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There is more than just the darkness to look out for on the streets of Old London Town. In this brutal city, it isn’t just the man with the biggest gun that rules, it’s how many guns you carry!

No More Heroes – #1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series, is a fast-paced dystopian thriller, set on the brutal streets of a city gone wild. Law and order have taken a back seat in this cesspool, as gangs fight against each other to seize control of the streets and establish their own power bases.

This is book one in the Dystopian Thriller HEROES series and features the vagrant hero, Street Boy, and a vigilante copper known only as Wolf Girl. With law and order for sale to the highest bidder, vigilante groups bid for the right to dispense with their own brutal versions of street justice.

Murder, assault, death, and dismemberment aren’t even scratching the surface in Old London Town. Vagrants and the homeless being forced at the point of a barrel into conscription, not even a blip on the radar.

Except for one vagrant. This vagrant is different. He was seen arguing with dead people.

Now, everyone, including the police would like to speak with this special vagrant.

Ben Jackman is a twenty-year-old vagrant, he’s seen and done a lot, but he isn’t about to take the fall for a murder he never committed. There’s only one way he knows how to clear his name, find the real killers before they found him.

It’s going to take all his street smarts and a whole lot of bullets to clean up this mess, but Ben has never been afraid of getting a little messy.



The world as I know it is over…

When I went to work that afternoon I never imagined that everyone around me would die. But that’s exactly what happened. My small town of Pleasant, LA is now a dead zone, and I’m only one of a few survivors.

The streets are littered with the dead, but they don’t remain down for long. We managed to find a few more survivors, including my sexy next door neighbor. It’s not enough. But out of the darkness, Kellan comes. And in the glare of his headlights I realize we might just have a chance.

A chance to make it out of the zombie horde.

A chance to live some semblance of a normal life.

A chance to love…

Book One in the Territory of the Dead Series. An ARE Best Seller! This is a dystopian romance series without the graphic love scenes (clean romance). See the rest of the series on Amazon now.



Content is king when it comes to marketing your online business. Do it right and reap the benefits. Do it poorly and watch your domain fade away and get lost in the white noise of the internet. In this book you will discover what it takes to create content that sells.Everything from headline copy to social media marketing is addressed. A reference guide, packed with information and examples, this is a must have.


A supernatural love triangle that tests the bounds of science, truth, and faith.

Regent Lela of Asiya is the most powerful person on her planet but she is powerless to save the life of her beloved soulmate—Zion Grace. For thirty years they lived as husband and wife, but Zion’s time is at an end. Lela must go on without him.

“There will never be anyone else for me.”

Despite having died, nothing can keep Zion from his soulmate. He’s back but not as the man he once was. Zion must help Lela move on with her life, lest he lose her forever. But how can Zion convince Lela to accept the love and affections of another man when he still wants her for himself?

“I love you, Lela. My heart is forever yours.”

Lela and Zion are bound souls, destined to live eternity together. For these lovers, death is not an end, but a fateful beginning.


Chelsea Fergusson, daughter of the impoverished Earl of Dumfries, is a desperate young lady with an indecent plan to get out of an unwanted marriage to an old lecher by losing her virginity to London’s most infamous libertine, Sinjin St.John, Duke of Seth,“the Saint.”

Sinjin, sworn bachelor, sexy rogue and bedder of beautiful women, was sure nothing could surprise him. That is until he stepped into his carriage one evening and found it already occupied…

Chelsea tempted him with a sinful offer.

Sinjin adamantly, albeit politely refused. She was a young unmarried maiden, too dangerous for a man who’d vowed never to wed. No matter how luscious the prize, he wasn’t reckless enough to be entrapped by the tantalizing minx.

Can the spirited young beauty change his mind?


As the intergalactic Alliance crumbles, veteran detective Knog struggles to do what’s right — but with anarchy spreading like wildfire, his fight has only just begun…

For Knog Beutcher, a three star veteran detective, living in the New Alliance has become difficult. He finds himself caught in the middle of the chaos as colonies rebel and populations riot. With the invasion of one of the galaxies by an external enemy, the alliance’s future becomes uncertain. Corruption, rebellion, intrigue and lawlessness have come to Knog’s world. Since Gruntas don’t run, his troubles will have to be met head on…


From Best Selling Author Jessie Lane…

Some mistakes from the past haunt us forever… unless fate steps in with a second chance.

One ‘Dear John’ letter haunted Bobby Baker’s every living moment. It was the letter he’d stupidly written to his high school sweetheart, Belle, right after he had left to join the Army. The letter in which he’d told her that he wasn’t so sure they were ready for forever yet. Before he could let her know that the letter, and his second thoughts, were nothing more than a mistake, she disappeared from the small Georgia town they had both been raised in.
Fifteen years after the letter, Belle unknowingly walked back into Bobby’s life when her job as an ATF Agent forced her to work with a group of men secretly headed by the CIA to help her track down whoever was involved in funneling black market weapons to a drug cartel in Mexico.

Bobby planned to use this mission to try to soothe Belle’s hurt feelings while proving to her that their love was meant to be forever. He would use every dirty trick he’d learned since he had joined the Army to maneuver her back into his life for the long haul. Belle was not making it easy, though, as she continued to keep him at arm’s length in the hopes that mistakes of her own would never come to light.

Warning: Mature themes, second chance romance and a secret baby!


Christmas is magical…but sometimes that magic is cursed.

Dive into the holiday spirit this season with fifteen bite-sized paranormal shorts full of mystery, danger, humor, and romance. Experience the wonder as you journey alongside werewolves, vampires, djinn, monsters, fae, hellhounds, witches, druids, and one seriously pissed-off fairy godmother.

From New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors, every selection in this rare, limited edition set will keep you spellbound from page one. But make sure you’ve been good and your stockings are hung with care, because this Christmas there’s no telling what’s coming down the chimney.


Yule Moon by Aimee Easterling

Miami Twist by A. Blythe

Fall by Demelza Carlton

Frost Bitten by Katie Salidas

The Angel and the Beast by C.N. Crawford

Santa Meets Mrs. Claus by J.L. Hendricks

The Witch of Christmas Present by Katerina Martinez

A Stone’s Throw Christmas by Hailey Edwards

Simon Says by Rachel McClellan

Frost by K.N. Lee

Druid Spirit by Amy Hopkins

Matchsticks by May Sage

Bloody Jolly Christmas by Rick Gualtieri

Heart of Ice by Erin Bedford

Kris Kringle Rides Again by P. Joseph Cherubino

Grab Magic & Mistletoe today and enjoy the holidays with not just one good story, but fifteen!


To celebrate the release of Something Like Voodoo by New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton, we’ve put together this paranormal fantasy collection of short stories that include works from some of her favorite authors!

Most of the stories in this specially curated collection are brand new, exclusive content – never before distributed anywhere else and yours for the taking!

If you’re in the mood for unique magic and familiar creatures, this anthology is sure to add spark to your day!

Margo Bond Collins – Major Arcana
When a teenage fortune teller in a traveling carnival meets up with an attractive townie, she finds new magic in her tarot cards.

Erin Hayes – I Wish I Weren’t A Djinni
A djinni who is summoned by a young man has the power to grant any of his wishes; he simply has to believe her enough to ask.

Aileen Harkwood – Splintered Magic
Though Saige McMullins may feel like nothing more than a half-witch freak, when evil with a nasty appetite threatens the beach town of Lost Cliff, she knows she’s the only one who can stop it.

L.C. Hibbett – Wicked Witch
Destiny isn’t a good witch. She lies, she cheats, and she dances on the dead. But Destiny has a secret that might just change everything…

Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers – Journal of Abigail DiAngelo
As a hunter in training and high school student, Abigail DiAngelo would much rather live a normal life than fight monsters with her father, but when an unexpected chance for change arises, it’s up to her to take charge…

Katerina Martinez – The Witch and the Thief
When Nicole Harriman receives an urgent prophetic vision, it’s up to her to protect what is hers.

K.N. Lee – Awakened
A young witch betrays her darkest secret and risks her crown, life, and soul for the love of a human.

Nicole Zoltack – Gavin’s Gamble
Gavin thinks nothing can be worse than having a witch hunter for a father until he experiences possibly magical phenomena…

Debbie Cassidy – Deadtown
A pocket of crazy, a town hostage to magic, and a mysterious warlock boss equal a recipe for disaster.

Alicia Rades – Visions Among Frost
Crystal Frost can see ghosts and predict the future, but when her friends pull out a Ouija board at their sleepover, it’s up to her to clean up their mess.

Monica Corwin – The Dying of the Light
After she dies on the first day of her new job, Charity rallies with the help of her new reaper partner, and her eight remaining souls, to take down the criminals responsible.

Jasmine Walt – Tested by Magic
Shifter and bounty hunter Sunaya Baine would much rather chase after hardened criminals, but when a child goes missing in her magical city, she’ll stop at nothing to find her before she falls prey to the real things that go bump in the night.

Thea Atkinson – Reaper’s Redemption
A grim reaper’s next fare might be her last.

Rebecca Hamilton – Leaves Like Magic
A young witch joins forces with a shapeshifting ally in a race against the clock to save her best friend from vampires.


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