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Featured Romance: Cast In Stone by T Lee Garland @TLeeGarland1

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Erotica, Contemporary, BBW

cast in stone

Plus-size Delaney Mason has finally escaped the nightmare bullying of her high school days to become a successful Graphic Artist and VP of Marketing to one of the largest firms in the south. When she stumbles into her boss’s office and catches him in a compromising position, she fears losing her job. Instead her boss sends her to Climax Holler, Tennessee to meet with their new clients, Stone Mountain Adventures. Delaney takes one look at the perfection that is Beau Stone and knows she is in trouble. Guys like Beau made her life a living hell in high school, but she still can’t help but want him.

Beau Stone can’t keep his eyes of the pretty red-headed Delaney Mason. When he catches her checking out his package he is determined to teach her how good things between them could be. But first he has to get her to trust him, get her off the mountain and out of danger. And get her into his bed. Beau is going to show her just how beautiful she is and how much he wants her for his own.


Erotica Spotlight: Roadside Assistance: An Erotic Novelette by Lucy O’Dell @LucyOnThePage

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Erotica / Contemporary / Romantic Comedy

roadside assistance

Quick and Dirty Book 3

Skipping a PTA meeting to buy a vibrator instead? Well, sure, who hasn’t done that at least once? When Ginny’s van won’t start in parking lot of the sex toy shop, she doesn’t panic. She has a roadside assistance plan. But Chad, the mobile mechanic, isn’t what she expects, or wants. Until he shows up again, biceps flexing, grin enticing, and bulge throbbing. Before Ginny can say tailpipe, Chad becomes the casual encounter that keeps her engine purring like a kitten.

This arousing erotic tale of lust, risk, and satisfaction brings to life the insurancy policy perk every woman would like to have. When a woman is stranded, she could always use a little assistance.

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Ginny didn’t panic when her minivan wouldn’t start in the parking lot of her favorite adult novelty store. The kids were safe at home with the babysitter, who thought Ginny was at a PTA meeting, and Ginny had remembered the stranded motorist service offered by her auto insurance. But only because she’d met with her agent that afternoon to go over all her coverages: life, home, health, and auto. Fire the confetti cannon!
It was exciting afternoons like that one that led Ginny to do things like buy a new sex toy on a Tuesday night in the first place. Silicone-induced thrills were better than none at all.
The neon C in Cupid’s Toy Chest lit up her windshield like a red sun, just before it went dark, altering the sign to say: upid’s Toy Chest. Ginny couldn’t help but read it in her mind as “Stupid’s Toy Chest” now. It was stupid of her to have come here when she should’ve been sweating in the elementary school gym with all the responsible parents. But Bendy had died and even with a nightstand drawer full of other options, she had to replace him. None of the others bent at just the right angle, or had the perfect circumference with dual speed options and perfectly spaced ribbing . . .
God, couldn’t that mobile mechanic hurry up already? What if he didn’t show at all?
Ginny definitely couldn’t call her ex to rescue her. He would be furious if he knew the kids were home with a sitter while she bought a new dildo. To be fair, she’d originally skipped the PTA meeting to have dinner with her friend, Lily. It wasn’t until dessert that she decided to hit up Cupid’s on the way home. Her ex always hated when she made spontaneous decisions of any sort, let alone with regard to anything sexual. Hence, the divorce.
# # #

About the Author:

Lucy O’Dell grew up in Texas where she still lives. Her books include high heat and sexy banter between very compatible characters–some Mr. Rights and some Mr. Right Nows.


Romance Feature: My Soul Belongs to You by C. L. Hunter @toughii2

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my soul belongs to you

Soul Mates Book 2

From the busy city life of Dublin, Ireland to the quiet little town of Hilton Head, South Carolina, two lives are pulled together by tragedy and something more—call it fate, call it faeries.

After giving up a daughter for adoption at sixteen, KATLYN REYNOLDS has built a successful advertising company to keep her mind busy and her heart safe. But this pain from her past has made Kate a use ’em and leave ’em kind of girl, bypassing love and commitment to protect herself. And this system has worked—

—until she meets DEACON O’MALLERY, a sweet, sexy, striving Irish businessman. Deacon is known as a jammy, a lucky bastard. As second in command at the largest intel company in Europe, he has the world by the balls, leaving the orphaned boy who grew up with nothing—and everyone else—behind. Then Katlyn Reynolds walks into his life and he’s smitten. Kate is his maité Sol, his soul mate; he just knows it; even his wanker can’t stop thinking about her. And, for the first time, after hearing Kate’s story of brutality and loss, he wants to find his birth mother, the woman who abandoned him.

Kate’s feelings for Deacon are confusing. She cares enough to reveal her past, but insists he find love somewhere else.

Now this stubborn bloke has two missions: to find his mother and to make the girl across the ocean stand by his side forever. Ádh mór ort, Kate! Good luck, he thinks. She’s going to need it to fight him off, for he has more than good looks, charm, tenacity, and money on his side. Deacon has Thomas and Calista: spirits he unwittingly beckons into his life.

In the second book in the Soul Mate series the cross-continental frolics continue with Kate and Deacon. Drama blends with desire and an off-the-charts plot, creating the heavyweight champion of page-turners in this sensual romance.

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As I passed through the crowd the owner waved and said, “See you soon, Kate.”
I smiled and waved, but kept walking. I was in no mood to talk or be happy.
As I turned my head back around, toward the door, a man in a hooded jacket ran into me, nearly knocking me off my feet.
I stumbled backwards, but he caught me before I fell, then kept walking. Asshole. The door chimed as I stepped out.
I hadn’t realized how warm it still was. Who wore a jacket in August? An asshole with a major problem.

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About the Author:

cl hunter

C.L. Hunter started writing poetry as a young girl. Her grandparents owned newspapers in Arkansas: the McCrory Leader and the Augusta Advocate. She’d send them those poems. In return they’d print them in the weekly newspaper and send the clippings back to her. That started her love for writing. She attended Arkansas State, studying business, but started a family early having three children. Hunter considers herself a Floridian, having lived in Saint Augustine since the age of seven. She loves the beach and hot, humid weather—the hotter the better. She is an avid gardener, loving every type of flower God created. You’ll find flowers in all her books. She also loves boating and anything that has to do with the water. When she’s not writing, she’s a design consultant for a custom homebuilder in Jacksonville, Florida. Hunter has written several short stories, but keeps them under lock and key. Her first novel, Your Soul Was Made for Mine, won Readers Favorite Silver Award and the Benjamin Franklin Digital Silver Honoree Award.

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Lesbian Erotica Feature! Monica Hershel: Predator on Top by Gianni Shamari @GianniShamari @EmergingEdge

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Lesbian Erotica

predator on top

Release Date: 2/13/17

Florida native Monica Hershel is a young wealthy traveler, model and proud lesbian that is blessed with the Hollywood looks of Ruby Rose. Nicknamed “Predator”, she has the Goddess-giving ability to convince any woman to be her sexual prey for epic love making. A master cunnilinguist, Monica pleasures women to the maximum with her skillful tongue and sensual touches. Her appetite for a woman’s luscious body is insatiable. These eight short erotic tales are some of Monica’s most epic sexual encounters with extraordinary-looking women. Her devour of women is perfect for your erotic fantasy and reading delight.

*Intended for a mature audience 18 and over*

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Monica pulled out her smartphone and showed Maré pictures of her girlfriend. He was speechless! Sabrina was a pale-skinned beauty. She had an angelic face and luscious pouty lips. Her honey-blonde hair was long, ample, and combed in soft curls. Her body was perfect in proportions! She had an ass like Jessica Biel; her tits were large and firm.

“Wow, your girlfriend looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson.” Maré responded. “The only difference is Sabrina has a better body and longer hair.”

Monica chuckled, “She does, and we get hit on by men and women all the time. It is crazy every time we are in the mall, the airports, and the clubs! I know there are pictures of us all over social media.”

“Well, ya’ll movie stars!” Maré teased her.

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About the Author:

Gianni Shamari was born and raised in New York City. Gianni graduated from City College in 2009, received a Bachelors of Arts degree in English and Science with a minor in Creative Writing. Gianni always had a passion for writing since Elementary School. He had many composition books filled with stories about his favorite superheroes and video games. Gianni enjoys expressing freely on paper and sharing his ideas with the world. Writing is just a big part of Gianni’s life. He made his publishing debut with the epic tale, “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in the 2016 The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology @

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Erotic Gothic Horror: The Family Tree by John Everson

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Readers, looking for your next Gothic fiction? See the following and add it to your to-be-read list!

Gothic, Erotic Horror

Its roots are old…and twisted!
The blood of the tree is its sap. It has sustained Scott Belvedere’s family for generations. It’s the secret ingredient behind the family’s intoxicating ale and bourbon, among other elixirs. But only when Scott inherits The Family Tree Inn, deep in the hills of Virginia, does he learn anything about his family, its symbiotic history, or the mammoth, ancient tree around which the inn is literally built. And after he stumbles upon the bony secrets hidden in its roots, while in the welcoming arms of the innkeeper’s daughter, he realizes that not only is blood thicker than water — it’s the only thing that might save him from the hideous fate of his ancestors…

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About the Author:

John Everson is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of eight novels of erotic horror and the macabre, including his latest, the Fountain of Youth thriller THE FAMILY TREE, as well as the Bram Stoker Award-nominated tour de force NIGHTWHERE, the Bram Stoker Award-winner COVENANT, its sequel SACRIFICE and the standalone novels THE 13TH, SIREN, THE PUMPKIN MAN, VIOLET EYES. He also is the author of four collections of short horror fiction, including his latest, SACRIFICING VIRGINS.

John shares a deep purple den in Naperville, Illinois with a cockatoo and cockatiel, a disparate collection of fake skulls, twisted skeletal fairies, Alan Clark illustrations and a large stuffed Eeyore. There’s also a mounted Chinese fowling spider named Stoker, an ever-growing shelf of custom mix CDs and an acoustic guitar that he can’t really play but that his son likes to hear him beat on anyway. Sometimes his wife is surprised to find him shuffling through more public areas of the house, but it’s usually only to brew another cup of coffee. In order to avoid the onerous task of writing, he occasionally records pop-rock songs in a hidden home studio, experiments with the insatiable culinary joys of the jalapeno, designs book covers for a variety of small presses, loses hours in expanding an array of gardens and chases frequent excursions into the bizarre visual headspace of ’70s euro-horror DVDs with a shot of Makers Mark and a tall glass of Newcastle.

Learn more about John on his site,, where you can sign up for a direct-from-the-author monthly e-newsletter with information on new books, contests and occasionally, free fiction.

Want to connect? Follow John on Twitter @johneverson, or find him on Facebook at