment,” Iana confessed, only half joking.

Nathanial laughed into the wind this time. “Aha! I knew you didn’t really want to make this run today,” he joked.

“Haven’t you bled to death yet?” Iana countered, and Nathanial laughed out loud again.

It was good to hear him laugh. Nathanial was quiet for a long moment. When he spoke next, it was in a low and serious voice. “You know I didn’t mean all that mean stuff I said to you back there at the start ribbon.”

“I know,” Iana said, forgiving him.

She paused a moment and leaned her head against the rock wall to catch her breath. It was then that Iana noticed the absence of the Raven dog from overhead. She held her breath and waited for it to return. Shadows passed over and Iana sniffed hard against her runny nose. The longer she waited, the more her nerves set on edge. Suddenly a head appeared over the edge—a human head. It was Daniel reaching his hand down to her.

About the Author:

NS Grimm is a new and upcoming American writer with self-published works in multiple genres. Works always focus on strong female characters with a passion for life and love. Her international experience finds its way into all her books in one way or another. Raised in Texas, GRIMM is the last child of three. Hobbies include: kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, gardening, house flipping, sewing, singing, ballet, scuba and visiting museums of any type.

Connect With The Author:

Official Website of NSGRIMM




Amazon Author Page

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Erotic Romance Feature: Weekend at Wilderhope Manor: A Lesbian Erotic Halloween Story by Lucy Felthouse @cw1985

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F/F Erotic Romance


When Stephanie and Jenny go to a Murder Mystery Halloween weekend at Wilderhope Manor, they’re expecting fun and games. But following creaky floorboards, spooky noises and an alarming encounter in the Manor’s grounds, the girls begin to wonder if there’s more to Wilderhope Manor than meets the eye. As they find frequent comfort in one another’s arms – and their bed – will the girls discover what’s causing the bumps in the night, or will they run scared?

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The car trundled up the long driveway, the crunching of gravel beneath tyres the only sound as Stephanie and her girlfriend, Jenny, peered out of the windows at their surroundings.

Even at dusk the tree-lined driveway was impressive with perfectly maintained parkland, spanning for acres on either side of it. As Stephanie steered the Fiesta around a bend in the track, they both gasped. Their destination, Wilderhope Manor, had come into view and it was stunning. The Tudor style property was huge, with no less than three frontages visible from where they were. Chimneys with intricately built patterns jutted into the darkening sky, with tangles of ivy climbing parts of the manor, giving the place an appearance that was both beautiful and foreboding.

Presently, the driveway opened out into a gravelled area, which as far as Stephanie could tell, doubled as a car park for the weekend. Stephanie manoeuvred into a spot between two vehicles and killed the engine. As she turned to Jenny, she jumped, startled. Her girlfriend had leaned in close, making a scary face with her hands mimicking claws.

“Are you ready to be scared out of your wits, young lady?” Jenny rasped, wiggling her eyebrows and fingers theatrically.

Stephanie shoved her playfully, laughing. “Come on, you silly cow. It’s a murder mystery weekend, not a monster hunt. There will be no ghosts, ghouls or vampires involved.”

About the Author:


Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 150 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook ( and Twitter (, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Fiction Book Spotlight: Terror in Tulsa: A Gay Thriller Romance by Buck Powers

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Gay Fiction, Gay Thriller Romance, Contemporary Gay Fiction, Urban Dystopia

terror in tulsa

On opening night of Gay Pride Weekend, a militia group wielding M16s surrounds the Equality Center. Frantic volunteers call 911. But operators refuse to place the calls. Doing so would violate their religious convictions. They mention the state’s new religious freedom law and hang up.  It’s up to the center’s rag-tag volunteer security team to maintain order.

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Andrea Minotti had learned how to bust down doors when she worked as a police officer. After the separation, she had trouble sleeping, and she began spying on her ex-husband, Enzo, driving by his rented bungalow at all hours of the night.

Around three in the morning, she awoke drenched in sweat from a nightmare. Something told her to check on Enzo. She found a strange car parked behind her husband’s in the driveway. For more than an hour, she waited outside in her car, but no one stirred inside the house. Had Enzo and this new friend left in someone else’s car?

Finally, she couldn’t take the suspense any longer. She lurched from the car and padded down the driveway to the back door of the police detective’s small, wood-frame house.

Using the technique taught at the police academy, she slammed her torso into the door. It popped open and she stepped inside the laundry room, walked through the kitchen, and rounded the hallway that led to Enzo’s bedroom. When she got to the door, two naked men confronted her. One was her husband, gripping a baseball bat.

“What the hell are you doing, Andrea?” he yelled. “I could have knocked your god-damned teeth out.”

She sized-up the naked stranger and then met her husband’s gaze. “What the hell are you doing?”

Six Must Read Gay Romance Novels: Add These to Your To-Be-Read List

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six must read gay romance novels

Love M/M gay romance novels? See these hot romance reads book suggestions and add them to your to-be-read list… if you can wait that long to read them!

six ways from sunday

Six Ways from Sunday (Southern Scrimmage #1) by Mercy Celeste

Take one NFL tight end, and one Marine, add one week and watch the sparks fly.

Bowen Murphy craved two things, football and Dylan. After high school he had football but he lost Dylan.

Dylan Sunday walked a different path, one laid down before him by his father and his grandfather. Losing Bo one day after discovering they shared more than football wasn’t part of the bargain.

Six years of missed connections and finally Dylan is able to come home to the man he left behind. The spectacle of the biggest game in the NFL is only the beginning of one sizzling week. After that time and fate would decide if Bo and Dylan would walk the same path, or if one of them would make the ultimate sacrifice.

Warning: bittersweet tale of two hot men, making up for six years of separation. May not be suitable for sensitive readers. Contains scenes of male/male sexual practices.


someday sierra riley

Someday by Sierra Riley

“When you’re around, you’re all I can see”

“Someday, my prince will come.”
Danny is an artist, and he has the best job in the world. He gets to create beautiful things at the bakery his best friend owns. The only thing that would make life better is finding his own personal Prince Charming, but despite a life-long addiction to happily-ever-after, he doesn’t really hold out much hope for that. He’d rather be alone than compromise who he is for men who are only interested if he tones down his flamboyant personality.

“Someday, I’ll find a better life.”
Mace learned to protect himself while growing up in a harsh foster care system. Serving an unjust prison sentence taught him even more valuable life lessons. Don’t let your feelings show. Trusting people only gets you hurt. It’s okay to want things, but don’t expect to hold onto them. Now that he’s out, Mace keeps to himself, quietly enjoying the work he’s found caring for beautiful things while he saves for a better life. Even if he has no idea what that will actually look like.

“It’s you. My better life is you.”
When Danny bursts into Mace’s life, the beautiful man has him questioning everything life has taught him, from his sexuality to the wisdom of trusting someone with his heart. Danny makes him want things he’s not sure he believes in, and when a series of local robberies lead to his arrest, his faith in what’s possible is put to the test.

Someday is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.


shifting gears

Shifting Gears (Crossroads #2) by Riley Hart

Rod Nelson is used to being someone’s good time, and that’s fine with him. Spending his days at his adult toy store, Rods-N-Ends, he never knows who he’ll meet. The second Landon Harrison walks in, he has Rod’s full attention. It seems as if Landon wants him too, so why won’t the man jump in the sack with him already?

Landon never thought he’d return home to the town where memories lurk around every corner. He has to admit, Rod makes the adjustment a lot easier. He keeps Landon laughing. Despite the fierce attraction between them, he’s not willing to risk his newfound friendship to get laid.

Neither man wants something serious, but the more they’re together, the harder it is to keep their hands to themselves, until eventually they stop trying.

But flings between friends are never simple, and as they attempt to shift gears, diving into their first relationship, they’re slammed with setbacks. If they want to truly move forward, before they hit the open road together, they’re going to have to let go of a past that could make them crash and burn.


behind closed doors the foundation

The Foundation (Behind Closed Doors #1) by Diana McKinley 

Throughout high school, Benjamin Alcott had a single goal in mind – to escape a home environment that was anything but loving and supportive. With determination and perseverance, Ben has risen to the top of his class, both academically and athletically. And with careful planning, he has secured scholarships which ensure he has a real chance to see through his goal of becoming a doctor. But beyond that dream, Benjamin also wants a place where he can live freely and openly as the young gay man he is without shame, persecution, or fear.

Cord Robinson also has a dream which he has held close to his heart for years, while he patiently waited for Benjamin to grow up and leave home – for Ben to be his. Cord has already gone through the steps of coming to terms with his sexuality and then coming out to his family and friends. And now that college is over for him and his best friend Branden, who is also Benjamin’s brother, Cord is ready to let Ben know that he is interested in a real future with the beautiful young man.

But as Ben prepares for his graduation, the violence at home reaches a breaking point and he flees. When Cord realizes what has been going on behind the Alcott’s doors, it’s a race against time for him to find Ben and then open his heart to the one other man he wants to build a life and solid foundation with as Benjamin prepares to finally spread his wings and fly.


selling it sara york

Selling It by Sara York

Love heals all scars. Teens are dying and Blaine Wilson, a DC police detective, knows why. The scars on his right leg, left rib cage and left collar bone are a brutal reminder of his past as a teen prostitute, and a key to solving this investigation. Blaine s trips to gay bars are reckless but he s searching for solace for his wounds. When he meets Andy everything changes. Dating Andy forces him out of the closet at work and then he has to admit his past indiscretions to his captain. Andy falls in love at the drop of a hat and he’s promised his two best friends he won’t fall so easily again. When he meets Blaine he’s helpless to resist the instant attraction. Andy and Blaine are dedicated to making their relationship work when the killer targets Andy and his two best friends. Can Blaine save his lover and Andy s friends without losing himself?”


broken jessica freely

Broken by Jessica Freely

Eben does what his brother, mob boss Nicky Flannery, tells him, even when he’s not so sure it’s right. Letting Nicky do his thinking for him is a lifelong habit. So is hiding the fact that he’s gay. Then Nicky buys a Hong Kong rent-boy to expand the mob’s escort business and Eben’s life gets a lot more complicated.

Forced into prostitution, Song Xiu is an unsentimental survivor. He takes his pleasures where he can and leaves his clients weak in the knees. Xiu knows he’s hot for Eben’s powerful body, but it’s more than that. Eben’s kind face and gentle touch give Xiu a strange feeling that no amount of sex or drugs can banish. Is this what people call love?

Eben is instantly attracted to Xiu’s erotic beauty, but it’s the sweet young man beneath the glossy surface that he falls for. When he learns Xiu’s story, he begins to wonder if Nicky is really the hero he grew up worshipping, or something else entirely.

An unguarded moment leads to a passionate encounter that rips away all of Xiu and Eben’s illusions. Suddenly the answers to their questions become alarmingly clear. They have one last chance to rescue each other from their broken lives, but only if they can survive Nicky’s retribution.


Readers, which ones of these will you be reading? Who are your favorite  m/m authors?  Leave your comments and gay romance book suggestions below!

M/M: HERO: A First Time Gay Romance by Burt Maverick @Burt_Maverick

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Gay Romance

hero burt maverick

Handsome and popular, All-American Hometown Hero Bobby Joe Dupree didn’t think anything could be worse than finding out his best friend Davey is gay. Until he finds out he’s the object of his friends sexual desires.

“Bobby Joe was the most popular boy in our small, West Texas town ever since I could remember. He was the Captain of the college football team. President of our Student Body Council, Valedictorian when we graduated high school, a state wrestling champ, football champ, baseball champ. And voted most likely to succeed. He was the perfect All-American boy… And I loved him. I loved him with every fiber of my soul, and I had ever since we were children…”

This is a very intense sexual romance featuring first time gay sex.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!


About the Author:

burt maverick

**Amazon Author Superstar Bonus recipient for April, May, and June 2015** Awarded to the Top 100 Authors on Amazon

Hi friends! I’m just an average guy who likes to write smutty romance stories to get people off…and maybe even make a little skrilla on the side. Have fun reading them, I know I had fun writing them…One handed!

I call my writing Pulp Porn Romances, because I like to concentrate on the sexual side of budding relationships.

You can FOLLOW me Here on Amazon and you will be notified of new releases, or follow my News Letter mailing list.


Hey friends, just a reminder, I’ve had 40+ titles removed by Amazon, pending, new titles and/or content. So make sure to read the inside before you purchase.

All of my books are written by me. I do NOT use a ghost writer and I do NOT buy other people’s work. Thank you!


Also remember friends – most of my short stories are edited by a stoned monkey. He’s not that good, and I probably should have let him go, years ago. But I kind of like the guy, and he also has a whole troop of little monkeys and a couple of adopted squirrels to support…and that’s kind of hard for a stoned monkey. So go easy on the guy, he’s just trying to make an honest living….Have a Great Day!

Burt Maverick and the Stoned Monkey