Science Fiction Spotlight: Starship Samudram by Saurabh Dashora @saurabhdashora

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Science Fiction (with a slight twist of horror mixed in), Alien Contact, Colonization, Space Opera


An ancient secret buried on Titan. A deserted starship in orbit.

Earth is dying. Starship Samudram, the greatest starship ever built by mankind, travels to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

The mission is to colonize Titan – a world where liquid methane rains and the skies are dominated by the mighty presence of Saturn.

But the crew is not aware of the secret hidden behind Titan’s thick atmosphere. Something lurks within the very elements of this enigmatic world, haunting the crew members, and making them question reality.

What will happen when they land on Titan where methane rains instead of water and where the skies are dominated by the mighty presence of Saturn?

Will they perish in the icy wastes of this strange world?

Or will they be able to survive and unveil the mystery?

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Akshaj Parth could see the alien world sprawling beneath as far as the eye can see.   The orange shades were replaced by dull brown.  Several thousand feet below spanned an ancient sea, its surface appeared calm from up here as if no wind had ever stirred the vast store of hydrocarbons of which it was made.  The landing vehicle soared over the sea and came upon what appeared like land.  Sloping hills rose and fell, dotted with lakes and river beds.

The topography appeared a lot like Earth.  But Parth felt a lurch of fear in his stomach as he realized it was not Earth.  The familiarity was gone.  When he looked at Earth on a globe or from space, he could see traces of lines he recognized.  The very shapes of the landmasses were able to tell him the continent he was looking at.  Here on Titan, everything was alien.  And yet, it was all undeniably beautiful.

About the Author:

Saurabh Dashora

Saurabh Dashora lives in worlds inside his head, talks to imaginary friends, and generally goes about spending most of his time day-dreaming. By the way, he’s also a software engineer by profession. Whenever he is not writing software code, he is busy bringing his imagination onto the paper in the form of stories. He wrote his first story when he was 14 years old specifically for his mother to read because she is extremely fond of stories.

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