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Featured Romance: A Season for Miracles & Unanswered Wishes by Elizabeth Cook – Howard @ECH_Beth

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Romance – Spiritual

a season for miraclesAt the age of 23 Maxine Matthews an inspiring journalist lost both her parents in a head on collision on Christmas Eve. Ten years since this tragedy, Maxine begins picking up the pieces. But to live she must face her biggest fear – the Holidays.
William Preston III a respected Architect and businessman too suffered a great loss. Although having a loving and supportive family he finds distance being the best way for him to cope.
How does one Christmas Eve bring them together? What needs to be reveled for two lives to live?

A Season for Miracles and Unanswered Wishes

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     No this can’t be happening, I tap the thermostat three additional times. Come on just click on. Shriving, I pull my iPhone from my robe pocket and look at the temperature for outside. Thirty-eight degrees, the coldest day in November so far. Returning to my bedroom I throw on my sneakers and head down to the basement.  Maybe the furnace pilot light went out, please let it be out. I can afford a match to relight it but anything more – right now I’m strapped.

     Standing now in front of my intimidating terrorizing problem, I begin pleading for mercy.  Come on rubbing the outside, don’t be anything serious please don’t.  As I stroke and plead I notice the body of the furnace is ice cold but oddly I see a fame at the bottom. The pilot light is lit but you are so cold. Unable to see completely under the furnace I make my way back up to the kitchen to get a flashlight. As I search the draws for batteries, I hear my cell phone ringing but nowhere to be seen. I follow the sound back up to my bedroom and find it where I left it, on my dresser.  One missed call and a voice message.

“Hello Maxine this is April Jenkins, unfortunately I have to cancel our meeting for today, my friend needs looking after and I will be out of town for a few days. I will give you a call when I return”.

     My frustration level just rocketed to a ten, I needed this interview in order to complete my story.  What am I going to do, I was barely meeting the deadline with us meeting today. Shoving my phone into my robe pocket I head back down to the basement. Noticing the emergency switch on the wall I question if turning it off then on again would it rectify the issue, possibly resetting the furnace? Won’t know unless I try I tell myself and I push the switch down to the off position. I count one Mississippi, two Mississippi three Mississippi all the way to ten Mississippi then turn the switch back to the on position. Just then my cell rings, answering on the first ring with hope of Mrs. Jenkins reconsidering our meeting today.


Good Morning Maxine

Mr. Preston…. William ah hello and just then a loud bang comes from the furnace Dam it

Maxine? Maxine is everything okay?

William I’m sorry this isn’t a very good time. My appointment canceled and now this damn furnace chooses not to work properly.  I’ll call you back a bit later. Not waiting for a response I press the end button on my phone and return to examining the furnace. Having no idea of how this thing works I feel around to see if a reset button could be found on the furnace itself and of course no luck. After several minutes I’m no longer able to sustain the cold. I return upstairs to the kitchen and turn the stove on, leaving the oven door open. Returning to my bedroom I put on a pair of thermal long underwear, a pair of sweat pants, a shirt and socks. I make my bed and organize the clutter on my desk. I then grab my computer and cell phone and head down to the kitchen where I will work for the day. Taking seat at the kitchen table I power up my machine, prop my legs up on the adjacent chair and begin searching for a repairman. Alpha Heating and Cooling open 24×7. Your fee will probably be 24×7 as well. I call the number listed. For a 24×7 business I receive voice mail. I leave a message. Stanly and Son Heating and Cooling located In Sunnyside. Hoping for a live person, when calling I find myself again leaving a voice message. I’ll call one more, Acme Heating and Cooling – at the beep please leave a message. Does anyone work on a Saturday anymore and better yet answer the freakin phone? Hopefully someone will call me back within the hour. Until then I’ll review my notes from my meeting with Bishop Atkins.

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Sweet Contemporary Romance Feature and Interview: A Thankful Heart by Melissa McClone @melissamcclone

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Sweet Contemporary Romance

a-thankful-heartLove at the Chocolate Shop Book 2

Release Date: 11/3/16

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Chocolate is better than men, and so are dogs. At least, that’s what Dakota Parker tells herself as she mends her broken heart and finds forever homes for rescue animals. So far, so good. She can indulge her love of chocolate where she works while her foster dogs provide her with the unconditional love she craves. What more does she need?

Seattle architect Bryce Grayson is counting the days until he can return home to the big city with his father in tow. That is if he can convince his dad to leave Montana. Bryce’s escape plan, however, goes astray when he meets Dakota. Her sweet kisses put the chocolate she sells to shame. Maybe he should be the one to move to Marietta, but could he be happy living in such a small town?

He has until Thanksgiving to decide.

Love at the Chocolate Shop series
Book 1: Melt My Heart, Cowboy by C.J. Carmichael
Book 2: A Thankful Heart by Melissa McClone
Book 3: Montana Secret Santa by Debra Salonen
Book 4: The Chocolate Cure by Roxanne Snopek
More books coming soon

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“Welcome to Copper Mountain Chocolates,” she greeted as she always did.

His shoulders were angled toward the opposite side of the shop, so she couldn’t see his face. Not everyone came right to the counter. Sometimes, people entered out of curiosity or to window shop. Others wanted a free sample or to warm up from the cold.

Dakota stirred the pot but found herself watching him.

He brushed a gloved hand through his sandy-blond hair. The short, messy style appealed to her more than the way he dressed.

An expensive-looking leather jacket showed off wide shoulders. A white collar peeked out the top. His khakis were creased. That amused her since she didn’t own an iron. A pair of polished loafers completed his outfit.

His attire screamed big city.

Definitely not from around here.

No tie, but he reminded her more of the men she’d dated who worked inside, often behind desks in offices, and wore ties. She preferred men who worked outdoors.


A man who faced the elements every day, had a strong work ethic, appreciated animals, and knew how to treat a woman appealed to her at a gut level. The boots and jeans they wore were an added bonus. Not that she’d dated a cowboy or wanted to date one now.

She focused on the man, letting her curiosity and imagination run wild. Maybe he was a tourist from the east eager for a taste of the west. Maybe he was a CEO needing to escape a high-pressure job by escaping to a small town that moved at a snail’s pace.Maybe he was a witness in a big case for the FBI and hiding out until it was time to testify at the trial. Or maybe, and most likely, he was here because he liked chocolate.

“Would you like to try a champagne truffle?” She readied the tongs. “That’s what we’re sampling today.”

He turned.

Her gaze collided with a pair of killer baby blues that made her breath catch and birds sing. Well, birds would be singing if there were any in the shop. A good thing she hadn’t lifted the tray or the truffles would be all over the counter.

He was, in a word, stunning.

Dakota hoped she wasn’t staring openmouthed or drooling, but she found him as appealing as her favorite Sage creation—dark chocolate with almond and cherry bits.

His slightly crooked nose gave him character, making his handsome face more interesting and rugged. A nice contrast to his smooth skin. Dakota was a fan of the razor-stubble look, but perhaps there was something to be said for clean-shaven.

He stared at Dakota. “What?”

She held the tray and used the silver tongs to offer him a piece. Thankfully, her hands were steady. “Would you like to try a sample?”

Or me.

Whoops. Where had that come from?

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About the Author:


USA Today bestselling author, Melissa McClone has published over thirty-five novels with Harlequin and Tule Publishing Group and been nominated for Romance Writers of America’s RITA® award. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, two spoiled Norwegian Elkhounds and cats who think they rule the house.

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How many books do you currently have published? 

42 books that range from one 9,000 word short story to a 65K word novel.

Are you currently working on a book? Will this be your next release?

I’m currently working on The Valentine Quest which will be out in February. It’s a sequel to A Thankful Heart and features the heroine’s younger sister.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Does wearing pajamas while I work and having my cats net to me count? Seriously, I love bringing characters and stories to life. I see them as movies in my head, and my hope is to translate that into words so I bring a smile to a reader’s face.

What lessons have you learned since becoming a writer? Do you have any tips for new writers?

Read what you want to write. Make writing a habit because it’s hard to get back into the groove once you stop. Have your computer read your book back to you while you proof. You’ll be amazed at what you miss.

If you were to recommend your books to a stranger, which book would you advise them to start with? Why?

I have so many books that’s a hard question to answer. If they want a small town set on Mount Hood then I’d suggest Rescued by the Magic of Christmas which is the first book in my Hood Hamlet series about a team of volunteer mountain rescuers.

If they like contemporary westerns than Home for Christmas is a great place to start. It’s the first book in my Bar V5 Ranch series.

If they like contemporary romances with a Realty TV twist, then The Honeymoon Prize in my Ever after series might appeal to them. That book is free until November 21st!

Now it’s time to get to know you! What are some of your favorite books to read?  

I love reading Nelson DeMille! I buy his books in hardcover. Otherwise I read a lot of sweet romance. I also love Christmas stories.

What about television shows? Movies?  

I don’t watch a lot of television except in December when I’m addicted to the Hallmark Channels. My favorite movies are all from the Star Wars franchise so I’ll see those in theaters or if there’s really something the kids want to see. They took me too see Jungle Book for Mother’s Day and that was the last movie in a theater I saw. But I’ll be there opening day for Rogue One!

Can readers find you at any live events, such as book signings or conventions? 

I’m so busy with my kids I don’t get to many events. I did participate in the RWA Literacy signing in San Diego in July, but I have none on the calendar for 2017.

If you had to sum up your life as a writer in ten words, what would you say? 

Exhilarating but a hard way to make a living.

Fantasy Book Spotlight: A Hero’s Curse by P.S. Broaddus @psbroaddus

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Middle-Grade Fantasy-Adventure

a heros curse

The Unseen Chronicles Book 1

Essie Brightsday has never heard a rock basilisk scream. She has never worn magical armor, stood up to a queen, or run from dragons. Instead, Essie, her sarcastic cat Tigrabum, (just call him “Tig”), and her secretive family struggle to survive on their small farm nestled against the forbidding cliffs of the Valley of Fire.

But all that is about to change when a rebellion against the cruel interim ruler is sparked. Forced to flee for their lives, Essie and Tig lose themselves in the twisting labyrinth of the ancient lava flow. When Essie finds proof that the missing King Mactogonii may be alive, she is given the opportunity to help restore stability to the kingdom. But the course of her journey will force her to face her deepest fears and unravel the mystery behind her own blindness…if Essie can survive the encounter.

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Chapter 1

You have an important part to play in this world of color, Essie,” Mom whispers in my ear.

I try to hold her. To keep her here, but Uncle Cagney and Dad peel me away.

I try to think of something to say that will make them stay, but my parents’ footsteps die away as they hurry down the dry dirt lane. It is the pathway that spills into the valley road, the one that connects our farm with the rest of the Kingdom of Mar—and the labor camps.

Uncle Cagney gives my hand a squeeze. I have no tears. Just emptiness. I hold my breath as long as I can, to listen to the crunch of their feet on the road.

Then they are gone.

My lungs demand air, and I gasp. Uncle Cagney tugs on my hand, walking me back up to our empty home. Only the front door hasn’t been boarded up, and that’s to be secured when Uncle Cagney and I leave. Inside the small front room he sets me on the chest that holds our family’s treasures: Mom’s red dress, Dad’s insignia from his days as Kingdom Champion. I curl into a ball and try to understand what is happening. Tig hops up, tucks in next to my head, and starts to purr. Not because he is pleased, but because he knows it comforts me.

I can’t make sense of the chaos. Nothing fits. So I go back to before. Just a few hours ago. I walk through it again. Life was routine.

Tig and I were walking the rusty, suspended pipeline from the River Mar to our fields, checking for leaks by finding damp spots on the ground.

This part of the pipeline is one of the closest points to the Valley of Fire. Here the ancient lava flow pushed out farthest into the valley. Now all that’s left is a sharp tangle of deep red shards reaching hundreds of feet high. At least, that’s what I’ve been told by Tig and Mom and Dad. If you listen to the whispers in town, the lava cliffs do more than provide the rich dirt our realm flourishes on. It’s an impassible fortress that bottles up the top of our kingdom and harbors deadly creatures. That’s why no one else farms up here. Talk like this used to scare me a little, but I rarely think about it now.

Of course, we never get closer than a few hundred yards to the base of the jagged walls pushing their way out of the ground like the teeth of some enormous monster, intent on devouring our whole valley.

Tig and I complained about the drought, which is normal. Everyone has complained about the drought for as long as I can remember.

We argued about last night’s hunt. Which is also normal. At least, it’s as normal as it gets for a one-of-a-kind talking cat training a girl how to stalk prey in the dark.

Then we crested the low ridge between our house and the river.

That’s when I noticed something different. As we walked down the ridge toward the house I could taste the difference in the air. Hear it float on the breeze. Visitors are rare this far up the valley, this close to the lava flow.

It was Uncle Cagney, and for one more moment the world stayed unbroken. Uncle Cagney’s calloused warrior hands caught me and spun me through the air. He forgets that I’m twelve already. He called me by the pet name he has for me, “Lady Ess,” and told me to rub the top of his head, “the shiny,” for good luck.

Then a crack started. It was in Dad’s voice. “Cagney, we don’t have time.” It was strained and anxious—not completely unusual—but also a new kind of sharp and commanding.

In the whirlwind of activity that happened next I caught only snatches: Fabricated taxes. Brogan’s mercenaries forcing hundreds to the labor camps. Uncle Cagney just ahead of them.

I had no solid place to stand in the crumbling. Mom and Dad would turn themselves in. Mom explained that hopefully this would keep the hired thugs from burning our farm and from taking me, too. Not even criminals want to come this close to the Valley of Fire—not if they can help it. Uncle Cagney and I would get the animals to neighbors over the next week, and then I would leave with him.

“Later, we might have something left,” Mom said. It meant now we have nothing. Not even each other. Dad didn’t hug me. He put his hand on my arm, and I could feel the usual tension and awkwardness in his whole body.

Then he squeezed my shoulder. “Be brave, Brightstar.” That’s the most physical affection I’d received from Dad in a long time, and only he calls me “Brightstar.” But I pushed away from him. I wanted him to hold me, to never let me go, and all he could do was barely touch my arm. I turned toward Mom and found her wearing her roughest dress. I buried my face in the folds. I heard the low rumble of voices between Dad and Uncle Cagney, and felt Mom’s hands brushing my hair. Tig curled around my feet.

Then they were leaving, and the rest of the shattering under me gave way to nothingness.

Curled in a ball on top of the trunk I stop trying to understand what happened, but I can’t avoid the scenes running through my mind over and over. Tig continues his rumbling purr next to my head. I want to tell him thank you, but there is too much in the way to make the words move from my heart to my tongue.

Long before today, my world was one of darkness and isolation. Not because I have descended to the burning World Core where the great explorer Tangerine Menalo said the darkness is so complete it even makes the fire black.

I am blind.

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About the Author:

ps broaddus

About the author, P.S. Broaddus, by the author P.S. Broaddus (Now you know it’s biased!)

I was born in 1986 but I don’t remember much about all that. Somewhere thereafter I decided stories were important in my life. I wanted to breathe adventure and live to write about it. Adventuring or writing. Not much has changed.

I grew up with my brother on a cattle ranch in Southwestern New Mexico and we built and defended several forts from monsters. We found and claimed a junkyard with a particularly rusted classic truck, which we spent long hours sitting in hoping it would move. Unfortunately, it didn’t run on hope.

Eventually the pack rats that lived in the truck kicked us out and we decided to drive a golf cart instead. I don’t know who left the keys in that golf cart but I want to thank them. It was an exciting few seconds for a six-year-old.

We were home schooled so everything was a field trip and milking the cows counted for PE. When it rained the dirt tank would fill with muddy water so we built a raft, floated to the middle and promptly sank.

I went to military boarding school for high school not because I was being kicked out of the house or refused to do my chores (like climbing hay stacks, riding bareback or teasing cats), but because I was mesmerized by the shiny buttons on the uniforms.

I heard a lot of rules. I wasn’t allowed to put my hands in my pockets or to stare at the sky and daydream—two of my favorite pastimes. Nevertheless, Tom Cruise looked cool in Top Gun so I decided I would be cool too. I decided to follow the rules all the way to the Naval Academy at Annapolis. But the application was longish. So I went to a small classical liberal arts college outside Washington D.C. instead. They encouraged my love for the classics and daydreaming.

I met a wood nymph from  the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina and soon thereafter asked her to marry me. She slipped and said “yes” and we have been adventuring ever since. Now we have three happy and endlessly curious boys who make us laugh every day.

I have several C.S. Lewis books on my shelf and read J.R.R. Tolkien at every opportunity. I love whimsical Mole and Rat and wise Badger in Wind in the WillowsJohn R. Erickson, Brandon Mull, and Andrew Peterson are great writers with excellent books.

Now you know a little more about the author. Not everything. Because you don’t know about my first dog Toby, me having the top bunk or about the time I ran away from home with a red wagon (I got hungry and came back at suppertime). I didn’t even mention Indiana Jones or being adopted or that wonder and imagination can be fed by good stories. Maybe next time.

Website l Facebook l Twitter l Kickstarter

$.99 Poetry Book Spotlight: From the heart by kuo kenih

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Literature and Fiction

from the heart

From the heart consist of inspirational poetic quotes with lessons.

$.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited!

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When you become like everyone else

You forget yourself


You are different

Because you are



Waking in the morning is

thinking in new ways

Waking up at night is

thinking in old ways


We don’t know

Where we are

If there is no reason

Why we came


The body can

Just take so

Much just like

Our Brains


Learn to live day by day

And not in the past

Or the future

And you will

Live Longer


The moment I start

Growing grey hair

My youth will



The way to find yourself

Is to lose yourself


To become a native

In a new place

Being naïve

Is an option

$.99 Erotic Romance Book Spotlight: Bad Penny by Jocelyn Adler @jocelynzombie

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Erotic Romance

Bad Penny

Smart Sexy Nerds Book 1

Penny is happy, settled…and in a rut. A dominatrix in San Francisco for the last ten years, she has a great roommate, an extensive comic book collection, a fascinating job, and not too much else. But she’s happy enough, and change is so hard… Too bad that, whether she likes it or not, change is coming.

Her asexual best friend and landlord wants kids…with her, preferably. Her favorite client is getting married and moving on. She might go on a date for the first time in…well, a long time. And if that wasn’t enough, her boss has decided she’s management material.

Suddenly Penny needs to decide what she truly wants in her life. Kids? Romance outside of the workplace? A—heaven help her—management position?

It’s enough to make a girl want to flip a coin.

“I read this book 3 times and dragged my feet writing this review because I really just wanted to read it again and again! It’s just that good! Honestly if you enjoy female characters who are not ashamed by their sexuality, or sexual activity this is your book. If you love romances given to a strong female role that comes for place of love and not dependence, this is your book. If you just want to read this secretly under the sheets, I promise not to tell but trust me this is your book!” – Lia’s Bookish Obsession

“It’s like, a story about personal growth, and also sex scenes. Good stuff.” – Goodreads Reviewer

On sale for $.99 until 12/3/17

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“What do you want?” I asked him softly, wanting to hear it, wanting his voice in the muted dark.

“I want you.” His breath hitched as I made an inquiring noise, and his chest jumped with it—the muscles stretched tight and long where he lay on the bed, hands pressed flat against the massive Victorian headboard. “I want you to touch me,” he said, and I ran a gloved hand over his chest, then dug my nails into his side.

The soft light of the moon came in through the windows, and a dim lamp in the far corner tinted one side of him gold. He was panting lightly. I stood next to him, one leg kneeling on the mattress, one on the floor. I wasn’t touching him with anything but my gloved hand. Still, his body arched as I stroked his chest and pressed fabric-dulled nails into his pressure points. His hands moved, arching, with the fingertips still against the wood. I removed my hand, shifted away.

“You don’t have permission to touch me, remember? Keep your hands on the headboard.” There was no indication he’d let go, the arched hands were from involuntary muscle contractions, but I said it anyway. I didn’t trust men to remember instructions, but I trusted this man’s kink to follow them. He would keep his hands on the headboard.

The way he shifted to keep his hands flat…it filled me with a rush of anticipation. Power. I had power over this man, and it was safe for me to have it here. He and I both had wristbands on, with panic buttons wired in. The buttons kept me relaxed, in control. They made it safe for both of us.

Even without the wristband, Richard would probably be fine. He wasn’t one of my clients who liked to be dominated, and then dominate at the last minute. I had a few of those. I enjoyed them, but they made me nervous. He didn’t try to hold out against using his safe word, either. Tonight would be the first time we had sex, and the rush of something new excited me and made me nervous. It made me hyper-aware of his reactions.

Connect With the Author:

Jocelyn Adler likes to share fun things on Facebook (, get angry on Twitter (@jocelynzombie), and share excerpts of new books on her website at – if you’re interested in early reader copies of new materials, sign up for the Adler Email Newsletter – we only send one out when there’s a new story available.