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5/24/17 Today’s List Of Free and Featured Books To Read

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Readers, read through the entire post below for our most recent e-book deals, featured books, free books to download and read, and author interviews! Once you’re done, share this list with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter so they can get some great new reads too. Authors, have a book you would like to promote? Click here.

Featured Books:

See these first!

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What if our dreams were actually our reality? What if just believing in our dreams could actually make them become true? Would you believe in your dreams then and actually pursue them? Millions of dreams die everyday without ever becoming a reality. Every Time a dream dies a piece of that person dies with it. Dreams are the only thing that can make you feel alive. Reality without dreams isn’t even reality at all. Feel alive again by reading D.R.E.A.M and find the passion to make your dreams a reality. Motivation for your D.R.E.A.M’s can be found in this book simply by reading each page. A easy down to earth read that’ll motivate you to easily capture your D.R.E.A.M’s.


When the Change came, people stopped aging, the dead rose from their graves, it started raining and it’s been raining ever since. But a guy’s still got to make a living doesn’t he?

When Graveyards Yawn: Book 1 (Full Novel) MURDER IS STILL MURDER IN GREASETOWN – A dead lawyer enters the office of Wildclown Investigations and hires the detective to find his killer. Wildclown and his dead sidekick Elmo soon find themselves entangled in a battle for control of a secret that offers either hope or doom for humanity. WHEN GRAVEYARDS YAWN takes the reader to a unique setting that mixes gothic horror with the two-fisted pragmatism of a hard-boiled detective novel.


Dreams of lost past, a boy on the run, a man trying to make peace with his mistakes. Destinies intertwine in three mind-bending stories revolving around a single destructive factor, all converging in one concluding moment. They are embers, fallen from a great fire; some fade, some create conflagrations, and Atlanta burns around them.


The story of Canoe, a young Native American boy of the Algonquin Nation. Born in 1645 in New France, Quebec, Canoe learns to speak five languages by the age of nine. Canoe is kidnapped and traded to the Mohawks, but Canoe shuts down and won’t talk. He is imprisoned. After a year in isolation, Canoe is sold to a French fur trapper, René La Bete. However, La Bete has nothing but malice planned for Canoe. Canoe escapes, but just when he thinks he is safe, his reality collapses. Captors besiege him. Canoe descends into a hellish nightmare of uncertainty.


Pirates, dragons, mermaids. Embark on a coming of age journey that will leave you breathless.
New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee presents Half-Blood Dragon, the first epic fantasy adventure in the Dragon Born Trilogy.

A lady-in-waiting’s job is to follow orders. For Rowen, it is to execute her stepfather’s plan to elevate the family’s station by an advantageous marriage to the crown prince. Intrigue and seduction fill Rowen’s days, but the prophecies that haunt her dreams at night warn her that death awaits.

The taunts of her sleepless nights are realized when she is framed and sentenced to death for the prince’s murder. For a human, there’s nowhere to run and no one to turn to in a kingdom where power is tightly held by full-blooded dragon shifters.

It will take a stranger from the shadows to save Rowen from execution and reveal a truth full of terrifying potential. It is time for Rowen to find the courage to accept her fate, awaken her gift, and set the world on fire.


“In a matter of minutes on a Friday night, I lost my school, my identity, the security of my first love, the personality of my sweet fearless brother, my best friend, my town, everything as I knew it. Everything changed.”

“Minutes—that’s all it takes to change your entire life. How do you deal with that?”

For high school senior Jules Blacklin surviving the storm is only the beginning. Faced with the new reality of her life, she must find a way to rise From The Wreckage and answer the question—how do you get back to normal, when everything that was normal is gone?


In Savannah, Georgia, there’s a ghost story around every corner. Charlie Rush could tell you a few of his own. He’s just your average, sixteen-year-old theater geek… except for the fact that he can communicate with the dead. Charlie’s got plans for this summer: hanging out in the cemetery behind his house, doing as little assigned reading as possible, and volunteering at the old costume shop in the Victorian District. What he doesn’t anticipate is meeting William: a handsome, mysterious guy who just so happens to have been dead for about one hundred years. As the weeks go by, Charlie and William discover that they have a lot to teach each other. There’s definitely a connection there… but you can’t fall in love with a ghost, right? Add in a supersmart twin sister, a helping of LGBT history, and one magic spell that could change everything – and suddenly, Charlie’s “normal” life is nothing like he could have imagined. Spun of equal parts love story and journey into the supernatural and spiritual, To Never Walk Alone is the captivating, dynamic page-turner you’ve been waiting for.


Anaxantis, prince of Ximerion. You will hate him… if your heart isn’t big enough.

While the kingdom of Ximerion is threatened at its southern border by a major power, the high king sends his two youngest sons, the half brothers Anaxantis and Ehandar, as Lord Governors to the Northern Marches where minor raids by wild barbarians are expected. Under the guidance of an old and trusted general, the king hopes to keep the young princes far from the major conflict in the south, while at the same time providing them with a valuable learning experience. The estranged half brothers are rivals, but soon they feel attracted to each other. As if this was not enough of a complication, they begin to suspect that they were set up by their own father. The result is a fierce struggle for power where the lines between hate and love become almost indistinguishable and where nothing is what it seems.


*2nd Edition. Previously published under the title, Desperate and Daring. Same book, new title and cover!

Hot Historical Romance! Follow Ella J. Quince and never miss a new release! Sign up for new release announcements at the back of this book and get free books exclusive to subscribers!

Miss Heather Everly desperately needs to get married, but not just any suitor will do. Her family is on the brink of ruin, and only the Duke of Ablehill can save her. When he answers her letter and agrees to meet her, it’s the duke’s steward who arrives in his place. Heather must convince him that she would be the perfect duchess, but her attraction to him is clouding her mind. Her heart is pulling her away from what she must do, and toward the man she truly wants.

Fallon Calder cannot believe that the beautiful and vibrant Miss Everly wishes to marry a malicious old man like the Duke of Ablehill. It’s why he must hide the truth from her, the shocking truth that the old Duke of Ablehill is dead, and as his only heir, Fallon has taken his place. Moved by her letter, he is determined to find out all he can about her, but what he doesn’t anticipate is his own heart getting involved. The more he learns about her, the more certain he becomes that the only man Heather should belong to, is him.


Her parents want a betrothal, but Mairead MacKenzie can’t get married without revealing her secret and no man will wed her once he knows.

Plain in comparison to her siblings and extremely reserved, Mairead has been called “MacKenzie’s Mouse” since she was a child. No one knows the reason for her timidity and she would just as soon keep it that way. When her parents arrange a betrothal to Laird Tadhg Matheson she is horrified. She only sees one way to prevent an old secret from becoming a new scandal.
Tadhg Matheson admires and respects the MacKenzies. While an alliance with them through marriage to Mairead would be in his clan’s best interest, he knows Laird MacKenzie seeks a closer alliance with another clan. When Tadhg learns of her terrible shyness and her youngest brother’s fears about her, Tadhg offers for her anyway.

Secrets always have a way of revealing themselves. With Tadhg’s unconditional love, can Mairead find the strength and courage she needs to handle the consequences when they do?

Highland Courage is a romance about a married couple and thus contains several mildly explicit love scenes, as one might expect to occur in married life. If you want more steam than that, you might be disappointed. If you prefer to stay out of the bedroom this title is available in an Inspirational version.


5/23/17 Today’s List Of Free and Featured Books To Read

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Readers, read through the entire post below for our most recent e-book deals, featured books, free books to download and read, and author interviews! Once you’re done, share this list with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter so they can get some great new reads too. Authors, have a book you would like to promote? Click here.

Featured Books:

See these first!

Click on the links below to go directly to the spotlight page and read excerpts, author interviews, and more! Several of these are on a special promotional pricing, so don’t miss out! Once you’re done, scroll down for more.




**** For a limited time Jase and Cary novella is included***
Book 1 in the Men of Steel Series
Meet Jase Steel, a twenty-two-year-old hot-as-hell, tattooed, and pierced bad boy, who doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks of him.

Jase’s wild ways and “who gives a f” attitude are about to change. He can’t seem to get the beautifully innocent, blonde college girl out of his head. So what she’s the cousin of a friend who does not approve? Jase has never exercised self-control when it came to getting a woman, and he isn’t going to start now.

After tricking Carly into “fake dating,” it turns out the joke’s on him, as Jase falls hard and fast for her. But as painful secrets from his past come to light, Jase will have to man up and bare it all to Carly, even if the ugly truth could tare them apart forever.

JASE is book 1 in the bestselling erotica series MEN OF STEEL by MJ Fields.


If you love the worlds of K.F. Breene, Jim Butcher, and Patrick Rothfuss, look no further for your next fantasy read.

An ancient magic awakens, a prophetess is born, and all of Belstrom hangs in the balance.

Her destiny will change the world forever.

The Graduate – Charged with eradicating an ancient magic, how will he succeed while facing treachery on all sides.

The High Wizard – The most powerful mage in Belstrom bent on protecting his rule. Will his greed be his undoing?

The Prophetess – Will she unite the nation before the promised time of testing?

This Debut novel by ground-breaking author Azrael James, transports readers to a world where magic rules, and nothing is as it seems…


“Answers are sometimes in our grasp, we already know them. We just refuse to accept them… ”

For Danny, a young American residing in Athens, Greece, life is all but an eternal present. Traumatized by the past and scared of the future, he leads an enigmatic existence sharing a rundown apartment with Yasir and Nazim, two illegal immigrants who try to continue their long journey to Germany. Danny’s best friend is Sophia, a young British-Greek woman that clearly desires more than a friendship.
The turning point comes when Danny’s roommates announce they have finally found a trafficker to get them out of Greece. Danny is now forced to acknowledge his past and face his fears, wondering whether it is too little too late.


2015 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner for YA Mystery

2015 RONE Award Finalist for YA Paranormal

2015 New Apple Top Medalist for Young Adult Ebook

Chosen as one of 400 for the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for 2014!!!

Rising Tide will sink its fangs into you, keeping you awake into the wee hours of the night

Could Maura’s life get any worse? …turns out it most certainly can.

Isolated and sheltered by her lonely mother, Maura’s never been able to make friends. She seems to drive her classmates away—except for the odd times they pay enough attention to torture her—but she doesn’t understand why. Maura considers herself to be a freak of nature, with her unusually pale skin and an aversion to the sun that renders her violently nauseous. Her belief is only worsened by the fact that almost everyone around her keeps their distance.

Even her own father deserted her before she was born, leaving Maura alone with her emotionally distant mother, Caelyn. Even though Maura is desperate for answers about her unknown parent, Caelyn remains heartbroken and her daughter can’t bring herself to reopen her mother’s wounds. Or is there a more sinister reason Caelyn refuses to utter a word about her long-lost love?

When a cruel prank nearly claims Maura’s life, one of her classmates, Ron, rushes to her rescue. Darkly handsome & mysteriously accepting, Ron doesn’t seem to want to stay away, but Maura is reluctant to get too close, since her mother has announced she’s moving the two of them to Vancouver…nearly 3,000 miles away from their hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania.

If life wasn’t already challenging enough, Maura begins to experience bizarre, physical changes her mother seems hell bent on ignoring, compelling Maura to fear for her own life. Vicious nightmares, blood cravings, failing health and the heart-shattering loss of Ron—as well as the discovery of a tangled web of her own mother’s lies—become obstacles in Maura’s desperate quest for the unfathomable truth she was never prepared to uncover.


Feisty, stubborn, and bored with life in Texas, Anne Best is about to get more than she bargained for.

The lovely widow heads off to the Big Apple for a job interview, expecting no more than a few days adventure in New York City, only to find herself with a new job working for the most infuriating man she’s ever met.

Billionaire Steven Gherring is one of New York’s Most Eligible Bachelors, and he has every intention of staying that way. But Gram has other ideas. She’s on a not-so-secret campaign to find a wife for her grandson.

As fearless as she is clumsy, Anne tackles every challenge (including her new boss) enthusiastically, with two lone exceptions… public speaking and recognizing her own feelings. Passions rise along with hemlines as Gram joins forces with Anne, a veteran matchmaker, to find the perfect match for Steven.


Cammie Evans was a girl with a plan from the moment God called her to be a foreign missionary. After several years spent all over the world, though, she finds herself with a new assignment that leaves her questioning all that she once thought to be true about life, love, and calling.

David Connor was always the weird kid in the youth group, never destined to live up to his father’s expectations. After several years of working to find his own significance in Christ and his calling as a foreign missionary, he finds himself asking hard questions about who he is and what God wants from him.

As their lives change and the past becomes part of the present, can Cammie and David help one another find their own happily ever after?


ACAPULCO NIGHTS was a Write Affair finalist (Kensington Books) on Wattpad as an “Editor’s Pick.”

Suzie’s fiancé, James, is pressuring her to pick a day for their wedding. She’s cancelled three dates, and he’s starting to wonder if she really wants to get married. But how does she go about telling her fiancé that she’s already married to a man in Mexico? She needs a divorce, and she needs one fast. Her interracial marriage has been a secret from her best friend, Janice, her fiancé, even her own mother, and she wants to keep it that way.

When Janice asks her to come along on an all-girl international vacation to Acapulco, Suzie leaps at the chance. A search on the Internet gives Suzie all the information she needs to track down her husband, Joaquin, while out of the country and finally get that divorce.

Unfortunately, Joaquin sees this as a second chance and won’t give her up so easily.

When James appears in Acapulco unexpectedly, all hell breaks loose with a love triangle, and Suzie stands to lose everything she’s ever loved.


5/17/17 Today’s List Of Free and Featured Books To Read

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Readers, read through the entire post below for our most recent e-book deals, featured books, free books to download and read, and author interviews! Once you’re done, share this list with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter so they can get some great new reads too. Authors, have a book you would like to promote? Click here.

Featured Books:

See these first!

Click on the links below to go directly to the spotlight page and read excerpts, author interviews, and more! Several of these are on a special promotional pricing, so don’t miss out! Once you’re done, scroll down for more.




Content with living in the bubble of safety the Haywood’s Hellions Motorcycle Club has always provided, Delilah ‘Doll’ Reklinger never gave a second thought to any danger surrounding her.

She’s never imagined her life without the club. She also never thought the day would come a man would come along and prove himself worthy enough to her father, Roundman, Hellions Club President. Life was easy going and carefree.

Roundman has kept the chaos surrounding the Hellions contained for the last thirty years. When the dangerous side to their business comes knocking on his only child’s doorstep, he realizes his precious Doll isn’t safe anymore.

The Hellions code may be control the chaos, but one thing Roundman quickly learns there is always the wild card to stir up trouble. For the Hellions, women and children may be off limits in any altercation or dispute, but that doesn’t mean their enemies follow the same moral compass.

With Doll in danger from the association she has with him and his club, Roundman makes the only decision he feels he can- send her away. Calling on the one charter club president he trusts, he sets up a ride to keep her safe, all in hopes the trouble won’t follow.

One Ride. One simple ride across the country.

Talon ‘Tripp’ Crews has been ordered to take Doll on one ride away from the danger while the club handles the threat. She’s off limits. His head knows this, but his body can’t deny the attraction. She’s feisty, fierce, and fearless. He’s never been one to be tied down. He lives for the next ride.

Constantly in close confines together, can they deny the chemistry? Will they give in to the desire?

Can one ride turn lust into love?



BBW Virgin + Sexy Alien Lord + Alien Abduction = Scorching Hot Alien Romance!



Lt Zach Prince, call sign ‘Renegade’, is a hotshot naval aviator. If only he could control the woman he wants the way he can a fighter jet … but a painful secret from their shared past has landed him squarely in the ‘friend zone.’ Michelle’s waved him off so many times Zach’s beginning to give up hope they’ll ever be together. So when he’s tapped to join the SEAL Teams, he knows this may be his last shot to make things right before he leaves.

Lt Michelle Dann fought hard to become a fighter pilot. There’s only one thing she wants more than to fly jets, but she’s convinced it’s the challenge that keeps Zach on the hook. And that’s why she has to be the one to put some distance between them. Her call sign, ‘Rapunzel’, stands for more than her trademark long hair … she’s smart, resourceful and not waiting around for any man to rescue her.

But when Michelle’s fighter jet crashes in the desert, nothing can stop Zach from going after her … even if finding her means losing her all over again.

Buckle up for this exciting, full-throttle romance—get your copy of Sign, SEAL, Deliver today!


When an aging coroner says a wealthy author died of natural causes and sees no need to do an autopsy, the county sheriff calls an old friend, retired homicide detective Cy Dekker, to see if the man was murdered. Cy gets a medical examiner friend to do an autopsy and finds that the man was poisoned and the time of death was probably when that author was at a book fair. Cy and his retired partner Lou look at who might have poisoned the man. Suspects include other authors, the author’s brother and sister, and his neighbors.


Book One Of Two

When Maya Smock writes her first novel, everything seems to go her way. Her book practically writes itself. She marries her gorgeous agent. Her name is on all of the best seller lists. Billionaire author Jay McCallister takes an interest in her meteoric rise to fame and invites her into his world of alien-believing celebrities. Her life changes forever when he tells her that they were both created inside of a laboratory. These authors are embedding an alien genetic code within the pages of their novels that originated from Nazi Germany because…

The time has come. They are here.


As teenagers, time is infinite and love is made of fairy tales and caramel corn. For Alexis York and Ryan Fisher, their friendship was the cornerstone of who they were. In the wake of a family tragedy, that friendship was torn apart by time and distance. Unrequited love was never reciprocated, and two lives that were once intertwined, now moved on different trajectories.

Fifteen years later, these two friends are given a second chance to correct the mistakes of the past. With one flight, a new home, and a little help from a tiny red compass, Alexis and Ryan are reunited, setting them back on the same course. Together, they find themselves on a journey of rediscovery, friendship, hope, and love.

Yet, when the harsh realities of life threaten to tear them apart for good, will Alexis and Ryan lose all hope of a happily ever after? Or will the childhood promises of forever lead these two hearts through impossible odds and back into each other’s arms?

“You’re my compass. My one true north.”


5/15/17 Today’s List Of Free and Featured Books To Read

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Readers, read through the entire post below for our most recent e-book deals, featured books, free books to download and read, and author interviews! Once you’re done, share this list with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter so they can get some great new reads too. Authors, have a book you would like to promote? Click here.

Featured Books:

See these first!

Click on the links below to go directly to the spotlight page and read excerpts, author interviews, and more! Several of these are on a special promotional pricing, so don’t miss out! Once you’re done, scroll down for more.




The son of an alcoholic, violently beaten and mentally abused by his father, Roy spent much of his childhood in fear and shame, resigned to special education classes and unable to read or write. Roy tells the story of his life growing up with nothing, how he was forced to work instead of attending school, and how his domineering father still influenced him long after he had left home to make his own way in the world. Going from a single father caring for five young children while living in his truck and illiterate to times of the deepest most heartfelt despair, Roy’s story could have taken him in any number of directions. But a chance encounter with a stranger altered his perspective and changed his life forever. He became driven and more determined than he had ever been to succeed on behalf of his family, but ultimately for himself.
You are shown insight into the author’s world, in which he discovers that this physical reality is truly a magical place where you are able to create, mold, and shape your own reality with the power of your thoughts and feelings.
This truly inspirational and motivational book “Upside Down & Backwards with the Law of Attraction” reveals Roy’s compelling transformational journey, in which he provides a template for all who read it, so that they too can overcome obstacles and achieve their highest dreams.
Read about Roy’s remarkable awe-inspiring true life story here and see for yourself what a never-say-die attitude can do for your prospects, even if all the odds are against you.


Feisty reporter vs. gruff cowboy—buckle up for a hard ride.

Journalist Georgia Meyers is writing an article about MacKinnon Ranch in a last-ditch effort to save her job at a failing newspaper. At first, the hot-as-hell rancher wants nothing to do with her. But butting heads leads to knocking boots, and soon she’s getting the real story—in bed and off the record.

Cattleman’s son and petroleum engineer Daniel MacKinnon turned down a lucrative oil career to take over the family farm. Frustrated about giving up his dreams and worried about money, Daniel buries himself in ranch work—that is, until gorgeous Georgia shows up and rocks him to the core.

A blazing one-night stand leads to something deeper. Despite their feelings for each other, he’s tied to the land and she’s a rolling stone. When the time comes to part ways, will the lovers choose duty over desire? Or will they face their fears and rise to the challenge of love?

Get ready for sassy banter, sizzling sex, orgasms galore, and a nerdy dirty-talkin’ cowboy who can go all night long.


Know what you want and you CAN have it!

•Are you tired of working extremely hard at your job only to always end up with more month at the end of your money?
•Does it break your heart to let someone else raise your children because you can’t afford or don’t have the freedom to take care of them yourself?
•Do you live in a loop, always looking forward to the weekend?
•Does it seem like money slips away from your hands at the second that you get it?
•Do you daydream of living in abundance but feel lost and out of options on how to accomplish it?
•Is not having enough money the cause for stress in your life?
•Do you feel like “bad luck” follows you everywhere you go?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you need to download and read this book ASAP!

Let me now tell you one thing: YOU HAVE NOT FOUND THIS BOOK BY MERE CHANCE!

You have been guided to this book because it’s time for you to create financial abundance in your life. The door of opportunity has opened for you to discover how GOD or the universe can help you toattract all the money that you want!
It is time for you to learn about the universal laws and principles that have created millions of millionaires from all over the world. After reading this book, the “secret” that these people have used generate wealth in their lives will no longer be a secret for you.

What you will learn from this book:
•Discover how your view of money affects your attainment of it.
•Learn how to tune into wealth and attract it to you.
•Discover effective techniques that will help you think positive and abundantly.
•Learn how to become wealthy.
•Discover the Universal Laws that you MUST know if you want to achieve any form of financial success in honest and fulfilling ways.
•Learn how to apply the right actions in order to attract more money into your life.
•Discover the hidden truth that keeps the masses from living the life of their dreams.
•Learn how to have the right attitude to become successful.
•Get access to an amazing gift that could change your life!


Lightly revised/reissued edition of Tamara Hogan’s award-winning debut novel, originally published in 2011. TASTE ME won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Mystery and Suspense, was nominated for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award®, and won Prism Awards for Best Dark Paranormal, Best First Book, and Best of the Best.

When your first lover is a sex demon, it’s all downhill from there…

Coming home after a grueling year on tour, siren rock star Scarlett Fontaine needs to rest, recover, and finally get over incubus security expert Lukas Sebastiani. After one incendiary night together, Lukas moved on, and she needs to find the strength to do the same. Determined to avoid him, ignore him, and finally stop dreaming about him, Scarlett’s plans go awry when her life is threatened…and the big, bad bodyguard insists on guarding her body himself.

He’ll sacrifice everything for the woman he can’t let himself have again…

Her siren song is his Achilles’ heel, her emotions an intoxicating ambrosia he can’t let himself taste again, but with a killer addicted to death energy on the loose and Scarlett’s life in danger, Lukas must protect her no matter what the personal cost. By keeping her safe, he can finally start making amends—but when their long-suppressed emotions surge to the surface, Lukas learns that ‘amends’ are the last thing Scarlett wants.

The secret that can never be revealed…

As the killer spirals out of control, he threatens not only their lives, but to expose the secret that humanity isn’t ready to learn—that they’ve shared their planet with paranormal creatures for thousands of years, whose origins are out of this world…

Reader note: This is a lightly revised edition of a book originally published in March, 2011.


The Hidden Truth (Episode 1)

A young shadow stalker is destined to enslave the people of the Serpent Isles, and the Galvadi Empire want this child of prophecy dead. Auren Trasks perfectly normal life is disrupted when the Galvadi invade, and she learns a startling secret about her past. A secret that will change her life forever.

The Delohi-Saqu’s Fate (Episode 2)

Auren is being targeted by the Council of Elders, and the only one who could put an end to their corruption is her father. But leaving the Dark Isle would turn Kado against her.

Shadows’ Betrayal (Episode 3)

After seeing the monster she will become, Auren swears not to leave the Dark Isle. Despite that, the elders are conspiring against her. To escape their scheming, she and Kado decide to explore the Dark Isle. But worse things await them in the forests.

Forbidden Love (Episode 4)

Kado and Auren survive a deadly storm, but when Auren is forbidden from pursuing love with another young shadow stalker, will it be enough to drive a wedge between her and her foster father?

Destiny Reconciled Part 1 (Episode 5)

Auren and Kado accept that they may not be able to avoid her leaving the Dark Isle. Now they have to prepare for that eventuality. Will the training be more than Auren can handle?

Destiny Reconciled Part 2 (Episode 6)

Cathnor has been arrested and is facing a death sentence. The Dark Isle is out of control, and Kado is the only one who can help his people. So he prepares Auren for the possibility that she may have to leave the Dark Isle without him and face her destiny alone, but can she leave him and do what must be done?


Allison is a 30-something woman who is lucky enough to not have to work. But over time her marriage has left her with a boring sex life.

The only thing that isn’t boring is the hot handyman who shows up to fix the leaky sink. Things get exciting though when Mr. Fix It, a man who obviously knows how to handle a tool, finishes.

What will this horny housewife have him work on next?


In the debut novella of author J.L. Guzior’s Cedar Creek Wolf Saga, an outgoing hotel manager bumps into the wrong man – and attempts to sidestep his continuing advances.

Anna Summers has plenty of experience managing people, but when it comes to smirky construction manager Adam Powell she just can’t seem to manage to stay away. As Anna struggles with the responsibilities of her new role at Cedar Creek she will also have to deal with the issue of a missing guest.

Memories stir as a twenty five year old crime repeats itself, opening up a cold case that was closed long ago. To catch the killer Anna must link the present to the past, which will eventually lead her to a conclusion she might not be ready to face. When she witnesses Adam transform before her eyes, will Anna be able to accept him as he is? Or will she be forced to make a decision that will alter her true existence if she wants to stay with the man she loves?


In the 24th Century, there is free energy. There are terraformed planets. There is a universe beyond our Solar System that is still vanishingly distant and empty…

The people are the story. An outcast racing pilot named Samson Ford who has a smiling talent for cheating death. A beguiling itinerant mechanic named Stephanie who travels alone and will never talk about her past. A once celebrated racing engineer named Kenichi Iwahara who has been a slave on Mars for twenty years.

…There is a great spaceship race called the Solar Regatta, the race around the sun, that is drawing them each inexorably forward to a point in space and time where their lives will intersect with the future of the Solar System.


This is a continuation from the MC Series. The Little Brothers are all grown up. I recommend reading the MC before this one so you have the background characters and information.
Raised by a father who is somewhat reserved, Dakota Lightfoot finds a whole new world when he is patched in to the Princes of Prophecy. With his abilities and natural leadership, he quickly finds his home with this new Brotherhood.
Jessie LaPonte-James has always known he would be part of a trio, much as his father, Danny, and Kate are, and always believed that Darren would be by his side with Jess Baxter.
But what happens when one of the three isn’t as in-tune with the plan as the others?
This is the story of Jess, Dakota and Jessie.

Free May 15 – 19


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Blake Kiser is a 12-year-old boy who has given up his latest summer to help out more around the farm. It’s not like he has much else to do though—his best friend, Matt, has moved away, leaving Blake more alone than ever, until Greta arrives. Gretchen Wills is a bit of an oddity, who stands out even more in the quiet country town of Hemingford, like a firefly in a dark basement. But like every firefly, shine too bright and you’re bound to get caught.

Blake shows Greta some of Hemingford’s local color, including the old Bradley House—a house every kid in Hemingford believes to be haunted. They are enthralled by the broken-down shack and the eerie tales that surround it—stories of the man who used to live there. But they find something much more concrete than ghosts waiting within: a crude man who becomes a very unlikely friend. But as wicked crimes are committed throughout the rural community, Blake witnesses the quiet town of Hemingford transform into something ugly he doesn’t recognize—and suddenly, childish fears of ghosts and monsters seem irrelevant in the wake of true, tangible danger.

The Perfect Tree is a novel about trust, who you should and who you shouldn’t, and the people who surprise you along the way. Truly, like nature, we all harbor the capacity for good, evil, and the various degrees in between.


After another painful betrayal and break up, Rachael Morgan sets out to prove to herself that she can handle a good time with a man and walk away sexually satisfied and with her heart intact. She could have never imagined that she would be agreeing to the proposition of a lifetime. Every woman in Stone River, Texas would jump at this chance, but she’s afraid she’ll leave pieces of her heart behind.

Raised on their family ranch the four Brooks brothers have always shared everything. Even women. When they find themselves face to face with the one person who could complete them all, they set out on a journey to claim her for their own.

Fate can place them all in the right place at the right time, but will Rachel be able to overcome her relationship scars, or is she destined to live her life alone believing that no man ever stays?


A fantasy adventure for both children and adults!

The ancient curse of the Marvellous Castle has befallen the kingdom of Orr. The king’s younger brother sold it to its enemies. Only Prince Ayron, the king’s eldest son, managed to escape the disaster. He sets out alone to seek help from his mother’s people who dwell in a distant land.

Everything that happened after Ayron leapt off the Rock of Prayer seemed like a dream. The legendary Phoenix caught him in midair and brought him to the White Forest, which lay between him and his mother’s native land. He entered into a new world filled with wonders, the trees greeted him warmly and the Songbirds serenaded him with sweet songs. He even became friends with the Wind and the Crystal Creek. But he soon learned a baffling secret, that the White Forest had been waiting for a young prince to lift its curse.

Eager to save his father’s kingdom, Ayron set his heart on passing through the forest as fast as he could. But all his plans fell apart one day, when a small white fox stood in his path and demanded to have his shiny red dagger.

Join Ayron on his journeys to reclaim his father’s kingdom. The White Forest is fast-paced adventure packed with excitement and a sense of humour.


Forget Me Not is a best-selling collection of funny, romantic and heart-warming tales from Kitty Campanile, author of full-length novel Mighty Like a Rose.

Forget me Not: In the title story of this anthology, Jane is perused by an elderly man who is convinced she’s his wife. She has no choice but to get the police involved. Can they sort things out?

At the Airport: Eddie, a journalist, waits for a midnight flood of migrants that never come. His editor wants a story, Eddie wants to be able to live with himself.

A Secret Chord: A dying bluesman gives his benefactor all he has, his story, his song and his guitar.

Be Careful What You Wish For: A fairytale princess has one wish at a cursed stone. What will she wish for?

Going Underground: Aggie didn’t used to be scared to go on the tube but now she has panic attacks. A colleague helps her to face her fear. What’s the worst that could happen?

Mum: Who sells gold to the ‘We Buy Gold’ shops? Janice has to put her family before sentiment.

The Green Man: Some of the characters from Mighty Like a Rose meet a terrifying apparition underground. It couldn’t have been real, could it?

Wardrobe Malfunction: On a hen night a group of women in their 30s try and relive their youth. They hire a stripper, the only problem is it’s his first time.

Witches of Eastcheap: What’s the easiest way to let the cute guy in IT know you like him? Witchcraft, of course!

Hashtag Abergavenny: Being stuck in a small train station in the Welsh Valleys could have a silver lining for Sarah.

Jobseeking Activity: Justin is stuck on the dole after a conviction for insurance fraud. An old cellmate offers him a not-quite-legal job. In his desperation, can Justin do the right thing?

Zawraa Park: See the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 through the eyes of a lioness in a Baghdad zoo.

Primigravida: A young woman enters a maternity ward alone and afraid. Can she cope with motherhood?

Last Christmas: Two divorcees face Christmas alone. Sandy the angelic barman has other ideas…


After fighting to be together in Investigating the Heart, Liam and Emma O’Reilly are ready to settle down and begin married life. They have careers they love, three wonderful daughters, and a new baby on the way. On the surface, their world appears picture-perfect. It doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that things are never what they seem, and Fate seems to have a plan of its own. Can Emma find the strength to protect her happily ever after, or will it be stolen from her by forces beyond her control?


With parallels to Harry Potter and his first year Hogwarts, Quentin James goes to Edgewater a school for young spies, in search of the truth about his parents, thought to be traitors, and to discover just who is the Undercover Agent within their midst.


From the acclaimed author of A Guy, a Girl and a Voodoo Monkey Hand.
D.I. Jolly brings you this collection of Short stories before the release of
his next full length novel.

Counting Sheep & Other Stories is written with the usual wit,
irreverence and barbed comments that you expect from this modern writer.
Marvel as he takes you on a tour around the Sleep factories of a future world,
immerses your imagination in the mythic cultures of mermaids,
shows you the real side of a boy made from wood and much, much more.


An evil Frost Giant has used dark magic to steal every horse in Asgard. Only a true hero can rescue the herd and stop a Frost Giant invasion. Can young Thor succeed where his older brothers failed? Join him as he faces the Jotun Warlord, Skald the Sly, in the first book of this exciting new series…


Melville wakes with a pounding headache – there had been too many hangovers recently, but this one felt different. What had he been drinking last night? Then he remembered – it was blood.
Enter the bizarre world of Scouse Gothic where a reluctant vampire mourns a lost love and his past lives, where a retired ‘hit man’ plans one more killing and dreams of food, and a mother sets out to avenge her son’s murder, and, meanwhile, a grieving husband is visited by an angry angel.
Set in present day Liverpool, vampires and mortals co-exist, unaware of each others’ secrets and that their past and present are inextricably linked.
But as their lives converge, who will be expected to atone for past sins?



She had her whole life planned out before that air show. She knew every detail of herself, her desires, and her future. Running into him shook that all up.


The moment she bumped into him, he knew he couldn’t let her just walk away. Before her, it just didn’t matter if someone did. He had a girl just when he wanted one. He dated a few who filled his time and took up space in the bed, but he knew they could vanish the next day and he’d be fine. No one felt like Plan A until that day. He fell quicker than he liked to admit to anyone.


But being with a military guy has its own difficulties. Constant deployments and dirty secrets between military couples make life harder for both of them.

Will they endure it all and finally be happy?