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Today’s list of free and discounted e-books is live! Please remember to update your bookmarks, as we will be posting all of the freebies at the link below.

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Places To Stream Movies Online (Even Book to Film Adaptations) And Some Of Them Are Even Free

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places to stream movies online

If you haven’t already, please make sure to check out part one of this post:

One Woman’s Brazen Journey On Her Quest To Find A Better Alternative To Cable & Satellite Services

Legal and Legitimate Places To Stream Movies Online


At the link above, I shared some of my experiences in my search for a better alternative to cable. I also included some devices you can use to stream movies to your television (for both flatscreens and the older box set TVs). However, getting the devices is only half of it. You still have to have the movies or television shows to stream.

Below, I’m sharing the places I’m aware of to stream movies and shows. Unless otherwise noted, to my knowledge these can be watched with Roku, Kindle Fire TV, or directly on your laptop or computer.



Pretty much everyone has heard of Netflix. Netflix is a great place for readers to find movies based off of books. Netflix is a great place for movie lovers period.

The way they charge now is based off of your device usage (how many devices you plan on using at any given time). If you have a family, you are probably going to need the bigger plan, as you will likely be watching on more than one device at a time.

Netflix offers two plans: the instant watch plan or the DVD plan. If you decide to go with the DVD plan, this is going to open up a lot of movies for you to watch. They mail these out, you keep them however long you want, and then you return them in the prepaid mailer.

There are a ton of movies and shows available on the instant watch plan, too. However, they might not necessarily be movies you want to watch.

If you’re a reader searching for book to film adaptations, they have a section for that. It’s called movies based off of books or something like that. You can also find these mixed in with the different genres. I’ve seen a LOT of Nicolas Spark movies on here and one or two Stephen King movies. Hemlock Grove (there’s a book for that) is a show created by Netflix. You can see all the episodes there, too. From the websites I’ve tried (and I haven’t tried all of them yet) Netflix definitely has the most instant watch movies when it comes to book to film adaptations.

*Something to keep in mind!*

Netflix might not work with Windows XP. They say it does, but there are a lot of complaints that the movies stall or don’t work at all when it comes to watching with Windows XP.



I tried Hulu way back, but I never made it past the free trial. From what I see recently though, a lot of things have changed here,  and they now have a lot of great movies available. It also looks like they are still offering the free trial. In  addition, you can now sign up for the Showtime streaming plan on this site, too. I think that’s pretty awesome. It’s somewhere in the same price range as Netflix (which is nowhere near the cost of cable or satellite).

I’m also going to share a trick with you, if you’d like to check out their offerings before you sign up for the free trial. Hulu has their site set up so that it feels and seems nearly impossible to do anything there but sign up. However, you can type in their website address and add on some extra characters and it will take you to a page not found. From there, you can click on movies at the top of the screen to see what they currently have. For example http://www.hulu.com/ddasdeweve

Who knows how long this trick will work but for right now it does. After browsing their selection, you can then decide if this streaming plan would work for you.



Crackle is free, and it works with Windows XP. They have a lot of hit movies that are really good, but they aren’t new releases. I’m really impressed with the simplicity of the site and the selection.  See it for yourself here. No sign up needed and no credit card needed.



PopcornFlix is another site I’ve been checking out for free movies. No credit card or sign up is needed on this site either, and it works with Windows XP.  They have television shows and movies here.  You can be watching a movie within a few minutes.


Sling TV

Sling TV is something that I’ve heard of but haven’t tried… yet. I’m really interested in this one, though. Created by Dish Network, you basically pay $20 a month for 25+ channels. Unlike the satellite service, there are no contracts, and you can cancel when you want. From what I’ve read about this, it’s for live television programming, and the $20 a month gets you several popular channels. They also have other packages that are more expensive but contain even more channels.

This does go through your Internet service so keep this in mind. You can watch this through several devices (Roku, Kindle Fire TV, etc) by hooking it up to your television.

Something else I like is that they are giving away a two week free trial. You can sign up or see the details here.


Places Like Showtime, HBO, Etc

A lot of premium cable channels now have streaming plans that you can purchase directly and watch instantly. These don’t require you to have cable or satellite in any way, shape, or form, as you are buying directly. And they are cheaper than what you’d pay to get it through cable or satellite. If you get one of the devices I mentioned in my previous post, there will be an app or some way for you to access these on your television.  You can also watch these on your laptop.

About Devices

In my other post here, I talk about the devices you can use to get these shows and movies playing on your television. There are devices that work for the old box set televisions and flatscreens.  All of these depend on wifi, so you will need an Internet connection. You can also watch movies on your computer or laptop, but with the way technology is today, you will probably want to get these up and running on your television set!

One Woman’s Brazen Journey On Her Quest To Find A Better Alternative To Cable & Satellite Services

Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content. Click here to read more.

better alternative to cable


I’ve been putting some research lately into finding an alternative to cable and satellite services, and I’ve been really surprised by how many choices there are out there for television lovers to leave their high priced monthly plans behind. I’m going to share the alternatives I’ve found below, as well as some other useful information I’ve picked up along the way.

About Box Televisions

I know this sounds REALLY old school, but I have a box TV. Yes, my secret is out. I use a television in my bedroom that is probably fifteen years old, and it’s a dinosaur in the world of televisions. This really isn’t an issue if you’re paying for cable or satellite services. Their boxes work fine with these. However, as I’m quickly starting to find out, should you decide to get bold and ditch ones of these services, finding an alternative can be difficult.

I’ve ordered a digital converter box for this and just recently got it hooked up. This was surprisingly easy to do. However, I don’t have any channels yet, as I’m still waiting on the antenna to get here. More about this later.

Digital converter boxes can get pretty pricey, and I am amazed at how many choices there are. Maybe even a little overwhelmed. However, I got the following model for $19.99, and it comes with all the cables you could need, as well as the remote. Batteries weren’t included in mine, so make sure to pick up some AAA’s.

Why I Didn’t Just Buy a Flat Screen

I do have a flat screen in the main room of the house. However, I still have box sets in the other rooms.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • My words to live by: If it’s not broke why try to fix it?
  • A lot of places charge to dispose of television sets. I would hate to pay to get rid of a perfectly good (but outdated) television.
  • You can buy these used for CHEAP. Don’t believe me? Check out your local Craigslist or second-hand store. You can get a huge (but extremely heavy) television for less than $50.
  • The volume is just better. From what I’ve seen on the flatscreen televisions, the volume isn’t always so great.

The downside:

By the time you buy a converter box and other things you’re going to need, this adds up fast. From what I’ve seen, 19 inch televisions are around $100. It would definitely simplify your life to just purchase one of these, but then again 19 inches is not that big. It’s a decision only you can make.



About Antennas

If you are thinking about getting an antenna to use for local channels, the first thing you want to do is check for your local area to see which channels you should be able to receive. You can do that by clicking here and entering in your address. With a good antenna, you should (at minimum) receive all the channels in yellow that pops up. If you get an antenna with a bigger range, you could probably pick up the channels in other colors, too.

I don’t have any experience with antennas. None. Before starting on my research to make the switch, my idea of an antenna was the one that looked like metal bunny ears. So I was really surprised to see how far things have come.

I’ve seen a lot of good reviews in regards to the Mohu Leaf antennas, so this is what I ordered. This looks nothing like the antennas of the past. You can get them in different ranges, and you might want to look at the Mohu Leaf 50 if you live out in the country. Otherwise, if you live in the city, check out the one below. They are very affordable and easy to use.


I received this antenna and hooked it up within just a minute or two. It works perfectly, and I am able to get several local channels with this, all of them clear. To hook it up, you simply screw it on. In my case I screwed it onto the in section on the converter box and I already had it connected to my television. I am pleased with both of these brands (the antenna and the converter box).



The Cable/Satellite Alternatives I’ve Found

After researching like mad recently, these are the alternatives I’ve found that will likely work best for what I’m looking for, or the ones I really am interested in most trying. If you’ve used/are using these, I hope you’ll jump on board and share your experiences below!

Roku 1 TV Box

One of the things that really attracted my attention to this one is that they work with the older box set televisions. The Roku 1 is the original device. Since making this, they have come out with several more and even a television stick that you can use with the new TVs.

One thing I haven’t quite figured out is how this is all supposed to work with the old box set. Would you have to take off your digital converter box in order to hook this up to the television set? Your antenna? Or is there some way to make it all work without the hassle of disconnecting anything?

With this, you will need wifi. But the great thing about having a Roku box is that the sky is the limit when it comes to watching movies and television shows. You can even stream your Netflix account or Hulu to your old box television set, so long as you have these subscriptions. You can also watch Youtube.  It’s advertised as having 2,000+ entertainment channels. You can see the details here.

Amazon’s Fire TV

Amazon has a Fire TV stick and a Fire TV device that looks like a little box. Both of these come with remotes. I’m more looking at these for the flat screen television set, as I don’t think that these would even work with an old box set. However, I could be wrong, so make sure to double check on this.

Another reason I’m considering this for the flatscreen is that I read you can use the Fire TV with Sony’s Playstation Vue, and this is supposed to have a lot of great movies to watch. The review I read stated you can’t use with this Roku.

With these you’ll also need wifi. With the Fire Stick, some people have stated on their reviews that they experienced issues when it came to using this with wifi, so keep this in mind. However, the stick is a lot cheaper than the box.

Amazon states that there are over 4,000 channels, apps, and games to be watched with this, and over 250,000 television shows and movies. Wow, huh?

There is also a Fire TV Gaming Addition that comes with controllers, etc, for those of you that love to play games! Out of the three, this is the most expensive. however, it comes with more.

Check them all out, read the reviews, see other people’s questions and answers (this is a very useful feature), or even order at the links below!

Five TV Stick

Fire TV

Fire TV Gaming Edition

When it comes to your Internet

Once you start streaming pretty much all of your television watching, make sure to keep an eye on your data usage. Some companies are starting to charge extra if you go over a preset number every month. In addition, depending on the plan you currently have, you might have to consider an upgrade. If you notice the movies or shows are slow or freezing a lot, you are likely going to have to upgrade to a faster or bigger plan.

Up Next

Now that you have the devices needed to stream movies to your television set, you’re probably wondering where to find said movies. Make sure to see part two of this post by clicking here.

Reading Recommendations: Seven Horror Fiction Books To Read This Weekend

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seven horror fiction books to read

Love horror? See our reading recommendations for horror fiction books and please feel free to leave some of your own suggestions in the comments section!

The world is at war against things that slink and gibber in the darkness, and titans that stride from world to world, sewing madness and death. War has existed in one form or another since the dawn of human civilization, and before then, Elder terrors battled it out across this planet and this known universe in ways unimaginable.

It has always been a losing battle for our side since time began. Incidents like the Innsmouth raid, chronicled by H.P. Lovecraft, mere blips of victory against an insurmountable foe. Still we fight, against these incredible odds, in an unending nightmare, we fight, and why? For victory, for land, for a political ideal? No, mankind fights for survival.

Our authors, John Shirley, Mark Rainey, Wilum Pugmire, William Meikle, Tim Curran, Jeffrey Thomas and many others have gathered here to share war stories from the eternal struggle against the darkness. This book chronicles these desperate battles from across the ages, including Roman Britain, The American Civil War, World War Two, The Vietnam Conflict, and even into the far future.

This ebook edition features 22 interior illustrations (one accompanying each story)


All three volumes of the spine-chilling TATTERDEMON trilogy available in one single volume.

In 1691 the town of Crossfall taught the witch Thessaly how to die. They beat her, they shot her, they hung her – but nothing worked. When they finally tried to bury her alive Thessaly set the field against them. The first man died as a gust of wind harrowed the meat from his bones. A root,flung like a dirty javelin, cut a second man down. Many more deaths followed. The Preacher Fell impaled the witch upon her very own broom but she dragged him down into the field to wait for three more centuries.

Three hundred years later Maddy Harker will murder her bullying husband Vic. She will bury him in the field as she buried her abusive father years before that. The very same field where the revenant spirit of Thessaly Cross lies waiting.

In three days Vic will rise again – a thing of dirt, bone and hatred.

Men will call him the Tatterdemon.

And hell – and Thessaly – will follow

“The genre needs new blood and Steve Vernon is quite a transfusion.” –Edward Lee, author of FLESH GOTHIC and CITY INFERNAL


“This is exactly the kind of intelligent, action-packed zombie thriller that fans of DJ Molles and Max Brooks will love!”
– ZombieBookBlog
When the zombie apocalypse sweeps across the eastern states of America, Jack Cutter is the man least likely to last beyond the first few minutes. Dealing with the recent tragic deaths of his wife and child, Cutter is forced into a desperate struggle for survival – and for redemption. Everything Cutter came to expect from life is torn away and turned upside down so that all he has left is his instinct and a sense of fate that compels him on his journey.
The action is frantic and terrifying as Cutter slowly discovers the cost of staying alive is dealing with his guilt and accepting responsibility he can never be prepared for.
‘Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse’ is a real story with real characters that readers will cheer on until the final shocking twist.
A novel of approx. 57,000 words.


Leena Price had been born with a gift. A gift which offered her only scorn from her father. She would find this gift to be either a blessing, or a huge burden. Doors would be opened into the brightest worlds or the darkest hells.

After years of living on the streets on her own, she’d found a safe haven with her aunt in New Orleans. However, New Orleans would prove to be dangerous for her. A serial killer roamed the streets of the French Quarter, and discovered this gifted woman. He kept his eyes focused on her, waiting and watching.

She’d become involved in the investigation, but would her gift help Detective Roger Black find the killer, or would it put her in harm’s way? Would karma bring Leena and Roger together, working it’s magic on them?


Are you sitting comfortably? Enjoy it while you can. For The Scoutmaster is about to tell you some stories…dark tales of the Great Outdoors, told over the flames of a campfire that will chill you to the bone… The Screaming Scout: “He’s so angry – so jealous – of the living…all he needs is a way through, a story to give him life, to keep his memory alive…” – Midsummer’s Eve is a bad time to tell a story about a scout taken by the spectre of his dreams…prepare yourself for a Midsummer Nightmare… Rock Face: “Take it easy. This mountain is always hungry…” A name from the past leads explorer scout Steve Wilding into a cave from nowhere, where the past becomes his eternal future… House of Shapes: “Some places are defined by their past, and will do their utmost to make sure history is not only remembered, but repeated…” A mysterious house is a beacon for a group of lost and weary travellers, but this beacon is a light that shines from Hell itself… Guess What We’re Having For Supper? “We can catch it and kill it. And we have to do it fast, before we become too weak to hunt it down…” A lost Outward Bound group are starving, and stalked by something in the fog. The two group leaders go off to get help, but only one returns. With food… New Boy: “No fire can warm me”‘ The new boy is no ghost, however. He is a servant of something dark and terrible – and eternal, as the gift of the timepiece to Robert Moyles will show… Cross Your Heart: “Guilt is a hungry beast.” An act of remembrance…the memory of a terrible mistake…and a plea for forgiveness that falls on undead ears… Cold Compass: “No, we’re not lost at all. We’re exactly where we need to be.” An antique compass points two lost youths in a new direction, to a marker with grave consequences… Tooth and Claw: “We have to have justice out here in the wild, right?” A stolen Siberian white tiger is the quarry for five hunters – five hunters who become the quarry themselves, but for a different creature. A hunter unlike anything seen before… The Great Outdoors have never been so chilling. Sit closer by the fire. Pray for dawn.


Two young boys reawaken an ancient vampire. Only “The Book of the Dark” can stop it. But the sun is getting low…. and vamps are not the only dangers in the night.


The thing Evil craves most is innocence. When small children disappear, you can be assured that Evil has crawled out of its dirty corner. And when those children turn up dead, Evil has clawed its mark on humanity.

What if you were a homicide detective and little girls were suddenly being kidnapped and murdered by a devious pedophile? And what if that pedophile left no evidence behind except for the broken bodies? What would you sacrifice to save just one innocent child? Would any sacrifice be too great? What if it cost you someone you loved? What if, by saving that child, you unleash a horrific monster into your own life?

Mikael Ruskoff was living his dream. He was a highly successful, homicide detective working a career he loved. He had a mother who adored him, a son he took skateboarding, and a wife he loved more than words could express. He played a mean drum set every Thursday night with his best friend on guitar. His life was comfortable and pleasurable. Then he caught a case that would change his life forever.



The Highest Paying Passive Income Sources

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highest paying passive income sources

When it comes to earning passive income, I’m a complete novice–at best. Blogging is a hobby for me and one I enjoy very much. However, like many, I find it very exciting and fascinating to see how much other blogs really earn simply by putting their blogging skills to good use.

In case you didn’t already know, passive income is money you earn without having to repeatedly do something to do so. For example, the royalties an author makes from their books is considered passive income. You do all the work up front by writing the book, getting it edited, having a book cover designed, etc, but once you’ve published it, that’s it. You can continue to earn royalties for an indefinite time from that book, without having to work on it again.

Many of these blogs that are earning passive income do so in a variety of ways, and a lot of them share this information with their blog readers. There is a wealth of info to be found on the following blogs, from bloggers that have taken the time to test out various methods and post their results and earning reports.

Two important points I’ve seen pointed out fairly often are: finding your niche and joining the right affiliate programs. By checking out the various earning reports posted, you’ll see that many of these bloggers earn the majority of their blog incomes through affiliate programs. However, this has been a work in progress for them, and it’s not something that happened overnight. Also, just because one affiliate program pays well for them, doesn’t necessarily mean it would for another blog. Bloggers have to find the affiliate programs that will appeal to their particular readers.

So, if you’re serious about creating a blog and trying out your luck with passive income then check out the following bloggers. You will find pages of earnings reports, tips, what has worked for them, and things that haven’t worked. These people have spent countless hours building up their blogs and working with various passive income methods, and they have kindly shared all of this detailed information to help others. Enjoy!

High Paying Passive Income Blogs:

The Smart Passive Income Blog - I’ve linked directly to the earnings report page. Each of these pages (posts) contain a lot of details about what he tried, what didn’t work, etc, and there are a lot of pages here to go through.  This guy earns big figure numbers now… well over $100,000 per month, according to his monthly reports.

Making Sense of Cents – I really enjoy this blogger’s detailed reports. She breaks everything down in an easy-to-read format, as well as sharing what she’s made from various passive income sources. I’ve linked directly to the April 2016 report, but to see past reports make sure to check out the archives.

Dumb Passive Income Blog: This is a blog written by a self-described average guy that has managed to make passive income work for him in a big way. I’ve linked to his post that shares his 2015 earnings and details about how he made passive income work for him.

By Regina – This blog offers all sorts of tips to help bloggers grow their blogs. You can also find income reports on her blog. This blog might be of particular interest to authors, as Regina earns a portion of her income from books.

Entrepreneurs Journey – I’m linking to a post that talks about various ways to earn passive income.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich – I’m linking to a post that this blogger shares about how he made thousands of dollars in passive income in three weeks (and while being off the grid).

Just a Girl and Her Blog – Once a month this blogger posts her income reports, as well as what worked and didn’t work on her blog. I’m linking directly to the income reports page. It’s very inspiring to see the progression she’s had from month to month, year to year!

Matthew Woodward – Here is another great blog to check out for income reports and to see some of the highest paying passive income sources (at least for his blog). I’m linking directly to the main reports page, where he has laid out his affiliate income, consultation income, expenses, and more for each month since 2012!

Books to Read About Passive Income:

passive income by simon wolf

PASSIVE INCOME: Develop A Passive Income Empire – Complete Beginners Guide To Building Riches Through Multiple Streams (Multiple Streams, Passive Income Riches, E-commerce Empire)
by Simon Wolf

Be Your Own Boss and Make Money in Your Sleep!

Would you like to:

Work from Home?

Quit your day job?

Spend more time with your family and friends?

Travel the World?

Create a fun, easy second-income?

If so, Passive Income: Everything You Need to Know! can help you
catch your dreams. In simple, easy-to-understand language, it explains how you can develop profitable passive income streams. Once you set them up, they make you money with little or no effort on your part!


The Smart Passive Income Guide

Passive Income: The Smart Passive Income Guide: How to Successfully Create Passive Income Streams With A Growth Mindset
by Bruce Walker

DISCOVER: The Passive Income Stream That Suits You

Not Every Type of Passive Income is For Everyone

To know which type of passive income stream that suits you best, you need to clarify your ambitions and honestly assess your skills and your financial situation. This guide introduces different passive income ideas and explains the Pros and Cons of each type. From reading this guide, you can easily identify which passive income (or Residual Income) path is right for you.

☆ 80% Mindset / 20% Strategy ☆

YOU can have great tactics, strategies and information on how to create passive income – but to actually earn a passive income, having a winning, positive and empowering mindset is much more important. In this guide, we’ll discuss some common traits and beliefs of successful passive income earners. We’ll find out why they’re so successful and how they overcome obstacles. We’ll discuss some of the limiting beliefs and myths that many of us have about earning passive income.

This is not a guide on just teaching you ”How to make passive income”. We will discuss a great deal on the mentality you need to have to stay on track.

☆★☆ Highlights of The Smart Passive Income Guide: ☆★☆

• Common Misconceptions about Passive Incomes

• A Successful Mindset for Making Passive Income

• The Pros and Cons of each Type of Passive Income Stream

• How to Build a Passive Income Business

• Obstacles to Building Passive Income

• Which Type of Passive Income Suits You Best

• 5 of The Best Passive Income Options Recommended by Bruce Walker

*BONUS* Chapter: 5 of The Best Ways to Earn Passive Income

In the last chapter, we’ll discuss five of the best ways to earn passive income. They are effective, easy to implement and highly recommended by Bruce and some of other top passive income earners.

Everyone can earn passive income! All you need is the right mindset and the right strategy.

Remember: Taking Action is The Key to Success.

Download Now and Start Building Passive Income Today!


kindle publishing work from home

Kindle Publishing: Work from Home and Generate Passive Income from Publishing Kindle eBooks
by T Whitmore

Work from Home and Generate Passive Income from Publishing Kindle eBooks

Ever dreamed of becoming a published author? To see your name written in a book cover; to have people read the words that came from your mind; to establish yourself as an authority and become an entrepreneur?

Now, all of this is possible with Kindle Publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP allows you to publish a book with as little discomfort as possible. Since you’ve picked this book, it’s safe to say that you want to try it out and start a business working from home.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included Inside This Book…
Get a clear idea on the things you can write and publish Understand the importance of cover, title, and keywords and other factors which can contribute to your success. Be organized – from creating the outline to polishing the conclusion. I will also outline some important tools which you can make use of. Obtain a general idea on pricing. How can you set a competitive price? Have the basic and FREE promotional strategies! Learn about the pitfalls of publishing (which beginning authors) do and how you can avoid them Discover the step by step guide on publishing your book in KDP Much, Much More! Get Your Copy Today!

This Kindle Publishing Guide is jam packed with useful information

If you’re ready to get started with Kindle Publishing, scroll up and hit the ‘Buy’ button now, or download through Kindle Unlimited. You really have nothing to lose!


As you can see from the blogs and books above, earning passive income is a work in progress. It takes a lot of research, dedication, creativity, and patience to turn your blog into a money making machine.

Have something to share? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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